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What is your favorite Television Series of all time?

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1) Gilmore Girls

2) Friends

3) The O.C. - yes, seriously

4) Desperate Housewives

5) The Office (US)

6) The Apprentice

7) Survivor - it used to be one of the best shows around . . . now it's just gotten old

And you dare critizise my Next Generation... ;)

Well let me tell you something, TNG is a beautiful lady and you're not man enough to satisfy her! :thumbup:


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1) Gilmore Girls

2) Friends

3) The O.C. - yes, seriously

4) Desperate Housewives

5) The Office (US)

6) The Apprentice

7) Survivor - it used to be one of the best shows around . . . now it's just gotten old

And you dare critizise my Next Generation... ;)

Well let me tell you something, TNG is a beautiful lady and you're not man enough to satisfy her! :thumbup:

Next what? TNG who?

Is this from Darth Spock or something?


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1. Twin Peaks (1990 - 1992)

2. The Sopranos (1999 - 2007)

3. Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005)

4. David Letterman (Doesn't count as a Series but still my favorite.)

5. Seinfeld (1989 - 1998)

6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997 - 2003)

7. Friends (1994 - 2004)

8. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001 - 2005???)

9. Spin City (The Mike J. Fox Years only)

10. Sports Night (1998 - 2000)

Current shows I love: Lost, Nip/Tuck (But after this season I might have to rethink that.) The Office, Rescue Me, Simpsons (Yes, still Funny.) Arrested Development, The O.C. and Desperate Housewives is OK but I HATE that stupid, silly, cartoonish plucky music score. They need to get rid of that.

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Roald, just check out this thread, from December 2004...

OOPS! I wasn't sure if I did this one already! Might be getting myself some additional brain-cells for Christmas! :)

Don't worry, it happens. We have more than 3 years of threads, so it's easy to have a double one.

I recently found that thread when giving out the link, when someone who never shut up pointed out that that was the thread who got me banned for six months. The ridiculous thing is that tha Jaws DVD thread was from March, and this one from January. Too bad some people talks without even know! LOL

I found that when searching for the post by me, you and Chris about wrestling. It should be on page 3. :P

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Oh, OK. Now I understand Stefan's post. I just remember that 1-year-old thread and thought it was bizarre to point out that nice error by Roald. The only difference with Thor (still sound like a kind of divinity to me) is that I didn't bumped that. :sleepy:

I don't want to imitate him. If I bump old threads is because I have something concrete to say. I bumped the "Essential Star Wars" thread, which was about to go in page 2, and I gave the link for a thread by me, from November 2004, avoiding to bumping it directly. :(

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I'll give my top 5

All in the Family

I still think that Archie Bunker is the greatest tv character of all time.


What more can be said about this that hasn't already. Pure genius.


I literally cried when this went off the air. Thank goodness Jerry and company were right behind.

Magnum P.I.

Can't believe no one else mentioned this one. Gotta love Higgins


Hopefully this will start showing up on syndication again.

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The following TV shows that I grow up with are my favorite:

The Simpsons (still watching it)


Power Rangers (every incarnation from the Fox Kids-era to the ABC Kids/ABC Family/Toon Disney/Jetix-era, of the course the Fox network's kids block is now 4Kids TV)


Batman: The Animated Series


Superman: The Animated Series


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These are basically all the shows I've watched or am watching.

The Office (UK)


The Black Adder

Faulty Towers

Red Dwarf

The Simpsons (New stuff is crap, don't watch it anymore.)

Family Guy


Star Trek (The Original Series)

Star Trek: Voyager

Show's that I've seen and enjoyed but aren't really my favorites.

Everybody Loves Raymond

The 4400

Star Trek: Enterprise (Only seen one episode of this so far. :ola: )


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1. STAR TREK (all series)

I admit, I'm a sucker for quantity, even though it would be ludicrous to think ST is only worth something considering it's sheer volume of episodes. No, ST is so much more. It's flawed in many ways, but it also has a unique way of making you love the universe in which it is set so much. It may not be as dark as BG or B5, but it's a universe in which I'd truly like to live in. And no other series does that for me.


I love this show so much. Maybe not as iconic as ST, but anyone who's watched it has to admit it's better structured and a lot more cohesive. In 9 years of SG-1, you can just feel the amount of dedication that has been put into the continuity of the storylines, the characters, it's own universe and even it's musical themes.


Joss Whedon is a genius, no matter what people say. Especially the Buffy-verse is just an amazing achievement, and I really can't say what was a better series, Buffy or Angel. The characters are just so well written, and it's a shame they never caught on with a larger public. As for Firefly, it's different in a lot of ways from Buffy or Angel, but it's still very Whedonesque.


Somehow very '90's, and thus actually a little dated when seen now, but still a fabulous show. The gritty universe created by Chris Carter is rich with complex, mysterious storylines, which ultimately became one of the show's weaknesses. Millennium was ofcourse not really an X-Files spin-off perse, but it did involve the same universe.

5. BABYLON 5/CRUSADE (+ t.v. movies)

Still a massive achievement, especially considering extreme budget-restraints and the fact that most sci-fi shows don't even get the chance to do two years, let alone the five that B5 got to do. It is a little dated here in there, especially technically (the effects could have literally come from ay of today's (or yesterday's) game consols), but storywise and structure-wise, it's a giant achievement.


I had to give Xena a chance because my wife wanted to watch a season with me, but I was amazed by how much fun this show really is..! But I wouldn't do it justice by just labeling it with a word like 'fun', 'cause it's really so much more. It's just an extremely well made show, that got better and better. As for Hercules, it's less than Xena, 'cause Herc doesn't really have that inner-conflict or dark-past that Xena has. But I just like to keep spin-offs together.


Wow. Is there really anything more to say about this recent series? Just: wow.


9. OZ


Belgian police series, none of you will know it.

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Fawlty Towers - simply put, no series has, does or will ever maintain the level of quality of EVERY episode of this classic.

Spooks (in US called MI-5) series 1 and 2. Series 3 and 4 were OK, the first two were amazing.

The Simpsons - always good for a laugh, some hilarious bits in it make it consistently excellent

Arrested Development - so much going on in each episode, no laughter track, some great acting. The best US show for a decade

But the winner:

Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. If any of you have not seen it, go and find it now. Every line is either funny, insightful, cutting, or all three.

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OK, a fav subject of mine so I can't resist some unneccesary bumping just to get my 2 pennies in.



Buffy, The Vampire Slayer



Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Battlestar Galactica (2005)

Doctor Who

Gilmore Girls




Monty Python's Flying Circus

Red Dwarf


Coupling (UK...wait does anyone even remember the awful US ripoff? Never mind.)


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