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Yeah, this topic probably has been beaten to death, but i'm just interested in knowing what are some of your favorite movies scenes that you have ever seen. They don't have to be scenes from Jw scored films, but from any movie in the history of movies. I have to say that one of my favorite movie scenes of all time is the scene in "Big" where the characters Mr. MacMillan and Josh are playing the large piano with their feet in Fao Schwartzs.


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Now this may be the hardest topic we have ever had.

One scene.

Ok, let me lead up to the one I would personally choice.

I thought about the Brody Smile you son of a .... scene in Jaws.

I love the scene in Ferris Beuller when they are looking at the painting in the art museum.

The whole sequence of Ben's death and the Tie Fighter attack.

The wizards chess sequence in HP.

Luke I am you father scene. ESB

Taylor finding the Statue of Liberty in POA

Last scene in GWTW.

#3 E.T. end sequence.

#2 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, end sequence.

....................................................................................... eek2

#1 favorite scene. Helicopter rescue in Superman. My favorite scene in any film.

Joe, noticing that most of his favorites are at the end of the movie.

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Well, I guess the bicycle chase and saying goodbye scenes from ET.

But there's so many....I couldn't really pick.

Every scene in Ferris Bueller.

"Circle of Life" and the wildebeest stampede in The Lion King.

When Alex is attacked in Jaws.

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Wow! The helicopter rescue! Gives me goosebumps every time.

I also love the ambush in The Adventures of Robin Hood, which is a marvelous combination of action and music.

Same goes for the battle on the ice in Alexander Nevsky.

The make-out scene in North By Northwest. Painfully erotic! :oops:

The Desert Chase in Raiders.

The Big Fight at the end of The Quiet Man.

The creation sequence in The Bride of Frankenstein.

The chariot race in Ben-Hur.

The filibuster in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Henry Fonda's speech at the end of The Grapes of Wrath.

The St. Crispin's pep-talk in Branagh's Henry V.

The opening shot of A Clockwork Orange.

The appearance of the mothership in CE3K.

Albert Finney with the tommy gun in Miller's Crossing.

The eating sequence in Tom Jones.

The big showdown in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The departure scene in E.T..

The subway chase in The French Connection.

The opening credits of Superman.

The parade at the end of Animal House.

Okay, so it was more than one. Sue me!!!

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Uhmm. Here's a few of mine.

The piano scene from BIG.

The Montreal sequence from Red Violin

The Knife discussions with Henry Fonda in 10 Angry Men!

The Toy Story 2 elevator rescue and Barn sequence.

Toy Story 1 Pizza Planet Sequence

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Pardon me if I indulge this great topic. I stand by my #1 choice but here are a few of my other favorite scenes,

The rowing sequence in Ben Hur. :cry:

Sue Snell trying to stop the prank on Carrie.


Journey to the Island sequence. :)

Kirks reply to Khan

Hermit sequence in Bride of Frankenstein

Hermit parody sequence in Young Frankenstein.

Alex Karras' revelation to James Garner in Victor/Victoria. LOL

Tootsie meeting his/her agent in the restaurant. :oops:

Sophie's choice in Sophie's Choice bawling

Betty Davis going blind in Dark Victory :)


The I take my coffee black sequence in Airplane

The policeman dying in the country store in Them

Klatuu Barada Nikto sequence in Day the Earth Stood Still.

The last scene in Titanic where Rose dies.

win one for the Gipper speach.

Ok I better stop, there are just so many great film scenes. Alright 1 more.

Indiana bringing the children back to their villiage in TOD.

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the "I coulda been a contender" speech from On the Waterfront is one of my favorites, as well as the last twenty minutes of The Maltese Falcon

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i find it hard even tihnking of one of my favorite scenes in a Hitchcock film, let alone any film.

i love that scene in Rear window when Jimmy Stewart is watching Grace Kelly search the neighbor's apartment when he comes home. that is true suspense.

