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  1. This just makes me more sad that I couldn't find a way to buy tickets. I hope they at least release the full suite footage. Apparently it was 17 minutes long!!
  2. I'm so damn annoyed. I've been to the Krakow Film Music Festival 3 times in the past. It was wonderful every time, and this year Simon Franglen is there doing workshops, Q and A's, meet and greets, discussions and premiering music from his Avatar score at several concerts. It was easy to get everything I needed the 3 previous times because I had a press media pass as I was working for a film music review website. But now, as a general person needing to arrange and buy individual tickets and passes for these many events, it is impossible to do! The website to purchase tickets are in polish only, and every event seems to be spread out around the city and outside of the city and the locations are even impossible to find as they don't tell you where they are and only have the Polish name etc. I really wanted to go (it's this weekend) but it seems that unless you all of a sudden live in Krakow and are polish, you don't stand a chance unfortunately.
  3. Don't think I've ever shared my JNH tattoo, but hey, here goes. It's his name in musical note form on the strings of a lyre instrument (the one used by Apollo; the god of music in greek mythology)
  4. Can't wait to see this shit on monday. It's total schlock and I love it haha
  5. I'm still on episode 8, Midnight Blue. Love this score. McNeely has some really magical moments. Like 'Sweet Moment/Beautiful Sight' makes me think he would be a good choice for a Harry Potter project. And 1:30 in 'Union Central' is perhaps the most badass reveal of the Orville ship itself.
  6. Nice. I have the digital release with the 3 hours of bts, so hopefully the D+ release has a few different docs attached
  7. Man I'd love to hear the full (film) version of 'Na'vi Attack.' With the extra Payakan's theme as he smashes up the ship, and Jake's initial charge.
  8. Interesting. The first HG's score was very Appalachian sounding.
  9. Well, the Director is Francis Lawrence again. So no doubt his musical vision he wants JNH to do will be the same.
  10. Hopefully it's a good film, but either way, we get JNH.
  11. It's pretty easy and digestible to listen to each episode's score on their own. I was overwhelmed at first, but then stopped trying to madly listen to all 72 pieces at the same time. It's been weeks and I'm only on episode 8. I'm already very familiar with each score and their ideas, as a result. They're all like mini-movies anyway, so each score works narratively as a solo entity. Some have their own main theme that carries throughout their episode, with development and resolution.
  12. Still listening through the score, one episode at a time. I've re-listened to each episode over and over again, treating each one like its own separate score to be examined and enjoyed. On episode 7 at the moment; From Unknown Graves. Debney really shines in this one, with the delicate and romantic writing. The piano and woodwinds are particularly beautiful and I love the patience of this episode's score. It breathes and flows gorgeously.
  13. Definitely. I missed when they re-released the first one before Way of Water came out. So I'd love to see it again in the cinema before the 3rd one. It's been 13 years since I've seen it in all its glory with 3D etc. I'm going to see Aliens tomorrow night. It's a one-off special showing at my local cinema. It's one of my all-time favourite films, and I've never seen it in the cinema before. It's all booked full as well, so it should be a fun experience with some diehard Aliens fans. I can't believe that in the last month I've basically only seen Cameron films as a pure coincidence haha. The Way of Water of course (about 700 times) and then Titanic's 25th anniversary re-release, and now a special Aliens screening.
  14. Haha I know. It's back for 1 week. Just saw it last night. Even with it being out for 5 months, and it starting at 9 and finishing at midnight, and on a weekday, there was a decent amount of people in there. Crazy. I'm sure Cameron could just leave it in cinemas for the rest of time and still people would go. That's everyday.
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