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  2. I wonder if there'll be any changes from the previous release?
  3. Wow! This is really Chris Young's Month.
  4. First pics from Captain America 4: Source: https://ew.com/captain-america-4-first-look-anthony-mackie-harrison-ford-brave-new-world-8629213
  5. Oh, look, there's Hans. Or is it Ennio? Careful, don't tread on him! No, it's Ludwig - OK, go ahead!
  6. New edition arriving Tuesday Coming 4/16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/95015405220/posts/10168907378520221/
  7. Which inspired this hilarious scene from Shrek 2
  8. Just received my set from Amazon, read through the booklet last night and just starting to listen to disc 1. I'm sure it's been discussed already (not going through 12 pages of the thread) but Jabba the Hutt is listed as track 6 when in fact it's track 8 on the disc lol. Minor annoyance aside, it is truly a well-done set in terms of presentation. The sheer size and weight of the box set makes it feel like a coffee table book more than a CD box set.
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  10. It's the difference between paying ~$300 for a concert where I won't be able to hear the orchestra on purpose (dialog and SFX) and ~$120 for a concert where I won't be able to hear the orchestra by accident (distance from stage). I'm not expecting a life changing orchestral experience but I might get a nice night out with the family. I haven't been to Blossom in over 30 years but I recall it's a nice place.
  11. Thanks for sharing, that was a nice read
  12. Can anyone who bought this set confirm that this release is click-free, devoid of volume dips and worth the upgrade?
  13. Nice interview with Mark Frost: https://variety.com/2024/tv/features/twin-peaks-mark-frost-david-lynch-laura-palmer-mulholland-drive-1235955147/
  14. Was the first time in Star Wars that I had a kind of "don't try this at home" thought, wondering how these little kids manage at their training not to permanently cut of eahothers extrimeties by accident with their lightsabers.
  15. If you go for the lawn seating, won't you be listening to the orchestra from the speakers instead of directly from the stage? It would be cheaper to bring a boom-box to the backyard, pop-in a Raiders CD, sit-down and listen. I would hold-out in attending that concert at an indoor venue. I would also look into the Cincinatti Symphony Orchestra's schedule. They do 3 LTP concerts per season. However, the orchestra announced thier 2024/25 schedule last month and they have only 1 LTP concert. https://www.cincinnatisymphony.org/tickets-and-events/calendar I suspect that that schedule isn't final. For example, there are no concerts in April 2025, but there are, at least, 6 concerts going-on this month (April 2024). So, they may add more concerts to that schedule from now until September. I've seen many USA bookings for Raiders come up recently and, according to my Googling, the CSO has not done this concert yet, so, it is a possibility that the CSO may book it. My own situation: I know there were rare USA bookings of the TITANIC LTP concert and I, intentionally, past-up attending a booking of that concert at this football statium in Thousand Oaks, CA back in 2019. Later that year, this indoor concert-hall in Montreal Canada announced a booking of TITANIC for the following January 2020, so I went to that. Right now, the San Francisco Symphony is doing it at Davies Symphony Hall next year. So, patience pays off.
  16. making Mara Jade a clone would certainly be up there in terms of baffling adaptation decisions
  17. It seems Omega's DNA is key to transferring Midichlorias from a subject to a clone of the same subject. It seems they have to mix both genomes for that. I have a hunch that with how emerie looks, and Omega's midichlorian experiments, Omega or a new mixed clone is going to be Mara Jade. She will be trained at tantiss by the emperor...
  18. I almost had a heart attack thinking that said "Todd Haynes"
  19. yes. you've just described Quinlan Voss's arc which you previously threw into the 'edgelord comics post 9/11' category despite it exemplifying everything you're talking about and saying that George wanted to convey. Quinlan Voss also existed before 9/11, for the record this also has nothing to do with KOTOR 2 narratively, that was the evidence you were meant to be presenting
  20. "Shit". "As much as I hate to stoop to symbolism, Major..." (blows smoke in face). A great cast, a nifty score, by Jack Nitzsche, and some astonishing miniature work, by ILM.
  21. As I was watching I thought to myself: Wow, Bridges should have been nominated for an Oscar. He plays the alien wonderfully. And after finishing the movie, I saw that he was indeed! Not a great movie (I prefer other Carpenter movies), but a classic.
  22. "What happened?" "He got the boot."
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