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  1. I find Trek is solid on All Access. I find the criticism over the top. Don't get me wrong, I am the master of over the top criticism but not for this.
  2. Even I praised up. And what he did in the Ephraim and Dot short was nice. It not a joke. Hz is a bad composer.
  3. Can we get a thread title change. No fourth abram/kelvin travesty.
  4. Must watch Messiah on netflix. I am 5 in, 5 to go.
  5. Final Tigers 42 - Tigers 25. Greatest National Championship game ever. Of course the Tigers won. There was no chance they would not.
  6. Tigers 21 - Tiger 17. Great game.
  7. Watching the National Championship football game. Geaux Tigers.
  8. We can expect the new Bond score to be a total turd.
  9. Star Trek 2009, Into Darkness, and Beyond are really Star Trek so they are not better than everything. I will give Giacchino Props for his contribution in short Treks Ephraim and Dot is quite good directorially and musically. He is best at taking previously composed Star Trek music and respinning it into something a bit different.
  10. Portals, Main on End, or The Real Hero. Better than anything John gave me in 2019.
  11. Joker is the biggest pile of shit in some time to be nominated for best picture.
  12. I dislike it. Its hokum. Iit music ti two characters that aren't worth a damn
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