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  1. Yes, I know. I still wasn't impressed with the trailer
  2. It really does look awesome. I love 2D Zelda games and the art style works great for the gameplay from what I can see
  3. Here we go! Woah what is this Mario/Luigi game!? What!? A new Mario & Luigi RPG!? Mario & Luigi Brothership, dropping November 7th! Wow! NIntendo World Championships NES Edition. Neat but not my thing really Fairy Tail 2. Never heard of it. Not my thing. Fantasian Neo Dimension - looks really cool! I liked the visuals, and the battle mechanics seem more like the old school ones I like than the newer styles I find hard to grock Nintendo Switch Sports free Basketball update - I've never talked to a single persno who had or even played this game and I feel like the podcasts barely covered it Memories In Orbit - Animation briefly reminded me of Aeon Flux for a second.. As the trailer went on I got super into this - this looks AWESOME. Too bad its a 2025 game Disney Illusion Island - meh Hello Kitty Island Adventure - lol Looney Tunes Wacky World of Sports - lol Among Us free update - didn't know this game was still popular Farmagia - Looks silly Donkey Kong Country Returns HD - Wow! I never played this one. I've heard lots of complaints about it, but a lot of people love it too. I wonder if the remake will fix a lot of the things people complained about. January 16th 2025, wow Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake - looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Really want to get and play this one for sure!! November 14th! Dragon Quest I & II 2D-HD Remake - WOW!! Coming 2025! Awesome!!! Man that was cool to see Yuji Horii hyping both games, and recommending to play III then I then I Funko Fusion - lol, lots of creativity here. Seems like the same wheelhouse as the Lego games Luigi's Mansion 2 HD - Coming out in just 9 days! The New Dempa Men - lol Metal Slug Attack Reladed - they made a tower defense game too!? Darkest Dungeon II - wow, cool graphics! Not a game I'd play though Zelda A Link To The Past Four Swords - Oh wow awesome, I never played this one! Metroid Zero Mission - Amazing, one of the best metroidvanias ever Turok Dinosaur Hunter - meh Perfect Dark - oh man, so many memories of playing hours and hours of this game in college with my roommates Phantom Brave The Lost Hero - meh Marvel Vs Capcom FIghting Collection - These are all from well after I lost interest in these kinds of games, but I did love SF2 back in the day. Super Mario Party Jamboree - I've never played any Mario Party game somehow The Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom - HOLY MOTHERFORKING SHIRTBALLS this looks AMAZING!!!!!!! Cool to see Eiji Aonuma come on and talk about it. Huh, the tri-staff mechanic seems really cool. Sort of BOTW/TOTK inspired. Doesn't seem like the game will have much combat though? Ah OK here's some combat. Lol, monsters fighting on your side against other monsters Wow! The more they show of this game the more awesome is looks! Wow, so many echoes in the game! And its coming out September 26! Amazing! Just Dance 2025 - lol what a joke to show right after an amzing new Zelda game Lego Horizon Adventures - Very cool looking. Still gotta play the main game Stray - I remember this game from a few years ago. I wonder why it took so long to come to Switch Tales of the Shire - huh. The character design is hideous, but the backgrounds look great. Gameplay looks boring. I wonder how the music will be. Ace Attorney Investigations Collection - neat! The Hundred Line Last Defense Academy - meh Romancing SaGa 2 remake - looks nice, but don't think the SaGa games are for me Metroid Prime 4 - OMG the first trailer since the teaser in 2017 lol Huh. Doesn't look particularly interesting. This took 7 years to create? Er, 8 years I guess, a 2025 release date. Well hopefully there's lots more to reveal than what they showed here.
