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  1. Obi-Wan was unsure of the precise timing of laser walls, couldn't clearly see what was in front of him (including the pit not far from the last laser wall), and didn't want to rush into a lightsaber battle at Force Speed. I knew you couldn't ignore me, @DarthDementous.
  2. Doing so would have risked being killed by running into any one of the shields. And what do you mean "that was the one"?
  3. If you truly care about Star Wars, you should be curious enough to read the film novelizations, starting with The Phantom Menace. But before you do, "You must unlearn what you have learned."
  4. George Lucas was Kathleen Kennedy's business associate of 32 years when he handed her the keys to his castle. On-camera, she promised him that she would carry on his vision by 'honoring his stories and characters in the way he created them'. Do you honestly believe that Kathleen Kennedy immediately betrayed George Lucas, proceeded to make an unnecessary trilogy without a plan, "hornswoggled" Mark Hamill, stoked/allowed seemingly-endless controversy (badly dividing the fandom), and intended to end the Saga in the same manner as Return Of The Jedi... but with the entire Skywalker/Sol
  5. At the end of August 2019, John Williams said that he had composed 100 minutes for the film and would be required to write 40 minutes more. He did. The fact that he ended up composing/revising yet another 90 minutes of score in the last month(s) of post production is what's ridiculous. I think something is amiss here, especially considering that Colin Trevorrow's Episode IX script 'leaked' on the same day as that 'early cut of the film' cue sheet. Yes, it could be that this additional music was just slightly short/longer versions of previous cues. But with all the score
  6. What "means nothing"? I didn't say 'The fact that the film was being edited while it was shot doesn't mean there were never re-edits or fixes after the fact'. It just implies that significant changes to those particular scenes/sequences would not need massive editing alterations, certainly not deep into post-production. Without major changes, an entirely different score would not be required. So why so much extra score, a swath of cues that remain a mystery to this day? Could you link to the "cue-list from RoS that shows how different the order was for a Nov 11th cut from the final
  7. What evidence do you have of "drastic differences in cuts up to November 2019"? As reported here: https://www.slashfilm.com/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-was-edited-on-set-despite-initial-objection-by-j-j-abrams/ , TROS editor Maryann Brandon revealed that she was cutting part of the movie on set while it was still being shot. This is something Abrams has never done before, but this time it was almost required due to the post-production time crunch caused by the film's shooting schedule. Again, the film's shoot was 6.5 months (not including the 5 weeks of reshoots) fo
  8. Under what circumstances could there be 'a rejected John Williams score' for a film that was in pre-production for a year - not including Trevorrow's version - and took 6.5 months to film? Did those 5 weeks of reshoots change the film so drastically? Was it like, "Hey, John. We like what you've done, but we don't like what we originally gave you to conclude the Saga. Here's another movie. Please compose and record another 90 minutes. Whoops! But don't worry, we'll give you a great bonus!"
  9. I didn't claim the film's post-production was talking longer than usual. But even if they were taking their time, it wouldn't mean the film 'must not exist' because it wasn't released - or its marketing hadn't started - by a certain date that you would expect. The whole point of the movie existing at all is part of the surprise. Now you're catching on! The fact that the story did 'leak' so completely resulted in the audience thinking that Disney/Lucasfilm was incompetent about yet another facet of this 'disaster of a Star Wars trilogy'. The real purpose of this would be
  10. We were told by Lucasfilm that the Saga is finished, at the very least, for a long time. How exactly would not seeing promotion/leaks by March make me "wrong"?
  11. If any "details" about X are officially announced or 'leak' before its release, I will be surprised, to say the least. I plan to post my substantive theories and predictions within an hour of the announcement/teaser. No one in their right mind will think that I only just then constructed these thoughts... especially considering what I already posted some pages back. Don't worry about my credibility, @Demodex. My advice to you is to spend less time begging and more time consulting the Star Wars source material. From experience, I can tell you that the answers to the myst
  12. I already said why I'm going to wait. You sound like a child who's parent won't buy them the toy they want. The parent wonders if they will ever buy the toy because their child won't stop begging, crying, and name-calling. To be completely honest, I don't want to hear "details" about Episode X before I post my more-complete thoughts on Star Wars. Once you read what I have to say, you can determine if I 'just made it up based on the trailer/announcement' or if I had my theories locked in for some time, based in the foundation I - and Lucasfilm - have already laid in pla
  13. Unlike you, I've been discussing Star Wars in this thread for quite some time. I'm well aware of 'how my message is being received'. But I'm not going to alter it - or how I present myself - based on how it makes people feel. I'm not looking for attention. People are just drawn to me! Whether you post here or not, I seriously doubt you will be ignoring me.
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