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  1. Really? Understand: I'm not being merely facetious; I'm genuinely interested in why you believe Mecha World is so standout. I admit I don't know AI film and score as well as I should like, but I just listened to the cue in question, and whilst it definitely features a strong Williamsy highlight in the middle, I'm still not hearing anything approaching top tier level. Then again, I'm suspecting the ol' appreciation/enjoyment borne of familiarity is probably in play, as it always is with soundtrack audio. But objectively, I don't hear enough sustenance detail in one cue to raise it above or place it even on par with Williams' very best.
  2. Britain's next Eurovision song is well good!
  3. All these years I'd been thinking The Fall of Gondolin took place during the 2nd Age. Just goes to show how much I absolutely did fall out of love and get sick of Middle-Earth, after ODing on LotR fifteen years ago. But when I think about it properly, the first defeat of Sauron took place at the end of the 2nd Age - long after all those balrogs spectacularly laid siege to Gondolin. So presumably, we would see Annatar; not Melkor, in this Amazon series, and the creation of the rings. Fuck me this is mouthwatering. Btw, The Witcher isn't age appropriate for kids. Gore and nudity galore. Belgian kids might be exposed to such content quite early on though, I don't know.
  4. This is my next series. After The Boys, it has a lot to live up to!
  5. Yeah and it's fine by me; I'm just gonna wait instead now for the next gen console enhanced version of the game, which will no doubt be made available when PS5 launches.
  6. Well... that's the worry isn't it. I wonder if they have the necessary rights to be able to depict the iconic scenes/stories from the Silmarillion without actually calling it The Silmarillion. If not, we won't be getting things like the Fall of Gondolin.
  7. I dunno, I suppose I didn't really care to see the character develop any more than what I already knew of him. There's a lot to be said for being enigmatic and sometimes the mystery is more fascinating than the truth.
  8. That's where I lost interest. Bored me to death all that bricks n mortar genesis stuff. That's not why I originally got into this show.
  9. Are you up to date with it? I thought the arse nigh on fell out of it with Chuck's departure and the completion of that story arc. Mike's half of the series never really grabbed me.
  10. Fuuuuck so here's me thinking we're gonna eventually see the Fall of Gondolin depicted on screen when it's likely never going to happen. Cancel this made up shit!
  11. They should have wrapped it last season or the one before. This feels like The Silmarillion to Breaking Bad's Lord of the Rings.
  12. But scraps of paper compared to what Christopher achieved.
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