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  1. This reddit post bolsters the 'multiple cuts of TROS' theory that was making the rounds in the weeks leading up to the film's release. Personally, I give it some credence... and even surmised that a different version of the film would be released to the public than was shown at the premiere. Release the JJ Cut!
  2. @Chen G. No,The Rise of Skywalker did not live up to my expectation... not in the slightest. I thought the film was incredibly convoluted and ultimately, underwhelming... certainly not a fitting installment to mark the end of the Saga. I doubt I will ever watch it again. That being said, I will enjoy John Williams' excellent score. How do you think the film compared to my treatment posted on page 7? And do you still doubt that John Williams was told of Rey's origin to compose her theme accordingly?
  3. Why do you think I'm a "freak", @publicist? If you're willing to hand over a multi-million-dollar franchise to druggies "just to annoy" people, what does that say about you?
  4. @Chen G. Why does hearing my 'another version' theory make your evening "sooo much better"? My story theory for the film runs circles around the actual film.
  5. Reviews from the press leave me shocked. I remember hearing about reports of multiple versions of the film (with different endings) and wonder... Will a different version be shown for the wide release? If so, this would be the biggest deception and troll job of all time.
  6. With your extensive knowledge of Star Wars, @Chen G., what of elements or events within my theory do not "seem pertinent to the actual contents of The Rise of Skywalker"?
  7. The joke's on you for thinking Lucasfilm didn't have a grand plan for the Sequel Trilogy. McDiarmid said he was contacted a year before production began, which would have been mid-late 2017. Lucasfilm were under no obligation to contact McDiarmid with any concrete information before then. It is a fact that Palpatine references are prevalent within the canon material, even the early stuff. Snoke came from nowhere and could never be the villain to end the Saga. My advice is to become informed of the of the situation before taking the time to speak further on this matter. Your incessant negativity just comes across as desperation to discredit when you really know nothing. Ignorance is clearly not bliss. Trust me, I know. Did you like it until the end? How would you have ended it?
  8. SEQUEL TRILOGY THEORY POSSIBLE EPISODE IX SPOILERS Reveal at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you!
  9. You won't be disappointed if a reason for Anakin's existence - and his place in the overall story - isn't provided in TRoS? I will!
  10. You grossly underestimate John Williams, JJ Baby, and Lucasfilm. Episode IX - and its aftermath - will set the record straight.
  11. You don't think Williams would have included The Emperor's Theme if he was aware that that scene involved the Emperor in some way? If my theory is right, then "that beat sets-up Palpatine's return" as Snoke was killed due to due to Rey and Kylo's powers. If you think Williams used The Emperor's Theme simply as a vague "callback" or "wink", you have much to learn, Chen. When was is established that Darth Plagueis lost his powers? I presume the explanation for Snoke will be relatively brief - but acceptable. When? Who says it's Palpatine? I can see you are "out of the loop". But I can assure you, reading 'leaks' and reports of production problems will not help you to understand anything. Believe facts only. For that you need to watch the films and consume the canon material. If I'm right, Lucasfilm/Disney designed the Sequel Trilogy as one big troll as a lesson for people to be more discerning and logical. Rather than focus on facts and the canon material, the masses decided to focus on speculation, opinions, and surface-level assessments... to their detriment. Everyone will see The Rise of Skywalker... or have the finale of the Star Wars Saga spoiled for them before they can make it to the cinema. Resistance is futile! I think that's true. JJ and the cast have been dropping tons of clues in their interviews since SWC 2019. Tons. Ah, but the marketing is not "the actual movie". Do you think Lucasfilm is unaware of the leaks? Certainly they could have designed the trailers and marketing to make them unlike the leaks, had that been their desire. Everything they've shown, they want you to see. Yes, both were attempting to achieve the power to cheat death: bringing back Padme was Anakin/Vader's obsession, and Palpatine wanted to attain immortality. It's all in the canon material.
  12. I have let the films and canon "sink in", so the leaked plot makes no sense at all. It's a misdirect - plain and simple. Mark my words.
  13. I will stake my JWFan reputation on the theory that that the 'leaks' are 100% fake. What a Mystery Box if there ever was one! After all, the shooting title of Episode IX was trIXie. It's ironic that the people claiming "lazy ass writing" are the ones who have consumed little, if any, of the new canon material... the same canon material that proves Lucasfilm is not lazy in the slightest. In fact, this material contains irrefutable proof of their plan for the Sequel Trilogy, as well evidence of their marketing methodology with a focus on deception. (They must have learned this from a certain returning villain.) Don't loose hope. I expect TROS will present the Saga in a whole new light. Where did you post on in the Forums that you 'knew from the start it was Palpatine'? It's never been established that he is "the most powerful Sith who ever existed" or that "he created Anakin". I have another Snoke theory. But I do think Palpatine created a certain 'strong female character'. "These experiments seems to have been his way to reach immortality..." Agreed. "But what will be is ultimate error in the next movie?" Assumption and overconfidence. Old Palpy sure likes his super-weapons. We can see he even outfitted his old Star Destroyers with them! I don't think this latest clip gives us the answer to Snoke origin. But I do agree, "the movie is going to be absolutely bonkers." As Johnny Baby said, "... the ending will put you all away." I find it strange they would have openly admitted the deliberate deception tactics before the films premiere, but I believe it. I think you will be quite "satisfied", as JJ hopes. If you're concerned with spoilers, I advise you to stay away from this thread once I post my final theory. Don't say I didn't warn you! Lucasfilm's (fake) leaks are combination of distraction and lessening expectation. I expect the film itself to astonish... in the best way possible. With the "revealed" films and canon material, the leaks are an embarrassment to Star Wars lore and characters. It's truly sad that so many people think they're real. Episode IX - and its aftermath - will set the record straight. Peoples' heads will spin when they realize how many steps ahead Lucasfilm was the entire time. Even if Lucasfilm had a worthy plan for the trilogy from the beginning, they are playing a risky game by forgoing short-term revenue and consumer confidence all of a big SURPRISE! at the end. Sounds like JJ to me. Bod Iger and Kathleen Kennedy clearly put their faith in him. I think the second weekend at the worldwide box office will be higher than the first. Talk about a record! Same. I think few will complain about the film itself. Though, any people will have other issues. (More on this later.) You probably will... after it's spoiled for you. Agreed. I expect 9 will not only dramatically alter our final assessment of the Sequel Trilogy - but our perception of the entire Saga.
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