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  1. I'm currently at intermission in a concert randomly called Zimmer vs Williams. And they were introducing Batman, and the conductor said, "Christopher Nolan had to choose a composer for the job, and the only man for the job was Hans Zimmer. As a JNH fanboy to the ultimate heights, things like that make me explode internally lol. I was sat there saying to myself, "well he LITERALLY WASN'T the only man for the job, because fu**ing JNH did it too!" Haha. And then to rub it in even more, they played a piece from Batman Begins that was clearly by JNH lol. I love nothing more than Film score concerts, but damn they test my patience sometimes when my know-it-all side comes out and I can't help but judge anyone with inaccurate information or lack of knowledge.
  2. Of course, everything is influenced by what came before. I enjoy searching for the seeds of particular styles or sounds, and how each major voice in each era puts a clear signature into those that follow.
  3. I recently went to a Concert of Williams' works (for about the 700th time of course) and they played Born on the 4th of July, which I haven't revisited in years, and what struck me most was how influential this side of Williams is to so many of the great Composers. I sat there listening to the Orchestra play this piece, and I felt so many other voices that have developed from Williams. I hear Doyle's 'St. Crispin's Day' from Henry V. I hear a strong comparison to Powell, especially his score to Solo and the piece 'Lando's Closet.' I hear Arnold's sci-fi style, particularly Independence Day. There's even some Horner in there, like Apollo 13. And Zimmer with The Last Samurai. And my favourite comparison I feel is from The Orville. The piece 'Alara Says Goodbye' has to be a nod of some sort. It's fun just sitting and listening to this Williams piece and thinking of all those examples I listed and it really making you feel Williams powerful influence and shaping of so many others.
  4. Their biggest mistake ever with the Bond franchise was replacing David Arnold.
  5. Let's just stop and appreciate this wonderful gem of a score from JNH. Stunning themes, gorgeous orchestration, pure whimsy, adventure and drama. One of my favourite scores from him.
  6. The first 25 seconds evoke so many great scores in such a short time. I am waiting for Silvestri's Contact, Williams theme for Yoda, and even JNH's own Peter Pan to blast out of every note.
  7. So Giacchino's Batman theme was based on that Nirvana song.
  8. Sounds like JNH's Fantastic Beasts Fanfare... 0:20 - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WBOMpfxsUpk
  9. I heard now that Zimmer took over scoring duties, they're thinking of renaming the film. Top choices as of now are; He Lied To Me. He Shot At Me. He Hates On Me. He's Using Me. Fragility. Electricity. Afraid Of Me. He's Dead To Me.
  10. *Zimmer uses trumpets and guitar* Zimmer - "I just wanted to do something unique. Something never heard before in a Bond film."
  11. Yeah John Carter is a Giacchino Williamsesque Sci-Fi score, so it all comes full circle.
  12. I've only just began really getting stuck into the score, so forgive me for repeating anything said previously, but does anyone get a John Carter or at least a Giacchino vibe from Williams new 'Rise of Skywalker' theme? 1:13 - 1:34 It makes me think of this theme, and Giacchino's overall dramatic LOST themes. 2:30 -
  13. The only thing I like about the final scene was when Rey used that piece of metal as a sled like she did when we were first introduced to her in TFA. And Williams accompanied it by giving a nice little callback to the same section of Rey's theme used in both scenes. Just a little thing that shows the potential this trilogy had for touching character moments. But was ultimately wasted.
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