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THE Complete Jurassic Park Score

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Well as for the off topic plot hole of JP3, the pterosaurs were suppose to attack in the beginning. Hence the reason you don't see them. They decided to, rather than re-write the scene, just not show the dinosaurs....

Yes, if you look on the DVD you can see the skeleton fall by itself... you can also see what looks like a possible extra piece of footage deleted... hard to tell but it looks like an unused scene of them walking through a hall in the VC near the end...

The end credits of the Making of also has the unused "Raptor in the Shed" music.

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All you had to do was watch the DVD bonus material and all the questions would have been answered...:mrgreen:

And go without Marc's informative style?

Besides, I don't own the DVDs to the Jurassic Park movies - they're the only two Spielberg movies missing from my collection. I have the "Making Of", though, because it was released in VHS in 1994, but the tape stayed at my parents'.

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I mean, quite frankly the album is a great release. It has a TON of the material plus a lot of unused stuff.

The first 2 minutes of "Eye to Eye" were unused. They were suppose to be used when they first arrive at the tyrannosaur paddock. I made this into a video on YouTube if you're interested to see it with the music.

Also, the end credits to the making of featurette, aka unused "Raptor in the Shed" can be ripped. When they repackaged it, it cut off about a second of the sound, but the rest is still present on the new DVD's.

It does, however, cut off right as "Clever Girl" Begins. You see, those two tracks are actually 1.

As Muldoon walks through the forest you hear the low basson (among others) play the raptor motif. the unused segment of "Raptors in the Shed" actually ends with the first statement of this theme. The end of this track is possibly unused but from what is heard, the track istelf ends right after Muldoon says "Clever Girl." At this point, it edits to two tracked segments from "Raptor Attack." Again, I made a video on Youtube of this if you're interested to see the scene with it.

I'm contemplating redoing this one as it was my first attempt at replacing music.

Also, "Raptor Attack" is the actual complete track of the "Into the Kitchen" music. If you listen to it on the album, you actually will loose appreciation for it as I almost always skip the track. I made a video of how it was meant to be used in the film, and it works perfectly and amazingly enough, it actually gave me a new appreciation for this piece. Some of it, you will notice, was used in the film. The track isn't brought it until the raptor opens the door. Next you hear the 2nd half to "Eye to Eye" on the album which is really "Preparing to meet the Monster"--I tried to edit this out as much as possible. You also hear what was used again latter when the pans fall down. Whats really cool is the usage of the carnivore motif when you see the claw... it's really quite scary and makes you wonder why they DIDN'T use the music as it fits so perfectly. I'm thinking maybe to keep the children that were left in the theatre by this point from just getting to scared and running out of the theatre crying in terror! lol You'll also recgonize the tracked segment used for "Clever Girl" in this video. It's the complete Raptors in the Kitchen scene... my edits stop around where the ladle falls. This video is also on YouTube if you're interested.

As far as TLW goes, there are actually Two versions of "The Hunt" not used for when the hunters arrive. Neither are used. Instead, what is used is a compilation of the intro to "The Hunt Version 2" and a compilation of many sourced cues...some as short as 1 second. It was HELL trying to recreate this track for my complete TLW score.

Also, there are a few cues such as the above mentioned intro to "The Hunt" I call "Team B Arrives," that are a lot longer than film version. John Williams really wrote a lot of material for TLW... most of it cut and pillaged to be placed into the film. A pretty enjoyable score was really desecrated for the film.

Also the complete version of "Saving Sarah" or as I call it "The Trailer Scene" is amazing... It's hard NOT to get into it.

With JP3, there are a few moments of unused music. One such is "Clash of Extinction." I managed to cut this track down to fit the movie quite well. It is also on YouTube if you'd like to watch it.

Look up "BrachioInGen" --this brings up all of them-- or "Jurassic Park Unleashed."

ANy questions? lol...

