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Oh boy, this one's gonna be a biggie. It's gonna present a lot of uneasy truths and be a cause for a lot of soul-searching and no small amount of fury, 'round these parts. This is a whole different ball-game for Spielberg. I hope he takes it on all the way, you can't do something like this half-assed.

At least we know Spielberg can do this. Schindler's List. Empire of the Sun. The Color Purple. Saving Private Ryan. When doing serious, dark films, even if they often have some weird thing going on that never makes them perfect, he always goes fully into it.

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Spielberg's shooting in Panavision again? Sweet. :)

- Marc, loading the HD trailer.

He always shoots in Panavision... it's just this time the aspect ratio is 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 instead of 1.85:1.


Anamorphic films say "Filmed in Panavision". Films shot with flat lenses carry the "Cameras and Lenses by Panavision" credit. There is a difference. Sometimes mistakes are made. See Silence of the Lambs, for instance.


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