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Film Recommendations: Brian De Palma

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I generally rent films based on Director. I work my way through a director's best works and move on to another director. Like with Fincher and Soderbergh. Now it's De Palma's turn.

Films I have seen by De Palma:

Mission to Mars

Mission: Impossible

Carlito's Way

The Untouchables

and I will be renting Scarface shortly.

So what am I missing from the Brian De Palma filmography? I'm eyeing Femme Fatale, but is it worth it? What else do I need to see?


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Femme Fatale is brilliant, once of his best in my opinion. Snake Eyes is very good as well, with an amazing introduction sequence that lasts some 15-20 minutes before the first cut (kinda like Mission to Mars, only better, and without that odd brief scene spliced into the long sequence).

Dressed to Kill and Blow Out are very good and of course also have very impressive sequences. DtK's script is somewhat over the top, but I find the BO plot, and particularly the basic idea, very intriguing.

Now The Fury... generally considered a bad movie with a bad script. I find the script ok, hardly as bad as other typical B horror movies. And of course, The Fury also has a wonderful Kirk Douglas, brilliant visuals (you don't know De Palma until you've seen Gillian's Escape), and of course an utterly amazing score.

Marian - who wants De Palma to do a Western.

:P Deep Blue (George Fenton)

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