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  1. Been watching Chernobyl. The first couple of episodes are unreal, they're so well done! The pervading sense of looming doom is atmospheric AF. But the aftermath episodes seem to be more focused on the secondary characters and their soviet misery predicaments, and I find this content much less interesting. Maybe it picks up again in the last episode? The soundtrack is very effective, and I read the lady who composed the score got all the plaudits. Fair enough, but I bet it'd make for an absolute shit album. Overall, this "metallic throb" soundscape style is just never going to be good for the soundtrack medium.
  2. Bridgerton... I honestly don't know how people watch that shit. What I have seen of it was agonising.
  3. Funny, we just cancelled our long-standing sub this morning. Using one of those dodgy Android apps on the firestick instead with a vpn, plays the absolute lot in 1080p minimum. Netflix isn't the same value for money as it was, especially after the price hike. When you think that Amazon Prime provide delivery and streaming in one package for almost half the cost, well I think that highlights just how far out whack Netflix have gone.
  4. The video in the old OP of this says it's now set to private. Is there another link for it at all? I've completely forgotten ever listening to this, but apparently I loved it back when I heard it.
  5. Ahh shiiit, ya got me - I haven't even parried. Now put your fuckin' hands in the air.
  6. Ford would later dump her wonderful creative mind for a younger model.
  7. I'd actually endeavoured to maintain as much personal optimism towards this even as fans began to break ranks upon the release of the first promo shots and then teaser trailer. But every time I see or read new material, I just feel like they're going out of their way to raise the ire/eyebrows of the more "traditionalist" point of viewership out there that really just wanted to see a bloody good fantasy epic set in Middle-Earth and literally does not give a fuck about woke distraction - the tiresome new equivalent of those really annoying tits and arse scenes in Game of Thrones. It breaks my immersion. I'm convinced now that a part of the agenda behind this whole venture is to stir controversy, even if it costs them viewers.
  8. It's going to be a checklist TV series on a faux epic backdrop which does to Tolkien what George and Steve did to Indiana Jones in that episode of South Park.
  9. With straight-up infantry based war films I mainly like watching for any ruthlessly convincing battle melees which showcase a director's talent for action staging, and I'm less interested in the philosophical meaning and narrative behind it. Which is why Saving Ryan is a good not great example of a brilliant but cinematically flawed war film. I do have plenty of time for sociopolitical content in the medium, but I'm more drawn to murky explorations like The Killing Fields or Paths of Glory than I am Spielberg's typical noble heroics. I just imagine Mel to be good at making one go shiiiiit at the sight of a poor soldier's immediate predicament.
  10. Randomly watched Peacemaker. For the life of me I can't abide the unrelenting tidal wave of superhero media, but I admit I have maintained a curious penchant for the more offbeat "mature" efforts being made alongside the glossy Disney bombardments. This one was definitely worth it and I preferred it to the last season of The Boys. James Gunn undoubtedly has a good grasp of character dialogue which on the face of it is funny and irrelevant but is actually carefully crafted to tell a low-key alien invasion story with well drawn characters in a way which feels reasonably different and rowdy. Plus it has the most watchable/listenable opening credits sequence since The Orville. I preceded it with Suicide Squad, which was quite good but boring after an hour.
  11. So Hacksaw is good then? Haven't seen a good war film for a while.
  12. My missus always goes to bed when I put fellowship of the ring on while drunk, she really gets me.
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