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  1. I'm so grateful that not only is he still scoring feature films this late in life and career, but that these late scores area all so good! It would be one thing if these new scores coming after 2005 (when he was freaking 73 already) were just OK-ish scores that are exciting for a little bit, then quickly forgotten... but for him to still be putting out so many bangers is astonishing and most welcome! Some of these newer scores I love so much more than some of his scores from his peak years. I will never blame him at all if he stops scoring features and just focuses on concert work, but I will be thrilled to no end if we find out he's scoring another feature!
  2. Jay

    The NINTENDO Thread

    I'm working on it! What do you guys think about the implementation of dragons in this game? I think it's amazing. For about 120 hours of play, I occasionally saw them in the sky, and it was always awesome and magical every time. the music, looking up and seeing them carelessly gliding, etc. I thought that was all there was to them, honestly. Then one day, I'm way up north of Death Mountain. I had some quest that involved taking pictures of leviathan bones, and I saw some up there on the map. I took a picture, defeated the giant cache of tough enemies camped out inside it, looking around for stuff, etc. Was deciding whether to keep wandering or warp somewhere else, when ALL OF A SUDDEN, a GIANT DRAGON appears out of nowhere from the ground right next to me, and starts flying! I whip out my camera to snap a pic and see his name is Dinraal, which triggered something; I had recently been looking over my open quests and remembered one I had picked up 3 years ago,about putting Dinraal's scale down by a fountain. Well, I had no clue what that meant at all. But now finally seeing this guy's name, I whipped out my bow and fired off a shot at him , and something landed and I went and got it, and it was his scale! So I went to the spring and used it and got that shrine, which was cool. Cut to a few days later, I'm up in some area with a bunch of waterfalls and all of a sudden another dragon appears out of nowhere, I arrow it for another scale. That's when I realized the Spring of Power existing likely meant there was a Spring of Courage and a Spring of Wisdom too, but I had no idea where they were. Randomly, a few days later, I'm wandering in Hateno Village, and randomly find this farmer guy tending crops I had never managed to see in 130+ hours. He tells me something funny is going on with the mountain nearby and i should explore it, so i climb up there and when I get to the top, holy shit! There's a dragon covered in malice. Clearing all the malice by paragliding and taking them out was awesome, then afterwards it walks you through hitting it with an arrow to get a scale, and using that to unlock the fountain. Woops, I guess the game kinda meant I would have found this before the other ones! I dunno how I never found the guy who sent me on this question before. So now I gotta find the third spring, wherever that is, since I already have the right scale. Meanwhile, I only recently learned you can upgrade the damn Champion's tunic; I like throwing it on from time to time to see enemy HP, but now that I've actually been upgrading a lot of my armor sets, it low defense of 8 isn't practical. For some reason I thought you couldn't upgrade it, but I was hovering over every item last night see what I had to collect and saw it needs 2 freaking dragon horns to upgrade, so i gotta get farming...
  3. Jay

    The NINTENDO Thread

    The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild I bought a house! Apparently I could have done this ages ago but had no idea. I was exploring those shipping container looking houses on a hill up by Hateno Village and this time found a foreman and some workers I had missed before (or maybe they only spawn after some certain event, no idea). Anyways I had to collect some wood, and eventually pay 3,000 rupees (I didn't have a lot of money at this point, but just sold a bunch of rare minerals and it was easy peasy) and then I had a house! I could only afford a wall mount at first, but it was great to store a strong / cool looking weapon there I wanted to save for later without taking up an item slot. Many days of play later when I was much richer, I went back and bought all the other upgrades, and it's so freaking dope having a fully decked out house with a bed, a table, an apple orchard, etc. I filled all 3 weapon, all 3 shield, and all 3 bow mounts with cool weapons, or weapons I didn't want to just carry around, and I love having a bed you can use to change the time of day while recovering hearts for free. I love stopping in here every time I have the next weapon the kid in town wants to look at. This is a super cool side quest!
  4. It's definitely sold out / OOP at Intrada, though I don't remember since when
  5. I love the Anthem of Evil track, but can we even confirm that "Psalm of the Sith" is the original name of it? Or that it's even a proper concert arrangement and not an edit of various film cues? I think all that is still an open question. Anyways, as for the OST track itself, I really like it, especially the quiet moody opening. What I really don't like about the track, though, is the obvious edit at the 3:08 mark. It takes me out of the trance the music has me under every time, I can't not hear it
  6. I dunno, other than the John Williams scores, I don't find there was a lot of great film music after Return of the King and before The Hobbit. Feels like grand orchestral scores made a bit of a comeback in the 2010s after taking a step back for a bit
  7. I'm sure at some point the weird contract that makes post-2005 scores too expensive for the specialty labels will change, and then they'll be able to expand those too like all the pre-2005 scores
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