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'Munich Cue List' Rough cut

Luke Skywalker

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Well, since there is so little music in the movie i wanted to check if everything os on CD:

here is all the music in the movie:

1- Munich, 1972

2- Hativah

3- Remembering Munich 1 (The Attack at Olympic Village)

4- Italian Job (0:00-1:30 From Encounter in London?)

5- The Hotel with the just married couple (Letter-bombs?)

6- Loiue's Ship

7- Greece (Bomb Malfunctions + something more)

8- Encounter in London (without Bomb Malfunctions)

9- Remembering Munich 2 (Tarmac at munich or Attack at olympic Village?)

10- Carl's Corpse (Stalking Carl 2:17-end)

11- Killing Stefan and Roald's (and many more) compatriote ;)

12- Discovering Hans

13- Raid in Tarifa

14- Paranioa (Part of hiding the Family?)

15- Remembering Munich 3 and making dirty things ;) (Remembering Munich)

16- End Credits

there are many tracks unused (and Williams was struggling...he just made them for fun and to please us in the CD... :roll: ) I think some cues in the movie i havent related to a CD track may be in the CD but im not very good at discerning alternates or tracking, and i dont know the score well yet...

I hope this is useful for someone, so if anyone could make a finished cut of this....

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Here's a slightly more definitive list.

Munich, 1972


The Attack at Olympic Village (flashback while Avner is on plane to Switzerland)

Bonding (having dinner)

In Rome: Unreleased electronic pulses with orchestral accompaniment that begins when the victim gets up from his talk on "Arabian Nights," with strings only from final 25 seconds of "The Raid in Tarifa" thrown in when the guy is in the market

Letter Bombs (0:00-about the 1:00 mark), when the team sees the news of letter bombs on TV before going to France

In Greece: Electronic pulses (part of "Encounter in London") then 1:40-end of "Letter Bombs" as Avner escapes the hotel ruins

In Frankfurt (or Geneva, I can't remember which city this is in): "Bomb Malfunctions" (1:22-end, with a little bit edited out)

London: "Encounter in London" (0:00-1:21)

"The Tarmac at Munich" (Avner lies on the bed and has a dream)

"Stalking Carl" (2:18-end)

In between jobs: "Bearing the Burden" (it's cut up, but I think all of it is there)

"Discovering Hans"

"The Raid in Tarifa" (I think all of it)

In New York:

Electronic pulses as Avner walks down the street with his daughter. This did not seem to have the orchestral colors in "Hiding the Family"

"Remembering Munich"

End Credits:

"End Credits" (0:22-1:36?)

"Avner and Daphna" (About 1:05-end)

"A Prayer for Peace"

That means tracks 10, 16 and 17 are the only ones that are never heard in the film, though I could be wrong about 17. It actually might be used while tracking the Palestinian in Rome. And of course, parts of some tracks were not in the finished film.

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I didnt knew about the end credits, i could watch them wholy.

Its fun that there is 20 minutes left blank on CD and we several have unused cues, and still we dont have the friggin' complete score! :P.

But really We are missing mostly electronic pulses, and that are enoguh as they are on the CD, we are not missing important cues :|

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Hi found the other day at eMule an expanded Munich score, some of which ripped from DVD with some sfx. It clocks around 75 minutes, and has 33 tracks, but come without any sort of track list.

Does anyone listened to it already, and has any idea of a track list?

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So I allready went for the first hour of the film, and all I found is that the boot is a bit on the sloppy side -- wrong edits, and all. I will nontheless work out a track list for it, and will post it when I'm done.

As anyone else listened to this one so far? If anyone wants I can get the link for it :lol:

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I finally watched Munich yesterday and it was pretty good. John Williams cues in his score was cut and edited into the finished editing screenplay compared to amount of music we heard on the original soundtrack album. From what I can remember seeing in the film....the Munich, 1972 cue was cut into two parts one for the Main Title and the scene where you see those group of people jump over the fence and enter the building and killed two people. I don't know about you people but was there any unreleased cues in the film besides a few source music?

Munich (Complete Score Cue List) **Subject to Change**

1M1 - Munich, 1972 (part 1)

1M2 - Munich, 1972 (part 2)

I need to watch the film several times to get an accurate cue List.

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Alright. I just went through the Main Title and the first scene which goes approximately 3:35

1) Munich, 1972

0:00:08 - 0:01:04 = As the main titles appear on screen, Lisbeth Scott's mournful vocals begin with the Munich Theme. It is hard to make out exactly what she is singing, but it sounds like Hebrew.

0:01:04 - 0:02:30 = Looped electronic pulses for the climbing over the fence scene. (The film Version has unreleased extended looped electronic pulses)

0:02:30 - 0:03:35 = Dark piano slowly build with Eustache's ethnic flute slowly wailing. A dissonant swell of strings brings in fast piano, and the cue ends in a crescendo.

Total Screenplay Time = 3:35

OST Album Time: 2:27

2) Hatikvah (The Hope)

0:09:06 - 0:10:32 = A scene of the funeral of the dead Israeli athletes occurs on screen - with their names being read - is intercut with a secret meeting which names those that the Israeli government believes responsible.

Total Screenplay Time = 1:26

OST Album Time = 2:02

3) The Attack at Olympic Village.

0:22:14 - 0:25:56 = (flashback while Avner is on plane to Switzerland)

Total Screenplay Time = 3:42

OST Album Time = 3:00


EDIT: I'm doing one cue at the time so at the moment it is an incomplete cue list.

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I finaly went through this one, and here's the track listing I've came up with. If anyone has the expanded rip, please double check the tracks. A few remain unnamed -- I'll try to look at those later today.

1. Munich, 1972

2. “They are all gone!”

3. Making the List (Hatikvah)

4. Remembering Munich: The Attack on the Olympic Village

5. Bonding

6. Following Zwaiter

7. Letter Bombs

8. Hotel Ruins

9. Dreaming of a Kitchen

10. “Put it down!”

11. The Athens Job

12. The Shooting

13. Encounter in London

14. Remembering Munich: The Escape

15. Stalking Carl

16. In Cold Blood (Avenging Carl)

17. Finding Hans

18. Bearing the Burden?

19. Bearing the Burden?

20. Raid in Tarifa (album)

21. Hiding the Family (complete album track)

22. Remembering Munich (love sequence)

23. Finale and End Credits (album)

24. Thoughts of Home (album)

25. A Prayer for Peace (album)

26. Hatikvah

27. Raid in Tarifa (film version)?

28. ?

29. ?

30. ?

31. ?

32. Avner’s Theme (album)

33. Avner and Daphna (album)

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