Oh, I also meant to mention that "Hammonds Proposition" or "The Itrodcution of Hammond" had a longer ending than what's heard in the film.... it has a throbbing string section with a horn playing the first 2 notes of the Carnivore motif...sort of an errie forshadow...

EDIT: And yes I'm aware that in like 2 of the videos I accidently wrote "Unleased" instead of "Unleashed" lol...

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John Williams really wrote a lot of material for TLW... most of it cut and pillaged to be placed into the film. A pretty enjoyable score was really desecrated for the film.

And people bash George Lucas. The Lost World is indeed as much a mess as the Star Wars prequels.

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Well, the movie is almost as bad as JP3 as far as production goes. Steven almost walked out on the project because it bothered him so much. The guy who wrote the screen play never ONCE called Michael Chrichton... hence the movie being soo vastly different from the book and completey ignoring BioSyn...

Steven re-wrote the ending because he felt it was poor, and becuase of this, the movie itself wasn't exactly that well put together as the confidence in this project was low. I'm assuming a lot of editing went on because the music reflects a lot of film time that seemingly wasn't used.

I mean, from what I've heard, There is probably a good hour and a half of music for TLW.

I mean, you have The Theme from The Lost World, two versions of "The Hunt" (3:30 and 2:15), the unused "The Trek," a version of a track I call "Don't Move" that was mostly unused and tracked a lot in "The Hunt" and in "Don't Move."

You have The complete 2:20 track of "Arrival of Team B," 4 minutes of"Team B's Basecamp/The Backup plan", Three seperate "The Raptor Attack" things (4:00 all together). An alternate "Saved" track for when the helicoptor is flying off...(0:20)

The complete 2:13 track of "Eddie Delivers," "The Compies Dine" has extra material unused in the film, "Visitor in San Diego," "Finale and End Credits"... and as far as I can tell, an alternate transition/intro for "Theme from The Lost World."

There is also the film version of what I call "THe King Arrives" which is the rex's arrival in San Diego... how long that track is I dunno as only part of it is used in the film but it seems to me to be an alternate "Visitor in San Diego" track. Let alone the two complete tracks of "S. S. Venture" (2:02) and "Where is Secure Facility."

There is also an alternate version of "Ludlow's Demise" on the album lol...

I mean, I'm pushing more for a complete release of TLW more than JP. I can deal with the DVD rips for JP but TLW is one of my favourite travel scores and just good mood music... It's the first John Williams cd I bought--although I'd been given some of his Boston Pops cd's already.

The only problem with studying the scores to these films as much as I have is it almost takes away from watching the film lol.. but it DOES give amazing insight into the process.

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Well I did contact the guy in charge of the site and sent him all my information. Hasn't been updated yet.

I also asked if he wanted what information I had for TLW... havn't heard back.

I'll post them here latter tonight when I get a chance...

I don't have the recording information for TLW like I do for JP... but my guesses are accurate and based off of what we know. If anyone does have the recording schedule for TLW, I'd like to see it lol...

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John Williams really wrote a lot of material for TLW... most of it cut and pillaged to be placed into the film. A pretty enjoyable score was really desecrated for the film.

And people bash George Lucas. The Lost World is indeed as much a mess as the Star Wars prequels.

Thank you Marc. Lord knows I don't want to turn this into another Lucas-themed thread, but there has always been a double standard on music editing for Lucas vs. everyone else. Although the complaints about the prequel music editing are, of course, more than legitimate, especially for TMP and AOTC.

