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  1. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. 1st time in 50 years. Pure Don Knotts comedy. Its fun because so many locations & people are recognizable. A veritable who's who of film and television character actor.
  2. I plan to go next year if Universal Epic opens. The ride looks incredible. But the real attraction will be Jaws. When iit returns...
  3. I agree with Alex. I don't think we can continue to perceive the difference the higher the resolution. Its one thing to walk in a box store and be wowed by 4k and now 8k tvs showing demonstrative content designed to wow the senses while a movie itself is designed to tell a story and even though certain visuals can acheive the wow factor at some point the films draws you in by story.
  4. When a sludge filled piece of crap movie like Nomadlands win best picture you know its an exceptionally bad year.
  5. I agree. There are composers who can create a quality score but is there a Williams, Goldsmith, or Horner type quality out there. no that ship has sailed or in Horner's case hit an iceberg and sank.
  6. There are very few competent film composers worth following these days.
  7. The imdb reviewers are fucking idiots.
  8. Alex, Criminal Minds and CSI Las Vegas returning. Aren't you excited. I'm all for more Dr. Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia.
  9. Using imdb reviews as part of your argument totally destroys any argument you might have had.
  10. Sex is great but it is more about love, acceptance, and companionship as you get older. A strange fact as you get older. Young guys are virile but they are not very good in bed.
  11. I have been a few times but now that my spouse and I are vaccinated we are ready to get back to the movies. No tv can substitute for the picture show.
  12. Therr were no Oscar nominees for Williams in that time other than Valley of the Dolls in 67.
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