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  1. I noticed that Amazon pushed back the release of the Blu-Ray set to October 2, 2020. Hopefully, the producers are taking the additional time to make some improvements, such as picking the best performances (across the two concerts) and polishing the overall sound mix.
  2. Your avatar says, "Think different." Yet you keep returning to belittle me regarding my 'outside the box' Star Wars assessments, continually proving that you have nothing of substance to contribute. "It's ironic."
  3. And yet you have failed to substantively dispute me.
  4. Nope, you returned 2 hours later. "Just pointing something out." If your compilation of my contrasting reactions/opinions/assessments was not an attempt to diminish my current position, what was the purpose of that post? Utilizing canon and film excerpts to construct a narrative that gives the Sequel Trilogy a very reason to exist does give my arguments more weight. To suggest otherwise - without a specific counterargument - shows your level of ignorance and pride. Consistent with the methods of The Devil, Emperor Palpatine was the voices in the characters' heads. Although these individuals had free will, he preyed on their fears and weaknesses and used them as chess pieces in his quest to regain power... and made it appear that he had been defeated. But as Obi-Wan said, "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them." In this Saga, Sheev Palpatine is The Phantom Menace. And at the end of trIXie, he won. Clearly, it is you who are "in denial" and "mistaken... about a great many things."
  5. As people learn new information, new perspectives and conclusions can be formed. In the case of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and its surrounding controversy, I did just that... and now consider myself an expert. After I (clearly) dumbfounded you with my latest Star Wars canon-based theories, you avoided commenting on them... but just to say that I was 'wrong'. The obviously explanation for your (lack of a) response is that there is nothing you can say that doesn't (further) prove that I am in another league of Star Wars knowledge than you... and am most likely right about everything regarding the Star Wars topics we have discussed at length... and that you are most likely wrong. If you had a specific counter-perspective, surely you would have produced it in your farewell post. But you only managed to comb through the thread to pick out excerpts of my contrasting, time-distant posts in a pathetic attempt to discredit me. If I am eventually proven to have been correct in my assessments, @Chen G., I hope you'll return to this thread... to prove me wrong in this prediction: Chen G. was too prideful to acknowledge that he was wrong about Star Wars and John Williams' contributions to the Saga... and Mattris was right.
  6. What evidence indicates that over 100 minutes of TROS score was recorded but went unused? That sounds like an entire other score!
  7. @Pieter Boelen Fair enough. I've been (infamously) posting a lot in the Star Wars Disenchantment thread. I encourage you to read it through, starting from that (linked) page. I must warn you, though: It contains probable spoilers starting at Page 142. I'm confident that I'm onto something big.
  8. FACTS: - Noted in all forms of the canon material, Palpatine arranged a multi-faceted Contingency plan in case of his death. - After Rey disabled Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base, she heard "a voice inside her head" say, Kill him. - Palpatine said those exact words to Anakin when ordering him to execute Count Dooku. - In multiple voices, Palpatine said to Kylo, "I have been every voice you have ever heard inside your head." - Rey said the past Jedi were "not with" her... and had never been, even though she had been trying to reach them. - At the end of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey heard voices inside her head conclude their statements with Palpatine's catch word: "Rise." My conclusions and theories are fact-based, derived from canon excerpts and themes/lines from the films. Contradiction, select quotes from Disney/Lucasfilm employees, and claims that 'They wouldn't do that!' are not valid arguments. @gkgyver I notice you're in a habit of demeaning me, failing to acknowledge my sound reasoning whilst avoiding answering my questions. What canon volumes do you consider "mindless drivel"? How do my theories not add up?
  9. What canon excerpts/facts support your theories?
  10. As soon as you become aware of facts that do not support your narrative, you decide to leave... and without commenting but to say that 'You are wrong, but I'm not going to address the canon excerpts.' A year ago, I recall that you failed to congratulate me on being the only member here correctly predicting Emperor Palpatine's return, when at the time, many others did just that. After two years of on-off debate, this behavior is not very gentlemanly of you. But I do appreciate you clarifying the intention/tone of your comments. If (Once) I'm proven correct in my specific assessments and theories, I would appreciate your acknowledgement, @Chen G..
