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  2. Yes that one I have been operating under the assumption that the people who get warnings get a direct link in that warning to the post they were warned for. If the board software doesn't do that, that is bad programming!
  3. Online translation does have a habit of making people sound extremely blunt and matter-of-fact so I wouldn't read much into the unusual honesty.
  4. You skipped past my direct question to you and responded to a KK post instead!
  5. It's just an opinion. It's not law. James has been a defender of the "properly curated/produced soundtrack album" for years so it comes to no ones surprise that he would agree with someone else opinion who supports his own. And it certainly doesn't justify one of the most popular current film composers to go off on him.
  6. I am saying if an OST album released at the time of the film had the exact same length as the one that they did release, but different music was the score was chosen in place of some of the pieces that were chosen, it would have been received better by a vast majority of the people who heard it. I think if a producer gets to work on a new edition, it should be 100% complete
  7. Do you think a two disc* version is the solution? Or, a single disc without the concert pieces? * a rhetorical question 😉
  8. I believe the part of that screen that shows the thread title is a link to the post, no? I'm not actually sure how it works, I've never seen that screen myself
  9. I haven't seen Heaven's Gate, they never air it here. But what is it about this film that historians regularly cite as a turning point in filmmaking? It seems as if it's a landmark for all the wrong reasons.
  10. Nice. I'm looking forward to hearing both albums and seeing both flicks. We have Netflix and Disney+, but neither free on those in the USA yet, so I wait
  11. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they only recorded it once, then in later seasons had to artificially loop it when they needed to add more names to the credits. If you mean re-recordings or "cover" versions by other people, I have no clue if you mean the melody of theme worked into the underscore of episodic cues, that rarely happened, and none of them were very long, from what I recall
  12. Talk of the British Monarch is obviously political as they occupy the high office of the Crown, and acknowledgement of amy form of government or branches of the state is strictly forbidden here and therefore this thread should be closed.
  13. It's maybe more like a Lifetime Achievement Award?
  14. Two very different scores for very different movies. Theoretically, Raya would be more up my alley, with expansive orchestrations and the typical JNH writing for fantasy movies. However, News of the World also captivated me with its restrained beauty. And it works like gangbusters in the movie. I'd say I like both equally, but for different reasons. I took a while to actually warm up to them, but now that I've seen the two movies, I can admire them for what they are. JNH fans like myself can't complain, he has been delivering consistently good-to-great scores since 2018
  15. What's the longest version of that theme? It's not that simple either. It uses two keys, which his colleagues could learn from.
  16. Yeah, it's super simple, but also super catchy. Sometimes, simplicity is an artform in itself.
  17. I'm just listening to a piano arrangement of the whole Azkaban suite and have to say it's such a weird construct. Especially Witches, Wizards and Wands feels so cobbled together (well, it is). Same for Knight Bus. Buckbeak's Flight's exlusion is such a misser too. And then Double Trouble completely discards the second stanza and needlessly elaborates on the first. Just weird. Only Bridge to the Past stands out, really.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised he he garnered many votes based purely on the Game of Thrones main title theme, which is indeed truly great
  19. Interesting results (well, other than Powell, who was always going to win), and surprisingly high amount of voters! Still don't get what the big deal about Djawadi is, but the other "winners" are fine.
  20. Do you prefer this or News of the World from recent JNH scores?
  21. I've been listening to this track non-stop after watching the movie. The theme for choir and orchestra at the 1:00 mark is very epic, but my favorite part starts at 2:30. I just love JNH's melancholic writing for strings. That part is so good they used it twice in the movie. Not sure if it was tracked or it was a different cue, though.
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