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Decca will release Munich

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Any idea what this is going to sound like? Will there be any action, or will it be scored dramatically like Private Ryan?

Judging by the cover, I'd definitely say it won't sound anything like Home Alone.

I wish Williams had the opportunity to write more music that sounded like Home Alone...that's why it's such a downer that he's left the Potter series. :|

Ray Barnsbury

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Well perhaps Williams returns to the Potter films. Or Spielberg should pull some fantasy adventure film up his sleeve for Williams to score. :|

I surely miss Williams' unfettered full blown scores (even though I enjoy the more subtle dramatic scores like Memoirs). ROTS was very good but we need more adveture music from Williams.

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Spielbergfilms.com says December 20th. Im very optimistic about this one. All 3 scores have been very good this year. Im expecting the movie to be a tear jerker.

Old info, although it was right from Decca. They've since corrected (as has my site) with the official December 27th date. In a way, I'm kind of happy since I won't have the normal temptation to memorize the score before I see the film. Most everything about "Munich" should be very fresh when we see it.

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can someone tell me if this the munich soundtrack music composed and conducted by John Williams from this australian HMV CD store site?


Catalogue:   9879142  

Format:   CD  

Released:   16 Jan 2006  

Label:   DECCA  

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