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  1. It doesn't matter to why. Ricard doesn't want it on the forum he owns, so I enforce his decision. You can PM him if you want to have a conversation with him about it.
  2. You guys are ridiculous. This is a film score themed discussion forum. Being able to talk about political news stories is a privilege not a right. There's endless places on the internet you can can go to share your political opinions. You don't have to do it here.
  3. Hmm, I didn't think I was rude at all, maybe my intended tone didn't come across on the screen. Sorry about that! I just think, in general, links to places where people can get more information about a thing, are infinitely more useful than a screenshot if someone's phone, where you have to examine it and figure out what they are trying to show you. Here's an example of an alternate way one could have accomplished the intended goal: Hey, I just got this Penny worth show from the library, anybody here seen it? https://en.w
  4. I respect others' opinions and don't laugh at them!
  5. I don't need why anyone would have a problem with young people being honest about who they are into. It helps other young people keeping things inside feel more welcome into expressing the same. I don't know why older people worry about how other people label or don't label themselves. Why does it matter? It's great that people talk about sexuality so much these days! Centuries of needless repression is finally being undone!
  6. I love Krull, for sure, but I dunno, Wrath of Khan just hits the same sweet spots for me, but hits them better
  7. Bruce has been clogging up our server space with attached images since he rejoined, on a level no other user has ever done in 20 years, so I'm trying to establish a norm Posting screenshots of websites scrunched down into a mobile view is just a weird practice for anyone to do on a forum, even in 2020
  8. Nothing has changed with that setting, it's the same as before
  9. I'm trying to help you fit in, not trying to push you away. What do you mean?
  10. It doesn't, though. This particular thread is about this universe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_Extended_Universe I understand that the "Pennyworth" TV show is based on DC comic books, but it's not connected to the DCEU. Posting pictures of something you bought that you want to show off is perfectly fine! There's many active threads for that: Recently Purchased Music Recently Purchased Movies Recently Purchased Video Games Recently Purchased Books The Action Figure, Model Kit and Movie Memorabilia Thread et
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