Original ‘Towering Inferno’ LP Re-issued Digitally

toweringinferno_lpThe 1974 original soundtrack album of John Williams’ score for The Towering Inferno has been reissued by Rhino Records as a digital download.

This is the first official digital release of Williams’ original album, previously available on LP and as a bootleg CD transferred from the original vinyl. A long out-of-print edition of the complete score was released by FSM in 2001.

You can listen to samples and purchase The Towering Inferno on Amazon.com (256kbps MP3), iTunes (256kbps AAC), Google Play (320kbps MP3) and Qobuz (Lossless, Europe only)


The Towering Inferno
Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams

01. Main Title (5:04)
02. An Architect’s Dream (3:29)
03. Lisolette and Harlee (2:35)
04. Something For Susan (2:44)
05. Trapped Lovers (4:30)
06. We May Never Love Like This Again * (2:13)
07. Susan and Doug (2:31)
08. The Helicopter Explosion (2:51)
09. Planting the Charges and Finale (10:21)

* Written by Al Kasha / Joel Hirschhorn
Performed by Maureen McGovern