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  1. As unwise, undeserving peons, you must wait to be enlightened. But not as long as you might think.
  2. @Demodex. Just for you, here is a list of things you clearly haven't learned yet: 1. I will never message you under any circumstance. (I already told you this.) 2. The less I am spoken to - or about - the less likely I am to post. 3. If you don't want to see my posts, you can avoid this thread... or just hide my posts. 4. Anything I choose present will be on my own terms - not because of anyone's demands or impatience. 5. The more rudeness I receive, the less likely I am to share what "elusive" things I think are on the horizon. If you have nothing of substance to contribute, kindly follow your own suggestion.
  3. I have no doubt that he - or someone at Lucasfilm - will eventually confirm it. You don't think Rey being a relative/creation of Palpatine was planned because you don't know what I know. The 'Star Wars things I know to be true' are based in a list of consistent evidence a mile long. Logic, reason, and Occam's Razor all apply. You only think this because you can't fathom that you - and so many others - could be that wrong. Concluding that known mystery box writer/producer/director JJ Abrams... [1] did not have a plan for his Star Wars Saga trilogy and [2] did not present evidence of this (foreshadowing, metaphors, anagrams, etc.) within the films, supported by the tie-in Star Wars canon material ... is what I would call "ludicrous". Since you, once again, avoided my direct question, I'll say what I think will be the most likely eventuality: - Episode X will be released. - It will indicate to you that Rey saying that specifically-composed alien phrase (her first words) was a deliberate anagram for "I am a Palpatine." - You will not remove your current signature. - Your behavior will be an example of pride, regardless of what you say or what others think of you.
  4. If you want to see his signature, turn signatures on. Or you could just read my previous four posts to logically figure it out.
  5. @Chen G., since I'm confident in all of my latest 'guesses', I'll ask you directly: If there is an Episode X - and it's contents indicate to you that Rey saying that alien phrase was, indeed a deliberate anagram for "I am a Palpatine." - will you remove your signature indefinitely?
  6. Pride, perhaps the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  7. I see. Then by keeping that (rather pathetic) attempt to make fun of me (site-wide, in perpetually), one (or more) of the following must be true: - You don't think there will be an Episode X. - Episode X will eventually be released. But you don't think it's contents will make you seem petty for keeping that signature. - You don't care if your forum peers consider you petty. - Your pride will keep you from acting in your best interest. Which is it, @Chen G.?
  8. Trust me, @Chen G.. I have so many more "funny" observations, theories, and predictions that posting them all at once might result in you dying of laughter. Perhaps I will present some of them if I deem the circumstances beneficial to me. Here's one for now: You will remove your current 'signature' after Episode X is released. (Not that I have to look at it.) And finally, I notice you have a habit of referencing me but often choose to ignore my responses to your statements, whilst avoiding my direct questions. Try harder.
  9. Snide comments from someone who doesn't understand - or probably even care - about Star Wars... which, mark my words, had a grander purpose than being "only a movie". (George Lucas even said as much.) In case you weren't aware, Star Wars was released as a book five months before the movie opened. The fact is, Chen, you know nothing of Lucas' thought process, his intention for Star Wars, or how many episodes/trilogies he planned the story to be. Though, you did recognize that, over the years, George Lucas' various creative development recollections have been... contradictory. Regardless of the reason for this, it follows that either only one of those possible narratives can be true... or none of them are true. In either case, the masses - you included - are still in the dark. I have concluded that evidence from the films, scripts, and novelizations indicate that George Lucas planned ahead quite a bit. So the story of the story goes. Regarding Darth Vader, I'll just say this: Anyone thinking that important facets of the character were largely being made up as the story unfolded doesn't understand the story. While the original film did not literally 'indicate that the Emperor could have used the Force', it was implied since the Emperor superseded Darth Vader, who was a wielder of the Force. Speaking of the Imperial Senate, Grand Moff Tarkin announced to his senior officers that "the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently". At the beginning of an extended version of that scene, one of the Generals said of Vader, "I tell you, he's gone too far. This Sith lord sent by the Emperor will be our undoing." This turned out to be an apt prediction since it was Vader who allowed the