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  2. I mean, Kenobi ultimately ended up being generic Star Wars in tone so yeah a swashbuckling sound would've fit just as well as it fit in the originals Just out of curiosity, how did you feel about the drums in the Kenobi show?
  3. Exactly, Roger received the assembly which Horner created with Shawn Murphy from Simon Rhodes. Leading to the conclusion that a double album was in mind at the time. We have to be thankful for that!
  4. But this swashbuckler sound wouldn't have made any sense in Kenobi. And also here in Powell's piece I passionately abhor these drums.
  5. I think they’re having issues with the insurance still and so they haven’t been able to repair the damage from the flooding. I assume they’ll restock it when they finally sort that out but feels like it could take a while unfortunately. Like you, there’s not many soundtracks that I’ve picked up there (but do find the odd surprise, I found a few Waxman albums from FSM last time) but often cleaned up in the classical section. Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.
  6. I made the mistake of listening to this after the Kenobi album: Hearing this energy and sophistication of writing is like feeling the warmth of the sun on your face after staying the night in a cold damp cave
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  8. Have someone recorded it ? is the sound better than the Tangelwood recording ?
  9. What an amazing night! I was there with my mum, who made me my very own Superman costume at the age of five. In terms of music, the soundtrack to Superman has had a bigger impact on my life than any other movie. The Royal Albert Hall was more or fully seated, except for a few seats from people who’d not been able to fit the new date into their schedule due to the two year delay. You could tell that the crowd was excited to be here, every other attendee sporting some kind of Superman attire - a t-shirt, a cap or a pair of shoes. We were lucky enough to have great seats. Right in the middle of the screen, in the middle of the Arena (row 12, if that means anything to anyone). The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra entered the stage to the crow’s applause, and once the main credits started rolling - wow! That pulsating ostinato is the stuff of dreams and I had a huge grin on my face it as it bloomed into the full fanfare. I picked up some new instrumentation during “The Planet Krypton”, but I guess that’ve always been there, just hidden in the mix. It was also great to hear the unabridged “Destruction Of Krypton”. I also have to point out that seeing Superman on the big screen is quite a different experience than in your home theater - everything is more impactful. Seeing people fall to their deaths as Krypton was torn asunder and the consequential explosion of the planet… it was more dizzying and more horrifying than I’ve ever experienced before. And that carried on through the movie. I picked up a few things I hadn’t before: Jor-El’s emblem isn’t fully attached, just pinned at each side. Clark encounters a polar bear on his way through the Arctic. When clark stops to take out the green crystal, you can clearly see the blue red and yellow-fabric poking slightly out of his bag. I also enjoyed the little details in the arrangement in the hall like the Superman lettering spelling out the word “Intermission” half way through the performance. The Supermen in attendance also added to the enjoyment. The audience was great. Laughing, ooh-ing and aw-ing in all the right places, as there was a communal feeling that we were really sharing something special together. I am so happy to have been able to attend. Although I’ve heard “The Superman March” performed live a couple of times (always a treat), I never would have dared to dream that I’d have the privilege of hearing “The Planet Krypton”, “The Trip To Earth”, “Growing Up”, “Leaving Home”, “The Flying Sequence” and “The March Of The Villains” performed live. It was an actual dream come true.
  10. Pretty sure I pointed that out when the episode first came out :() I can back this for the most part. Empire Arrival I seem to have soft spot for though haha. I really enjoy that unused song 'Ready to Go'
  11. Also they didnt have the direct session masters. They used the final mixes that Horner had made himself. Also something was mentioned that it was originaly a 2CD program?-I cant recall exactly.
  12. This sounds undeniable to me. So what the heck scene is this for (I assume it's in Ep 6)? Had Vader—in Chow and/or Holt's estimation—"earned" his theme yet by this point, whatever point it is? Sheesh, what a ride. I'm with @Brando.
  13. Why do Star Wars fans refuse to even watch Dune? Is Dune not a part of what made Star Wars? Or is it because Hans Zimmer wrote the score? What is it?!
  14. Remember in the Wolf of Wall Street how the old ludes they found were extra potent? They should have given Boba some old ancient spice or something to have the epiphany and hallucinate where the tree is instead of the tribe pet lizard up his nose
  15. Listened to the whole album, my overall thoughts are that this isn't music I will revisit often if at all. It's serviceable but not very interesting and that includes the contributions by William Ross. Here are some specific observations: Order 66 starts off well with soothing strings, but when the percussion kicks in it all becomes generic modern action music. Young Leia is actually pretty nice. Days of Alderaan is another pleasant track. Nothing bad about it at all. Empire Arrival grates at me the same way the Imperial music in Rogue One does. It sounds too over the top. I know that's a strange criticism given how camp the Imperial March is, but this music sounds too heavy handed.
  16. At first listen of the album: Holt's action music I still find really terrible. But the lyrical cue "Bail and Leia" is not so bad.
  17. That we won't get to hear until 2048, when Disney finally release Indiana Jones expansions.
  18. Actually, Fart has, probably, seen this, a long time ago, but has, by now, forgotten about it. He preferred GRAND PRIX.
  19. Damn…. it does not look good for star wars and indy, if the elements used for willow come from the lucasfilm vaults…
  20. Also, now that the Obi-Wan score has been officially released, does anyone know it’s proper track listing as well?
  21. Anyone still got that @artyjeffrey cartoon of JW in the hot tub with a couple babes?
  22. "First Rescue" is a great cue. Still puzzled by the title, though. Is it possible it was originally meant for the rooftop chase scene? Its placement on the album could seem to indicate. And as if there was any doubt, all the legacy themes referenced in the last episode were handled by Ross, not Holt.
  23. I'm excited to dive into this release even though it is incomplete and the music so far has been unremarkable. I want to give it a fair shot and am always at least slightly interested in new SW music.
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