John Williams’ Concerts in Boston, May 12 & 13



May 12 & 13, 2015, Boston, MA
The Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart and JOHN WILLIAMS


Keith Lockhart Conducting:

  • Prelude to Ben-Hur
  • Love Theme from Out of Africa
  • Main Title, Fountain Theme, and Chez Maxim Waltz from Gigi
  • Opening Sequence from Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Harry’s Wondrous World from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • The Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark

John Wiliams Conducting:

  • Star Wars Main Title from Star Wars
  • Rey’s Theme from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • March of the Resistance from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Princess Leia’s Theme from Star Wars
  • The Asteroid Field from The Empire Strikes Back
  • Luke and Leia from Return of the Jedi
  • Scherzo for X-Wings from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • The Jedi Steps and Finale from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (with accompanying film montage)
  • Yoda’s Theme from The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back
  • Flying Theme from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

New Release: ‘Across the Stars: The Music of John Williams For Solo Piano’


Los Angeles-based composer Dan Redfeld announces the recent release of Across the Stars: The Music of John Williams For Solo Piano from BSX Records.

“The music can translate to pretty much anything and it will still communicate an incredibly emotional, powerful idea,” said Redfeld of John Williams’ work. “We hope the public hears that John isn’t just a one-note, blockbuster composer. His skills are much more multi-faceted and he has a created a body of work which is complex but always memorable and melodic. He’s definitely the greatest American composer since Bernstein or Copland and in a class all by himself.”

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Spielberg to Present John Williams with AFI Life Achievement Award


This year, Steven Spielberg will present the 44th AFI Life Achievement Award to his longtime collaborator, composer John Williams. This is the first time in the history of the American Film Institute that the award will go to a composer.

Williams’ career will be celebrated at a private Gala Tribute on June 9, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The televised special, AFI LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: A TRIBUTE TO JOHN WILLIAMS, will air on TNT on June 15 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/ PT), followed by an encore presentation on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on September 12 during a night of programming dedicated to John Williams.

Spielberg Talks ‘The BFG’ Music

In an interview published in the Official Disney Fan Club magazine, director Steven Spielberg shared details on making The BFG, including working with John Williams on the film’s score:

In terms of the movie’s music, it’s no surprise that Spielberg would turn to his longtime collaborator John Williams, a five-time Oscar winner who has scored most of Spielberg’s films since 1974. “I will tell John my story by showing him my cut and he goes away and eight weeks later, he tells a story musically,” Spielberg explains. “He has done this brilliantly with ‘The BFG.’ Every moment is accompanied by a little bit of a musical reminder that there is another layer of story being told.”

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John Williams to Score Kobe Bryant’s Animated Short Film

Kobe-JWRetired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant will turn his love poem to hoops, “Dear Basketball,” into a short animated film and a related series of projects to be distributed exclusively on Sports Illustrated digital properties. The short will be narrated by Bryant and directed by Glen Keane, the animator who has worked on such classic films as “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled.” John Williams, the five-time Oscar-winning composer whose credits include “Star Wars,” “Jaws,” the “Indiana Jones” series, “E.T.,” “Jurassic Park” and the “Harry Potter” films, will write the score for the animated ode to basketball.

“’Dear Basketball’ is the perfect tribute to something I’ve loved for so long. Glen and John are two legends in their industries, so to partner with them on the creative process is a dream come true,” – Full article at Variety

‘Phila. Orchestra celebrates Star Wars, classical composer John Williams’ (New Williams Interview)

“Creative breakthroughs in the face of personal trauma aren’t unusual in the lives of artists. “It makes or breaks people,” Williams said. “I was young and my wife was very young. Had I been 20 years older, I would’ve been less able to restart my life. Immediately thereafter, I did feel differently about working, especially with music. I can’t quantify or describe what it did. But we do change. All life experience does that. We have accidents. We have happy things. Having three teenage children at the time required a lot of focus and strength, being a single parent. . . . We could talk for a week about this.” – Full article at