Death Star plans to fall into the hands of the Rebels, against Tarkin's better judgement. Darth Vader physically - and through the Force - choked those he had reason to punish or make a statement of superiority. Even if the Emperor did not 'lack faith in the Force', what reason could possibly exist that a violent, risk-taking, Force-enabled Darth Vader wouldn't be completely in control of the Empire? He wasn't even #2 in charge, as Tarkin was Vader's superior in the film. "As you wish." Bottom line: With only the original film in 1977, it could have been logically deduced that the Emperor was Vader's master and could use the Force. @Chen G., what do you mean by this: "... in the original film anyone can potentially use The Force, anyway." Nonsense. Even with the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader and the Emperor were still alive. Yes, thousands of Imperials were killed, but no other capital ships were lost... by an Empire that spanned - and controlled - the entire galaxy. Claims like 'George Lucas started working on a sequel only because of the success of the first film' are spoken out of complete ignorance. This will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Imperial officers only think the Emperor is beaurocrat or needs them to "maintain control". Throughout this story, it is a common theme that some characters are led to believe things that are untrue. How do you know that, when George Lucas made Star Wars (the film), he didn't intend the story to have prequel and/or sequel episodes? How do you know those are "the facts", and there's nothing else to it? Using evidence from the films, scripts, and novelizations, it's clear to me that Mr. Lucas had the basics of story of the Saga mapped out by the time the original film was made. You, on the other hand, have made conclusions based on wildly-held assumptions and what the public has been told. I'm glad he didn't make certain story/character elements so obvious. That being said, some things that transpired could/should have been predicted. Over the years, John Williams has said many simplified/strange/seemingly-ignorant things about Star Wars. In this thread, I noted some of his more recent curious statements, including that Episode IX's "ending will put you all away. I think you will love it." 'The fallacy of my arguments'? Please. In this thread, it's clear that your Star Wars knowledge is limited to recounting what has been reported to have transpired in the making of these films. I, on the other hand, have already correctly predicted major story/character elements. I expect that many of my other predictions will be confirmed if yet another comes to pass: Another Star Wars trilogy is imminent, with the first installment already made. In time, you will come to realize that the fallacy was all yours.
  10. @DarthDementous I think we could find common ground because I "once thought as you did." If you could determine the purpose of these stories (narratively and thematically, as George Lucas created), I think you would begin to see things from a different point of view. I'm curious to hear your answers to my substantive follow-up questions. I agree, the Revenge of the Sith novelization is excellent, and for me, the best single Star Wars volume. I, too, wish the movie could have conveyed the subtext and exposition a bit better and included some additional scenes/dialog, some of which were filmed but cut. Such is the nature of two-hour films, which have significant limitations compared to stories told with the written word. Shame so many Star Wars fans avoid the books. They're really missing out! I admit, the three Aftermath volumes are a bit long in the tooth, mainly because they feature many characters and interwoven plots. But most of the plots are intriguing, some - as I have deduced - hinting at many things to come, with Empire's End foreshadowing some rather significant future inclusions. The time in which they are set - in the year after ROTJ - is a confusing mess for the inhabitants of the galaxy, with the Empire in a power struggle and the New Republic wary of making mistakes so as not to jeopardize the gains from their recent major victory against the Empire at the Battle of Endor. No, the New Republic did not sign a treaty that seceded a large part of the galaxy to the Empire. They accepted an unconditional surrender from the Empire (from Imperial lackey Mas Amedda) but underestimated the Emperor, who had arranged a multi-faceted Contingency plan, including the reformation of his Empire, starting with the First Order which would be built in the shadows of the Unknown Regions. I encourage you to give these books a go. Both Bloodline and Aftermath explained that Mon Mothma - against the advice of Princess Leia - started the New Republic down a path of demilitarization, passivism, and centralization... choices that eventually led to its destruction during the events of The Force Awakens. Yes, it is "an incredibly baffling choice" and an example of the parallels in Star Wars to the real world: A weak, unassuming nation/government/group can be suddenly defeated by a patient, cunning, merciless opponent.