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There is the incredible prison chase sequence in The Fugitive

The Helicopter Rescue in Superman

The Spyder Sequence in Minority Report

Obi-Wan's Investigation on Camino in Attack of the Clones

The spine tingling "There is another" scene in The Empire Strikes Back

The Desert Chase from Raiders of the Lost Ark

But out of all of those there was one part that just hit me as my favorite is.......

The Lightsaber battle and "I am your Father" Scene from The Empire Strikes Back!! :)

It's just so darn cool. :)

Justin - :wiggle:

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If I would think hard and put a scene here, I'm sure I'll remember a more favorite scene soon... Boy, there are too many great scenes in too many great movies.


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Looking through my DVDs:

Apollo 13: the launch and the reentry and spashdown sequence

A Beautiful Mind: the bar scene (when he comes up with jis theory of the Nash equalibrium) and a cut scene where Nash shows a couple people a game he invented (Hex) that is "mathematically perfect". (Meaning that "whoever wins deserves to win")

Jaws: any scene with Quint being himself (i.e., from when they board the Orca to when they lower Hooper in his cage), especially the Indianapolis soliquy

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: the whole movie. :) To narrow it down, the Black Night, Camelot dance, the Knights that say Ni, Tim the Enchanter...

M.P. and the Life of Brian: the "what have the Romans ever done for us?" scene, the Latin lesson

Soaceballs: the (from the chapter title) "Family of Expletives", the second and third wedding scenes, the dancing alien

Superman: the helicopter rescue, any scene with Luther in it

Thirteen Days: the UN scene, Kennedy's address to the naiton

X-Men: Magnito and Xavier's closing scene

other movies:

Star Wars: the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan/Darth Maul duel, Han Solo's intercom discussion ("We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?"), the love scene with Solo and Leia that is interrupted by 3PO's "Sir, sir, I've isolated the reverse power coupling!", "I am your father", the Luke/Emperor duel of wits, Vder's death

A Night To Remember: lots of scenes. the one that particularily comes to mind is at the end when the Carpathia gets a radio from the Californian asking if there's anything it can do and the captain says "No. Everything that could have been done has been done."

To Kill a Mockingbird: the whole movie. Specifically the courtroom scenes, especially when Atticus completely destroys the accusation.

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- Journey to the island sequence, from Jurassic Park

- The kitchen scene, from Jurassic Park

- Anakin's confession, from AOTC

- "It's a trap!!!", from ROTJ

- "So be it, Jedi!", from ROTJ

- The duel in ROTJ, with that awesome music

- The duel in TESB

- The journey to the batcave, from Batman

- The entrance of Darth Maul in the Theed hangar, from TPM

- "Give us free!!!", from Amistad

- "I could have done more", from Schindler's List

- The miracle of the ark, from Raiders of the Lost Ark

- The circle of life, from The Lion King

- Introduction, from Sleepy Hollow

- Finale, from Edward Scissorhands

Romão, noting that most of his choices have John Williams music.

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A scene can hardly be memorable withou great music (althoug there are exceptions), but most of the scenes I love have great and sometimes operatic music in them.

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A scene can hardly be memorable without great music


The cropduster sequence in North By Northwest.

The chariot race in Ben-Hur. (Parade of the Charioteers comes before.)

The big kiss in The Quiet Man. (Which, in E.T., has music, but I assure you in the actual film it does not.)

The subway chase in The French Connection.

The decisive battle in The Seven Samurai.

The final "plunge" in Bridge on the River Kwai.

The exorcism in The Exorcist.

Most of Olivier's speeches in Henry V.

Any scene in the Bela Lugosi Dracula or Karloff Frankenstein.

The windmill scene in Foreign Correspondent.

The Statue of Liberty finale in Saboteur.

Any scene in The Birds.

So many of Hitchock's most memorable scenes are, believe it or not, played without music (with some very notable exceptions, of course).

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Better than the chariot race? Better than the cropduster sequence? Better than Gene Hackman barrel-assing after the subway train?

Yeah, right.

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Redemption of Vader - Return of the Jedi

The Ice Dance sequence - Edward Scissorhands

Last scene in Shawshank Redemption

Man....I am all about redemptions!

