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  3. When I heard Rachel's song in 1994 my first reaction was that it felt completely out of place, so Vangelis must have recorded a new track to make the album more 'interesting' as a listening experience. Later I realized it doesn't sound like anything he would have written in 1982 and it doesn't sound like Vangelis in the '90s, so it's possible that it's simply an older idea that he maybe wanted to use for Blade Runner. After all, composers have lots of ideas lying around which they sometimes resort to if time is short.
  4. Edward Scissorhands Skyfall Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Highlander E.T. Star Trek TMP Lion King/Prince of Egypt David Arnold?
  5. Possibly, but Alex is right (as per bloody usual ); it just doesn't sound like it was composed for BLADE RUNNER. By the same token, "Memories Of Green" shows amazing foresight.
  6. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is not a very Christmasy film. I'll go with HOME ALONE (predictable), but you really should have included BATMAN RETURNS.
  7. Your loss, Joe. He's a very good English composer, a sort of trendy Ron Goodwin. Check him out.
  8. Would you consider something that intended to trick you - and resoundingly succeeded - to be nonsense? The stakes will be raised as the Saga continues. Emperor Palpatine succeeds in his plans of ultimate revenge against the Jedi. This Final Trilogy will further the story and tie everything together in a most impressive, definitive conclusion.
  9. Honestly it was. That made me quit the show at episode 1 because I couldn't bear listening to a discounted Williams. I eventually powered through but man the Rebels soundtrack is probably my least favorite score out of all the Star Wars content. It's on par with the EPIC VERSION or SLOWED AND REVERBED you see on youtube that butcher the OG tracks.
  10. It's exactly what happened on a german Facebook soundtrack group recently: Goldsmith's Ghost and The Darkness was labeled 'racist' by a guy and lo and behold, the whole cultural appropriation thing was burning. It was a hoot, but i think it's exactly right that a composer in the 2020's will be held to another standard and that's also why so many scores for movies and tv shows sound like undigested source music. See above, in 1997 that was exactly what you did: skilfully (more or less, depending on the guy who wrote it) weaving ethnic colours in when appropriate (also note how Williams used the low male chorus from 'Amistad' for a completely different locale in 'Seven Years in Tibet'). But it wasn't found to be necessary that a dramatic score would have to function as authentic testament to a local region. So that's why the original poster's question if the main theme was 'real' african music would have to be answered 'no', from a musicologists's pov, certainly not. But if i had to choose between today's approach of limiting the narrative push in favour of authentic source music and the old way of the film composer making the idiom his own and integrating it in his very own narrative there's no contest: the old way, please.
  11. I’ve always enjoyed this score. It was my go-to when I needed a Bond fix. But with this release, it’s quickly becoming one of my personal favorite top 10 scores of all time.
  12. And the fact that the golden vinyls of the Berlin Concert are not sold out and up for winter sale could indicate that the gold rush is over. For the time being, I am grateful that JW made it to Vienna, Berlin, and Milan. Still hoping for more releases though...
  13. Whatever happened to this? I remember Stylotone released just the main title on LP, but nothing after that. Didn't we hear through the grapevine that Intrada might be working on it? Or am I confusing that with To Kill A Mockingbird?
  14. Excellent release by the La-La-Land, as always. The mix is better but it's not a significant improvement, development of it is much more interesting in comparison to the original album and it's strange that Elfman have included only a 45 minutes of it. There is also numerous highlights. I find original albums for both of his works lacking, second one is especially too heavily focuses on the melodrama, and yeah I know about all this stuff with replacement cues/inserts from Debney and Young. He could've include almost an entire score for the first movie on that 1 CD Funny how the score was bashed on the release and now it's like a modern classic of the superhero genre.
  15. Based on duration and what I've heard and checked, the cue in the main program is revised and is the film version, original one is on the CD 2 and original soundtrack album
  16. Incidentally, the best new line in The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy is when we see what happens when The Gang sneaks from the Falcon to the Control Room. Ben uses the Force to distract a bunch of troopers. Han wonders how he did that. In a voice that I WISH we had heard Alec Guinness use Ben says "Simple tricks and nonsense." It was the payoff that I never knew I needed!
  17. I almost went with Home Alone. But I just like the score for Polar Express better. Both lean on Christmas Classics more than the other mentioned scores. There are some that I'm not sure about (Santa Clause the Movie, Scrooged). But It's a Wonderful Life is not a very Christmas-y score.
  18. Maybe it was beefed up and enhanced for the 1994 album
  19. I ripped the isolated score of Company Car and found it really unsatisfying. Very scene driven (hitting all the punch lines) and not very melodic. Is the extended version of Company Car the film version or is it a third thing? (Kind of like when I ripped the film version of the From Russia with Love titles and found there was a reason the album version was the album version.)
  20. I feel like OG version have beats and all the synth parts kinda overthrowing orchestra a bit and the film version let it flow much more naturally Strange that isolated score just have original version with the insert of Bond theme tacked onto it
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