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  1. Were there any scenes where they sit around an oval shaped table and debate a moral dilemma/time warping vortex yet? Because it ain't proper Trek till they do.
  2. Definitely, but some of us have long exhausted that teat. It is shriveled and dry to the bone. Dunno why I'm using tits metaphors btw. Literally no reason.
  3. Isn't it such a sad state of affairs though, how we've now not only been conditioned to expect uninteresting musical scoring, but that we don't even bother to listen out for the music at all anymore. Sigh, it's such a dead hobby for all but the most ardent listeners out there. And here we are, supposed to be trying to be upbeat and chatty about soundtrack music, on a specialist message board. Hmm... Are Jason and Ricard actually in denial about the scoring medium - and its future?
  4. It's the way it is these days, unless you watch The Orville.
  5. Curb S10e01 And preliminary thoughts are that it's more "curby" than last season (3 years ago), even if David still continues to evolve the character into more of an OTT sociopath of near cartoony proportions. I preferred the subtlety of older Curb; the way it would gradually ramp up the absurdity as a tension device back then, all for the big punchline at the end, it was sheer comedy genius. But now the carefully pitched choreography has all but been thrown out and replaced with a nigh on endless amount of sight gags and anti PC commentary throughout the 39min runtime of the first episode. It's okay though: because it's funny. #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein and Trump supporters were all themes of this episode (years ago David would have awarded each of these targets an episode to themselves), and it was as ruthlessly uncaring as Curb ever was in weaving them together into plot which hopefully saw David set up a season arc which is going to involve him being accused of being a sexual assaulting creep. Because he hasn't done that one for a while. Larry just needs to calm it down a touch. He needs to trust us not to become impatient. We don't need belligerent humour every other minute.
  6. Sir Patrick sounds proper old now at times when he speaks. Then you hear him remember it himself, as he flairs out his chest and suddenly reanimates himself as if to declare his next sentence on stage.
  7. I've watched around five of them and it's bad. Although, read the reviews and they'd have you think it is a masterpiece.
  8. The woman on the right in the blue suit could play Data's robot wife.
  9. Not as much as they used to be; it's why JWFan once thrived. Now, everyone is tolerant of each other, nobody argues. It's one big happy family.
  10. The Aussies still like to participate in that awful outdated relic of a contest for some reason. Mind you, they were always a big nation of piss takers weren't they.
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