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  2. "Timeslot" may not be as relevant but day of the week still kind of is.
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  4. JW: They call this cocktail "Party in the Moonlight".
  5. I also left timeslots in the twentieth century where they belong
  6. not going to lie, as someone who downloads shows, the timeslot discussion is funny. but i will keep it in mind for viewing, to keep the intended experience.
  7. Had to laugh upon remembering Chibnall's assertion that 'the drama audience is bigger on Sunday evenings' when it was revealed that on the night, the Antiques Roadshow repeat on BBC2 at the same time as the Sea Devils special last year had been watched by more people.
  8. Agreed. DOCTOR WHO is Saturday tea-time viewing, not Sunday, or midweek, as was both 5th and 7th Doctors. One of the specials should air on the 25th November, as it's the closest Saturday to the 23rd.
  9. BlackBerry Another great business film. Just like Air & Tetris earlier this year. This one is really filmed like a documentary and the film is kinda grainy which gave it a unique look. It was fascinating to learn about the rise and downfall of the BlackBerry and to see how people change when they gain or lose power. Jay Burachel & Glenn Howerton as tge 2 leads were really great. I would ever consider giving Howerton awards nominations next year. I recommend a watch now that it's available to rent
  10. Am 2 episodes into Rian Johnson's crime comedy drama Poker Face, and having a lot of fun with it. Natasha Lyonne's lead turn is great. Am also 3 episodes into the winning, very funny but thankfully not sappy Aussie 'rom-com' Colin From Accounts.
  11. In terms of their BBC screenings, my guess would be 3 consecutive Saturday evenings (I reckon RTD will want the show back in its 'classic' timeslot).
  12. That's a good point - that shot does seem to indicate that Miller intended for the music to feel more diegetic. I must say it doesn't bother me very much.
  13. I think, it was a good decision to cut out the one and a half minute of black screen. Would have distracted the flow of the scene too much. No, seriously. I am sure the scene would have been edited completely different for sure. With Williams' music the zoom to the stereo system makes no sense for example. But it appears too cheesy for me with Williams music.
  14. We Have All The Time In The World. Only films that were 'left out' were The Living Daylights, Die Another Day and Quantum Of Solace. Shame about Daylights but the other two are a bit, um, divisive to say the least and probably weren't missed. Ugh, the very thought .
  15. How odd, it shows as being available in the US when I click the link (even though it recognises that I'm logged in) but if I search from a different window while logged in, it doesn't come up. Odd as it lists plenty of things that aren't available on streaming otherwise. Oh well, I won't be getting a dose of dull slow viewing any time soon ;-) I don't recall where it was shown in the UK, possibly 18.00 on BBC2 when they used to show Star Trek opposite the early evening news. I remember enjoying it as a teenager although I'm guessing its shortcomings might be more evident these days.
  16. I remember an interview with Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) about a time he was asked to write a song with Guy Chambers and being terrified by how quickly Chambers (and collaborators) could churn something out and that he had only just started to form some thoughts while the others had already finished. Mr Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang is a great song... I had forgotten that it wasn't recorded as a song (at least not on the version I have), just an instrumental. Not sure if I like it more or less than Thunderball itself (I mean, it's like who's the least attractive Hemsworth), but shows Barry's greatness that he could write two classic Bond songs for the same film when some writers can't manage one...
  17. I thought something similar - the shift in music suggests some kind of shift, and the scene would have been incredibly monotonous if it continued any longer like this. I think all of the shots fit together quite well too - so having the movie transport us out of the ballroom somehow would make sense. I think this is a nice idea. Thanks! Why do you think so? I don't think I could conclude that without seeing the full sequence with Williams' music intact. If only we had the sketches for this so we could get some idea of what Williams originally intended. I also found the ending a bit strange - what did Williams intend for the little quote of the Witches theme to go over? Seems unlike him to put an important melodic idea over dialogue in this particular instance - the movie cuts it out. There must have been an extra shot there or something.
  18. oh so JP and other person wrote The Chickens Are Revolting
  19. I wonder how they are going to release the 60th Anniversary episodes? Either on 1 week Saturday, Sunday, Monday or an episode every week or 2 weeks?
  20. If I remember correctly, that was on at the same time as Lois & Clark and I typically only watched SeaQuest if the Superman show was a rerun. (Not sure why I didn't just tape it; maybe something else was also on at the same time which made that impossible?) I kind of liked it. I wouldn't mind checking that one out for real myself one of these days.
  21. Great work. And I hate to say it, because this is one of the loveliest pieces Williams has ever written, but the scene works better with the Puccini.
  22. As a frequent listener to Scandi/Nordic composers, I highly recommend exploring the works of Kalevi Aho and Vagn Holmboe, two of my favourite near contemporary composers.
  23. He did mention that he first came it to score some scenes that they weren't happy with and ended uo scoring the whole film. So it could be
  24. Terrence Malick seems to fit the bill, but his next film already has a composer attached (Eleni Karaindrou). That is unless they've been replaced and it hasn't been properly announced yet.
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