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  1. Haha!! I'm sure this wasn't what you were going for, but for whatever reason, it immediately made me think of "Get Me to the Church on Time" from My Fair Lady!! LOL
  2. I'd say upper midwest, like parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Two examples, the secretary from Ferris Bueller's Day Off... ... and Frances McDormand and many others from Fargo:
  3. Sure, but having the font to replace the whole "TEMPLE OF DOOM" portion might have resulted in a cleaner result.
  4. Looks to be this font: https://www.ffonts.net/Cambridge-Medium.font
  5. Great work, @WampaRat!! One issue: "TEMPLE" is misspelled.
  6. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE: Walt Disney Loki (Natalie Holt) [45 cues, 1:46:45] [NOTE: Three cues are missing, compared to the official release of Vol. 2 (cues 12, 16, and 21).] Moon Knight (Hesham Nazih) [33 cues, 1:31:21]
  7. Fantastic episode, @TownerFan!! Wonderful conversation and selection of musical excerpts.
  8. I do not. I'm actually not aware of any promo release for the score. Looking back on my 2018 FYC thread, Warner Bros. didn't post any audio files for the film, nor for any of the films that year.
  9. John Williams and the Boston Pops: A 90th Birthday Retrospective Tanglewood Online Exhibit https://www.bso.org/exhibits/john-williams-and-the-boston-pops Some great pics and info!!!
  10. NEW SCORES/SONGS AVAILABLE: Apple Original Films After Party, The (Daniel Pemberton) [31 cues, 1:06:15] [NOTE: Two additional cues/songs by other composers lead to dead links.] After Party, The [Song - "Two Shots" (Ben Schwartz, Sam Richardson and Jamie Demetriou), 02:39] Roar (Isobel Waller-Bridge) [11 cues, 15:17] Slow Horses [Song - "Strange Game" (Mick Jagger), 03:33]
  11. Also available via Vimeo... https://player.vimeo.com/video/724664220?h=61c150aa31&autopause=0&app_id=122963
  12. Yes, thanks for the correction, @MrScratch! They were incredible!!
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