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  1. They were all literally non-linear. They all had 4 things to unlock, that you could do in any order you wanted to
  2. Disney’s ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ Planning Cannes Festival Premiere Under the plans being discussed, the movie could be premiering on day 2 (May 17) or day 3 (May 18)
  3. Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ to open Friday, October 20th
  4. I still hear Hermione screaming in my head during "The Rescue of Sirius" even though we've had it clean for 5 years now
  5. There's a 0% chance that the album will only have original Tyler music and 0 legacy themes. Especially when you consider what he says about working harp lines into section of cues, etc
  6. After using Apple TV+ for a week or so now, I have to say: I really like their interface I dunno if it's changed since the last time we had it, or I just have a different perspective on it now, or what. But last time I felt like it was too different for difference's sake, just Apple being Apple and doing things their own way just to do so. But this time it just feels buttery smooth, intuitive, and not cluttered with any fluff at all
  7. I've actually already taken off the shrinkwrap and started playing Metroid Prime, a minor miracle for me
  8. The season finale was hilarious, one of the best episodes of the season! Season 12 starts this week, though it looks like it'll be a while until they get to the footage actually shot at new tapings, for some reason. The first 2 episodes will be "Special" ones that compile unseen footage from multiple tapings per episode (I think the Drew era had some of these), and then it's on to a episode taped in 2015. Hopefully I'll get to see an episode from the taping I attended before too long!
  9. Anyone play any dumb daily mobile games? I can't believe I've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes daily for 6 years now. Time flies
  10. Anyone else think it's funny that the two biggest games of the year so far are a remaster of Metroid Prime and a remake of Resident Evil 4, two Gameclube classics?
  11. I was sick last week so didn't play Zelda at all; When I finally felt well enough to play video games again I decided to start Metroid Prime remastered. Now that that cartridge is in and BOTW's is out, it feels less likely that I'll actually earn those monster badges for TOTK comes out. We'll see...
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