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  1. I'm only watching Fargo 2 and Mandalorian at the moment. One is enormously more entertaining than the other, although my misgivings about the other have been alleviated somewhat as it nears its end.
  2. Blimey, Alex really does lap up his breaking headlines like they're going out of fashion doesn't he. As the day went on today, the 70% figure was practically dropped by the news, I noticed. In the end, this particular vaccine will be significantly more effective than the figure first reported on at dawn this morning. Not to mention cheaper and more practical than the alternatives. They're calling it "the vaccine for the world". It's none profit. Besides, go back in time a month or so ago and report this breakthrough: 70% would be regarded as a major success by anyone's standards.
  3. Yeah, I don't go that close. I know that with enough razor shaves one's skin eventually gets used to it and adapts (mine does anyway), but I stick to a very short trim for speed and to avoid sensitivity and breakouts later. Does the trick, plus no woman really wants to see a completely bald dick and balls on a bloke.
  4. It's in with my other weekly man preening rigmaroles now. Sunday mornings is shave head, clip beard and trim nether regions. I'm quite quick at it all now, but it's the one day of the week where I'm in the bathroom longer than the females in my household. My missus appreciates the effort though (she's another one who has been informed by porn as to what the expectation is for public hair in 2020). The extra width on this makes the whole regime doable in half the time of regular clippers.
  5. Two episodes into season 2 of The Mandalorian. How dafuq did they somehow make this look more visually impressive than a full-blown 250mil theatrical picture? This is simple escapist magic, distilled and served up as the ideal antidote to bored pandemic lockdown. Lighting in a bottle.
  6. Anyone notice a synch disconnect between one's phone browser version of the site and the desktop browser version? They used to seamlessly compliment each other, an account's reading history would be saved on all logged in devices; but now whenever I return to one platform after viewing content on a different device earlier, pages go back to where they were the last time that particular device was used. Notifications, too, become unread again.
  7. Oh these days I tend to prefer a hybrid orchestral sound over the more traditional symphonic one, at least at the standard of the compositions we get nowadays. Right now my tastes have altered to a point where I love the timbre of a real orchestra, but one where it is then infused with electro/synth elements. Even better if there's a mean beat in there somewhere. Which is why my attention is suddenly on Mr Göransson.
  8. Just noticed another silly typo I made earlier which I want to straighten up: I meant to say tv THEME. Fuck, Game of Thrones the series isn't even top twenty for me.
  9. Useful title list, ama defo gonna take the time to really listen to these. Will report back at some point. Feeling hopeful.
  10. Gah, I can already sense my disappointment. This score is really deprived of standout setpiece cues, thus far. I was hoping they might begin to surface in S2, but alas... To clarify: I'm not necessarily referring to orchestral material. Ludwig really hit the ground running with his new SW musical ID, and of course I expect that great sound to continue.
  11. At first (say by episode 3) I said to Stefan that this is the best TV theme since Game of Thrones (another unremarkable series score carried almost entirely by its one great instance of inspired melodic brevity). A few episodes later though and I was finding new detail and deeper appreciation in the Mandalorian cue. In no small measure it is standout (in a vast sea of overlapping TV writing mediocrity). Game of Thrones was good out of sheer repetition and inescapable popularity, but you can't dissect it, not much anyway. Yet one can magnify right in on the various parts that make up The Mandal
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