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  1. Don't you think it's a bit goofy in places? Some of the drama comes off as cheesy melodrama. I didn't mind the film, but I prefer In the West by a country mile.
  2. Indiana Jones. I don't like Star Wars anymore and I never saw all of Harry Potter. But I'll probably still watch The Mandalorian, because it doesn't look like traditional SW all that much.
  3. Only just now I was reading on Facebook about how loads of top celebs (including Oprah, Tom Hanks and Madonna) have been replaced by stand-ins; the originals spirited away into secret obscurity to avoid imminent associations with some giant institutionalised Hollywood nonce ring. It's mind-blowing how much traction these frankly brilliant stories get with conspiracy loonys.
  4. Are we expecting any alterations to the EEs for the upcoming big anniversary edition? Even more never before scenes added?
  5. Perry Mason? I remember that from daytime TV, urrggh.
  6. If you Google it there's plenty of mentions of it as an expansion. But who cares.
  7. There's an English dub and from what I could tell it doesn't seem bad at all. The subs help to keep me from falling asleep though, and I find them less distracting than out of sync lip movements. The only thing I don't like is the overuse of the descending electro strings chord which constantly plays over the soundtrack. It is loud and obnoxious, I hope they don't rely on it for the entire series.
  8. Watched the first two episodes of German language paranormal thriller Dark. Makes me laugh how everyone falls over themselves to bum Stranger Things when you've got something like this instead which just does absolutely everything about that sci-fi missing person formula so much more effectively. The MacGuffin is pretty bloody irresistible in this series, even if it feels like a retread (up to now, anyway). But I bet there are big surprises in store. Please don't tell me I'm the only one watching this here? This is also my favourite or "optimal" kind of TV show photography. The image quality is pristine yet the atmosphere is thick and immersive. I'd love a Middle-Earth series to look exactly like this.
  9. Ignore, he's just being his normal pedantic self.
  10. Interesting review of that Hanks CGI fest here: This dude, a new find of mine, is a really good movie reviewer!
  11. I actually found the expansion to be quite meh and overrated, I was disappointed after its hype. But I realise I'm probably in the minority there.
  12. The Last of Us looked pretty cutting edge when it originally debuted 7 years ago. Increasing the resolution of the textures was never going to make it look as impressive as today's titles. PBR was not utilised in this game, for starters.
  13. When I bought it (thankfully very cheap on Steam) I didn't realise that the game is largely a sneak in the shadows affair where the playable character is mostly helpless against the essentially invincible chief assailant. Outside of the Arkham series I've never been a fan of stealth sections in video games and so basing an entire experience around hiding and surviving just isn't my forte. I prefer traditional survival horror, where you get to blow the zombies/creatures away - permanently, and where one is not constantly stressing about ammo conservation.
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