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OK, so, here are the complete listing, original John Williams Track names, slate numbers, and ways to get the tracks for JP:

1m1a --- Opening Titles --- [0:34] --- Album Track 1

1m1 --- Incident at Isla Nublar --- [2:24] --- Album Track 3 (0:00-2:20) *Last Note overlapped

1m2 --- Mining for Bones & Amber --- [1:12] --- Unreleased

2m1 --- The Entrance of Mr. Hammond --- [1:00] --- (0:00-0:46) Unreleased/(0:47-End) in 'Making of'

Source --- Que Milagros Chaparita --- [2:03] --- The version recorded for the film has never been released

2m3/3m1 --- To the Island --- [3:15] --- Album Track 4 (0:00-3:15)

3m2 --- The Dinosaurs --- [4:32] --- Album Track 4 (3:15-7:30)

??? --- The Dinosaurs Alternate --- [3:30] --- Album Track 2

3m2a --- The Entrance to the Park --- [1:20] --- Album Track 4 (7:30-End)

3m3 --- Cartoon Display --- [2:32] --- Unreleased

4m1 --- Hatching Baby Raptors --- [2:00] --- Album Track 6 (0:00-1:59)

4m2 --- You Bred Raptors --- [0:31] --- Unreleased

5m1 --- The History Lesson --- [1:27] ---Unreleased

5m2 --- Jurassic Park Gate --- [2:04] --- Album Track 13

5m3 --- Goat Bait --- [2:22] --- Album Track 14 (0:00-2:22)

6m1 --- An Ailing Monster --- [2:34] --- Album Track 8 (0:00-2:34)

6m2--- The Coming Storm ---[1:19] --- Unreleased

7m1 --- Dennis Steals the Embryos --- [4:55] --- Album Track 9

8m1 --- The Trouble with Dennis --- [1:12] --- Unreleased

9m1 --- The Falling Car --- [3:06] --- Album Track 3 (2:20-End)

9m2 --- The T-rex Chase --- [1:34] --- Unreleased

9m3a --- A Tree for my Bed --- [2:12] --- Album Track 10 *Low End fade out from Track 9 in begining

10m1 --- Remembering Petticoat Lane --- [2:40] --- Album Track 12

10m2 --- My Friend the Brachiosaur --- [1:48] --- Album Track 8 (2:34-End)

10m3 --- Eggs in the Forest --- [1:22] --- Album Track 6 (2:00-End)

11m1 --- System Ready --- [0:43 +] --- Unreleased (Noticeable Edit at 0:12)

11m2 --- Preparing to Meet the Monster --- [4:11] --- Album Track 14 (2:22-End)

11m3/12m1 --- High Wire Stunts --- [4:08] --- Album Track 11

12m2 --- Hungry Raptor --- [1:40] --- (0:00-0:56) Unused 'Making Of' End Credits/ (0:56-End)

12m3/13m1 --- Into the Kitchen --- [2:49] --- Album Track 5

13m2 --- March Past the Kitchen Utensils --- [4:11] --- Album Track 14 (0:00-4:08) fade out

13m3/14m1 --- T-rex Rescue --- [3:30] --- Album Track 14 (4:09-End)

14m2? --- End Credits (Part I)--- [4:32] --- Album Track 7 (0:00-4:30)

14m2 --- End Credits (Part II) --- [3:25] --- Album Track 16

Bold things are Unused

Italicyzed things are Unreleased

The Lost World will be harder as I have no slate numbers/Original Titles. Also, there is a massive amount of editing so a few tracks will not have known lengths but I will put that out next.

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Thank you Marc. Lord knows I don't want to turn this into another Lucas-themed thread, but there has always been a double standard on music editing for Lucas vs. everyone else.

The difference being that Spielberg done it once, Lucas trice!

My friend, the Lucas bashing and crucifixion started with TPM. And that is just a movie. And it seems after all that the TLW's edits are worse. And there was not any TLW videogame to rip the unused music from.

People were so pissed that the movied hadnt lived for they expectations they got every bit they could to bash lucas.

I know lucas made some edits in the OT even tracked ESB into ROTJ, but spielberg has made them in many of his movies and he tracked jaws in 1941, to supplant an already quoted jaws theme!. And about ROTJ SE, spielberg already did it in 1980 with Close encounters. So as far as 1999, they were equally score butchers.

