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  1. I respect classical music and have no problem with it existing or anyone else enjoying it, I just can't find much to enjoy in any I've ever tried to, at least so far. I always planned on actively trying to listen to more of it eventually, but I have so many scores I still need to listen to that day seems to remain ever in the elusive future
  2. I did realize that, yep! Maybe not right when I made the thread, but shortly after that thought occurred to me. I plan on bumping it up when a big Williams release draws people back. Has this plan ever backfired on your, IE, by the time you went to buy something, it was sold out / OOP? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've just never really enjoyed any classical music I've come across. It's just not my cup of tea. I like listening to film (and tv and video game) scores
  3. I think he's got good range. He was good in American Psycho and The Big Short Still need to see The Machinist
  4. I've seen all 8 of the films being discussed here I really liked Slumdog, Up, The Hateful Eight, The Shape of Water, and Soul I really, strongly, actively disliked The Artist, La La Land, and Joker - in fact, those might literally be the 3 films out of the hundreds I've seen in the past 10 years I liked the least! (I'd have to check somehow) As far as the scores go, I quite enjoy the scores to Up, The Hateful Eight, and The Shape of Water. I can put any of those on at any random time and enjoy their score albums. I liked the Soul OST too but I on
  5. Well said! Meh, classical music ain't all its cracked up to be IMO. Film music for life! I feel like I buy less score albums in general in recent years, but my amount of time listening to film music in general hasn't changed. I guess a combination of listening to stuff I already bought but hadn't spent much (or any) time with yet + streaming new (to me) music to see what else I might want to buy Do you think you will ever actively sell your physical collection off to younger fans of the hobby or keep it as-is your entire life?
  6. Ever since Election I've found all Alexander Payne movies worth watching (though I haven't caught up with Nebraska yet). I really need to see Citizen Ruth
  7. Transformers wasn't close to the start of LeBeouf's acting career. He had already been a TV star through the Disney channel show Even Stevens and been in a lot of other shows and movies before being cast in that Though it was a chance to crossover into big blockbuster appeal instead of being seen as only a child actor I suppose. I am curious to see that Honey Boy movie to see what it says about this stuff
  8. This is what I have in my old notes for the start of the second half of the film 47A Gilraen's Memorial TCR II-9 "Gilraen's Memorial" (0:00-1:08) 1:08 48 Bilbo's Gifts TCR II-9 "Gilraen's Memorial" (1:08-2:03) + OST 11 (0:18-0:46) 1:22 TCR II-9 "Gilraen's Memorial" (1:08-2:40) 1:32 48A The Departure of the Fellowship TCR II-9 "Gilraen's Memorial" (2:40-3:46) 1:06
  9. A very strange movie, the poster, trailer and all marketing made you think it was all about the whole shrinking thing, but once that's all out of the way in the first 30-45 minutes it really goes in an unexpected direction
  10. Another update from MV (same thread) Empire will be back probably in June (last batch) . With all these older WMG titles we have to toss all the old paper and print up new paper that contains the NEW Warner Records legal line, so repesssings become more expensive than expected. And of course, we have to eat those expenses. UGH That being said more Batman Collections and Die Another Day are on the way! MV
  11. It's a long term investment - you don't get harvestable crops until the 3rd year on, and even then it's only a little bit. We're hoping for our first real good sized harvest this year, and we received them in 2018
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