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  1. I seriously hope they release season 3 and its score on dvd and cd. They better not just have it exclusive to the bloody streaming service crap like so much else.
  2. The water effects will be mindblowing. Some of those close up splashing shots, like when the hands are tightening the ropes and the water is splashing around the hands. Man...that kind of stuff will be ridiculous. Is it still WETA Digital?
  3. Just stumbled on this random fan-made title sequence for 'No Way Home.' It's bloody beautiful. Such great work with all the Spider-Man themes together. The way they blend and move between Elfman's, Horner's, Zimmer's and Giacchino's themes is incredible.
  4. I'm still kind of interested in the sequels, mainly for what will be mindblowing CGI. Considering the last film was incredible visually and it was 13 years ago, I'm sure WETA digital will create something truly special, and likely the best CGI we've ever seen, especially with the water-heavy effects.
  5. That is a reprisal from the first FB film. I think it's an intentional reference to Williams own Potter theme. 4:08 -
  6. Listening through it now. I'm really enjoying the quiet and delicate start to the score. A few nice relaxing pieces with lovely woodwind and choir writing, particularly in the pieces; 'She's Ready' and 'Wyvern Rescue.' I like how 'Young Man's Magic' brings back a few subtle themes from the previous scores, including a nice Main Theme reference near the end. Hearing the return of Jacob's solo material and his and Queenie's material in 'Call Me Jacob' and 'Countersight' is a damn delight! Man, JNH nailed that character musically. So fun. Fresh little nod to Hedwig's Theme on high strings in 'Insufficient Evidence.' Loved hearing the 3-note haunting choir theme from the 2nd film return at the end of 'Kama's Memory.' One of my favourite JNH choices in the 2nd film. 'Manticore Dance' has some interesting orchestration. Nice spanish vibes. Thankful to hear Newt's swashbuckling adventure theme in 'The Escape.' Then after that the score kind of goes stale around the 1 hour mark, until 'Case Chaos' when it picks back up with some more energy. A very subtle hint at JNH's Dumbledore theme in 'He's Lying To You.' I was really hoping that his theme would be the focus of the score, and be developed thoroughly along with Grindelwald's thematic material to juxtapose, but strangely both of their music is basically non-existent... 'He Sought To Kill, I Sought To Protect,' is a nice tragic piece with some of that JNH string power through dramatic chord progression, and finishes with some further development of his haunting choir writing. 'The Promise' reprises some Fantastic Beasts Main Theme and the only real Dumbledore's Theme appearance. 'The Ceremony' is a gorgeous piece and a sad reminder of what the score could have been. Some reprisals of his beautiful love theme for Newt and Tina, a final rendition of his Dumbledore Theme, and some great Brass and Woodwind solo's. That and the final Title Card piece, which is great and thematic also, feels like JNH was musically telling us that this is how the score could have been, if only I had a more inspiring film to work from. Overall, I am disappointed. The Score feels devoid of melody, devoid of themes, and devoid of energy. It still has magical moments, but JNH is capable of such top level magical fantasy, which he gave us in the 1st film's score, but clearly this film and it's director couldn't get that out of him.
  7. Really enjoying those two tracks. Makes me very excited for the score. Whenever I listen to a few JNH pieces from a new score, I find myself going on a JNH binge and just following the thread of the next piece from random score he wrote until I'm high on adrenaline, jumping around the room and miming taiko drums like a madman. Every time I binge JNH though, I inevitably find myself enveloped in his 3 disney animated films. Man, his Treasure Planet score is truly a masterpiece.
  8. It would be interesting if, in the sequel, Giacchino shapes his Bruce Wayne theme to become the main Batman theme, and his vengeance-heavy, hard-hitting power theme for Batman will become the secondary theme, considering the obvious direction that the story is heading toward. Spoiler - that Bruce realises he needs to help with hope as Bruce, rather than just with fear as Batman.
  9. My brain is slowly releasing adrenaline in anticipation for this score.
  10. I have no idea about the comics, but I do listen to some geek podcasts etc and I think they're going with Hush from what I hear. Reeves said he'd love to do Hush and also I remember seeing the word Hush on a screen in the film.