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Other than TLW he is nowhere near as bad as Lucas is when it comes to butchering the music in film.

In all seriousness you aren't going to find too many films were there isn't some kind of edit in the music.

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Ook, so here's the long awaited TLW complete Recording track list (as in the tracks as recorded by JW, not neccesarily as used in the film). Mind you, when I say "Complete" it means as "complete" as we know.... and a lot of these tracks probably will have longer track times and I could even be wrong but I'm trying my best here. There are not original Names and so far no slate numbers have been recovered so If you have questions about what music is what, what plays where and all... just ask:

01) Theme from The Lost World --- [3:33] --- Album Track 1

01a) Theme From The Lost World (Alternate Instrumentation Opening) — [3:33] — Unreleased

02) Island Prologue and The Lost World Found --- [3:28] --- Album Track 2 (0:00-3:28)

03) Hammond’s Plan --- [2:09] --- Album Track 8 (0:00-2:06)

04) Malcolm’s Journey --- [3:29] --Album Track 3 (0:00-3:29)

05) The Stegosaurs --- [2:17] --- Album Track 11 (0:00-2:11)

06) The Baby Stegosaur --- [2:59] — Album Track 11 (2:11-End) Partially Unused

07) The Stowaway Revealed — [2:26] — Unreleased

08) Team B Arrives — [2:20] — Unreleased/Partially Unused

09) The Hunt — [2:15] — Unreleased/ Unused

10) The Hunt Alternate — [3:30] — Album Track 4/ Unused

10a) The Hunt (Percussion) — [3:30] — Album Track 4/ Unused

11) The Fallen — [1:03] — Unreleased

12) Team B Base camp — [4:13] — Unreleased/ Partially Unused

13) Someplace High — [1:05] — Unreleased

14) Saving Sarah — [1:48] — Unreleased

15) Eddie Delivers — [2:13] — Unreleased

16) The Attack on the Trailer — [5:09] — Album Track 7 (0:00-2:12)/Unreleased/Track 7(2:12-End)

17) The Trek — [2:16] — Album Track 5 (0:00-2:16)

18) The Compies Appear — [1:44] — Album Track 5 (2:16-4:00)

19) Source Music -Tres Dias — [?] — Unreleased

20) Surrounded — [1:35] — Album Track 2 (3:28-5:03)

21) Surrounded Alternate — [1:22] — Track 5 (4:05-End)

22) The Compies Dine — [2:47] — Album Track 10 (0:00-2:47)

23) What they Didn’t Like — [1:00] — Album Track 12 (0:00-1:00)

24) Don’t Move — [4:10 + ] — Album Track 12 (1:00-1:34)/ Unreleased

25) Don’t Move Alternate — [2:20] — Album Track 10 (2:47-End)

26) The Long Grass — [2:23] — Album Track 8 (2:08-End)

27) Finding Camp Jurassic — [3:03] Album Track 6

28) The Raptors Appear — [3:43] — Album Track 9

29) Raptor Attack I — [1:20 +] — Unreleased/ Partially Unused

30) Raptor Attack II — [0:60 +] — Unreleased/ Partially Unused

31) Raptor Attack III — [0:60 +] — Unreleased/ Partially Unused

32) Saved — [0:19] — Unreleased

33) Saved Alternate — [1:00 +] — Album Track 3 (3:35-4:05)/Unreleased/ Track 3(4:05-4:32)34) To San Diego — [1:10] — Album Track 3(4:32-End)

35) S. S. Venture Arrives — [2:02] — Unreleased

36) Visitor In San Diego (Album) — [0:22] — Album Track 13 (0:00-0:22)

37) Visitor In San Diego Alternate — [0:42 +] — Unreleased/ Partially Unused

38) Locomotive Rex — [1:12] — Unreleased

39) Rex eat Dog World — [1:47] — Album Track 13 (0:22-2:00)

40) Taking the Kid — [1:29] — Album Track 13 (2:00-3:23)

