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  2. I've studied film for the past six years, and aside from the colour grading, I can't fault the cinematography, the storyboarding or the visual direction of OOTP or HBP. DH and FBs have some wonky direction going on, but that to me all stems from a lack of a strong visual storytelling perspective guided by the story.
  3. We sure will find a disease we can blame on third or second world countries. So there. I guess we may extend it till May 1st, but at the end, if the numbers don't add up things will go back to normal. If that thing is around for 12 weeks and the hospitalization and death rate isn't substantially higher than in prior years it's just not responsible to lock down society. Right now the data is all but clear in that respect and the media frenzy doesn't help. One 16-year old died in France yesterday and everyone is up in arms. I mean, seriously?
  4. After reading a very enlightening reply to a topic I posted earlier today, it occurred to me that many members on this forum would make a wonderful group that, in another world, would all live close enough to gather every weekend for intelligent conversation and discussion — à la Gertrude Stein and her famous Paris salons a century ago. So, imagine you wanted to host a regular get-together where the object was to talk and share earnestly and intelligently — with good wine/beer/pick your poison and in comfy chairs— about all things film music. JW mostly, to be sure, but it’d all be fair game. Who would you hope would attend? (Assume there’s no coronavirus or social distancing.) My own very incomplete list would include, in no particular order: @Ludwig and @Falstaft as music scholars, @Disco Stu (obviously), @Miguel Andrade and @Romão for their crazy deep expertise about JW, @Jay for his knowledge about the film music industry and his ties to/knowledge about people on the inside, @Thor for his film music expertise... I know I’m missing a bunch of people and I’ll come back to update this when those names pop into my head. Others who definitely would be welcome at my salon include @crumbs and @Chewy, who never made a post I didn’t enjoy reading. And @Bryant Burnettewhose survey through Stephen King on his blog or website or whatever was a real fun read some months back. I feel you can tell a lot about what someone will be like IRL by what and how they write on the internet, where you never know who’s reading. Who am I missing?? I know it’s more than few. Who would you bring along?
  5. Spoken like a privileged Euro!
  6. Multiple Polish outlets reported that he passed away this morning. I has been confirmed by the organisation led by his wife. https://nationalpost.com/pmn/entertainment-pmn/polish-composer-penderecki-dies-at-86-after-long-illness/amp RIP. He really made his mark in the history of music. I had a privileged of seeing him three times live. While his early experimental music is what most people know I actually like his later more neoromantic works as well. Karol
  7. India will have the heat and the sunlight doing the work for them.
  8. I'm sticking to the essentials since we'll soon all be dead from the Communist Virus.
  9. Do you watch anything else besides old Batman movies and Titanic?
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    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to make sense of the numbers of registered infected people and deaths. The number of people being tested, and so the ability to detect the virus, is not constant in time, depending on the availability of test kits and on many other factors, including delays in communication due to the technical time needed for analysis. It is sure that the number of registered infected people and deaths both largely underestimate the real numbers, so variations from one day to the next are not extremely significant. And even if we had a perfect ability to correctly identify all cases, the curve of deaths would start to decrease much later than the curve of infections. If we expect to see a decrease in the number of symptomatic infections 3-4 weeks after the beginning of the lockdown (but who knows for sure? the period of incubation is variable), the decrease in the number of deaths might occur in 4-5 or even 6 weeks (assuming deaths occur 7-10 days after the onset of the symptoms - but again, who knows?). Anyway, the difficulties in the detection make a day-by-day analysis rather difficult and potentially misleading. A more reliable indicator seems to be the daily number of people requiring hospital care (both "soft" and intensive), as it's almost impossible that someone who has such bad symptoms as to require hospitalization will not even contact the hospital - and then, the case would be registered. But these numbers are not communicated with the same emphasis in reports. Mmm... not really, no. At least, not everywhere. Social isolation is essential, numbers would doubtlessly be much worse without that. Unfortunately, the effect is slow, and difficult to analyze right now. The impact will be easier to assess when the damn thing is over.