  11. I'm enjoying the score the more I listen to it. Not sure if Spoilers are allowed here yet, but I've noticed that Giacchino mirrors the film's overall intention with Bruce as the score goes on, in how he uses his Batman theme and Bruce Wayne theme. E.g. you would expect the final action pieces to be full Batman theme, but instead Giacchino dominates the final few minutes of the score with his Bruce Wayne theme and his Batman theme takes a backseat, to mirror what the film is doing, which is showing that Bruce realises he has to help Gotham as Bruce, just as much as he does as Batman, and also by using Batman as a symbol of hope, not just fear, moving forward for the good people of Gotham.
  12. I am rarely enthusiastic about a score on first listen. It has to be something extremely energetic and complex to grab me instantly. Scores like this (minimalist and slow building) are never really fully connected and realised unless I see the film. Then it either makes sense or falls apart. For me, this score went from some nice moments and the rest quite empty, to wow, this score is fantastic, after seeing the film. A film score's primary intention is to work for the film. A great solo listening experience is a bonus, but judging a score's effectiveness and meaning outside of a film without context is the opposite of what a film score is for. I adored this score during the film, and now the solo listen can be enjoyed as I can visualise the intent of each piece. Giacchino had very distinct thematic ideas. His Batman theme is actually my favourite theme written for the character. It dominates the film. And is explored in every major scene as a detective motif, a horror motif, an action, love, sinister motif etc. And his Catwoman theme is wonderfully rich and seductive for her. And of course his Riddler theme incorporating the hymn is haunting and tense, with a real twisted core. I like the score the more I think about it and hear it.
  13. The Batman made me re-evaluate the Nolan Trilogy. While I love Ledger's Joker, I find myself judging the trilogy in a more negative way. For example, Batman Begins made Gotham a character, but TDK and TDKR erased that and Gotham was just Chicago and New York. Also Pattinson's Batman was far superior to anything I've seen before. His presence, realism and detective nature was just leagues ahead of Bale's Batman for example. Especially his fighting style and voice. Pattinson makes Bale's fight scenes and voice seem embarrassing. I don't understand the criticism for the lack of a playboy singular Bruce Wayne character for Pattinson either. The story was clearly about him being consumed by his Batman side and his lust for revenge. He isn't interested in being Bruce Wayne. But the finale of the film showed real growth as he understood that hope can be more powerful than fear and instead of being a force of terror, he will become a force of hope moving forward for the people of Gotham. Literally shown in that flare seen as he led the survivors to safety as they were initially scared to take his hand, but the boy showed courage and took his hand first. Great character growth. There are things I didn't like though, the Joker scene was awful, but that didn't effect the plot at all, just felt pointless and "not another joker damn." I also wasn't expecting a big CGI flooding disaster film at the end. It felt so grounded and brutal up to then, but turned into a more "here's the big hollywood set piece superhero action scene at the end that the studio ordered." It felt misplaced. Overall though, it was a great film. Pattinson was brilliant and Giacchino's score was sensational. Very clearly defined thematic pieces throughout. Batman's theme, Bruce's theme, Catwoman and the Riddler all very distinct and seperate. Extremely effective score.
  14. I enjoyed the 1st film a lot and adore the score. The 2nd film has good stuff in it and the score again I like. Just hoping for great musical opportunities for JNH really.
  15. Making my way through it now. I adore the minimalist approach and relentless building-to-a-crescendo style he uses in his Matt Reeves Films. This score sounds just right for his and Reeves collaborations. Reeves clearly has a minimalist and raw approach to filmmaking, so this score reflects what I expected. I'm very much looking forward to this film. I haven't been attracted to a cinema in years, but they have been an effective and highly visceral collaboration so far, so this really intrigues me. Specifically Cloverfield speaks for itself in its rawness by being hand-held and brutally loud and strobe-like visually. And his Apes films are just sensational pieces of work visually and musically. I can already see how his style will influence the Batman world, for example that wonderful shot in Dawn where the camera is fixed to the tank turret as it spins and destroys the human settlement, and then again as the camera is fixed to the side of the Batmobile as it chases the Penguin through the flames.
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