41) Downtown Rex — [4:14] — Album Track 13 (3:23-End)

42) Ludlows Demise — [2:48] — Album Track 12 (1:35.5-1:50) / Track 12 (1:50-End) Unused

43) Finale --- [0:55] --- Album Track 15 (0:00-0:53)

44) Intro to... --- [1:30] --- Album Track 15 (0:53-2:22)

45) Theme from Jurassic Park --- [3:00] --- Album Track 15 (2:22-5:25)

46) End Credits --- [3:26] --- Album Track 15 (5:25-End) Partially Unused

Bold signifies unused

Italycised signifies unreleased

*The tracks with "a" next to them mean that they were recorded at the same time as the track with the same number, but that it was eaither not in the mix of the final product, or is available outside of the mix.

The End Credits Order seems to have been swtiched around a lot and the "Theme From Jurassic Park" segment was complete unused. "Theme from The Lost World," "Malcolm's Journey," and the "Theme from The Lost World" Alternate Instrumental Opening were used. "Theme from The Lost World" was probably intended to be used in the End Credits Suite.

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Interesting... the only problem I have with that, is that it doesn't seem to fit the film... the whole part of Hammonds Speech about "If we but...step aside... and trust in nature, life will find a way." In the film there is about a minute cut from "Finale and Theme"

it goes from:

0:00-2:22 Cut to


You know, now that I listen again, you're right. 7:40 seems to be a long track... and there are several moments where it could have been simple edited together. Especially the part that was not used in the film. It looks like they simply went from "Finale and Intro to," cutting out 'Theme from Jurassic Park, and going straight to "End Credits."

So I'm editing it to this:

43) Finale --- [0:55] --- Album Track 15 (0:00-0:53)

44) Intro to... --- [1:30] --- Album Track 15 (0:53-2:22)

45) Theme from Jurassic Park --- [3:00] --- Album Track 15 (2:22-5:25)

46) End Credits --- [3:26] --- Album Track 15 (5:25-End) Partially Unused

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Ok, sorry for the long wait, but I have finally finished my complete Jurassic Park Edit. It is a Three disk set.

Disk 1 is the film edit.

Disk 2 is the extra material.

Disk 3 is the Complete Score--missing about 5-10 seconds of unused-unlocated music..

Here is the track listing:

Disk 1: (1:13:56)

01) Opening Titles 0:30

02) Incident at Isla Nublar 2:21

03) Mining for Bones & Amber 1:12

04) Hammonds Proposition 0:46

05) Que Milagros Chaparrita 2:04

06) Journey to the Island 8:57

07) Mr. DNA 2:32

08) Hatching Baby Raptors 2:00

09) You've Bred Raptors 0:31

10) Timmy & Lex 1:29

11) Jurassic Park Gatte 2:03

12) Sick Triceratops 1:57

13) Storm Clouds 1:19

14) Dennis Steals the Embryos 4:58

15) Bring Back My Grandchildren 1:10

16) Between a Truck and a Long Fall 1:02

17) Finding Dr. Malcolm (Intro to...) 2:00

18) The Great T-rex Chase 1:11

19) A Tree For My Bed 2:12

20) Remembering Petticoat Lane - My Friend the Brachiosaurus 4:27

21) Broken Eggshells 1:20

22) System Ready 0:43

23) To the Shed 4:09

24) High Wire Stunts 3:05

25) Raptors in the Shed 0:57

26) Clever Girl 1:08

27) Raptors in the Kitchen 2:00

28) Raptors Attack 4:11

29) T-rex Rescue and Finale 3:30

30) Looking Back and End Credits 7:57

Disk 2: (39:25) *Pending addition of new material. Any suggestions?

