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  1. @gkgyver, I find it ironic that you act so offended as to abandon the conversation when you have been demeaning and dismissing me throughout this thread for quite some time. I used that harmless phrase because, as you noted, it was me that had said previously that 'quotes from people don't count'... and that I would make an exception by accepting George Lucas quotes as admissible evidence when defining George Lucas' intent for the Saga. To a neutral observer, your behavior would appear unnecessarily aggressive. I presented substantive assessments and a direct question,
  2. I give you permission to quote George Lucas speaking about what the Saga was intended to portray.
  3. I don't have that gift, either. Once again, you assumed that no further films would have been made after ROTJ - and will be made after TROS - based on your initial assessments, born from ignorance and a severe underestimation of George Lucas and his (former) company, which was left with all of his notes, research, and story treatments. Once you understand the principal reason for the Saga to have been created... and realize that the climaxes of VI and IX are essentially identical, you would come to the conclusion that the story must continue. I'm curious, what do you th
  4. It's not the "incredible plot" of this movie. It's a core facet of the narrative of the Saga, of which Palpatine himself stated on-the-nose to Luke decades prior: "If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed." In the climax of IX, Palpatine made it (verbally) evident that Ben Solo was the only remaining member of the Skywalker bloodline: "As once I fell, so falls the last Skywalker." ... said like he had been checking off his hitlist. But Sidious didn't kill him, as he could have easily... just temporarily removed him from the playing board.
  5. You refuse to answer most of my questions and add little-to-nothing to this discussion. I'm not laughing with you, so I receive your laughter as mockery and derision. Address that excerpt from The Force Awakens novelization, @Chen G. and we can be on speaking terms again. @Demodex, my advice for you is to carefully read the film novelizations and select canon volumes. All the answers are there. But you have to use your brain; it's not spoon-feed to you. (Hint: The challenge of it all was sort of the point of this Saga.) I, on the other hand, have b
  6. What would you call your laughter, @Chen G.?
  7. Regardless of what it's called, the story of the Saga has not concluded - not by a long shot. My intention was not 'to change your mind', but merely to present canon evidence and my assessment of the Saga. Why in the world you think I would even remotely consider personally messaging you with such exclusive information... I'll never know. Trevorrow's script and concept art were leaked - in full - to add to the mountain of "irresistible bait". Trust me, they're playing the fans as fools. With the seemingly endless controversy surrounding this trilogy, would y
  8. The Dark Empire stories prove that Lucasfilm wanted Emperor Palpatine to return. But they not what proves that he would return to the Saga. Don't worry, you'll see.
  9. False. I have read the substantive canon material and novelizations... and realized certain major elements that have been baked into the story. The vast majority of the fans - including you - have not. I also understand the films as George Lucas intended them to be interpreted... when it seems that the fans at large haven't a clue. Your belief in this 'leaked' script and pre-production art proves to me that you are ignorant, naïve, and gullible. Oh, I do... enough to create a book. But why would I take further time to try and convince you? You've alr
  10. Until I made the effort to research and reflect, I didn't fully understand the Saga's main themes and trajectory of its narrative. Now, it could not be more obvious to me. Sooner than later, you'll realize that Palpatine's return was predestined... because I know what's coming. 😎 With dozens of clues scattered throughout the novelizations and canon, Lucasfilm wanted us to 'get it'. As it turns out, Star Wars fans - at least the vocal ones - were too stubborn, prideful, and lazy to do any more than watch the movies, quickly formulate general assessments, and gather their opinions a
  11. I don't know to which "people" you are referring, but use of The Force Theme is no longer attributed to Obi-Wan, specifically. Rey being a Kenobi makes no sense in the grander narrative of the Saga. None. Your assumptions that Lucasfilm doesn't understand the narrative and themes of the Saga... and that moving forward with the Saga, the company had no plan for its main characters - most notably, the through-line villain... is hilarious. You will come to realize that these parable-based films - all nine of them - were designed to challenge the audi
  12. Making connections within the films and canon is the best available evidence... along with John Williams' scores for TFA and TLJ. I could spoil how Palpatine's involvement and return was always part of the plan - at least since 1983. But again, I will leave it as a surprise. You'll see.
  13. Proof of this? Let me remind you, statements from people - regardless of their stature - cannot be used as proof. As for Sidious' involvement in the deaths of the Skywalkers and two other major characters, I decline to comment further. (Some things are better left to surprise.)
  14. @Chen G. I regret to inform you, that was the only Star Wars anagram of which I am aware. But feel free to (finally) comment on the "Kill him, a voice in her head said." excerpt from The Force Awakens novelization... especially as it relates to the Jedi voices Rey heard in her head at the end of IX... and the fact that Emperor Palpatine revealed to Kylo Ren, "I have been every voice you have ever heard inside your head." And let's not forget that after Anakin had disabled Count Dooku, Palpatine said, "Kill him. Kill him now. Do it!"
  15. Being 'cool' is not Lucasfilm's priority. First and foremost, the grand narrative takes precedence. Darth Plagueis had no part to play in this trilogy.
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