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The Fellowship of the Ring COMPLETE RECORDINGS 3CD set

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Howdy -    Stumbled across my own assessment (I'm reluctant to call it a review) of the FotR CR from January 2006; i.e. before half of you were even alive (or thereabouts). Mind, this was wr

As much as various 'authorities' have denied that, I have to concur with you - every edit and mixing decision matches the film. If it weren't the isolated score, then why are there so many oddities li

I noticed one curious thing about the track titles Doug confirmed:

CD 2

2 The Caverns Of Isengard

3 Give Up The Halfling

4 Orthanc

5. Rivendell

What is Orthanc doing there? I imagine Give Up the Halfling covers Flight to the Ford but what is Orthanc doing in there after that? There is no cut to Isengard here in the movie. Very curious.

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I forgot totally Gandalf's Orthanc flashback in Rivendell before the actual Rivendell cue. There was no problem at all. Fretting for nothing (as usual). :)

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My bad. I have not watched the FOTR for so long time. The Orthanc cue scores the scene after Frodo wakes up in Rivendell and Gandalf tells how he escaped the Isengard. How silly of me to forget. :oops: :oops: :oops:

I did not remember at all. Sorry for stirring pointles worries. I have too much time in my hands :)

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So what is your take on the track titles of the Box?

Too short, uninspired or adequate and artistically pleasing?

I say here first that I do not mind the shortness of the track titles or their names so much but I am against them out of pricipal.

I would say Shore has come up with many weak track titles for a release of this magnitude. Many of them are uninspired and too short to describe the long sequences. I am not a fan of mile long track names that consist of movie cues bunched togehter and separated by a slash marks but more than names Orthanc and Fighting Uruk-hai should have been added to describe the tracks. E.g. Fighting Uruk-hai covers the whole sequence from Farewell to Lorien to the Argonath and sure there are Uruks in the scenes but that is not nearly enough to describe the content. Also how does he mark that the cue has been extended or contains unused music?

I think track titles are a small problem since I know the score nearly by heart but for the sake of clearness and tradition cuetitles could have been more descriptive. Here is once again the fight between the long and meticilous track names versus artistically adequate cue names. The original release had track titles taken right out of the book but for the reasons of clarity Shore did not want to reuse them so that people would not think he was just recycling old tracks from the first release to the box with no change. So he ahd to make up new titles that are weaker in comparison. Shame. But as the release has been postponed to December 13th they probably tinker with the cue names (I surely hope so).

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Dougjust yesterday informed about the release date change at FSM MB. Some legal/lawyery stuff had stalled it. One more reason to hate lawyers :music:

Yeah the track titles are not that important. I am not bothered so much but one of my friends argued with me about it for an hour last night. We had a stalemate somewhere between artistic and informative :|

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I do not think there was any row between Jackson and Shore and even if there had been that should not have anything to do with the release of the complete scores. Although " leaving a project for creative differences" can mean anything from amiable parting from the project to an outright fight but I think they are such good friends they do not allow King Kong to wreck friendship. Peter has always expressed his deepest admiration for the man. I know this could all rhetoric from Jakson's part but I doubt it.

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I dont really know, but creative differences should be spoken about before recording the score. Hearing demos and things like that.

Jackson must have liked something to let him record the score. Why not keep that music? Why not make shore re-score? Why not make a co-compostition, bringing JNH to make just the new cues?

Shore's 'sacking' is strange.

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It is strange that Shore was ousted so suddenly at this point when he was already recording the score in New Zealand (or had already recorded much of it). Didn't Jackson communicate with Shore before hand or did the score turn in directions he just didn't like? Perhaps Shore's dark and brooding style didn't fit in the movie even though that was the thing that attracted Jackson to his music. It is not unheard of that score is rejected even at the last minute (Gabriel Yared's Troy is a good recent example) but Jackson/Shore collaboration seemed so strong.

What ever the reason is it is a shame. I was waiting for this score alot. JNH is not a bad composer but still I would have preferred Shore.

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I'll wait till I have any info about the release date in my country.

But soundtrack's are becoming harder to find here (I looked everywere for WOTW without succes) so i'm expecting that getting it online will be faster.

Not sure were i'm gonna order yet.

WotW was not hard to find here in Finland (for once the score was released on the day it was announced to be released) but stores were once again totally unaware of it I practically had to go behind the counter in the store (Free recordshop BTW) and practically fetch it myself from the stock since it was not yet put on sale in the soundtrack section. They simply do not care for Soundtracks unless they contain the newest hit fron some hot artist. You must have a really bad situation when such "mainstream big budget release" like WotW is not found in local stores.

I have no confirmation about the release dateof the BOX here in Finland since it is based even at one of our largest CD stores on the release date from CDON.com internetstore. Their upcoming releases lists do not yet reach to December I guess. One reason for this lack of information could be the jumping schedule of the BOX. The release date has been in flux though now it has settled on December 13th (lets hope it is not postponed any more).

I think I also have to wait and see what will be the best place to buy it. Internet retailers have shipping times of 3 to 5 days on regular releases after the order has been processed and if I would order in advancefrom the net and the BOX would be released in stores while my shipment was on its way I would be so pissed off (I really can't wait that release any more than I absolutely have to. I am an impatient man :mrgreen: ). I just keep asking our local stores for the box untill they know the release date.

