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Happy Birthday Maurice Jarre


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Happy Birthday, Mr. Jarre. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your classy use of the synthesizer.

Umm Think you are referring to His son Jean Michel Jarre. He's the synthesist

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I used to think that Jarre's music for Weir's films weren't that great, based on Witness. Then I really started getting into DPS, which led me to a more focused listen on Year of Living Dangerously. Now I pretty much feel like while those scores are dated, they still fit well with the films. I never hated the scores, it was just disappointing that those great movies that took place in different time periods had scores that sounded like they were from one decade. But it's quite an experience to take a drive through the country at this stage in life and listen to "Keating's Triumph." Carpe diem.

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