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  1. You don't know that. Even if that were true, there's absolutely no sense in hard-limiting every mic throughout. If the engineers/producers wanted the album to be more-audible (louder), they could have simply limited the loudest points (<1%) of the album. I won't hold my breath that this issue will be removed for the official release. What a disservice to John Williams, the conductor, and the musicians. Pathetic, really.
  2. I just listened to the album selections made available on the City of Light Symphony Orchestra's YouTube page. Some generally good performances, especially from the percussion section. Unfortunately, the album was sabotaged by the mixing/mastering engineer, who decided to implement a dynamics limiter throughout. What a shame this is, unless the CD itself ends up sounding different. This isn't the first time this specific, unnatural sound issue has inflicted a John Williams album in recent years. Along with basically every City of the Prague Philharmonic recording, the Dallas Winds
  3. I already told you. The novelization explains, "The boy's only worth would lay in continuing the bloodline through more natural methods." There is no "original saga". These latest entries are part of the Star Wars Saga. Palpatine doesn't care about his family "legacy". He only cares about himself and the specific methods that suit his own ends. Anakin's debilitating injuries and disfigurements made Palpatine abandon the hope of possessing him. The new Darth Vader was reduced to a enforcer agent of the Empire and subject of further dark side manipulation.
  4. What you've heard about the Revenge of the Sith novelization is true, @DarthDementous By far, it's my favorite of the novelizations... and, I would say, the most substantive. Every Star Wars fan should read it, especially those that praise the film. The Rise Of Skywalker novelization explains Rey's father from the perspective of Rey, who saw a glimpse of the Emperor's mind, as he was commanding her to kill him. The heretics of the Sith Eternal "would do anything, risk anything, sacrifice anything to create a cradle for their god-consciousness". Rey's father was the r
  5. A quick search, and I see that the Olog-Hai ('troll-folk') from The Lord of the Rings "seldom spoke and never in any language other than the Black Tongue of Mordor." Since I speak incessantly and in the language of the Black Tongue of Lucasfilm, you're wrong once again, @Chen G.!
  6. George Lucas has told many truths and some lies about Star Wars. (Relatively soon, I suspect it will become clear why he did this.) But hiring a ghostwriter for the original novelization is hardly his worst offense. Yes, the TROS novelization is a worthwhile read... but for so much more than the reasons you listed. Emperor Palpatine was abundantly clear to Rey that he wanted her body as the next vessel for the Sith spirit. At the beginning of the film, clones of Snoke were shown in vats before Palpatine repeated his line from Revenge of the Sith, "The dark side is a pat
  7. The novelizations do not exist primarily "to advertise the movie". (Most Star Wars fans don't even acknowledge them, much less buy or read them.) From experience, I can tell you that their main function is to present an alternate telling of the story, featuring specific (meaningful) language, inner thoughts, exposition, and extra scenes/dialog... all included to heighten the experience, compared to watching the two-hour film which has inherent limits in its presentation style. Reducing the novelizations to "just the script of the movie with the barest effort taken to buff it up t
  8. What evidence do you have that indicates that the Lucasfilm doesn't "hang unto every word" of the "long and labyrinthine" canon volumes, such as the film novelizations? You think not every word is read and approved? Which words do they not bother to read? This is why the Story Group exists, @Chen G.!
  9. For decades, George Lucas claimed author credit for the original Star Wars novelization... until it was revealed that Alan Dean Foster was its ghostwriter. Even before Lucas sold his company, he only personally co-wrote the scripts for the films. He didn't personally write any of the Star Wars comics, novels, novelizations, etc. @Demodex, just because you didn't pick up on certain substantive inclusions in these works doesn't mean 'they are pretty much are worthless'. What an ignorant stance... but not an uncommon one. Perhaps you are unaware of the novelization writing process. O
  10. Have you read the drafts and the novelizations in order to compare them? How do you know that 'the early drafts give a much better indication of how things went' than the novelizations? Perhaps you can tell us about their differences/additions to the films. How exactly did things go with Star Wars? And what does "the novelizations don't mean crap" even mean? Do you think they're all but worthless? You think because @Jay calls me a troll, you feel justified to do so? Posting a lot - whilst staying on-topic - does not make me a troll. Regardless, you're lowering
  11. How do you come to know about Lucas’ earlier drafts of the Saga Episodes? Have you read any of the novelizations?
  12. He distilled nothing... because he, like you, read into these movies too little and understands them as well as 'the kiddies'. It went right over my head, eh? It's ironic.
  13. You will come to learn that, with Star Wars, George Lucas intended his "target audience" to be people of all ages - not only young people - but adults that perhaps lacked wisdom and life experiences who could benefit and grow from the messages, themes, and lessons presented in these parable-based stories. While I find your classification of the most passionate Star Wars fans as "adult nerds" demeaning, I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  14. I certainly agree that The Empire Strikes Back is a much darker film than the original. But generally speaking, would you classify the Star Wars Saga as 'kiddie films'?
  15. @Chen G., do you classify the Star Wars Saga films as 'kiddie-movies', with the Jedi bodies disappearing as a 'cop-out'?
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