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  1. An autumnal line-up... Dolores Claiborne (Elfman) (expanded Varese) The Frighteners (Elfman) The Trouble With Harry (Herrmann) [Varese re-recording]
  2. Interesting! Yes, I have the Edel German release (pictured below). But if this is the same recording that @Thor linked to above via Silva, then either the attribution of the "L.A. Symphonic Orchestra" on the Giants of Cinema CD is false, or Silva's CoP credit is false!! Weird, I never really looked into it! Credit for images: http://johnwilliams.free.fr/pistes.php?lang=us&album=giantscine
  3. NEW SONGS & SCORE FEATURETTE AVAILABLE: Netflix I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Jay Wadley) [score featurette, 4:16] Miss Americana [Song - "Only the Young" (Taylor Swift & Joel Little), 2:38] Trial of the Chicago 7, The [Song - "Hear My Voice" (Celeste), 3:08]
  4. Understood. I wasn’t entirely sure what the studios were going to do this year, but noticed that Amazon has put up their FYC site and decided to start up the thread.
  5. A24 Films LINK 1 or 2 Aegean Entertainment https://awards.aegeanentertainment.com/ Amazon Studios LINK 1 or 2 All In: The Fight for Democracy (Gil Talmi) herself (Natalie Holt) I'm Your Woman (?) One Night in Miami... (Terence Blanchard) Radioactive (Evgueni Galperine & Sacha Galperine Sound of Metal (Nicolas Becker & Abraham Marder) Time (Jamieson Shaw & Edwin Montgomery) Annapurna Pictures 1, 2, or 3 Bleecker Street LINK 1, 2 , 3 or 4 CBS Films 1 or 2 DreamWorks LINK 1 or 2 DreamWorks Animation LINK 1 or 2 Focus Features LINK 1 or 2 GKIDS https://gkids.com/awards/ Lionsgate http://www.lionsgateawards.com/ Magnolia Pictures http://www.magpictures.com/awards/ Neon http://neonguilds.com/ Netflix LINK 1, 2, or 3 Athlete A (Jeff Beal) Becoming (Kamasi Washington) Boys in the Band, The (?) Crip Camp (Bear McCreary) Da 5 Bloods (Terence Blanchard) Devil All the Time, The (Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans) Dick Johnson is Dead (SYZYGYS) Disclosure (Franceso Le Metre) Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Atli) Father Soldier Son (Nathan Halpern) Forty-Year-Old Version, The (?) Half of It, The (Anton Sanko) Hillbilly Elegy (Hans Zimmer & David Fleming) His House (Roque Baños) I'm No Longer Here (?) I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Jay Wadley) I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Jay Wadley) [score featurette, 4:16] Lost Girls (Anne Nikitin) Miss Americana (Alex Somers) Miss Americana [Song - "Only the Young" (Taylor Swift & Joel Little), 2:38] Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (Jeff Morrow) My Octopus Teacher (Kevin Smuts) Old Guard, The (Volker Bertelmann & Dustin O'Halloran) Over the Moon (Steven Price) Rebecca (Clint Mansell) Rising Phoenix (Daniel Pemberton) Shaun the Sheep Movie, A: Farmageddon (Tom Howe) Social Dilemma, The (Mark Crawford) Trial of the Chicago 7, The (Daniel Pemberton) Trial of the Chicago 7, The [Song - "Hear My Voice" (Celeste), 3:08] Willoughbys, The (Mark Mothersbaugh) Open Road Films http://openroadfilms.com/AWARDS/ The Orchard https://awards.theorchard.com/ Paramount Pictures LINK 1 , 2, or 3 Roadside Attractions http://roadsideawards.com/home Searchlight Pictures LINK 1 or 2 Sony Pictures LINK 1 or 2 Sony Pictures Classics http://www.sonyclassics.com/awards- information/ STX Entertainment LINK 1 or 2 United Artists Releasing 1, 2, & HFPA Universal Pictures LINK 1 or 2 Walt Disney LINK 1 or 2 Warner Brothers AMPAS, HFPA, & BAFTA MISCELLANEOUS NOTES: ARCHIVES OF PAST YEARS' THREADS: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, & 2011 Links to film sites above provided only for those featuring score/music excerpts. Direct links to audio files provided in the Spoilers below the film titles. Please post other studios and film sites featuring music below and I will add them to this master list. Sources for the sites listed above (in part): http://www.richiesolomon.com/screenings/#films Historical: http://www.awardscircuit.com/oscar-predictions/103406-2/fyc-awards-season-tracker-2016-2017/
  6. I edited my post above re: my reconstruction of the end credits music by adding in the timings for the individual selections.
  7. FWIW, some time ago, I "reconstructed" the end credits as heard in the film from a combination of the following (unfortunately, I didn't keep detailed notes of timings): [0:00-0:56] "Always Theme" (Spielberg/Williams Collaboration CD, track 2) (0:00-0:56) [0:56-3:29] "Among the Clouds" (OST, track 7) (5:19-7:52) [3:29-3:49] DVD rip [3:49-5:02] "Dorinda Solo Flight" (OST, track 18) (2:03-end) EDIT: I figured out the timings for the selections above after revisiting my reconstruction.
  8. The film and score are sentimental favorites of mine, given the time of my life when the film was released and with whom I first saw it. Yes, it's not Williams in his fantasy/adventure mode but that resonates with me and makes for an enjoyable diversion from his more familiar scores. As a silly aside, my Always CD survived a three-story fall in an exterior stairwell at a woman's dorm at the University of Florida back in 1991. The jewel case, however, did not.
  9. The John Adams' Americana cues are the highlights of the Amistad score, IMO. No such thing as too much. Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but his "presidential americana" music is fantastic. If there's anything I wish Williams would undertake it's a suite of his trumpet-driven Presidential Americana themes with new specially-composed transitions, a la: "The Long Road to Justice" (Amistad) [for John Adams] "Growing Up in Whittier" (Nixon) "Prologue" (JFK) "The Peterson House and Finale" (Lincoln) [latter half of the track] EDIT: After posting this, I seem to recall there being some sort of arrangement of some of his Presidential themes (possibly by someone else), but a quick search isn't turning up anything.
  10. I have contemplated reviving my old "John Williams Screen Credits Site", as clunky as it was, but haven't found the time. I still have all of my captures, most of which are not HD given that I was relying mostly on DVDs back then and not BDs or HD streams. @QuartalHarmony, this topic came up back in May of this year, and I posted an archive.org link to the remnants of the site there. See this post: LINK.
  11. Opening bells/gongs starting at 0:09 have a Rey's Theme vibe to them. Not note-for-note, but certainly a resemblance to my ears anyway.
  12. The sampling rate of a digital audio recording is the same for both channels of a stereo track. It’s not split in two for each track. For example, the left and right channels of a CD are each sampled at 44.1 kHz, providing each channel with a frequency range of 22.05 kHz (half the stapling rate per the Nyquist-Shannon theorem).
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