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  2. Night Window is very nice. Wish I could hear an entire score from Thomas Newman that sounds like this one cue. Karol
  3. Nice. Although I kind of hope there is nothing of interest there. Karol
  4. Yeah, after the 2016 movie it became clear that they want to avoid another big battle with ghosts on the streets of Manhattan. Instead, I guess they're going to a more Stranger Things-like route for the 2020 movie, and not only because of Finn Wolfhard, but with this whole theme of kids on a small town fighting supernatural threats. Now that I think about it, both 2016 GB and Stranger Things came out on the month - actually, on the exact same day, July 15 2016 - and both inspired this 2020 movie, in one way or another.
  5. Yea good point, I have no idea at all where the show is headed next. Exciting!
  6. Yes, there are redeeming factors. The score and the cinematography, in particular.
  7. Greatest bullshit I ever read!!! KotCS is one of the rare mediocre score by JW and TFA brilliant. With the film and out of it.
  8. Yeah, John wasn't all that interesting, he was basically there to do jokes about famous people with Tahani, but he wasn't exactly developed. That's true, the latest episodes were great. And, in the best tradition of the show, I don't know where the story is going after the cliffhanger, which is very exciting. Maybe they'll meet the show's version of God? I mean, so far the show implied that Maya Rudolph's Judge is the most powerful character of the afterlife, but who knows if there's someone above her?
  9. Lacklustre episode in my opinion. Next to zero character development. Filoni goes overboard with the references, weighing down the episode in effect. Earlier episodes were perfect in their balance between new and old, but this one falls short. I was a little disappointed with this minor dip in the season, but every show has its highs and lows and I'm confident that things will pick up again as we reach the finale. Goransson's still aces!
  10. I think EMI owns rights to most of the Barry/Bond scores and i doubt they would license them out to a niche label. I also think a few would require 2 discs. Would be wonderful though.
  11. They wanted to steer so far clear of the reboot that they left NYC behind.
  12. Manhattan was such a vital component to GB1 and GB2, and the reboot as well, it seems weird to set the actual third chapter elsewhere entirely. Like this looks so un-Ghostbusters-like: But maybe that's what the franchise needs to keep it interesting. Who knows.
  13. I didn't think their time on earth was that bad, but I do agree it was probably the second least interesting stretch of the show after the New Experiment. At least Simone is a cool character (or at least was in season 3, KHB's talents have been utterly wasted in S4) and the stories were still focused on the original 4; I just could not care less about toxic masculinity guy or gossip column guy, and I like the Chidi that has all his memories much more than the Chidi we had to suffer through for most of this season. Overall, I think the show is a bit of a victim of its own success, in that Schur had such a cool concept for a show, and such a cool twist to bake into how it was presented over its inital season, and captured such lightning in a bottle with all 6 actors hired absolutely killing in their roles, that once you got past that first story, and the cool rebooting stories that opened season 2, anytime you veer off into a new direction it just feels like filler, passing time to fill out a 13 episode order until they can move the actual main plot forward again towards the end of the season. Now that we are at the end of it all, and episodes 8 and 9 were so good, I hope 10-14 wrap everything up as good as season 1 introduced everything. We'll see!
  14. @Thor, what about HGW's Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas? I love it!
  15. I don't listen to it frequently, but when I do I always like it. Indeed it's probably one of Williams' best on the 1990s, and that's saying something.
  16. Yeah, the new experiment wasn't as good, and the new(ish) characters not as charismatic as the first four. I appreciate what they tried to do with Brent's story arc, I mean, can people like him (which, in 2019, feels almost like the epitome of what a bad person is) can redeem himself and be better? It's like the show was trying to ask if Harvey Weinstein could change, be forgiven and became a better person, which is one of the fundamentals of most religions (specially, of course, christianism), but not exactly a popular thing to say in 2019, post-MeToo, post-Trump, etc. But, despite this boldness, I didn't find the arc of the new experiment all that amusing or funny. But I would say though that this isn't the low point of the series. For me, that's the initial episodes on S3. I mean, when the show came to Earth, it lost much of its surreal and absurd humour, and it almost became like a "normal" sitcom. They somehow even managed to waste Trevor, which was one of my favorite characters on S1! Fortunately, S3 became better after that, with some great episodes (that one with Chuck from Better Call Saul, the one when the four become Janets, Chidi and the Time Knife, the actual Good Place, etc).
  17. But how is Josh to enforce this? Is he going to come to my house and live with me forever to ensure that I never buy the other set? Sounds kind of creepy...
  18. I'm sure the kids will discover the old firehouse in their backyard as well
  19. lol @ Rudd's character being named Mr. Grooberson. I really like the fact that the plot, at least in synopsis form, appears to be very different from the movies that came before it. I think attempting to recreate the feel of the '80s movies is a mistake.
  20. Thanks Thor, so l suppose its up to the individual to find enjoyment (or none) in a film. For my part, I enjoyed it in the cinema on release and still do to this day, whenever I get to see it on TV (I also have it on Laserdisc). The chemistry between the leads never bothered me and as you mentioned the cinematography and score are magnificent.
  21. Today
  22. I like it. The gold maybe sparse, but even that is actually some of Newman's most inspired work in years. This film clearly asked him to be rather invested in some capacity. I even dig some of the more atmospheric work (though Dunkirk and Zimmer are clearly a template). Though I do wish it had some more of the exuberance of his Jarhead days:
  23. An 11 CD box set! John Barry scored 11 Bond films. The first thing that came to mind was a Barry / Bond collection. Some of those scores have yet to receive the expanded treatment. Unlikely to be this though.
  24. Vanity Fair has a big article with information and bunch of pics https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/12/ghostbusters-afterlife-first-look The basic plot seems to be and
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