  11. Batman Forever Delivering big once again on the spectacle after a comparatively lowkey return of Batman in the previous flick, which was apparently too weird for Warner Brothers. That didn't stop them from slapping the guy onto practically all conceivable paraphernalia in '92. This time around, it's still weird, but it's far more marketable with a hip all-star cast whose big names fly all around the screen during the opening credits, a diverse tie-in soundtrack album with something for everybody, a friendly circus that doesn't kidnap and murder children and less women being brutally shot. We swapped our plastic McDonald's tumblers for glass mugs. Sounds like a recipe for success. For being the biggest movie of '95, it holds up as an entertaining enough funny book flick. There are some real wild visuals in this one, a lot more fun, even human conversation accessible for the straights. The blondie female lead in this one (Nicole Kidman has never looked better) isn't oppressed, pushed out of a window by her boss and/or having a psychotic episode. She's the most normal one! She has a thing for Bats and Val Kilmer suits up, only occasionally looking badass in the suit. Hey, Joel. Can you tell him to scowl once in a while? Look remotely intimidating? Keaton was better. Jim Carrey is a convincing psychopath. He steals every scene, of course. Tommy Lee Jones' performance is bookended by his best scenes. Most of it is comprised of yelling, laughing and making weird noises. I think he's great casting, to be honest. Who else is in this? Oh, that's right. The kid from the Disney Three Musketeers is Robin. I like the scene where he goes on an adventure in the Giger-inspired Batmobile with fins that flap around, tries to pick up hookers and then rescues a 90s babe in double denim from a neon street gang. It's unrelated to Riddler and Two Face and it's just kinda cool to see the streets of Gotham overrun by these punkers who scatter once Batman arrives. Audiences would do the same for the following entry in the series.
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  13. I suppose he likes those old school skeleton keys and those nice brass-coloured Lockwood sets. He might not be much for new biometric key technology though.
  14. Thanks, @Ludwig! That was really informative and interesting! I’d heard of equal temperament, but never realized that was one of its implications. Or that JW would write for the instrument’s range rather than some specific key to get the sound he wanted. The more I learn about music history/theory, the more fascinating I find it. I admire you and the others here who study music seriously.
  15. Our 3-week lockdown was planned to last until the 3th of April, but everyone knew that wasn't very realistic. They extend it gradually in order to avoid a total panic.
  16. It seems like nitpicking until you realise all the points I made can be applied to the entire film, not just this one scene. If anyone can't understand why people don't like what Yates did to Harry Potter, the answer can be found simply by studying his direction in that one scene (because it perfectly encapsulates his entire approach to the films themselves).
  17. April 19 has been the critical date from the beginning. The confusing reports from german hospitals add to the general eyebrow-raising, half of the emergencies tweet that they are in a state of alarm though not one patient has shown up so far, others report high numbers of new corona-related cases. At least one doctor reported he didn't buy the death toll numbers as he saw people counted as corona-victims who didn't die from respiratory failure but heart attacks and so on and got later tested for CV19 positively, which sure will create statistical problems. This will be an interesting evaluation in the coming years.
  18. Oh god that bullshit Why It's annoying, unexciting, totally pointless and weightless, especially when DH1 shows the Burrow is just fine, no lasting damage done by all that burning. And they just stand there looking like mannequins again, even Hagrid knows to Aguamenti his house when set on fire at the end.
  19. Despite the high number of cases, yet an inexplicably low death toll, I don't think that Germany will remove any measures until it's 'safe' again. They are not going to say: Okay, even though the virus is peaking, let's go back to normalcy. The 'lockdown' for Belgium has already been extended for 2 weeks here (April 19th) and will most likely last until early May. Unless you spit, cough or sneeze at someone, the virus is not transmittable through air. Covid-19 prefers cold over warm temperatures. So, yes, you should thank the remoteness of your area.
  20. It got an oscar nomination for cinematography for what it's worth.
  21. Isolation sure has a positive impact, other sources could be a disease transmission via water conduit, or another connecting factor like that. Though with Germany's right now ca. 430 deaths contributed to Covid-19, a lockdown after eastern will be a hard sell. Because, morbid as it sounds, 430 dead people in 2 months is just not nearly enough for shutting down economy and curtailing citizen's rights.
  22. Godzilla Returns Godzilla Forever Batman & Godzilla
  23. Yeah, but I was 6 when it came out, so I really don't remember. TDK, on the other hand, was one of the first mega-movies "you have to see this blockbuster right now on theaters!" that I ever experienced, alongside Avatar on the following year.
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