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  1. Not to my knowledge, but with the number of asymptomatic cases seemingly rather large, it's entirely possible that I know people who have or had it.
  2. Fingers crossed for a quick and easy recovery from whatever it is! Positive outlook makes a difference!
  3. As do I...lord, I've never been so happy to be wrong about something!
  4. The current directive from my employer is to just stay home and enjoy the paychecks, at least for the time being, so I've had many long hours of free time to enjoy at home. I worried a bit about losing my mind with so little structure, but I'm actually doing just fine so far. I mean, my feelings with regards to the pandemic as a whole go up and down multiple times each day, but boredom and social isolation haven't really been an issue. I'm still in frequent contact with my loved ones, albeit remotely in most of their cases. I've got plenty of creative projects to work on, and now even some minor gig work that I can do from home, so I haven't just been sitting around all day on Netflix (though the amount of high-quality streaming content out there has certainly been helpful). I will say that maintaining personal hygiene, putting some effort into my appearance, and taking at least one outdoor walk each day have definitely contributed to my still feeling fairly normal. I'm an introvert, and right now I'm blessed with good mental health and a stable long-term relationship, so this hasn't been too shabby. Increasingly, my only big concern has been the idea of getting really ill, or of someone I love getting really ill.
  5. That is flipping awesome. Makes me wish there actually were some microtonal source music in the films!
  6. Not that I've noticed, though it'd be interesting to crunch the numbers. I suppose his marches and fanfares do tend toward C, Bb, Eb, F, or G, but those tendencies certainly aren't unique to JW.
  7. My feelings on everything go up and down. Sometimes things feel almost normal; other times I feel worried or "down". Fortunately, this introvert started this whole thing in good mental health and with several projects to work on, so I'm okay overall, even without much in the way of actual work to keep me busy.
  8. Yep - I didn't own any of them before. It was a pretty easy choice. Fun scores!
  9. Damn, La-La Land is cleaning me out! Ordered. This'll be another new score for me. Fun!
  10. I'd be curious to hear JNH's take on the material, particularly if he were really encouraged to embrace the old-school cinematically symphonic sound that Williams emulated for the series.
  11. That Inception hallway fight was my first instinctive thought.
  12. ESB is more salvageable. You can get it to a very listenable state by artificially widening the stereo field, adding a touch of reverb, and adjusting the EQ a bit. ROTJ is what is...those higher frequencies are just gone, full stop. Nothing you can do to unmuffle that album.
  13. That's about the best you can currently do as far as Star Wars albums go. If you want, you can check out the remastered prequels (I haven't).
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