THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST (1988) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by John Neufeld, Herbert Spencer

R1P1 Main Title
R1P1alt Main Title
R1P3/R2PA Macon Alone
R2P1 Montage
R3P1 Recurring Dream
R3P2 Family Dinner
R4P1 Macon Daydreams
R5P1 Rainy Afternoon
R6P1 Thoughts While Knitting
R7P1 To Muriels House
R7P2 The Healing Process
R8P1 Cartoon Source
R8P2 Movie Source
R8P4 The Plumbing Scene
R9P1 Additional Baggage
R10P1 The Wedding
R10P2 Back With Sarah
R11P1 Trial Run
R12P2 Macon The Gourmet
R13P1-R14P1 Bedroom Conversation
R14P2 A New Beginning
R14P3 End Credits

(Cue list contributed by Dillon Selph)