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  1. Nope just the baby theme. It's in Stegasaurus, Spilling Petrol and Horning In, and In The Trailer. I think you'll enjoy this: https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20325-score-the-lost-world-jurassic-park-john-williams-a-complete-score-analysis/
  2. Interesting! That's too bad the original full recordings of them were not on the Intrada expansion!
  3. You're right, I forgot that the album opening just omitted the intro cue, and wasn't actually different otherwise. My mistake! I wonder why the other three Billy May arrangements weren't included on the Intrada expansion? Maybe they were never recorded?
  4. Interesting. So the album opening of South Seas Send Up isn't in the book?
  5. Cool cover for a cool release! One of my favorite scores of all time! Is this another score where Horner didn't title his compositions at all, so you used the names from the OST album/ Intrada release? Or did he name his cues for this one?
  6. They could just invent an inaccessible place within the galaxy instead of bringing another galaxy into things
  7. Ahsoka 1x02 Toil and Trouble I guess it makes sense that if a lightsaber goes through your body and doesn't hit any vital organs, it wouldn't be fatal, especially considering it cauterizes as it goes through. But stll they way they shot and edited and smash cut to credits at the end of episode 1 made me think that she was either dead or seriously out of commission, instead of the nothingburger it ended up being. I'm not sure that I'm a fan of Thrawn being sent into literally another galaxy. To me that's too sci-fi. Even Star Trek has spent its entire run within our galaxy - which let's face it is plenty big enough! Not sure why they are going this route other that it seeming "cool" or something. I dunno. I guess I should stop being analytical and just go with it. Maybe the "ancients" that set up this bridge between galaxies will end up being really cool. We'll see. Ahsoka going back to Sabine's place to kill the lingering droid and bring back its head was fun. The fact that it sends them off to Corellia gave me the feeling of a random Mandalorian episode, which I'm not complaining about. Along the way it was pretty funny when Huyang basically told Sabine she was the worst padawan in thousands of years, lol. I thought it was seeing that House replacement doctor in charge of things on Corellia. Why was he arrested at the end, was he Imperial or just being used by them? The way he told that droid he should have logged things and hid behind the chair made me think he wasn't. I guess he was just greedy and didn't care who he was taking money from, which was enough to get him arrested? The big fight/chase on Corellia was pretty cool. The completely covered up in black sith dude that Ahsoka had to fight is totally a brainwashed Ezra, right? I liked that Hera got to slap that tracking device on the ship. Her droid was really funny too! Sabine cutting her hair and donning her Mandlorian guard and deciding to be a padawan again was cool. I'm digging this show!
  8. Added Humanoids From The Deep to... (checks notes)... Shout Studios?
  9. Oh wow, so that means the second batch sold out already. Wow, this is a big seller for them!
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