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  1. The music seems mixed so high in that horse chase clip! 😁 Hopefully the rest of the score is that prominent.
  2. Not sure where to post this, but just finished my oil painting of Howard Shore and thought I'd share it. I actually decided to open a separate artwork dedicated thread in 'other topics' for anyone to share their artwork.
  3. When it started in 1997, I was 8. I'm 33 now.
  4. Been a buffy fan since it started. Probably still my favourite tv show, even to this day. It has a lot of meaning to me as well as a kid. My grandfather died around the same time as the season 5 finale, so that ending with 'The Gift' destroyed me as a kid. But it did help me face those emotions externally. It's great when media can help real life problems. My favourite character will always be Buffy. I loved her. Such a powerful and well-told hero with flaws. She was a great teacher growing up as a tv role-model. I do love Angel though. His backstory and tragedy is the most interesting of the characters for me. Season 5 with Glory was amazing too. "You are glowing, oh powerful and shiny Glorificus." Such a brilliant villain. My favourite episode is impossible to say, but I do have every single word of the Musical episode memorised haha.
  5. Managed to finally get the season 4 score CD's on pre order from Invada Records. They were sold out on Lakeshore so I guess I'm lucky to find somewhere else.
  6. What a season! Season 3 was so grand. The scope of it all was heightened to the maximum. What a wonderfully charming and lighthearted finale. As a kid I loved the big space battles in sci-fi shows, but now as I'm older, I love the quiet episodes a lot more; the ones that just take place on the ship with no crazy intergalactic conflict etc, just a quiet, cosy and funny look into the everyday lives of the characters. Those are my favourite kinds of episodes. And the finale was just that. What a special show the Orville is. I cherish the passion and artistry that goes into it, and I hope to all hope for more seasons to be made. We all need optimism in our media, particularly our sci-fi.
  7. Just finished the season. Some very special moments musically. I love the continued usage of old songs orchestrally arranged from classic hollywood films. Seth really is a nostalgic master at how he uses those showtunes and classic songs to tell a narrative.
  8. Not sure if this is an idea that has been discussed and resolved, but I have only become a fan of Stranger Things for about 2 months when I finally got Netflix and decided to check it out. I have watched all of it and love it, but as I haven't been around for the last 6 years of discussion surrounding the show, I may be repeating old theories. Here goes - I don't think Eleven ever knew what the Upside Down was at all in season 1. The boys are annoyed that she seems to know about it and wont tell them. And that she seems to have some knowledge about the demogorgon and its origins etc. I believe she didn't. To show the boys where she thought Will was, she turned the gameboard 'upside down,' and showed them that he is there with the demogorgon. She isn't telling them that Will is in another dimension. I believe she is telling them where she has seen Will and the Demorgogon; not the other dimension known throughout the series as the upside down, but instead the black void where Eleven goes to find people in her head. She turned the board over (upside down) to show a black void, and places Will and the Demogorgon onto it. That is clearly a visual representation of her black void mindscape. So when the kids ask where Will is, she says the words; 'Upside Down.' She isn't telling them he's in an alternate hell dimension. She's telling them where she saw him; in her mind...in the black void. She's basically saying "I saw him in the black void of my mind. You know, when I turned the board upside down. He's there. I saw him there." The boys then misinterpret that as the 'Upside Down' being an alternate dimension. But Eleven never meant that. She doesn't know about the upside down and could never know. And why would she call the other dimension; the upside down? She was merely describing what she did with the board, to portray the black void of her mind she uses to find people, and Will.
  9. I noticed there was a recurring motif or idea for 'evil.' It's mostly used for the demogorgon, but can be an overall evil sound - And it recurrs in different ways in the pieces - 'Danger Danger,' 'Something In The Wall,' 'Descent Into The Rift,' and 'To Be Continued.' I haven't searched season 4 score yet. Still listening through it for enjoyment purposes before I start analysing it thematically.
  10. Does anyone recognise this piece? I swear I've heard it in previous seasons. I've searched the season 1,2 and 3 scores and can't find it. I might be imagining things, but I feel like I've heard this particular piece used before in Stranger Things.
  11. This was my view. I was probably sat very near to you. Sorry about the excessive smiling and overall giddy man-child energy I would've been giving off
  12. It took longer because of the covid delays and protocol problems. I heard the duffers say in an interview that they didn't intend to go past 8 months filming total. And with season 5 being smaller in total runtime, I would assume 6 months. The Duffers normally write 4 episodes before filming and then write the other 4 during filming. And considering season 5 directly follows 4, the preproduction time will be less, with sets, costume, location scouting etc.
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