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Yep not a bad price at all compared what the complete trilogy in one box would have cost (I think that the cost is the main reason the release was split in three). And the release date has been finalized as well. Great! The pushing back of the date from 22nd of November to 6th of December and once again to the 13th of December was due to some legal stuff I have heard (of course you cannot underestimate the Christmas market). There is still a long wait (for me it is intolerable month and a half :) )

And my friend has 5.1 surround speakers! I pay him a visit as soon as I get the set :)

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Before you go and quickly order it, understand that the Amazon UK price is a direct currency translation of the advertised price at Amazon US. You will notice the UK listing for it is described as an "[iMPORT]".... The additional £12 no doubt makes up for tax & the import duty which I'd imagine Amazon cover on the buyer's behalf if you are selecting that purchase on the UK site.

To the best of my knowledge Warner/Reprise have not yet bothered to announce a release date or price for anywhere outside of America at this moment in time.... I've tried various UK sources for information and none have any to give. Rather frustrating.

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Maybe now they final have some legal issues out of the way and have settled on that date of the 13th of December for the US they can go about announcing international dates for it. I did ask Doug Adams a while back if he knew anything and he didn't unfortunately, though of course noted we can import if we're left with no choice and it's fine to do so, but one has to take into account, for UK bound buyers at least, that the tax and import duty that will be added to the price when importing anything above £18 (I don’t know what the import duty free limit is for other European countries).

Warner/Reprise have all of November to finally announce international plans, so hopefully we will hear something in due cues. For now I'd probably advise against ordering it on import at the moment until we know what's going on.

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I am not going to order from Amazon. It takes a month for the order to reach Finland (if ordered from the States that is) and European Amazon would take just about a week. It is just about the same with other online stores. I just wait to hear the release date here in Europe before making any decisions about where do I purchase it. The price on different online CD stores is not bad (little over 40 Euros is really cheap!).

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Here is the final track list (by Doug Adams' words) and as you can see there are few cosmetic changes:

Disc One

1 Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All

2 The Shire

3 Bag End

4 Very Old Friends

5 Flaming Red Hair

6 Farewell Dear Bilbo

7 Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

8 A Conspiracy Unmasked

9 Three Is Company

10 The Passing of The Elves

11 Saruman the White

12 A Shortcut to Mushrooms

13 Strider

14 The Nazgûl

Disc Two

1 Weathertop

2 The Caverns of Isengard

3 Give Up the Halfling

4 Orthanc

5. Rivendell

6 The Sword That Was Broken

7 The Council of Elrond Assembles Featuring “Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)” Composed & performed by Enya

8 The Great Eye

9 Gilraen's Memorial

10 The Pass of Caradhras

11 The Doors of Durin

12 Moria

13 Gollum

14 Balin's Tomb

Disc Three

1 Khazad-dûm

2 Caras Galadhon Featuring “Lament for Gandalf” performed by Elizabeth Fraser

3 The Mirror Of Galadriel

4 The Fighting Uruk-hai

5 Parth Galen

6 The Departure Of Boromir

7 The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 1

8 May It Be Composed & performed by Enya

9 The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 2 Featuring “In Dreams” performed by Edrward Ross

They still did not get rid of that "The Fighting Uruk-hai" title, though most of you do not even care about the track titles so that makes little difference to you :|

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Why didnt they use the book titles as possible? Its a nice touch...

Concerning Hobbits was a great name for the cue...

The idea behind of not using chapter titles from the books or the already used titles is simply that Shore does not want people thinking he is just rereleasing the same track all over again with no expansion or anything. I know it is silly and robs away some of the good track titles of the original album like the Concerning Hobbits you mentioned and Great River and Farewell to Lorien (which was the name of the bonus track on TTT Collectors Edition soundtrack). Silly and needles if you ask me but the music is the most important thing.

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That is correct but those names fit the new cues and extended cue very well. The Concerning Hobbits for example would have been very good for the "The Shire" cue as it underscores Bilbo's narration Concerning Hobbits and Gandalf's ride to Bag End. The Fighting Uruk-hai, which I have made such fuss about contains the Uruk-hai scenes sure but also Farewell to Lorien and THe Great River cues. both names have been used so to speak so Shore ahd to find a new name and" The Fighting Uruk-hai" is pretty lame both describing the cues and as a name for a track.

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I don't really care about the track titles.

I am disappointed to see In Dreams after May It Be though....


Why on earth are you disappointed? That is the movie order of the tracks(I am just listening to the End Credits of the FOTR EE). First May it Be and then In Dreams. There should be no problem (unless is the question of personal preference and not movie/chronological order).

And I do not think the Fan Credits made it to the release since they contain so little genuinely unreleased material (they cannot release every take of every track even if we wanted them to do it). That is sad.

The order of the EE End Credits is: May it Be - In Dreams - Rivendell theme (Many Meetings alternate?) - Fellowship theme(no idea what version) - (Fan Credits begin) Concerning Hobbits (alternate) - The Black Rider (album version as far as I can tell except the ending is different) - Journey in the Dark (no idea what edit/version this is) which segues suddenly to the Bridge of Khazad Dum that stops short and goes to the track Great River (alternate) - Breaking of the Fellowship (alternate, beautiful variation - IMO should be released)

Of all the Fan Credit material above mentioned Breaking of the Fellowship is truly the most significant. That atleast should be released (I know Iam repeating myself but I really liked it :P )

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