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  1. So basically the LBGT community don't really believe in true inclusivity and are just as hypocritical as everyone else? Who knew? (answer: everyone).
  2. I visit it around once a month.
  3. I know The Office was removed from Netflix UK but I'm still able to access the show on Netflix US with a VPN.
  4. Is Drax still speaking in his hilarious baby speech tongue here? I've had him on stop for a few months until he found another phase to get into. Is it safe to put him back in credit yet?
  5. Dancing Queen is one of the few ABBA tracks that I'll skip these days, yes. The Winner Takes it All is far and away their finest record.
  6. I'd been predicting a Labour slaughter for months. I'm just kicking myself for not placing a bet on it.
  7. Carrying on through the US version of The Office. This shit is legendary. The definitive version for me now.
  8. If you truly believe the UK won't recover from its moment of turmoil then surely you do not consider yourself a patriot. Maybe emigrate? I maintain that such wild notions are panicky nonsense and I'm looking forward to being proven right once the dust settles in the next couple of years. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be intolerably smug about this from now on. Just imagine it! I couldn't be any more certain that this whole affair is going to be looked back on in years to come as being a big load of fuss about nothing. This is Great Britain we're talking about. Don't believe everything you read about her on social media Great night! And sincerely, Rich, no hard feelings. It's gonna be okay. I also always like these snippets of positivity (it's been a rare commodity lately): https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50766233
  9. Blyth Valley, an ex mining community and Labour heartland seat since 1950, has been taken by the Conservatives. The great retribution event is underway. I'll say no more on this matter, other than to just say this: hehehe fuck you 👍
  10. ABBA's melodies, harmonies and production are supremely well done, they set the gold standard for pop music of that type. Benny and Björn are world class tunesmiths; even the detractors wouldn't deny that fact and be able to keep a straight face.
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