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  2. I know it's only about twenty seconds long, but I'd really like a clean version of the Amity High School band fanfare, as the ribbon is cut, and the centre is opened. I'm a man of simple pleasures.
  3. Jeez it's like you all wait till I'm asleep to go to town. Thanks for ruining another thread.
  4. Absolutely. The one missed opportunity in the sequels, considering how much development the theme received (especially after the major evolution that theme undertakes in TROS!) Maybe if we're lucky JW will create a new concert suite in his spare time. I wouldn't mind a revised Rey's Theme either, now that her arc is complete (and he clearly has an affinity for Daisy and that theme more than Kylo's).
  5. I don't know what you mean. There absolutely is a normal sad face react available, always had been It's the Really Sad react that's new
  6. Geez, can Disney please start milking the complete Star Wars scores this relentlessly? That would be really appreciated.
  7. This one is the best one! I bought this back when it was just Bicat selling CD-Rs of it on his personal website.
  8. Interesting... either title is true to the books I guess. I'm sure that was their original title in the planned 2-film structure.
  9. I like my vaccines. But I don’t like my vaccines when the company giving them to me has legal immunity if I grow a third eyeball or lose my pee-pee. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-pfizer-vaccine-legal-indemnity-safety-ministers-b1765124.html If they try this shit in the US, fuck that. Skip.
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  11. Expect to see things like this the coming year: -------------------------------------------------- John Williams Conducts The London Symphony At The Barbican Centre London 21 August 2021 (Only for the vaccinated) --------------------------------------------------
  12. This is exactly what I experienced as well. I couldn't believe these cues weren't on neither album. Damn, can't we push Mike to push JW to push Disney to release these necessary SW expansions sooner rather than later?
  13. The studio preferred it stayed "There and Back Again." Having "war" or "battle" in a title is considered a turn-off to audiences.
  14. Wait, what? What was the title that WB wanted? I thought There And Back Again was the intended closing chapter title (and I could actually see studios preferring the BOTFA title). Also, how I hope this particular shot looks better on the 4K remaster:
  15. I've mentioned this one a lot, but never actually linked to it. Ever since I saw Dante's Peak, I was attached to the score, and wanted to hear the entire thing. When I eventually discovered the boot, I was disappointed (to put it mildly) that the cue below was the one single piece of score not included. I even found the bar source cue, and the library cue used for the parade near the start. It's just this one damn cue which makes me need Varese to do an expansion. It's the music for when the volcano first erupts and chaos ensues. This set piece in the film has two cues, the second
  16. Fanfare for the Common Man (in A-Flat as stated quietly by the woodwinds at the beginning of the Third Symphony 4th movement)
  17. I can't really remember, but I know it was an organic segue from prog rock/electronic music to soundtracks. The film(s) probably were a source initially, as I had to have been exposed to it somehow. I do remember one specific moment around 1991, when I listened to the end credits from THE ABYSS on TV, and thinking to myself "hmm, this could be a pretty great concept album", and then seeking it out. So there's that. But beyond that initial 'awakening', it never informed my soundtrack acquisitions in any shape or form. The link between hearing music in the film and desiring it on alb
  18. There wasn't. There is no proof of studio interference. We do have quite a few instances to the contrary. Warner Brothers objected to changing the title of the third film to "Battle of the Five Armies". Jackson stuck his heel down and did it anyway. There's so much in these films that, had a studio been running the show, would not have been as it is. The length of the films is certainly not in the studio's best interest (in terms of number of showings per day) and each film was skimming the R rating, which again a studio wouldn't have done.
  19. I hope for PJ’s sake there was studio interference. although I’m willing to go on the word on someone who was involved with the production and a friend of Jackson’s.
  20. New mystery metal monolith appears on a California mountaintop https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/dec/02/new-monolith-california-mountaintop-atascadero
  21. *Cleans dried jizz off laptop screen* I've never heard such a disgusting accusation in ALL MY LIFE!
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