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  1. Perhaps the (dormant) Emperor allows Rey start another Jedi Order... only to strike a killing blow from within. Pure evil!
  2. "Something more introspective and character driven" has to be the focus of the Final Trilogy. The real villain has always been our inner demons. We must pick our battles wisely and choose selflessness, good, and love over selfishness, evil, and hate. That has always been the primary message of the Saga. What will make Episode X unique is that Rey's battles continue with the Devil having literally possessed her.
  3. Shooting the messenger will never solve your problems.
  4. Unless we stop feeding our fear, anger, and hate... our suffering will continue. (I predict that's how Palpatine, the Devil, will be finally defeated.)
  5. It doesn't help that Jay continues to cut-paste posts into this thread.
  6. For the sake of the franchise and fandom, the Saga must end on the highest of notes. It can be done... and I have hope that it's going to happen.
  7. The number of climaxes you calculate, not wanting another trilogy, or not liking some of the films is completely irrelevant. If the Saga-spanning villain has not been definitively defeated (or killed) for good, the Saga is not finished. Period.
  8. But the Sequel Trilogy was made... legitimately, based on the un-concluded plot-lines of the previous six films. Palpatine made his intention quite clear: Rey was to kill him so that his spirit (containing "all the Sith") could pass into her body. With screaming anger, she killed him by deliberately Forcing the lightning back at him... instead of continuing to absorb it with her light-saber. A fourth trilogy is warranted in which the Sith are definitively destroyed forever. No one here has been able to give me a good reason why it isn't warranted. Jokingly referencing other films doesn't count.
  9. Chen, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. It might blow your mind, but bear with me: the Star Wars stories are meant to reflect real life morals and lessons. Yeah, I know, mind-blowing, right? I never insinuated that the Saga should not have a beginning, a middle and an end. In fact, I stated when the Saga should end: When Palpatine - and all of the Sith - were definitively destroyed. I have also repeatedly told you that the end of the Saga could not be Return of the Jedi. after Prequel Trilogy re-contextualized the events of the Original Trilogy. You still have not addressed this fact. No, the Sequel films do not 'undo what the previous films and their conclusion were about': Life, death, love, and loss. Why can't you accept this? Your personal opinions mean fuck all for an objective necessity to proclaim here that an additional trilogy wasn't warranted. There is none. Before I respond further regarding the (non-film) canon material, I'm curious: How are familiar are you with it? What makes you think those stories were primarily designed for "cash grabbing"? Specifically how are these films "Star Wars bastardizations"? Low 'box office numbers' and 'interest' are irrelevant on this point. Present evidence that they didn't "set out to achieve any big picture things in this trilogy". Does it not make sense that... ... Luke would have continued to exhibit rash/mistake-prone behavior leading to his self-exile? ... Leia and Han's son would be severely conflicted, due to the faults and history of his family? ... that the (literally-projected in TFA) baddy Snoke turned out to be a (cloned) puppet of Palpatine, who returned as the villain of the Saga, having "cheated death"? ... Force-awakened Rey (Palpatine) would team-up with the last Skywalker to defeat Emperor Palpatine? ... Luke and Leia would sacrifice themselves for the greater good? How are those "a clusterfuck of scattered ideas"? What Disney propaganda"? I see no "high comedy" here since I have no desire to laugh at you. Read my recent posts, and tell then me: How had the Original Trilogy 'closed' after the events of the Prequel Trilogy?
  10. I suspect you don't understand the Star Wars Saga very well... or the purpose of the Sequel Trilogy and how it ended. Are you even aware of what transpired in the non-film canon material as it relates to the films? Have you read any of the novelizations of the films? And who said anything about 'inventing some never before heard Sith'? I predict that Palpatine lives... within Rey. If your interest and passion for this continued Star Wars Saga is DEAD, it's you who should 'let it go'. The happiness was seen at the end of ROTJ. Thirty years later, the characters we knew had lived their lives in accordance with their words and actions from the OT. Nothing can undo Anakin Skywalker's sacrifice to save his son, which returned him to the light side of the Force and brought balance for many years. The fact that Palpatine eventually returned undoes nothing... but shows how cunning, powerful, and evil he really was. "Those who gain power are afraid to loose it." It should not be shocking that a physical death would not defeat this demon. The story continues. With that logic, does the fact that Germany started World War II "undo" World War I? The efforts the main characters achieved are not undone. They - and the galaxy at large - simply underestimated the evil they thought they defeated. In the context of the first two trilogies and new canon material, it should not be a surprise that Palpatine returned. Do I need to present a list of clues? The New Republic shined for 30 years. Vader (Anakin) dealt deal with evil: his inner demons. His character arc was never contingent on killing his superior. This is indisputable. I would not hold out hope that the Sequel Trilogy will ever "be buried". It's canon and will probably remain so for our lifetimes. So you have four choices: 1. During the nearly three years before the next feature film, try to understand and enjoy the Star Wars canon material as it relates to its grander purpose and story. 2. Treat consuming the canon material as a chore... and complain about its contents. 3. Ignore all new Star Wars content and continue complaining. 4. Ignore all new Star Wars content and stop complaining. Choose wisely. The Star Wars Saga was meant to be personal and simple in its meaning, with applicable life lessons to represent the implications of choosing the light side (selfless, good, Jedi) or dark side (selfish, evil, Sith), both on a personal level and on the grand scale, with a galaxy - quite literally - in the balance. When Palpatine and the Sith are definitively destroyed, the Saga will have concluded. One more trilogy will do it. Do you think the Lucas-approved Dark Empire comics from the early 90s undid ROTJ?
