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  2. Also important is context. Our ears can make sense of dissonance depending on how we get there and what the pedal (C in low strings) is doing because that implies a harmony.
  3. All of his themes are great! The complete presentation is a bit energy sucking - takes a lot to make it through it. The OST is a better presentation. Same with Elfman's first Batman, IMO, but Returns is much better as a longer, fuller piece.
  4. I think that's the natural case of things in countries that have had some success though, right? Once you get the spread and disease under some sort of control, you need to shift priorities to catching new cases and isolating them to prevent community spread.
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  6. The dialogue is also wonderfully snappy. Am I the only the one to think that blockbusters movies, even the less than good ones, used to have much better dialogue up until 1995 than they do nowadays?
  7. Our big news media started to push the numbers aside in May. Of course you find them, but they ceased to be major news items. Now the headlines are exclusively about hotspots and political questions posing as health matters. The exciting thing is that just two years ago, in the winter of 2017/18, here in Germany we had an actual and even quite violent flu epidemic overtaxing the health system, more than 25,000 deaths and a very real over-mortality - back then, no politician or health expert wasted a thought on 'protective measure'" or even a mask-wear-duty. This very influenza virus follows the same infection pathways and mechanisms as the corona virus and is (would) be contained in exactly the same way. I am not inclined to conspiracy thinking, but given the obvious - now apparent since the merry month of May, at least - there is the nagging thought that other forces are at work here than just a collective, self-sufficient hysteria from which politics can no longer find its way without losing face.
  8. Little update: Going to Manchester next week to meet host families. This feels unreal in a really good way.
  9. The OST was indeed great, but the expansion did open up the Riddler theme for me, how it is carefully developed throughout the score. Plus, it has several new statements of this theme: This is, in my view, one of the most gorgeous and sensuous love themes ever written. Why use it on such a wafer thin character?
  10. In Ireland both cases and deaths are reported at a national press conference every evening. I have three news apps which all send push notifications with this info. Also released daily if you want to find it is the number of recoveries as well as those currently in hospital and the numbers in ICU. The new Covid tracker app also gives a full breakdown of the history of the virus.
  11. I don't really get why Discovery and Picard have felt the need to go down the strong language, gore etc route just because they're on streaming services as opposed to networks. Feels against the overall Trek 'spirit', somehow.
  12. U.S. Marshals (Deluxe Edition edit) by Jerry Goldsmith: Despite this being a very workman-like effort from good ol' Jerry, I have a soft spot for its rapt rhythms, synth pulses and staccato action writing. The nearly 80-minute Deluxe edition provides more of the same really, adding a suspense cue here and an action cue there but with a wee bit of editing I fashioned a listening experience that makes use of the whole album where I merged several shorter pieces together to form lengthier suites and switched some pieces around to make for a more dramatically satisfying finale and now it works much better.
  13. You guys are doctors? Yeah! Glad I'm not sick ...
  14. Violin Concerto by Jean Sibelius: Might be my favourite violin concerto. The Wood-Nymph ballade for orchestra by Jean Sibelius: Another one of Sibelius' wonderfully tuneful and brilliantly orchestrated tone poems. I know he would have abhorred the idea but he would have made a wonderful film composer (if not for his elusive inspiration which sabotaged quite a few of his assignments for him as he couldn't deal with the deadlines) because of his tremendous dramatic instincts.
  15. It's no secret that Pink Floyd was inspired by Morricone. Roger Waters - who collaborated with him on "Lost Boys Calling" from THE LEGEND OF 1900 - has some nice things to say after his death, as quoted from Kristian Sensini's obituary: Also, if you listen to something like "Erotico Mistico" from MADDALENA, you can easily hear shades of "Heart Beat, Pig Meat" from Pink Floyd's ZABRISKIE POINT or "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" from A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS. I also like to think that Morricone was inspired by Pink Floyd, or at least had some affection for them - given their similar approach to finding a space between art music and pop music. I can't remember having ever read any quotes in that regard, though.
  16. That's nice, but could you give me access to the file? Also, final score cue is great!
  17. It says: Tema 4 volte: 1) Libero e lento (espressivo) 2) Poco più mosso 3) Più mosso e cresc. (arpeggi) 4) Forte which means: Theme 4 times: 1) Free and slow (expressive) 2) Moving a little 3) Moving and "crescendo" (with arpeggios) 4) Forte
  18. Well, your government didn't want to do it but the Lizard people who control the world gave them no choice.
  19. You should try not being so angry all the time.
  20. I don't understand why in Australia they've closed so many industries in the lockdown, but now they're telling people to go back to work and look for a job.
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