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  2. That's a good deal. Pretty good album.
  3. A great example of how films are not what the titles say they are about: the titular “Lord of the Rings” is Sauron... Its the first act of the film whose job it is to determine what the film is about: not the title.
  4. Yes, but that trilogy is called "The Lord of the Rings," not "The Journey of Frodo Baggins."
  5. It was clearly communicated in the opening few minutes that the movies WON’T be focusing on Bilbo. The Two Towers is also much more about Aragorn than Frodo. The Last Jedi is more about Luke than Rey. As long as the intention is communicated clearly, I’ll just roll with it. I could barely follow Fantastic Beasts 2, but I did realize very early on that it was building towards the war with Grindelwald.
  6. Mancini's recording of The Disaster Movie Suite (Earthquake, The Towering Inferno, Jaws), together with lots of other stuff in a 2 CD set, is now available for £1.99 on Dutton Vocalion's website. Remastered from the original analogue tapes. https://www.duttonvocalion.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=CDLK4558
  7. ...or like making a film called The Hobbit based on a book called The Hobbit (which is about a Hobbit) and not making said film about the eponymous Hobbit.
  8. I've more or less given up hope on that. For the moment, I'm just thrilled the movie is out in good quality.
  9. I wonder if this coincides with a soundtrack release...
  10. Sure, titles are meant to sound inviting, but they also shouldn't mislead audiences about the film's content. Don't name the movie something evocative of a grand adventure film, hunting down mysterious magical creatures, then make an incredibly dour period film focusing on politics in the magic world and a fascist's rise to power (a story we already saw in 8 Potter films, mind you). You hear a pitch-perfect title like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and it says everything you need to know about the film. It doesn't even need the Indiana Jones prefix. But as echoed above, the
  11. WHOA!!! Indeed. Never saw that coming! For years and years, I searched for this film. I contacted Universal, NBC, the director's son and grandson. I even considered contacting Bibbi Andersson, but then heard she suffered from dementia at the time, so I abandoned that. Then, some 7-8 years ago, it suddenly appeared on YouTube. Without the prologue, and in bad quality, but still. I quickly downloaded it before it was taken down, and that's the only version I've had of the film. Untill now. Amazing news!
  12. Because JK Rowling wanted the reveal of Grindelwald to be a twist ending. Not my favourite choice, but so be it. I never put much stock in what movies are called: to me, titles are more an aspect of marketing than they are necessarily a statement about the nature of the film: the point of titles is a point of branding. They're meant to sound inviting. Rather, I let the movie itself tell me what it wants to be. Fantastic Beasts 2 is confused about what it wants to be, but then its a movie that's confused about just about eveything in it. If anything, the focus on the war
  13. Then why on earth would you plan a 5-film series starring a Magizoologist as the protagonist and title the franchise, "Fantastic Beasts"? It's like making a film called "Dinosaur Land" with a paleontologist as the lead character, then setting it during 1930's Germany and exploring Hitler's rise to power. Actually, it's exactly the issue with this series! It has no idea what it wants to be, in the same way Peter Jackson couldn't decide if his Hobbit films were about the titular Hobbit, or all the other extraneous crap he focused on instead. Hence t
  14. Today
  15. Wow!!! This is the last film from Williams' filmography that I expected to be released on bluray, but I'm glad I was wrong!!! https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=28761
  16. What I am wondering, you hardly find one of these pieces recorded twice with the exact same arrangement. Are all these changes in the arrangements made by the master himself? Or are these done by others and they just get authorized by John Williams? Or is every conductor doing those kinds of variations and changes on the sheet music as part of his or her interpretation of the piece?
  17. He means in that he's no longer the focus of the film. I don't see the issue. Did people really want five films (or three, or whatever) of magic Zoology? I'm fine with this series being about Grindlewald and his war with Dumbeldore. That is NOT the issue. The issue here is simply the script to Fantastic Beasts 2. Its just very hard to follow, much less invest in.
  18. This is lovely. It's always heartwarming to see musicians tributing JW.
  19. It's the same Signature Edition that has always been available at HL, as also recorded by Erich Kunzel with the CIncinnati Pops and, more recently, by the Film Symphony Orchestra: The Signature Edition differs from the version recorded for the OST album/end credits for a longer introduction, a small addition in the middle development section and an extended finale.
  20. There are multiple problems with the Fantastic Beast franchise, but the most important of all, is that there doesn't seem to be any real need for its existence. It's a typical product of studios/producers/authors not knowing when to end something, and wanting to milk the cow as much as possible. But the fanbase is to blame as well: fans always want more, more sequels, more spin-offs. As Dumbledore says in one of the books, humans tend to want things that are worst for them. I always defend an artist when he/she decides that it's time for a series to end. And I'm
  21. My original query was open ended actually - I didn't even really know whether it was something Davis overlayed, or the work of the sound team, etc, and wasn't sure how they'd present it on this set. But yes, The System is Davis' overlay on its own, which is oddly satisfying to hear if you imagine CTD playing underneath, and provides the welcome flexibility to hear it isolated or edit it into CTD.
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