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  1. That track was actually mislabled on that release; It isn't an alternate of "More Dreams", it's an alternate of "Sweet Dreams". So, it should be here as Disc 3, track 12 or 13 LLL's Planet of the Apes expansion and Intrada's Edward Scissorhands expansion, both released after the box, didn't have theirs released either
  2. Roger says: Doug says: So a 94:06 main program followed by a 97:34 alternates program. Impressive!
  3. Check out the 2021 film "Freaky". We watched it last night and it has tons of great F13 references, including a ki ki ki ma ma ma homage. It's on HBO Max
  4. So true! I would speculate he rebuilt it using the tape transfers done in 2011 for the 20th Anniversary LLL project. I don't think new transfers of those tapes made in 2021 would be terribly different from the 2011 transfers, and I doubt Mondo would fund new transfers anyway when those exist. The tapes transferred in 2011 was obviously not a complete set since some tracks on the final LLL album were pulled form the film's music stem, but that material was not on the OST album anyway, so the 2011 tapes should have everything that was on the OST.
  5. I think the transfers done in 2011 to be used for the 20th anniversary LLL would already be acceptable; fresh transfers made anew probably wouldn't be terribly different from those, and I doubt Mondo would fund that anyway. The 2011 tape transfers would have everything needed to rebuild the OST program; The music not found for that project was entirely material that wasn't on the OST album. I don't know what format the 1991 album master would be, but it wouldn't be CD quality, it would be above it. You always want your masters to be of higher quality than the final prod
  6. The only question I have about this release is: Will the trailer cue play at the as-recorded speed, or at the as-released OST speed?
  7. It's the original soundtrack album, at least according to the image in the main post
  8. This marks Mike's first foray into the world of Hook, since the previous 20th anniversary expansion from La-La Land Records was produced by Didier Deutsch. Incidentally, that was the only Spielberg/Williams collaboration to receive a specialty label release that Mike wasn't involved with, other than the SS/JW Amazing Stories episode scores released by Intrada.
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