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The Best Williams Year with 4 Scores

Choose your favourite year!!!  

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  1. 1.

    • 2005
    • 2002
    • 1997
    • 1974
    • 1973
    • 1972

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At my search these are the years (without TV movies or adaptations)*


Pete 'n' Tillie

The Poseidon Adventure


The Cowboys


The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing

The Paper Chase

The Long Goodbye

Cinderella Liberty


The Towering Inferno


The Sugarland Express




Seven Years in Tibet

The Lost World



Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Minority Report

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Catch Me if You Can


Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

War of the Worlds

Memoirs of a Geisha


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Neat topic. I didn't realise Johnny was going to have four scores this year, but that's really awesome. Age shall not weary him indeed! :| Given that I'm not especially familiar with 2/3rds of his output for this year, I've cast my vote for 2002, which was a real doozy (even if some of the action cues did sound rather similar... ).


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Just off the top of my head,

2002 =

The Float, Across The Stars, Anderton's Great Escape, Fawkes's Theme, The Chamber of Secrets, The Spiders, The Spyders, Catch Me If You Can, The Flying Car, The Chase Through Coruscant =

Some of Williams's best. :|

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1997 is the winner for now, but I still haven't heard any note from Munich. I believe 1997 was also the busiest year in Williams carrier.

2002's has perhaps the "weakest" score out of all listed. I haven't listened to CMIYC for months now and there's really nothing special about it to draw me for repeat listen. Yet I'm often coming back to MR. Chamber of Secrets is another one I don't listen to much either. The 1st and 3rd HP scores are much better in my opinion.

2005's roses to be his mightiest in years. I love WotW and Geisha, both utterly different and so rewarding, and I think the Sith is the best of the prequel scores, so even if Munich would be a bad score, which it seems it isn't, I really may change my mind in a few months and 2005 will stand out above all else as being the best.

1974 brought The Towering Inferno, my ultimate favorite of his seventies works, but I am not any familiar with Conrack neither Sugarland Express, so I can't pick this as my favorite year. I I don't like the score to Earthquake that much either.

1972 – should be the best year of the 70's. Images is timeless and Williams is frequently returning to techniques used in this score, The Poseidon Advanture is great too. Of the Cowboys I have only heard the overture. So I can't cast my vote upon 1972's since I know half as much as I should.

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Geez, 3 consecutive years with 4 scores!

I'm not an expert of the older scores, so I personally exclude the '70s.

I can't vote, and I'm sorry. Why?

Because from 1997, I love The Lost World, I like Sevene Years in Tibet, but I don't know the other two enough to judge properly.

Same as 2002, I love Minority Report, but it's the only CD I have of those 4.

2005 has been amazing. Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds are outstandings, and I'm sure the other two are interesting as well. Geisha is growing on me. How does Munich sounds like? Is there a similar Williams' score to compare with?

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Catch Me with You Can



He clearly meant to type, "Catch Me In The Can".


At this point I probably prefer 2005 but I may be under the influence of it's newness. Or it could be the fact that I've only heard all the scores from 1997 onward.

Justin - Who didn't vote.

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Now I Can See 8O

The Evolution of a Can: Catch With You Can... Catch Me With You Can... Catch Me in the Can... and finally CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!! (that Spielberg film with score by John Williams) :D

A last 2005 joke... :sigh:

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1997 or 2002 I suppose.  None of these years is consistently great, IMO.

Ray Barnsbury

No, but I think 1997 comes closest. No 5 star scores, but all are good, all totally different, all are successful, and make for good albums.

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Well, truthfully, I'm sure a lot of people missed the boat on Pete 'n' Tillie, but the same thing happened on the "Best 2005 Score" thread. Many people only heard RotS and WotW, which is a shame. But, I know that some of these scores are harder to come by in some countries, so you can only do with what you have access to, I suppose.


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I must admit that, at the time, 2002 was pretty darn exciting. I was far less cynical about film music (and the world in general) than I am today, so I really enjoyed all the scores at the times of their release. I was blown away by the Love Theme from AotC, I really liked portions of Minority Report, CMiYC was pretty great all around, and discovering the new themes and music of CoS was one of the best times I've had as a Williams fan. Of course, in retrospect, AotC and MR aren't all that good, CMiYC is good but repetitive, and CoS, aside from the great new themes, has some very lacking underscore and rmoments of rehash. But still, at the time... :devil:

Ray Barnsbury

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Ray, aren't we slowly losing another admirer here? Williams or any other composer can surely stumble from time to time, but it seems like you haven't been really impressed with much of Williams' output in recent years, which I think isn't all that just Williams not doing his best anymore. In the run of years since 1997 he has composed some truly great stuff, the best he could do and if you still find yourself somewhat unfulfilled, Williams music might not be awing you any more. What happened to that good Ray of the years gone?

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Well I don't try to be negative all the time or anything. And I really think Munich is terrific. But this year, I haven't been really swept away by any of Williams' scores. I don't fault Williams for this, it's just my own personal tastes. But with that said, I love PoA and really like The Terminal from 2004, so just one year where I don't gush over Williams' output isn't too big of a deal, I think. :)

Ray Barnsbury

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1997 for me

Amistad (Great themes)

Seven Years in Tibet (I love this score!)

The Lost World (Even though I am not crazy about it The Hunt is a great track)

Rosewood (This one didn't do it for me but hey, it happens)

I wanted to vote 2002 too but I like the overall body of music from the above CDs more even though I agree with Many it was a great year.

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