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new Harry potter 1-3 recording?

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Could someone make a comment on this album please?


what orchestra did this?

Is it only available on itunes?

Is this the first official recording of Nimbus 2000?

Is the Prisoner of askaban trak published in the Halleonard signature edition? (because the other are)

Thanks for comments

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If it's SilvaScreen and Prague, then it'll be pretty much the OPPOSITE of crappy. Then again, I'm a big fan of their releases.

Still, this is just a comp of music largely available elsewhere, but if this IS the first official release of Nimbus 2000, then it's probably worth at least getting that track off of iTunes.

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Listening to the sample on iTunes in the UK:

Harry's Wondrous World: a little dead for me, prefer the HP:PS recording

Nimbus 2000: exciting that it is finally being recorded, but as chs058 said it is a little slow and ponderous

Fawkes the Phoenix: lacks magic, woodwind is not as good as original on COS OST

Dobby the House Elf: quite nice performance, if again a little slow

The Chamber of Secrets: a more mysterious, less menacing take on the piece. Interesting, although I still prefer the OST version

Gilderoy Lockhart: No Ticket has never sounded so good...

Mischief Managed/Window to the Past/Buckbeak's Flight: could only hear a bit, but sounded quite nice and "fun"

Hedwig's Theme: again, more emphasis on mystery than magic. Not as good as on OST

Overall, advice would be to get Nimbus 2000 only. 6/10 (at least they used an orchestra)

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I've seen that too...I'm pretty sure they're electronic/synthesized renditions.

I listened to those clips at the UK iTunes store, and they're kind of interesting. Besides there being a glaring lack of bass in "Fawkes the Phoenix," the performances sound good, and it'd be especially nice to finally have "Nimbus 2000" and an alternative performance of the PoA selections.

Ray Barnsbury

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Performed by Mask definitifely is synth crap keep your finger from that. Might be that i have one ore two CD's from them and after the listening of the first 10 seconds removed them from my mind.

Right now I'm interested in knowing if the recently released albums by a "Global Stage Orchestra" is synth crap too or real music.

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This is definitely on my list now. I love hearing new performances of already established themes and pieces, and the releases of "Nimbus 2000" and the PoA suite are exciting. There seem to be a few too many GoF pieces, but I'm looking forward to hearing some of them, like "Hogwarts' Hymn" and the waltzes.

Ray Barnsbury

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