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  1. So there was recording in London after all!!
  2. The episodes drop on Disney+ 15 hours from now
  3. ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Series in Development at Netflix
  4. I love what Joe Kraemer does with the harpsichord in this Mission Impossible 5 track (starting at 2:45)
  5. Cynicism? On an internet message board? No way!
  6. They could be saving it for any reason they think is appropriate to save it for
  7. Right. Most new music albums drop at midnight, timezone by timezone, so that's why we check iTunes NZ, because they turn midnight first. But there's been tons of times in the past few years where Disney Records titles do not drop at midnight, but instead have a simultaneous worldwide release across all timezones, at a some specific time they chose to do so
  8. There's nothing on iTunes at all for the show You can always easily search yourself any time: https://music.apple.com/nz/search
  9. You know what's interesting is if you look up the OST album on digital/streaming platforms, it says
  10. Now available in any country where it's already Friday https://music.apple.com/nz/album/top-gun-maverick-music-from-the-motion-picture/1621817793
  11. How cool would it be if hearing this score again to approve this release leads to JW busting out the end credits for concert performance?
  12. Isn't it as simple as: Varese did not obtain perpetuity rights to it, like they also did not for Total Recall and Basic Instinct?
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