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  2. I think especially in geeky circles, people have known showrunners. I’m sure Trekkers debated the relative merits of the different showrunners in bygone eras. There are also showrunners who made headlines in, say, the pre-Sopranos era. Off the top of my head, Bochco/NYPD Blue, Dick Wolf/Law and Order. It seems like in the late 1990s or so, showrunners moved out of the writers room and into the forefront/promotion.
  3. James Horner - Glory (LLL Main Program) Glorious, truly. Great release of a great score.
  4. Not so, Mike. Letts and Dicks changed DW for the better, by having The Doctor exiled to Earth, and creating both U.N.I.T., and The Master, Hinchcliffe took the show into very dark, Gothic territory, and Williams made it do a 1-80, and emphasised goofy comedy. Every showrunner marks DW with their own personal stamp. I think that DW can survive with a health balance of classic and new enemies, and Earthbound, modern, historical, and cosmic stories. It's not what you have, it's what you do with it, that counts.
  5. Yeah I did ask him hoping he would answer but he never did:(
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  7. That artwork should be "final". That's a brilliant cover.
  8. Can you imagine if Silvestri did those movies, though? Gettin sweaty just thinking about it.
  9. I think it is only live viewing, but don’t quote me on that.
  10. Now that fall is here, I'm in the mood to finally check out this new release, which I never found myself in the mood for this summer. I just ordered it direct from Intrada along with Eiger Sanction, Call of the Wild, and Extreme Prejudice, and I can't wait to check it out! I'm glad I'll get the fixed OST discs for both this and Eiger right away without having to fuss with replacement issues. Can't wait to dig into this score. So glad it got this comprehensive release!
  11. I haven't had time to go back into analytical mode, but I just want to say: This album is really really great! The sound quality is fantastic, and the new main program is just a great listen. I honestly never really listened to the old OST album that many times, so basically going in fresh I just find the main program to be an extremely solid 57 minute experience. That 54th regiment theme gets me every time. I also ended up liking the source music more than I was expecting, which is more than I like the source music sections on most releases. I always enjoy HAVING all the source music, and listening to it maybe 1 out of every 20 times I just enjoy the main program and that's it. But in this case, I might trying a combined playlist with them all integrated in. There's already plenty of drum & fife stuff in the main program, so more from the source section will probably fit in nicely. Great release, one of the year's best. And one of Horner's best scores!
  12. I haven't seen this flick since I was in college. I think I'll watch it again before checking out the new album, which I'll buy with whatever I want from LLL's October batch
  13. This release is really great. I hope everyone who wants to own it will be able to get it.
  14. All of the Illumination movies are passable kids entertainment. There’s lot that are better. There’s a ton that are much, much worse. It’ll be fine (and anyone old enough to post on a message board who was expecting a Super Mario Bros movie to be “for them” was probably misreading things anyway). It’s bound to be better than the old Saturday morning cartoon and the 1990s movie. Charlie Day and Seth Rogen seem like good casting for the “look” of the characters. Pratt specifically is a baffling choice though. Anya Taylor Joy is great, but as far as I can tell her voice lacks the affect needed for a cartoon character. I’ll be happy to be surprised.
  15. Herrmann's Endless Night Herrmann's The Bride Wore Black Concert Suites / Music for Films - Fernando Velázquez The Angels’ Share - George Fenton and a bunch more listed here: https://quartetrecords.com/digital/
  16. So, apparently Criterion will be releasing Amadeus in 2022.
  17. At least you saw him write it. I have a book with Morricone's autograph that came in the mail, and so I don't even know when or how it was signed.
  18. The only Illumination movie I've seen is The Secret Life Of Pets, which I thought was fine
  19. Because it's an Illumination movie, the company that, in my opinion, has not produced one single movie that can be considered good. Their stuff is mediocre at best. But they do make a lot of money, because they're silly enough for kids until the age of 6.
  20. Michael Giacchino & Nami Melumad - Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Oh, wow. I instantly like this score the first time I heard it, but for whatever reason it hasn't entered my rotation of scores I listen to often. It'd been a while since I heard this.... and so it wowwed me all over again. What a terrific score. That main theme has got to be one of the best themes of recent years, and it goes through so many variations on this album! This is really great! Can't wait for the Star Trek Prodigy album!
  21. How have you made up your mind so firmly already?
  22. This one will be as forgettable as that Scooby-Doo movie from last year which was meant to create the "Hannah-Barbera cinematic universe".
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