  11. Just because 'you got no hint of a grand vision for the universe' doesn't mean that hints weren't left. Could it be that you simply missed certain clues, all told, that could have been used to piece things together? Once you know what to look for, I think you'll be surprised at the 'greater intricacies and rational explanations behind the many fantastical things' that have appeared throughout all of Star Wars canon, the new stuff included. What do you think was Lucas’ vision for Star Wars? In these new stories, how do the 'Sith persist after death in the manner of Jedi force ghosts'? What did the Sith desire most? What do you think it means to 'let go'? Perhaps KK is continuing George's legacy as she promised him face-to-face on camera in 2012. I would say that many of the disenchanted SW fans have 'defined themselves by what they are not', in that they have rejected these new stories without reading them and the manner in which the Saga has continued. I agree, "it’s too reactionary and vague." I say, the fans are generally misguided, being consumed by assumptions and a hivemind-like mentality. I think it will be surprising how much those 'in charge at the moment understand what defined Star Wars to begin with.' But what "held so much resonance, that propagates down into the stories" may end up differing from how the fans originally interpreted the stories and characters. What do you mean by the authors' "hands are ultimately tied by the wider vision of the franchise"? What vision do you think Lucasfilm has now? I'm pleased to know that you've read some of the new material. If you haven't already, I suggest reading Heir To The Jedi and the Aftermath trilogy. Have you read any of the nine film novelizations? By 'focusing on facts', I mean 'primarily using literal canon excerpts (intriguing lines, reoccurring words, phrases, etc.) to formulate a through-line narrative and thematical assessment. I can't say you're 'getting anything factually wrong'. It's just that my assessment varies greatly from yours because I'm noticing things that you, clearly, are not. Occam's Razor ... in the case of two competing theories, the simpler one should be preferred. Yes. So the simplest explanation for Star Wars is that there was always a grand plan. Lucasfilm has continued the original narrative and themes in the new canon, presenting evidence everywhere, while preying on the fans' assumptions and assessments just enough to keep them on the far side of the galaxy, as defined in the "effective Jedi trap" from the Revenge of the Sith novelization. Making a claims like "the right people currently aren’t in charge" is based in one's assessments and opinions... and is not simple to explain at all.
  12. My "inexhaustible energy" is nothing compared to what Lucasfilm has 'kept up'. As they tease and frustrate the fans, so am I doing with those who continue to prod me here. Just know that I do it because I'm excited. And I'm sure those 'in the know' at Lucasfilm 'Artoo'. @GerateWohl Usually people who give the opinion that something 'sucks' - and when asked for specifics, say 'all of it' - are ignorant of the facts and speaking out of emotion. But I'll give you time to answer my follow up questions.
  13. What do you mean by "it sucks"? What are your biggest issues? Have you read or watched any of the non-film volumes?
  14. Who says it was 'censored'? I expect the explanation to be revealed in the upcoming show. What about it sucks? Please be as specific as possible.
  15. It's simple: I don't "believe that Star Wars as a franchise is being very mishandled right now" because I've seen more than enough official canon evidence - including the first six films and their novelizations - that all but proves otherwise. In my Star Wars research, reading, and reflection over the last 5 years, I've seen nothing that contradicts my current theories. Further research and reading only bolsters them. Why exactly is it so hard to believe that Star Wars is being handled properly right now, with intent, and with a grand plan? What leads you to believe that the current makers of Star Wars are 'stupid’? Of which volumes of the new canon are you familiar? Please formulate your assessments and conclusions based on facts, not opinions. Allow me to direct you to the principle of Occam's Razor which states that ‘The simplest explanation is usually the correct one'. With that in mind, what would be the simplest explanation for what's happening now with Star Wars? I will not compare what you call 'this kind of thing playing out many times with other big franchises' since I am unaware of the specifics of those cases. (Though, I would ask which cyclical/episodic big franchises you think have either been ruined or are on the wrong track?) But to answer your question in the simplest of terms, I have concluded that Star Wars is a very special case... so special that the makers decided to (seemingly) 'push us away' before 'putting us all away'. And because of what's coming - what always has been - they expect to get away with it.
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