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Towering Inferno boot

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There is a 2-cd bootleg of the Towering Inferno, and cd 2 contains several suites of some of JW's harder to find scores. These suites are very long in duration each, and are fantastic, specially Jane Eyre and Black Sunday. My question is, where are these recordings from?

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You never been to Milton Keynes?

The Jane Eyre and Towering Inferno ones I referred to are both suites with three parts each.

The Rare Breed suite might be from the "Close Encounters : The Essential John Williams Film Music Collection". The track times are really close.

I think the Black Sunday suite is from the "Giants of Cinema: The Best of John Williams" compilation which was released in '93.


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Ah, Milton Keynes! This is a huge new town in the English midlands. I remember their TV promotions in the 1980's: "If only all towns could be like Milton Keynes." Oh yeah. Who needs Venice?

Is it POSSIBLE to get any more off the original subject?

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You mean the painted cows? Yes,it's true,there was a whole bunch of painted cow statues in the streets of Zurich.I have pictures.


Yes, indeed, thats true. I lived then in Zurich and there where about 150 painted cows, of course not real cows :thumbup:

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I wanted to ask too where are the Towering inferno and Jane Eyre suites are coming from?

I can't seem to find at soundtrackcollector.com database suites with the same length from compilation albums.


Do you @Bespin or @Miguel Andrade know?


actually the Jane Eyre must be coming from different sources.

eg. the second piece should be the one that is in these 2 last compilations:



edit: oh, 3rd, 4th and 5th piece are these:


from the Pops Britannia album.


and 1st piece is from this:


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@Romão, the JANE EYRE suite, is from the JANE EYRE boot.

@nightscape94 is right; the BLACK SUNDAY suite is from the 1993 GIANTS OF CINEMA, release.

I want to hear the OVERTURE, because when I saw the film at the cinema (five times, and in premiere engagements) there was no overture, no intermission music, and no exit music. Mind you, when the intermission happened, the entire cinema would groan. What an inspired place to have an intermission!

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37 minutes ago, Richard said:

What about this OVERTURE, then, Pieter?

I haven't a clue.

I've tried to look up very nearly all unique concert suites and this is the first I hear of its existence.

I assumed it might just have been those three concert tracks in one...

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