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  1. I don't have a problem with Google's design philosophy. And again, in theory, it's great to give people the option. What people do with that option just sucks.
  2. Disagree. Garbage content goes wayyyyyy back in the internet's history; you've always had to sort through it all. There's just more content now, full stop. Good and bad. There are more useful, thought-provoking, entertaining, and/or educational videos on YouTube now than you or I will be able to watch in our lifetimes - literally. And more keeps getting added every day. Same goes for the swill. But in my experience, it's not difficult to avoid the latter. I will say, though, that one area where YouTube has inarguably deteriorated is in video thumbnails. Back in the day, the thumbna
  3. Yeah, @Thor seems to have some pretty selective memory about the discussions that were happening here in the earlier years. The "improper" discussions about expanded albums he's referring to predate forums like this one. God, the nerve of some people...discussing music they like on a forum about music they like! (I also appreciate the value of a well-curated album program. It's an important art that's worthy of discussion. It just cracks me up when Thor goes all extremist on us, as if expansions are some sort of moral failing instead of a perfectly valid exploration of the art of
  4. I am very nostalgic for the internet of the 90s and early 2000s. I love taking waltzes through the Wayback Machine, or even glancing at my own hideous attempts at early web design. There are also plenty of things about the internet of 2021 that I don't like. But memory is a fickle thing. It's easy to remember the charmingly individualistic (read: ugly) site designs, the freedom from ubiquitous social media, and the naïve joy of realizing you could look up a song's lyrics. It's harder to remember waiting for an open phone line, so you could wait for that good ol' dial-up handshake d
  5. My biggest (realistic) hope at the moment for this year is that we get the Bruce Broughton theme park collection Intrada was working on. C'mon, Disney...
  6. I wouldn't necessarily recommend my setup, but for the sake of discussion...I'm primarily using a Nektar Impact LX25+ for MIDI input. The small size is an ergonomic necessity right now, but it does get in the way when a passage has too wide a range. I especially run into it with harp and piano parts, naturally. For those, I have a Yamaha PSR EW300 off to the side. That's also where my sustain pedal is. My hope is to eventually have a single 88-key controller with a desk that accommodates my wide variety of computing tasks without ergonomic compromises. But for a variety of reasons,
  7. I'm pretty happy to see that the poll is nearly a perfect 50-50 split now. Both boxes deserve a lot of love.
  8. You know that li'l bit of silence at the end of a track? Yeahhhhh...the pandemic hasn't been kind to my career.
  9. Ahhhh...I was looking for something shared between all three. Cheers!
  10. Feeling dumb. I'm not seeing the wordplay in these seemingly random options. (My answer is TFA. AFO is very, very good, but I agree that it's a bit repetitive. R1 has its moments.)
  11. Isn't it amazing how many flavors of joy are musically possible? Same goes for any emotion, I suppose. Consider just the finales of three Williams blockbusters: ANH, E.T., and HP1. All three hit a place I would describe as joyful just before the end credits, yet they are totally different kinds of joy. Not interchangeable in the slightest.
  12. That IS tough. The first one is a master class in building and releasing tension, in following the onscreen action without unnecessary mickey mousing, in continually introducing cool new musical ideas, and in getting the pulse pounding without fatiguing the ears. The second one is just so friggin' cool. The middle part - the more conventional Williams 90s action music - is good, but where it really shines is in the first cue ("A Neighborhood Visitor") and in the last stretch with the percussion.
  13. It's flipping awesome. Among the score's many, many highlights, it's definitely up there for me.
  14. Pretty hard to beat, @Jay! There's a lot of savage writing in this score but that may take the cake for me too.
  15. That's interesting - I find it to be among the least savage action cues in TLW. Just took a listen to it so that my reactions would be totally fresh and not based off of my memory of the cue. Yep, I wish it weren't so repetitive. Other than a brief section in the second half, it's pretty much all built on similar repetitions of the same theme. I like the writing, but it overstays its welcome for me. I'd rather listen to literally any of the other drum-groove-based action cues from this exceptional score.
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