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Best Workin Music

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Idea came to me in my realization that whenever I'm writing a paper, I always listen to CMIYC, specifically The Float and Learning the Ropes.

so. . .

What're your favorite tracks to listen to while your toiling away on something


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It depends. Action music can be great to propel you, then soothing music is more appropriate, and then you might need another energy fix.

Back to work, now-- with film music.

(After listening to a selection from the TLOTR scores, I'm not sure what to play now.)

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"Rowing of the Gallery Slaves" - Ben Hur :D

"The Slave Children" - Temple of Doom :D

"Auschwitz Birkenau" - Schindler's List  :)  

Accurately describes my working world anwyay  :)


You could have topped it off nicely with ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE from "THE LIFE OF BRIAN" OST

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