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  1. In my lifetime I think I've probably only seen about four Pachino pictures. Never saw the appeal.
  2. Who's doing that? Nick1066 is an upstanding member whose posts I never scroll idly past.
  3. Maybe Nick doesn't want to elaborate further or he can't be bothered to, possibly since making sure you understand all commentary about the new rules is literally a boring waste of time and effort. I mean, finger and thumb pressing (assuming he's on his phone) along with some semblance of cognitive planning, starts to feel like a precious commodity after a bit here.
  4. I mean, you haven't a hope in hell of me actually taking the time to expand on my justifications in relation to this dude. I don't really want to waste any more of my time talking about a user I idly ignore and am just generally dismissive of. I wasn't the one who actually brought Bilbo or that previous occasion/transgression up here today, you might notice. But rest assured, I still think what I do.
  5. My claims are based on long-standing experience of the users mentioned. Take it or leave it.
  6. Sorry Bruce, you ninja'd me. My response was meant for that other dude whom I've never set eyes on till today.
  7. Okay now you're literally chatting shite, whoever you are. But carry on.
  8. There, enjoy your single solitary Like off me. Because the others won't be quick to dish 'em to you after being called out, called out for being the guffawing bullshitter chums they know they are.
  9. When the film comes out Ford will be older than John Williams is at that point.
  10. Yes, for many years I have provided a key source of engagement to this website's message board. You're welcome.
  11. I'm guessing you and the guys are looking for the post where user Bilbo openly and explicitly declared something along the lines or words to the effect of "I am a supporter of the IRA".
  12. No what I meant was the entertainment value you have garnered from this latest episode. And yet on the other hand folk such as yourself proclaim not to like reading this sort of thing here, and the new rules effectively forbid it moving forward. But your natural response betrays this notion, deep down. See, but the funny thing (to me) is everyone is really a snarky aggressor here, on occasion, whenever deemed necessary as they see fit. A passive aggressor, that is. We saw it with Alexcremers whenever he used to openly and regularly mock Koray's awful taste in movies; we see it whe
  13. Another gem I just remembered, it was in the same messenger chat that you confessed to not even knowing who Bilbo was because you said you always scrolled past his posts lmao. I guess you're trying to make amends ever since, bless. And apparently this sort of thing is no longer wanted or welcome here. Suuuuuuuure
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