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The Oscar for Best Picture 2005 goes to...

And the Oscar goes to...  

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    • CAPOTE
    • CRASH
    • MUNICH

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Vote here before the winner is announced Sunday night.

Had a dream last night that Matt Dillon shocked everyone by winning for Best Supporting Actor, Ang Lee didn't win Best Director but Brokeback Mountain won for Best Picture. When I tried to find out who won for Best Original Score, I was just laughed at by audience members. Then I woke up. Curse dreams!!!!

Hitch, who has seen 4 out of the 5 Best Picture nominees and owns CRASH already on DVD. The dark horse of the 5.

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It is officially impossible for Crash to win. Any dislike for Brokeback Mountain (whether purely because it's won everything else, or some other reason) has been drummed up by the media.

The majority of people love Brokeback Mountain over those other four nominees: it's a great film that deserves to be studied in English classes.

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how is it officially impossible?

Lol it's not impossible of course, but the chances are incredibly low (various odds sites are influenced by Oscar predictions sites who are trying to make the Best Picture race interesting by predicting a Crash upset):

+BAFTA Winner

*CAS nominee

+Ace Eddie winner /Nom

*ASC Nom

+/*Scripter win/nominee

+Winner/*DGA nominee

+Screen Actors Guild Winner/*nominee

+ WGA winner/*Nominee


+LAFCA winner

+SEFCA winner

*SEFCA Top Ten

+NYFCC Winner

+Critics Choice Winner

+NBR Winner/*nominee

+Globe winner/ *Globe nominee

Best Picture:

*****+++++++++ Brokeback Mountain (won everything else)

*****+++ Crash (won Writers Guild - original; SAG ensemble; and Ace eddie)

********+ Good Night, and Good Luck. (won NBR)

******+ Capote (won Scripter award)

*** Munich

I think the only other win this season was the Golden Globe for Musical/Comedy which went to Walk the Line which would have been a few votes behind Munich for the Oscars.

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True, Shakespeare in Love and Crash won the same number of precursor best-film awards (5 each).

And Saving Private Ryan and Brokeback Mountain won the same number (15 each).

But Brokeback Mountain perhaps has more pertitent precedent for success: the most Oscar nominations, more acting nominations (shows actors' branch support: Shakespeare in Love won with the most acting nominations and it was a real actors' movie - see Paltrow and Dench), a Globe nomination and win (Crash had neither), Directors' Guild and Producers' Guild wins (over Crash), and the prestige of a Venice Golden Lion win.

SAG ensemble wins went to Crash and Shakespeare in Love for having the most actors.

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I personally prefer Capote. Brokeback Mountain made me cry (most tragic deaths make me cry) but I thought the former has a better central performance and moves the viewer (in my case anyway) in all sorts of different ways from start to end.

I think more "symbology" and other typical English-class stuff would be found in Brokeback Mountain, particularly the clever use of closets, shirts and the window beside the postcard at the end of the film.

But Capote would be a real actor's and filmmaker's study. So good and so chilling for firsttime director Bennett Miller.

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just a reminder, Shakaspear in Love beat SPR.

That was one of the most ridiculous moments in Oscar history.

Even Harrison Ford couldn't believe it when he read the winner. He almost looked like he rolled in eyes in mild disgust.

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