  4. The Second Disc article about the release: https://theseconddisc.com/2024/06/17/road-to-sugarland-la-la-land-records-premieres-john-williams-first-score-for-a-steven-spielberg-film/
  5. Hmm, though it opens April 3 in the US, it'll open April 24 in Japan https://www.twitter.com/Nintendo/status/1802869076475392024
  6. It's up https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/129145902/abbott-and-costello-meet-frankenstein-soundtrack-recording
  7. House of the Dragon 1x10 The Black Queen (rewatch) This is an awesome season finale. My memory was that it went back in time a bit and showed the events of the prior episode but from the Black's perspective, but it's much cooler that it starts with Rahenys landing at Dragonstone right after the end of the last episode and goes from there. The only strange part about that, though, is that in the last episode, before Viserys died, Alicent and Rhaenyra were back to being friends, it seemed, and Rhaenyra told Alicent that she'd fly back on her dragon the next day after seeing her family home. Well now we've jumped to the next day after that and she's still at Dragonstone, so what happened to that promise? Hmmm. The third on-screen birth of the season is just as as intense as the others, and a nice parallel to the first episode; I also liked a later parallel to the second episode when Rhaenyra shows up on her dragon on the bridge when Otto is delegating with Daemon. Otto's terms are sound, logical, and almost everyone would say generous. Not that I think anyone on team Black should take them! But you can't say they didn't make their best and a very generous offer. I loved the other call back to the early episodes, with the page out of the book that young Alicent and Rhaenyra were studying. It can be as a message from Alicent to hope for peace, but I dunno it kinda feels the opposite to me: very manipulative to get what Alicent wants. I could not really tell what Rhaenyra thinks. I love that Erryk didn't just help Rhaenys escape, but is now a full on team Black member. The fact that he thought to grab Viserys' crown before leaving is SO awesome - too bad he didn't get that dagger too! Rhaenyra's crowning ceremony was really good, and I loved the little tough that Rhaenys didn't bow yet. Although, that makes it a little strange to me that they'd let her into their council room.... it doesn't matter by episode's end, since once Corlys is back they fully pledge themselves to her side, but I wish just a little more time was spent on them debating things, especially in light that they lost both of their children after they were involved with Daemon or Rhaenyra. At one point in their talk Corlys reminds Rhaenys that Rhaenyra was complicit in Laenor's death (if they she wasn't), and I thought Rhaenys would say something like "she told me she was not involved, and I believed her" but she just... doesn't. A hope a lot is made early next season about how big of an advantage it is for the Blacks to have the navy on their side. Speaking of war preparations, the painted table at Dragonstone is sooooooo cool! I loved how it looks with the fire underneath, and hope that they use this for the opening credits of season 2 instead of the blood flow thing they used this season that never had any impact on me. I also think the episode did a good job of laying out which houses are on which side and which need to be persuaded to pick a side. One curious bit of the season 2 trailer for me was a little scene they show where Rhaenyra is asking Daemon where his loyalties lie (or something like that) which I found intriguing.... but rewatching this episode I was reminded that the seeds for that are already planted here. Throughout the episode you can see Daemon wants some war and to be an active participant in it. He was set to fly somewhere to talk to someone before Rhaenyra had Jace come into the council room and remind him that she doesn't want anyone going anywhere; He wanted to kill Otto on the bridge; when Rhaenyra tells him that she will not land the first blow, he tells her that in his view, the Greens already have done so. But one of the most interesing parts is when Rhaenyra learns that Viserys never told Daemon about Aegon's dream. I loved his response about how Viserys put too much stock into dreams and portents and prophecies since he had nothing else to make his reign more important. But I wish Rhaenyra then took it one step further and said something like "it's not just words. There is a magic dagger that reveals the prophecy when put into flame. The Greens have it now". It would been a nice touch I think. Oh well. The whole ending of this episode is perfection and one of the best sequences of the entire GOT franchise. Even without the Aemond ending, Luke's arrival and entrance into the chambers had such a ominous vibe to it, even before Vhagar is seen in the background. The parley with Borros was really well written and everything Borros says and thinks is completely logical. Rhaenyra completely overestimated this house's support and leads me to think many other house will think similarly. She really should have spent her adulthood visiting the kingdom often enough to muster and lock in support. I think she will come to regret this in more ways than just losing Luke. And boy, the squabble between Luke and Aemond is so well done. I love the reveal of the sapphire eye, and that he wants Luke to cut out his own eye, and doesn't even want interest of anything beyond what he himself lost. The fact that Borros intervenes and let Luke leave is great, but then, damn, that ending. The final sequence is so spectacular. The rain, the sound design, the scale. What makes it so fascinating is that they aren't even in control of their dragons. I remembered that Aemond didn't mean to kill Luke and was distraught after it happened, but I was reminded on second watch that Luke also lost control of his dragon, and attacked Vhagar first with fire breath. There is an earlier episode where Viserys comments that dragons are a power man shouldn't mess with, and its an illusion that they can be controlled by man, and I LOVE that he was right. What's also interesting is that now team Green knows this and team Black doesn't... but only if Aemond returns home and tells the complete truth. And that's one of the things I'm super curious about, because his telling of the events could go three ways. "Vaghar attacked Luke against my wishes, I did not want it", or "Yea, I killed Luke, he took my eye!", or "Luke attacked me first, I was just defending myself!", or even "Nothing happened. I left in peace, I have no idea what happened to Luke". I can't wait to see how that goes. But I also can't wait to see what Team Black does next! The episode was so good at showing Rhaenyra repeatedly, no matter who suggested otherwise, that she wanted peace, didn't want to rule over ash and bone, and it if did come to war, she absolutely would not land the first blow. But man. That look on her face at the end of the episode is INCREDIBLE. I loved that they used slow-mo, and no audio but music, for that entire shot, and how we see Rhaenyra learn the news, then turn around for a bit, then turn back to camera to show her face. Perfect ending to a absolutely great season of television. This is probably the best build-up to war I've ever seen put on film. It works so well because you're so invested in so many characters. And the "medieval, but with dragons" is such a fun angle to tell a war story in too. Can't wait to watch the season 2 premiere tonight!
  8. @Miguel Andrade's review: https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2024/06/17/bernstein-williams-violin-concertos/
  9. William Stromberg, so they're clearly launching this tonight:
  10. Anyone listening now this this is available free on any podcast platform?
  11. I rewatched episode 10 this morning. If there was any recurring melody I was supposed to pick up on used in the episode, I didn't notice it
  12. Anyone else get a smile on their face when they see this thread bumped on a Monday, knowing with 99.9% certainty why it was bumped?
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