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7+ minute cues that have your attention from start to finish

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Some long film music cues have like 2 minutes of music that shines and 8 minutes that makes you wonder why they release soundtracks at all. Or something like that.

But what long (let's say longer than 7 minutes) tracks do you REALLY enjoy from the first second to the last?

For me:

Adventures On Earth (Williams) 15 +

The Legend Of The Pianist (Morricone) 8 +

End Credits from Braveheart (Horner) 7 +

Seven Years In Tibet (Williams) 7 +

And many more.

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"Adventure on Earth"

Raiders of the Lost Ark

"Desert Chase"-- quintessential action

Star Wars, Espiode IV: A New Hope

Death Star Trench

Air Force One

"The Hijacking"-- keeps building up

Total Recall

"The Treatment", "End of a Dream"

CutThroat Island

"Carriage Chase", final battle


Final Battle-- but we're missing the final duel

Extreme Prejudice

"The Plan (original version)"

Young Sherlock Holmes

"Ehtar's Escape, The Final Duel, Final Farewell"

These are one-piece tracks (or cues edited into a single track), but there are several other great action moments, spread over several tracks-- for instace:


"The Sinking", "Death of Titanic"

Lost in Space

"The Time Portal", "Through the Planet", "Back to Hyperspace"

Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The Battle of Hoth

Heroic, action music was what I was mostly after when I started seriously collecting scores; I did like the quieter cues, but the "first" scores I picked usually were rather of that kind.

And there's nothing more exciting than typing something to the rhythm of a good action track, going along with the beat, hitting the cymbal & drum crashes-- what i'm currently doing, listening to The Rock's "The Chase" (3 minutes too short for inclusion in this list, but definitely on my list of favorite action tracks).

Also to short to make this list (I almost tagged it to The BAttle of Hoth) is the splendid "Asteroid Field"; "Hyperspace" is great, too, in a different way; the former has nice sweeping violins; the latter goes for a staccato rhythm.

Hey, I've just realized you weren't asking for action cues only; seeing several action cues listed at the beginning sidetracked me. Sorry. But then, truly interesting long action cues are even more remarkable.

Well, then, let me add--

The Spitfire Grill

"Care of the Spitfire Grill"

Jurassic Park

"Journey to the Island", "Welcome to Jurassic Park"

Star Trek, The Motion Picture

All those V'Jur cues; they require some knowledge of the movie and some attention or an acquired taste, but they're wonderful.


A minute short of your question's criterion, but in the same category as my previous example: "Main Title / The Goblins". Wonderful; it totally draws you, envelops you into an eerie atmosphere


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Air Force One - the Hijacking (Goldsmith)

Tomorrow Never Dies - White Knight (Arnold)

The Mask of Zorro - Plaza of Execution (Horner)

The Prince of Egypt - The Burning Bush (Zimmer)

Schindler's List - Schindler's Workforce (Williams)

JP - Journey t.t. Island (Williams)

Star Wars - the Battle of Javin (Williams)

TESB - Battle of Hoth (Williams)

Titanic - An Ocean of Memories (Horner)

Brothers Grimm - The Forest Awakens (Marianelli)

Return of the King - Shelob's Lair (as heard in the film) (Shore)

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All those V'Jur cues; they require some knowledge of the movie and some attention or an acquired taste, but they're wonderful.

In my opinion, they are what makes the score outstanding. They don't seem to be 7 mins though, so The Enterprise (at nearly 6 mins) shouldn't be missing from the list.

Two that come to my mind:

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Much Ado About Nothing: Overture (Doyle; probably not 7 mins, but it seems somewhat lengthy)

And of course The Throne Room/End Titles (Concert Version).

Marian - :pukeface:

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"Zam the Assassin and Chase Through Coruscant" (Attack of the Clones, John Williams)

"Indy's Very First Adventure" (Last Crusade, John Williams)

"Omaha Beach" (Saving Private Ryan, John Williams)

"The River Crossing to Stalingrad" (Enemy at the Gates, James Horner)

"Voyage to Avalon" (Avalon, Kenji Kawai)

"Thanks... for Everything" (Hana-Bi, Joe Hisaishi)

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So many!!!

"Enter Lord Vader/Anakin's Dark Deeds/It Can't Be" - Revenge of the Sith (John Williams) (This has had my attention start to finish a LOT lately! :pukeface: )

"Journey to the Island" - Jurassic Park (John Williams)

"T-Rex Rescue and Finale" - Jurassic Park (John Williams

"Escape/Chase/Goodbye" - E.T. (John Williams)

"Zam the Assassin and The Chase Through Coruscant" - Attack of the Clones (John Williams)

"The Battle of Hoth" - The Empire Strikes Back (John Williams)

"Mona Lisa Overdrive" - The Matrix: Reloaded (Don Davis) (Ooh! Great choice Marian!)

