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  1. Hey everybody! I have news. The Indiana Jones sheets are underway, as well as The Peterson House and Finale. When I have them finished, I'll post them It might be for some time, though - only until I find a site that will keep my links up for download permanently. SendSpace unfortunately doesn't do that Also, I've been having some trouble lately accessing this site - right now, I was able to use a free, legal, and public proxy server at the moment. Otherwise, I can't access this site on any of my browsers or my Android phone. I've flushed my DNS cache. This site isn't blocked or restricted
  2. I saw it twice; once in IMAX 3D and the other time in standard 3D. Both conversions looked excellent!
  3. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, but I really hope this gets published because I want to play it in the future!! Does anyone know if this concert will be streaming on the Internet at all??
  4. Welcome Back !!!! You come back and i leave for a while : (well, i'll be still around but no music or very few). Big right hand and left Arm issue with a big % that i must go in chirurgy. so i delayed the release of my piano improvisation transcriptiob of Out Of Africa - i had a farm in africa, and my tribute to christopher reeve (can you read my mind + somewhere in time). the sheet are already done, but. i'll release them later. i'm forced to use most of the time now a vocal recognization software to write instead of me (lol... i didn't tried it yet with sibelius, but i'm sure it will be a n
  5. HI EVERYBODY; I HAVE RETURNED!!!! And I would like to say how terribly sorry I am to have been gone for so long. This was not on purpose or anything; there are actually a couple of reasons for my absence, mostly for reasons out of my hands - I'm actually a soon-to-be college student, so with graduating from high school and finishing up my last year there, I've been way too incredibly busy. I haven't had a chance to sit down and transcribe stuff for a very long time.Because I've been busy with that, I had forgotten my login information for this forum. Thank God for miracles, because today I fou
  6. Thanks, everybody!! I'll do what I can! And speaking of which, I've got a little treat for you: With Malice Toward None - Piano Solo went up on YouTube, so I was finally able to listen to it in full like everyone else. It was beautiful. So here's the sheet so you can play along! Enjoy! WITH MALICE TOWARD NONE (PIANO SOLO) by John Williams
  7. hi ! very happy to see you !! well, me i released a new piano tribute, on hook : i did one on E.T too, still working on the video editing. ... anyway, i have a request as you ask ( ), i want to do a piano tribute to darth vader / the emperor and an another one to leia/luke/han, but i'm missing lead sheets. for it so i can do my arrangement (a lead sheet where i will improvise on it the whole tune). - the death of the emperor, - the death of vader (i have a very simple one found on a well known sharing website not sure if i can use it) , - the "emperor arrives" is incomplete on the songbook i
  8. Hey everyone!! So truth be told, this is the first time in two months I've gotten on the forum... I'm sorry; I've been incredibly busy with life at the moment. And I have so many things I'm planning for the future at the same time. So unfortunately, I haven't gotten much done in the way of transcriptions. All of these ideas I've shared of wanting to do, I'm not able to do them. So I'm starting from scratch, basically. No, I won't be getting rid of the sheets or forum, but I'm going to start over with ideas. I'll take requests for anything John Williams-related that hasn't been released as of y
  9. What would you think if at John Williams' next concert in December, he did a performace of Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait with Daniel Day-Lewis as narrator??
  10. Honestly, I'm not sure about this one. Williams' score is promising, and the movie looks pretty good - I especially thought Daniel Day-Lewis was striking - but I think I'm just going to wait until November and see the movie before I say anything else about it.
  11. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let all of you know that things are going back in swing for my life, so I'll be pretty busy for some time. My intent for the next few months, however, is to prepare a book of sheet music that I've personally made. Not an "official" release, per se, but a modest collection of sheet music I'll be making over the next few months. I'm going to be taking a break from making any John Williams piano sheet music because of this, instead focusing on bringing to paper another album I discovered. Henry Jackman's score for "Winnie the Pooh" - which he did about a year ago -
  12. I'm not sure exactly how the sharing sheet community thing would work; as long as something bad doesn't happen forcing me to take down these sheets, I guess? Or as long as I get credit for making the sheets? Otherwise, I think that's okay, then. Okay! I meant to start another forum to try and be a bit more organized, but that does make sense! That sheet does actually exist, believe it or not! The "John Williams: Greatest Hits 1969-1999" album has an officially released piano book to accompany the CD, with the Rosewood piece included. You can buy it here! No problem at all! Did you like the
  13. The new forum has been created!! Go here to check it out! Some of the sheets have been updated and tweaked for an easier playing experience, while others I've made in the past that I haven't shared as of yet are finally here!! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much everyone!
  14. Hello everyone! This is a forum I've dedicated to piano transcriptions I've created myself which were either unreleased at the time, or unreleased as of now. There are some exceptions that I've made, but hopefully the sheets are a little more complete than to what was previously released. This is as of now a product of the six or so months I have spent in creating this (and playing them!), so I hope you will have the same enjoyment as I did Here is everything I've written for your pleasure: WAR HORSE (includes Dartmoor, 1912, Seeding, and Horse vs. Car, The Reunion, Remembering Emilie, and Fi
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