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  1. It's nuts to me that this is happening with Solo right now when there are 9 pure Williams Star Wars scores begging for expansion (and remastering, in the OT's case). I'd be curious to know what factors have led them to release this first. In any case, it's very likely I'll buy it, partly for the enjoyment of the music and partly to show my support for future expanded Star Wars releases.
  2. Whoa, that's a crazy coincidence! I'll be curious to see what comes of it. If at least one of the flybys also indicates phosphine, that would be a pretty compelling reason to get a probe there tout de suite.
  3. Yeah the source music is a great inclusion. I must admit I don't think I've listened to the album itself since I first received it - I appreciate the care that went into the creative split between the discs, but I still prefer to listen to my own mostly chronological sequencing.
  4. Nah, I get what you're saying, but the theme from HA is a lot more sinister to my ear.
  5. My thoughts exactly. @Naïve Old Fart I too am more concerned with life here, but I also believe that the better we understand the rest of the universe, the better we understand our place in it.
  6. That about sums it up! I would hope we would try to get lots of independent confirmation of its detection before sending anything there.
  7. Extremely so at the surface - probes that have landed there have only lasted a couple hours. But things are a lot cooler if you go higher up in the atmosphere, which is where they're envisioning this hypothetical life. So we would just need a probe that could stay up there and survive the acidity, not the extreme heat and pressure. If there's funding and interest, it could be done in our lifetimes...once a probe is launched, it only takes a matter of months to get to Venus.
  8. You're right, you did fail at posting about this when you saw it. It's cool though, I forgive you. I'm magnanimous like that, and I think JWfan will survive the atrocity. @Albus Percival Wulfric, not just any alien farts...apparently phosphine smells like death and can be found on Earth in pond slime and penguin guano. Turns out Venus is even less pleasant than I'd imagined! But hey, if we've indeed got neighbors, that's seriously going to be huge news. I hope we can either confirm it or find a more plausible explanation in my lifetime.
  9. 2020 keeps finding ways to surprise. I mean, my guess is that this will end up being explained by non-living processes, but the possibility is fascinating to imagine. https://reut.rs/2ZDFta9
  10. In addition to the excellent points made by @Chen G., I would point out that Luke was trained by two Jedi whose response to a Padawan's betrayal was self-imposed exile. This is hardly a new pattern in the saga, and Luke always had a whiny, sullen streak anyway.
  11. I certainly don't wish I'd been born in a previous century. For all the things we've screwed up, quality of life has improved over the centuries and I have no desire to give up modern medicine. Future centuries? Who the hell knows. Honestly, I could see things going a lot of different ways. Some of them would be improvements...others, not so much.
  12. Depends on how strong the orchestral accompaniment is. 😉 I'm no big fan of most of the singing in Burton's Sweeney Todd, for instance, but I love the orchestral treatment so much that I don't mind.
  13. I'm not aware of any explicit public statement about why the shift happened; I don't think you'll find much more information it there than the replies we've already given.
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