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  1. I have shared many beers (and wine.. and port...) with Jim (and Doug!) and can confirm it is quite enjoyable
  2. Is this version in stereo? The previous YouTube video was in mono (or rather only in the left channel)
  3. Happy birthday Stef and Chrusher!
  4. Is this the first time JW split a single composition across multiple tracks for an OST? Or maybe they broke this in two on the recording stage?
  5. Does Quint think it's spelled Fortnight for real, or does he know it's Fortnite but is misspelling on purpose... 🤔
  6. The printed covers are completely fine The 600x600 cover on Intrada's website is completely fine People in this thread are lamenting the fact that Intrada chooses not to provide us with digital covers greater than 600x600, so brothersound posted a website that "fakes" a high res version using the 600x600 version Intrada posted as a source. How did you managed to get confused about this?
  7. The film is skipping a theatrical release and will debut August 6 on HBO Max https://deadline.com/2020/05/an-american-pickle-movie-release-date-seth-rogen-hbo-max-1202933382/ No word on a score album yet
  8. https://www.indiewire.com/2020/05/alexandre-desplat-interview-black-widow-pinocchio-french-dispatch-1202232702/
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