01) Jurassic Park Teaser Trailer 1:35

02) Jurassic Park Trailer Music I 2:41

03) Jurassic Park Trailer Music II 1:14

04) Brachiosaurus (SFX) 1:45

05) Parasaurolophus (SFX) 0:14

06) Velociraptors (SFX) 2:20

07) Triceratops (SFX) 0:14

08) Dilophosaurus (SFX) 0:52

09) Gallimimus (SFX) 0:39

10) Tyrannosaurus Rex (SFX) 2:32

11) Jurassic Park Theme (John Williams: 40 Years) 6:05

*12) Burn it All (Hans Zimmer - Backdraft) 5:16

13) Jurassic Park Overture (Hollywood Fantasy) 5:49

14) Jurassic Park: The Ride 2:38

15) Jurassic Ambiance I 0:40

16) Jurassic Ambiance II 0:20

17) Jurassic Ambiance III 0:52

18) The Dinosaurs (Alternate) 3:30

Disk 3: (1:17:30)

01) Opening Titles (1m1a) 0:37

02) Incident at Isla Nublar (1m1) 2:21

03) Mining for Bones and Amber (1m2) 1:12

04) The Entrance of Mr. Hamond (2m1) 1:00

05) To the Island (2m3-3m1) 3:17

06) The Dinosaurs (3m2) 4:32

07) The Entrance to the Park (3m2a) 1:20

08) Cartoon Display (3m3) 2:32

09) Hatching Baby Raptors (4m1) 2:00

10) You Bred Raptors (4m2) 0:31

11) The History Lesson (5m1) 1:29

12) Jurassic Park Gate (5m2) 2:03

13) Goat Bait (5m3) 2:22

14) An Ailing Monster (6m1) 2:34

15) The Coming Storm (6m2) 1:19

16) Dennis Steals the Embryos (7m1) 4:58

17) The Trouble with Dennis (8m1) 1:10

18) The Falling Car (9m1) 3:06

19) The T-Rex Chase (9m2) 1:34

20) A Tree for my Bed (9m3a) 2:12

21) Remembering Petticoat Lane (10m1) 2:48

22) My Friend the Brcahiosaurus (10m2) 1:48

23) Eggs in the Forest (10m3) 1:22

24) Syse Ready (11m1) 0:43

25) Prepating to Meet the Monster (11m2) 4:11

26) High Wire Stunts (11m3-12m1) 2:49

27) Hungry Raptor (12m2) 1:40

28) Into the Kitchen (12m3-13m1) 2:49

29) March Past the Kitchen Utensils (13m2) 4:11

30) T-Rex To the Rescue (13m1-14m1) 3:30

31) End Credits Part I (14m2) 4:32

32) End Credits Part II (14m2) 3:24

So with this score, I did what I did with my episode I score as far as sound wise... I rebalanced everything to make it more present and bright. It's really an amazing different.

Disk 2 has some tracks on it I shoudl explain.

JP Teaser Trailer is the audio rip from the Teaser Trailer...the pre-pre-pre trailer for the movie of footage filmed for the trailer...only about... 10 seconds are in the film at all lol... I couldn't track the music down so I got a great rip of the audio.

JP Trailer I is the first music from the first trailer to be released with actual footage from the film. It has music from "Indiana Jones: Last Crusade." More specifically, "Indy's Very First Adventure."

It also has music from Hans Zimmers score to Backdraft, including the tracks "Arsonists Walts," and "Burn it All."

JP Trailer II is an edit of JP music to reflect what the first trailer with actual JP music in it was like...

There are several tracks of Dinosaur sound effects. Most are pretty clean. I even have some of just the audio tracks from the film--scenes without the music added.

Jurassic Ambiance are some tracks I made. Imagine if you put a microphone out in Jurassic Park and what you'd hear...that's what those tracks are... forest sounds with diosaurs sounds... they're cool.

Jurassic Park the Ride is an audio rip of the DVD feature of the JP Hollywood ride.

The Dinosaurs (Alternate) wouldn't fit on Disk 3 and is also known as "Them from Jurassic Park." It's actually the music tracked in and what replaces what you hear on the album track "Journey to the Island."

