Expanded ‘Hook’ Will Not Be Complete

An interview with album producer Didier C. Deutch reveals that La-La Land’s upcoming release of Hook will not be complete due to some cues being excluded at the request of John Williams. The full interview can be found on UnderScores.fr (in French). Here’s the related excerpt:

After numerous exchanges between his representatives and La-La Land, the release was endorsed by Williams.

The production cost was enormous, but fortunately Columbia came to the rescue. All I had to do was to go to the studio with my engineer, with all the elements in their place exactly as I designed the complete music of the film, from beginning to end. So we put on this double disc all we hear in the film, including pieces that have not been used. Meanwhile, John Williams, through his intermediaries, said he wanted to hear what we had done. He made a few suggestions. He asked that certain pieces that were repetitive be eliminated, and he excluded some pieces that didn’t fit with the rest of the score like Take Me out to the Ball Game. In short, he re-created the soundtrack as we hear it on this double disc.