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Nanny McPhee


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Well, I got it from iTunes, but am not that impressed with it. I was looking forward to it, especially after Harry Potter but found it quite lacking. Its ok, dont get me wrong, but to me, it just sounds generic. Most of Doyles others are better in my opinion.

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Oh for crying out loud. Will you all get over Doyle doing GoF. We appreciate your opinion, but there's no need to bring it up without having anything to do with the thread.

That said, I haven't heard or seen Nanny McPhee. Is it any good?

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Is it any good?

I think you already gave yourself a good reason why this thread won't supply an unbiased answer to your question. :). My advice, seek edification on this score elsewhere, a place that is a bit more opened minded. Any good Doyle MBs? :wave:

And I agree with you that the GoF bashing has worn out its welcome.


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