Orchestrated by Conrad Pope, Eddie Karam

1m1 Elvis And The Prairie Dog
1m3R Nevada, 1957
1m4NR Irina Spalko
1m5 Revisiting The Ark
1m5R Revisiting The Ark
1m5B Gun Powder
2m6 Unpacking
2m7 Indy Fights Back
2m8 Indy’s Great Escape
2m8B The Rocket Sled
2m8C Indy Versus The Russian
2m9 Giving The Russian The Slip
2m11 Prairie Dog and Nuclear Cloud
2m12 Spalko’s Dossier
2m12B Resignation
2m13R Remembering Henry Sr. And Leaving Campus
2m15v2 Legend Of Akator
2m17 A Knife At A Gunfight
2m19 A Whirl Through Academe
3m20R The Trip To Peru
3m21 Homage A Maxie
3m23 Oxley’s Cell
3m24 The Chauchilla Graveyard
3m25 Grave Robbers
3m26 Secret Doors and Scorpions
3m26B The Catacombs
3m27 Into The Crypt
3m27BR Orellana’s Cradle
3m27F Saucer Men
3m28R Hello Jonesy
3m28v1 Russians Reappear (version 1)
3m28v2 Russians Reappear (version 2)
4m30 Not Made By Human Hands
4m32v1 Staring Down The Skull (version 1)
4m32v2 Staring Down The Skull (version 2)
4m32v3 Staring Down The Skull (version 3)
4m33 Ideograms
4m34 Sleeping River Map
4m35 Quick Step In Quicksand
4m36 Grab That Snake
4m37 “They Weren’t You, Honey”
5m38 The Jungle Chase Begins
5m39 Irina’s Great Blade
5m40 Ugh, Vines
5m40R Ugh, Vines (revised)
5m41 Ants!
5m42 The Waterfall
5m43A It Must Be Returned
5m43 The Temple Ruins
6m44 Ugha Warriors
6m45 The City Of Gold
6m45alt The City Of Gold (alternate)
6m46 Stepping Stones
6m47 Hidden Treasure
6m47R Hidden Treasure (revised)
6m48 Sanctum Sanctorium
6m49 Spalko’s Gift
6m50 The Secret Revealed
6m50N The Secret Revealed (alternate)
7m53 The Departure
7m53E The Departure (alternate)
7m54R Knowledge Was Their Treasure
7m55 The Wedding
7m56 Finale
8m57 Call Of The Crystal
8m58 The Raiders March
8m59 The Adventures Of Mutt
Irina’s Theme