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I Madrid Film Music Festival!

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I just found this!



It will take place from June 30th to July 2nd and there will be two concerts:

Harry Gregson-Williams with Chamartin Orquestra (the ones from the concert in November)

Trevor Jones (with the RTVE orquestra, probably the best orquestra we have here)

There will be lectures including masterclasses by Christopher Young and Gabriel Yared, and Roque Baños, Lucio Godoy and Jose Nieto (three good spanish composers) will also take part. They also say they are in negotiations with other composers.

If any of the organisers read this, thank you guys!

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I think I finish my exams like three days before this, so I guess I'd be able to go. I surely will go to the concert/s, I can't imagine a better idea of celebrating the end of exams. What I don't know if you just can go to the concerts and not the lectures. Not that I think they won't be interesting, but I fear they get a bit too technical (the masterclass thing), and you know, with no idea of music, I'm afraid I would be a bit lost.

I'll try to learn beforehand what aproach they intend though.

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I'll probably be able to make it. I live in Paris, so it isn't very expensive to come over.

Just a small detail. Could someone translate the main points from spanish for me? I think I understood that not everyone has the right to attend, or am I mistaken?

email: houwat@yahoo.com

but, yeah, we could organise ourselves and meet up!! It'll be the first time I sit in the same room with more than one person who likes Williams.

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Well they just say you have to register (and pay I guess) to attend the lectures; only those registered will be able to attend. They say nothing about the concerts though. And they also say that the first 250 people registered will be able to attend a special event on the national film institute (don't imagine anything too big, the 250 probably comes from the size of the theatre) in which they will show Dark Crystal and some other short films.

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Thanks to scissorhands I have new figures.



I definetely won't be attending the lectures. 120 Euros is too much. now, about the concerts, it depends on who is going. I'm not very much on Gregson-Williams nor Trevor Jones, but it's always good to hear music live. Suggestions on which of the two (or both) is worth attending?

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