:) :) :);):)

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Superman: The helicopter sequence. Best damn scene in any movie ever. Perfectly shot, perfectly scored, just perfect all around. I can watch it all day every day and still get chills from it.

Raiders: Katanga and his crew see Indy on the german sub. I defy you not to smile at that scene. And the shooting of the swordman. Brilliance.

Batman Returns: The first Circus Gang attack, and the bat signal lights up the sky, and Bruce Wayne, sitting alone in the dark, alone with his thoughts, sees it and knows he's needed. Pure Batman, pure Burton.

Empire Strikes Back: "Hear me......Leia...." one of the best scenes in the SW movies. Damn...

Jedi: "Never...I'll never turn to the dark side. You've failed, your highness." Luke has got some set of balls.

True Lies: When Arnold is in the car with Bill Paxton, and Bill's talking about Arnie's wife, and Arnold punches Bill in the face and kills him, and a second later it's shown that it was just in his mind. Probably one of the funniest damn things I have ever seen in a movie.

Back to the Future: Skateboard sequence and Johnny B. Goode.

Ghostbusters II: "Doe....Ray.....Egon!"

Iron Giant: "Superman...." I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

Last Crusade: River Phoenix turns to Harrison Ford in probably the best transition in any movie, ever. The ending is pretty damn perfect, too, riding off into the sunset.

And with that...I'm off!

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-The final scene of Vertigo and the pain of the music.

-Any time King Arthur rides into battle to Carmina Burana in Excalibur

-The beginning of the helicopter attack in Apocalypse Now to Wagner

-Tom Hanks' speech about about how every man he kills, the farther away from home he feels in Saving Private Ryan

-The finale of Back to the Future and just how many things go wrong!

-Deniro's speech to the mirror in Taxi Driver

And a bunch already mentioned by other people! (particularly the starwars and superman ones)

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I can't even watch Vertigo because of that scene. Great movie, though, one of Hitch's best.

Good also to see Excalibur and Apocalypse Now make the list.

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In "The Matrix" when Neo walked through the metal detector with all of the guns or the scene from "Close Encounters" when they communicate with the aliens through music. :P

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Concerning the Matrix, I have a really hard time liking heros with black glasses...it just takes the noble qualities out of them...makes them look much more like mercenaries.

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One that hasn't been mentioned and one of my all time favorites is at the end of Field of Dreams.

Kevin Costner's realizes that his dad is on the field playing. He introduces his family to his dad but doesn't want to say that he is his son. The father turns away to pick up his equipment, when Costner says, "Dad? You wanna have a catch?"

Drives me to tears every time.

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"The Land Race" from Far and Away

"The Mines of Muria" from LOTR:TFOTR

"Redemption of Vader" from SW:ROTJ

"Jurney to the Island" from Jurassic Park

"Visitor in San Diego" from The Lost World

"Ice Dance" from Edward Scissorhands

"Search for the Blue Fairy" from A.I.

"This is Your Song" from Moulin Rouge

"Visiting the Inmates" from Minority Report

"The List" and "I could of done more" from Shindlers List

"Wilson leaves & I'm sorry Wolson" from Cast Away

"Sons of Scottland" "Freedom!" from Braveheart

"You are the Pan" and "The face of Pan" from Hook

"The face of God" fom ST5:Final Fronter

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Oh my word. You people have given me food for thought. I have always, I repeat, always considered my favourite ever scene is the "I AM YOUR FATHER " scene from Empire as it was the first scene ever to send shivers down my spine at a cinema but after reading your imput I just don't know. I mean, the Helicopter scene from Superman is right up there and who can forget the standing looking at the painting scene from Ferris Beuller's day off, the end of E.T. the first look at the Barachiosaurous (probably spelled incorrectly) in Jurassic Park, the leg popping out of the woodchipper in Fargo, the mothership in Close Encounters, the double bladed light saber in episode 1 (I mean, please, there was 16 years between that and Jedi and I defy anyone to have though of a double edge lightsaber in that time) the Star Destroyer in the original Star wars, the " are you talkin to me" scene in Taxi Driver, the T1000 shape shifting for the first time, Indiana jones, well, take your pick. However after much deliberation and discussions with friends and mind splitting arguments in my head I would have to say that my favourite ever movie scene is *************** from ************** I'm sorry I just can't choose one.