There are also two concert arrangements of the JP themes. One I hate but is so...crazy and...bad it's almost good lol...the other is ok... no match for the original.

Anyways, Disk 3 is the complete score. It's missing about 5-10 seconds. I know because I've heard them, but I can't get a hold of them--heard them at IOA.

Everything else, including unused music from the album, unreleased music from the film, and unreleased/unused music taken from the DVD featurettes is on here.

Like I said, I rebalanced all the tracks--including album tracks to make them sound better. Imagine what the UE for Episode I sounded like compared to the Album...it's about that...but better than the UE as it's not as obnoxious and such as that was.

This sounds live.

anyways, if anyone would like to hear it, let me know what they think... I'm open to that too.

Also if anyone knows any other concert versions or tracks they think I should add to disk two, let me know. I'm open to suggestions.

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I'm very interested in hearing this. How clean is the unrleased material (sfx wise and such)?

And I once heard some crazy dance remix of the Jurassic Park fanfare (you know, the Journey to the Island one). Would probably fall into that so bad it's good category too. ;)

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Ok, well due to a recent discovery, I'll have to look back into the edits I've done.

I recently came into possesion of the Complete Conductors Score to JP--although aftr a check I found it was missing a few parts ...oh well.

But, what I did discover was interesting.

I got most of the slate numbers, track names, and then what they called "CD Track Names" so I'm guessing that this was meant to accompany a complete CD of the score as it had track names and numbers.

So very intersting.

One thing I found is that "The Dinosuars" actually has what is regarded as an "intro".... It's the segment as they drive and Hammond explains to Gennario that the park is safe.

So the tracks would then go.

"To the Island"

"Intro to..."

"The Dinosaurs"

"The Entrance of the Park"

This will only effect disk 3...which will have some facial reconstructing...the edits--past that one--seem to be fine but the names will be changed.

One other thing I'm noticing... my edit of "End Credits I" and "End Credits II" seem to be contrary to what the score says.... but strangely enough, if you play End Credits II over the same segment from "Welcome to Jurassic Park" on the album, it fits perfectly...so much so I get this weird digitial sound which tells me they are identical...that they were recorded seperately and layers... which is why I edited it thusly.

The score seems to show a possible recording of this.

But it still neglects what is known as "Theme from Jurassic Park," or as I called it "THe Dinosaurs Alternate." I'm still gonna leave it as thus because it is actually what is used in place of 'The Dinosuars' in the film.

Which is ANOTHER thing... it may also be that "The Dinosaurs" and the Entrnace of the Park" were recorded together..... if you look at the score, there's a big X through the measures that would be the fade out and "fin" of The Dinosaurs...

But for now I'm leaving it alone because there's no reason to change it...

The only thing I'm going to change are the titles (which includes reel numbers) and one extra track will be taken from "The Dinosaurs" and be called "Intro to..."

I'll keep you all updated.

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Cue sheet... the written notes... in pdf format... about 460 pages...

don't get too excited people lol...

If I had the complete recordings it would have been more of an announcement than just a post... heh

I wish though..

It calls itseflf the "Complete Orchestral Conductors Score," which until now I didn' know was available so I'm gonna have to figure out how to change the names. It seems there are two sets of track titles.

You have the ones that are listed with the slate numbers, then on the same page it says "corresponding CD titles" and gives those... so I'm thinking I'm gonna go by the slate names.

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  • 5 years later...

i think goodmusician already has it in his edit, and he discovered the true name of the song. Que milagro... is another song, a mistake from the film creators.

Exactly. The video David Vincent posted has the real name of the song, Las Gaviotas.

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And that is easily the best cue from the film. I rank it higher than Journey To The Island. If the complete score is released, I want it to be included.

Somehow I knew your strange fetish for these curiosities would kick in as soon as you saw the subject of the last few posts. Still burning for Picking Pockets I see.

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