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The goal of the JWFan Forums is to be an online destination for fans of film music and related topics to have an open, active, and ON-TOPIC discussion and information exchange.


In order to make the forum an enjoyable experience for EVERYONE, we are providing this service under the following rules.  The moderators have the right to remove content that violates these rules, and/or ban the member who posted it, at any time.



1 - The following types of posts are not allowed

  • Personal attacks -- BE RESPECTFUL of one another, allow for differences in opinions, and don't make anyone feel that they cannot post their views.
  • Politics -- This includes topics which can turn distinctly political such as activism, social justice, cancel culture, climate change, and more
  • NSFW imagery or content -- No nudity of any kind is allowed.  It is OK to link to outside sites containing NSFW content, if it is relevant and on-topic, as long as a CLEAR warning is included.
  • Impersonating others -- This includes fake moderator statements
  • Links to download copyrighted material -- This includes requests for links as well
  • Questioning a moderator's actions -- All moderator decisions are final and deleted content will not be restored.
  • Thread jacking -- Posting something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument
  • Baiting -- Purposely posting opinions or tangents knowing it will antagonize others
  • Harassment -- Singling out another member across multiple threads to continue an argument
  • Sowing discord among members -- Referencing specific members and the disagreements they have with each other in an attempt to keep their arguments going
  • Persistent negative attitude -- Everyone is allowed to have a bad day, but a consistent pattern of negative posts is unwelcome
  • Non-productive posts -- This includes but is not limited to constant movie quotes in irrelevant threads, repeated large images, and posting into the same thread numerous times in a row to get attention


2 - Political and religious statements are not allowed in avatars, cover photos, or signatures.


3 - When copying information from another website (for example: information about an upcoming film score release), always provide a link to the URL that you are sharing the content from.


4 - To enhance the discussion of the topic at hand, video or audio streams from outside websites (such as YouTube) are allowed to be embedded into posts, as well as images from sheet music.  Please consider using a spoiler block if a large amount of videos will be included in your post.



These Rules may be amended at any time, and will be enforced at the moderating team's discretion.

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