  11. If you "never meant any derision", you would not have been condescending. "let's be honest", your psycho-analytical comments are super hypocritical, as it appears it is you who are avoiding addressing the latest facts and information, as they support my "hilarious claims". These films - and canon material of which you speak but haven't a clue - obviously are 'for me', as I'm one of the few in the world - perhaps the only one - that made sense of them... in a Star Warsy frame of mind, not just in 'You go girl!' or 'It was all about strong female characters. Lame.' frames of mind. You have yet to comment on my recently-posted Star Wars canon excerpts that I shaped into a narrative that brings the Sequel Trilogy into focus. I'm curious to know if you'll ever get around to it. Until you do, I will assume you're dumbfounded by my observations and conclusions. Unfortunately, your pride has severely hindered the progress we might make.
  12. After all I've posted lately, your avoidance to my direct questions betrays your position. It's not a good look for you since the obvious explanation for this behavior is that you were unaware of this information and it has stunned you into silence. And you have the audacity to speak to me about self-delusion. It's ok to not know something and to concede that someone might be onto something that you had not considered.
  13. "It's ironic." @Chen G. I'm still waiting for your explanation of this excerpt from The Force Awakens novelization: "Kill him, a voice inside her head said. It was amorphous, unidentifiable, raw. Pure vengeful emotion. So easy, she told herself. So quick. She recoiled from it. From the dark side."
  14. Or it indicates he cannot specifically counter my assessment with proof of his own. My 'theory' is comprised of canon evidence - not speculation or assumption - and gives the entire trilogy a reason to exist. The main issue is that not only is it incredibly naive to assume there wasn't a plan for a film trilogy that cost Disney about $2B to produce and market... but that the swath of tie-in books, comics, games, etc. were produced as separate ventures, disconnected from each other and the films. (I can assure you, they are connected.) Anyone thinking that Lucasfilm did not have a plan, allowed Rian Johnson to change the plan, or intended to end the Saga with a dark-side-strong blood Palpatine as the only significant survivor, having killed the Emperor in a moment of rage... is beyond delusional. "incredibly conspiratory"? Isn't that what you wanted, @Chen G.? Please explain the "Kill him, a voice inside her head said." excerpt from The Force Awakens novelization. (It's just one of the dozens I could pull that support my 'theory'... from that book alone.) No, "to understand the genius" of the Sequel Trilogy, one not "need to be something of a Star Wars scholar" - only possess a basic understand of the purpose of the parable-based Saga, including its archetype characters and the narrative of the continuing story. A surface-level (child-like) understanding of the films will probably not be enough to grasp the intricacies of the story... or the realization that it has not yet concluded. At the very end of one of the first canon novels, Palpatine's closest servant informed the Imperial Navy's Grand Admiral that she was among their "best and brightest" had "passed the test". With the Sequel Trilogy, Lucasfilm tested the Star Wars fans. Even though the films alone contained enough clues and information, the fans utterly failed. (The canon material only confirms their plan and strategy within hundreds of excerpts.) It should be clear that Disney/Lucasfilm did not produce this trilogy for maximum profit. But it was successful: tricking the masses into thinking the film-makers had nothing and eventually delivered a stinker of a trilogy to finish the Saga. In bringing back Palpatine, Lucasfilm used his playbook. As Obi-Wan said to Padme in Revenge of the Sith, "He was deceived by a lie. We all were." All my research has led to the conclusion that what's coming next will truly determine the worthiness of this trilogy. I expect it to be another trilogy... that will shock, amaze, and humble the masses, in that those who got this all wrong will be forced to admit - publicly or privately - that they completely misunderstood the Sequel Trilogy and underestimated Lucasfilm. Hopefully, it will have been worth the confusion and strife... and the Saga will be conclude on this highest of notes. Calling my astute assessments "moronic" is quite ironic when you cannot - or choose not to - specifically dispute them with evidence of your own. I'm not "anointed", just eager to learn. And I do not give up so easily. What canon volumes do you consider "mindless drivel"?
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