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  1. I watched Creep. It was alright, but pretty boring a lot of the time. Still, you gotta admire how much legit filmmaking can be accomplished between two dudes and a camera. It's pretty impressive from that perspective.
  2. Never watched Frasier religiously, but of what I've watched over the years, it's quite obviously vintage 90s US sitcom fare. It's charming and witty AF.
  3. Doctor Drax, my dear Doctor Sattler. Welcome... to John Williams Park.
  4. I won't believe this is going to be good until Jim Cameron does a video to say he approves its story and says it's the best since T2.
  5. Whilst that lady's firing case is unreasonable and unfortunate, ya still got to try to look at it from the other side. Her employer is possibly on their arse after being closed for so long and they're probably striving to do their absolute damndest to bounce back at the soonest opportunity, should they not go under before that point. That lady is just one employee at the business and there are other livelihoods at stake. Desperate times/measures etc.
  6. I remember the rubbish British tabloids tried to get a Harry Potter vs LotR rivalry going just before their first movies came out, they were all for Harry Potter. Ended up getting their eye wiped, which was nice.
  7. It was more a light-hearted jest about you not exactly being into the royals
  8. Because euthanasia is the more costly coward's way of committing suicide.
  9. Because eventually, when you get genuinely sick, like say with hip trouble... or cancer, there'll be no capacity left in your hospitals to care for you. At least, that was the situation up until the recent herculean breakthrough in modern medicine. The lockdowns are literally about bed availability and that's it. Anyway, here's Her Majesty to reassure all the nervous/suspicious peeps (except Richard): https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56203768
  10. It's not as pacy as the first two seasons (blame Daniel San's pilgrimage), but it all kicks off again by the end, as expected. Love it!
  11. Unless they somehow eradicate the virus, I'm afraid so. So yes.
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