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Morn, instead of making commentary, why don't you actually respond to the question.

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Come on guys, so far by my quick count there are about 20 scenes from B&W films. Several are from Schindler's List. And about half come from Figo and myself. Surely people here have actually scene some Great B&Wfilms.

the end of Casablanca,

the very finale scene of Citizen Kane.

everyone rallying around George Bailey in Its a Wonderful Life

Any scene of bantering between Monte Wooley, and great character actress Mary Wickes in the Man Who Came to Dinner.

Greer Garsons suffering in Random Harvest.

Any scene in Rebecca.

The merry go round sequence in Strangers on a Train

The first viewing of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Maria Ouspenskaya's speech to Lon Chaney in the Wolf Man

King Kong battles the biplanes on top of the Empire State Building.

There are 10 fine examples of great scene, and not one is in color.

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Joe, because it's a hard question :jump:

Citizen Kane is underrated :)

But Casablanca is the most overrated movie of all time!

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Morn you are wimping out on us here.

Oh yeah Citizen Kane is considered the great American film ever made,

how the hell can it be underrated. banghead

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Joe, you is the brother of my heart.


Casablanca is the most overrated movie of all time!

It gets better with each viewing. Further proof, if proof is needed, of your congenital insanity.

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It gets better with each viewing. Further proof, if proof is needed, of your congenital insanity.

Further proof for you lack of respect for subject opinion :mrgreen:

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Morn, why wont you post some of your favorite scenes. they don't have to be your absolute favorite. Its an easy question. Post something

Do it.

do it.

do it.

You too Harry.

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The scene in Citizen Kane where the sled burns... perhaps more due to the brilliant Herrmann music though :)

The Emperor trying to kill Luke, invigorating scene!

The death scenes in LOTR.

David talking with the supermecha in AI

The battle in space above endor in ROTJ

The duel in Barry Lyndon

Here's Johnny! from The Shining :)

The murder in Psycho

The parade for Cleopatra's visit to rome in Cleopatra

Any scene in Rear Window :(

Where are the Nuclear wessels?? scene in Star Trek 4

The swordsman vs gun scene in Raiders :)

The plain crash in Cast Away

The nebula battle in Star Trek 2

Main title of Ben Hur, ok so this is due to the huge and exciting music, but anyway :)

The death of the son in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

ET's death from ET

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I know I won't be able to think of all my favorite scenes but here are a few that come to mind:

The Kitchen scene in Jurassic Park-GREAT suspense

Journey to the Island (JP)-breathtaking

Any part of Mrs. Doubtfire-FUNNY movie

Any of the bone-chilling ghost sightings in What Lies Beneath

The exhilarating Land Race in Far and Away

The emotional End Sequence of E.T.

Peter discovering his powers in Spider-Man

Spyders in Minority Report

The heartwarming spaghetti pool in Patch Adams

Hook Napped-totally scary if you're a kid

The booby trapped house in Home Alone

The Reunion in A.I.

Ray Barnsbury

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One scene that gets me every time I see it is in Shane when Alan Ladd and Van Heflin team up to chop down the stubborn tree stump. If you've never seen it that probably doesn't sound like much to write home about, but anyone who has seen and appreciates this classic film will know what I mean (it was so good that Clint copied it in Pale Rider, although he replaced the tree with a rock).

The scene is helped immensely by Victor Young's quite magnificent score, of course. I'm going to really stick my neck out here and say that his score for Shane is one of the best ever written for a western. It's about time Marco Polo or someone recorded the whole thing for my delectation.

Damien - indulging in a rare moment of hyperbole :oops:

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Three scenes immediately pop into my head:

Desert Chase, from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Exciting action!

Journey to the Island, from Jurassic Park. The music makes the scene.


Saying Goodbye, from E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. It's my favorite movie, complimented by my favorite score. Emotional powerhouse!

~Harry, who will probably have more later

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