"Rendezvous at Griffith Park Observatory" - The Rocketeer (James Horner)

"The Zeppelin" - The Rocketeer (James Horner)

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Ooooh, I've thought two really great great ones:

John Barry's Deadfall

"Romance for Guitar and Orchestra" (14:12)

Michael Kamen's Mr Holland's Opus

"An American Symphony (Mr Holland's Opus)" (8:28)


Sleepy Hollow

"The Tree of Death"

Dark City

"You Have the Power"

From Hell

"In Memoriam", and the slightly shorter "The Compass and the Ruler" & "Pennies for the Ferryman"

The Thirteenth Warrior

"Valhalla / Viking Victory"


"Prepare for Battle / Victory For Us"

Goldsmith's The Mummy

"Rebirth" (8:33), "The Mummy", "The Sand Volcano"


"Futile Escape"

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The splendid "Battle in the Mutara Nebula"-- I love the very simple, "mischievous" beginning (for Kirk & Spock's "by the book" exaggeration)

"Genesis Countdown", "Epilogue and End Title"

Band of Brothers

"Suite One" & "Suite Two"

Young Sherlock Holmes

"The Riddle's Solved / End Credits"; part finale, part suite, but so beautiful

An equally interesting topic would be "great short cues"-- those under a minute.


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Stealing the Enterprise" from STIII.  

It's easily one of the most consistently interesting eight and a half minutes of music ever.

If you remove the Prokofiev bits, it no longer meets the requirements. ^_^


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Here's a more extensive list of mine : :)

The Mecha World (AI) (The extended version is seven+ :P)

Psychic Truth And Finale (Minority Report)

Kevin's Booby Traps (Home Alone 2)

T-Rex Rescue & Finale (Jurassic Park)

My First Bus Ride (Alan Silvestri - Mummy Returns)

Welcome To Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park, duh)

Indy's Very First Adventure (Indy Last Crusade)

The Quidditch Match (Harry Potter)

Learning The Ropes (Catch Me if u Can)

Journey to the Island (Jurassic Park)

Omaha Beach (Saving Private Ryan)

Stored Memories / Monica's Theme (AI)

High School Teacher (Saving Private Ryan)

Zam the Assasin and The Chase Through Courscant (SWEP2)

The Battle of Hoth (SWEP5)

Escape, Chase, Saying Goodbye (ET)

Matrix Reloaded Suite (Don Davis)

Mona Lisa Overdrive (Don Davis)

Anything's Possible (Film Version - Don Davis, The Matrix)


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I long resisted the temptation to answer since there a so many long developed pieces of film music that hold you attention from start to finish that the list is way too long to be included here in its interity. Here are only few and these are very much the same ones already mentioned on this thread:

The Ultimate War (the most brilliant swashbuckling score sequence ever) 20+ and

Remembering Childhood 11+ from Hook

Seven Years in Tibet 7+and Heinrich's Odyssey 8+ from 7YIT

Quidditch Match 8+ from HPPS

Born on the Fourth of July (over 6 minutes)

Indy's Very first Adventure 8+ from Last Crusade

Battle of Yavin

Battle of Hoth

Battle of Endor II from the SW films

Among the Clouds from Always

Fortress of Solitude and

The Flying Sequence fron Superman

St Crispin's Day- Agincourt from Henry V

The Final Conflict from Final Conflict

Desert Chase from raiders of the Lost Ark

Return of the King

Battle of Naboo (if you count the whole 19-20 minute sequence)

Tartarus from Sinbad

Welcome to Jurassic Park

Mecha World and Reunion from A.I.

And so many many more and there are many not written by Williams but these I remembered from the top of my head.

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Zam the Assasin and The Chase Through Courscant

I can't fathom composing a piece of music that long.  Whew...

LOL I'm actually listening to that cue right now from my compilation I made.

Speaking of 7+ cues...the End Credits suites I made for the Prequel and OT of my compilation.

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Zam the Assasin and The Chase Through Courscant

I can't fathom composing a piece of music that long.  Whew...

I've often wondered about that, even for shorter cues.

If a composer is flooded with inspiration, how does / can he manage it?

Just take notes?

But if it comes to him with full orchestration and all, usrely he can't jot it all down-- or he has to pause, and then the flow is interrupted, maybe compromised.

Do some of them remember it all? Or simply grab and hold onto what they can, and compose from there?

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