  11. The reality is, Luke attempted to re-establish the Jedi... and failed. Why should cheating death using the dark side's pathway to unnatural abilities be limited to avoiding natural causes of death? "Clearly," Palpatine wasn't "lying" about this. Darth Plagueis was slain when Palpatine "killed him in his sleep". Even if Plagueis had discovered a method to cheat death with the dark side, Palpatine's story implies that the user must prepare his soul consciously. What is "taken away" with a Sequel Trilogy? Return of the Jedi is just part of the story. To understand what would likely happen subsequently, one must consider the bigger picture. Set 30 years later, what occurred in Episodes VII through IX was a logical progression of the story and characters. You own a George Lucas Bullshitometer? Impressive! You've been "certain" about many Star Wars predictions... and wrong about all of them. Three Star Wars films have already been announced for 2022-2026. If it's another trilogy, you'll be proven wrong again. If you think the "legacy characters" couldn't return, you underestimate the Force. I think they did "a lot of thinking" before making had the Sequel Trilogy. They knew they couldn't wrap up everything in one trilogy - nor did they want to. People who say they won't watch it are most likely lying. What if John Williams comes back? Daisy Ridley would have to be in the first movie! You may consider it "flunked", but the Sequel Trilogy would should seem a purposeful set-up for the substantial pay-offs in the Final Trilogy. I don't think they're stupid. I for one am glad 'a lot of people who dismiss my shitty ideas' won't ever write for Lucasfilm. Nothing in TLJ doomed TROS, which turned out to be underwhelming... but I think this was purposeful, as it was not meant to conclude the Saga. Pretty sure "the vast majority" do not understand Star Wars, bucko. The Star Wars Saga cannot end until Palpatine - and all of the Sith - are conclusively destroyed. End of story. The OT stands on its own but cannot be 'the end' after the Prequel Trilogy. "... the ability to cheat death..." "Misread the Prophesy could have been."
  12. In A New Home, I would say that Rey's Theme resolve rather rather open-ended. The dark-sounding cello cadence resolves, but with those repeating notes in the fore, just like the concert version of Rey's Theme. The 6-note figure is a variation of the first bars of her theme, which modulates (upwardly) throughout, also similar to Rey's Theme. John Williams is trying to tell us something with cellos at 0:16. Removing the second-to-last note of the phrase reveals the major triad of The Imperial March.
  13. How ironic, Chen. It's you who has been proven wrong on these topics. Speak for yourself, Ron.
  14. Hi @Jay Could you please relocate those posts into the Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker (JJ Abrams 2019) topic? Thanks!
  15. "It's ironic. He could save others from death... but not himself." Plagueis couldn't stop himself from dying because, as a true Sith, Palpatine was able to betray his master by complete surprise. Having been taught "everything he knew", is it such a far-fetched concept that Palpatine would have superseded Plagueis' Force abilities? I'm well aware that Palpatine was lying to Anakin and never intended to let him live happily with Padme. In all likelihood, Palpatine put those premonitions in Anakin's mind... and killed her himself. From the first he became aware of Anakin, his intention was to tempt him to the dark side so that he would eventually become his apprentice. "All who gain power are afraid to loose it." "Take your Jedi weapon. I am unarmed. Strike me down with all of your hatred, and your journey toward the dark side will be complete." After all of Palpatine's plotting, planning, and manipulation, do you really think it make sense that he would have baited Luke, Vader, and the Rebels to kill him... and not have a plan to keep his power? "Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design." Palpatine is the villain of the Saga. I don't know anyone would underestimate him or ignoring his mastery of the dark side. "You will find that it is you who are mistaken... about a great many things." Rey was able to defend herself from the lightning by absorbing it with Leia's lightsaber. She then activated Anakin's lightsaber and Forced the lightning back at The Emperor, screaming with rage. She deliberately killed him in anger, and he survived. Mark my words. And who says Palpatine's plan had to involve being struck with a lightsaber? Do you think he forgot about the effects of reflected Force lightning? We should know by now that Palpatine cares nothing about anyone but himself. He would have spent his life selfishly, attempting to "cheat death". TROS shows that he succeeded: "I have died before."
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