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  1. Right. No way to know right now. Even "Anthem of Evil" could be something a character says in a scene I suppose.
  2. New page, here's the OST tracks for anyone just joining us, in alphabetical order because we don't know the order A New Home Anthem of Evil Approaching the Throne Battle of the Resistance Destiny of A Jedi Fanfare and Prologue Farewell Fleeing from Kijimi Join Me Journey to Exegol Reunion Speeder Chase Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Album Finale The Final Saber Duel The Force is With You The Old Death Star The Rise of Skywalker They Will Come We Go Together And here's my google doc attempting to line up with the FYC https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VWApmUMfiSF9gvXb3LW9QloZO-St-ITFMF-qYaNN0fw/edit?usp=sharing
  3. "Destiny of a Jedi" is just as likely to be a concert arrangement as "The Rise of Skywalker" I suppose. Both would make for silly dialogue to say outloud but work as concert arrangements. I guess.
  4. Here's a correct and updated list of what's on Shazam, sorted by ID 504901475 The Rise of Skywalker 504901476 A New Home 504901477 Speeder Chase 504901478 Fanfare and Prologue 504901479 Battle of the Resistance 504901480 We Go Together 504901481 Destiny of A Jedi 504901482 Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Album Finale 504901483 The Final Saber Duel 504901484 Fleeing from Kijimi 504901485 Farewell 504901486 Reunion 504901487 The Force is With You 504901488 Approaching the Throne 504901489 Journey to Exegol 504901490 Join Me 504901491 They Will Come 504901493 The Old Death Star 504901494 Anthem of Evil The one "gap" between numbers is a track from another unrelated album, likely one one that was being added to their database simultaneously. For those curious, 504901492 is "Legalize Weed By 2020" by "Netherfriends Feat. Surfboard C & Marijuana Mike", and then 95-99 are a bunch more tracks from that same album (such as "I've Been Arrested For Weed", "Fat Blunts", "No One Has Ever Died From Marijuana", and "The Benefits Of Weed")
  5. Incidentally, I'm not surprised at all to see a track called "Album Finale", because of something I speculated in the FYC thread:
  6. Could the theme from Approaching The Throne, Rescue, and Farewell be the Rise of Skywalker theme?
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