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  1. Yes. You know I am an extra feature nut and it apparently has some good ones. Plus there are several nods to the original that were fun for a film enthusiast
  2. He looks nothing like himself.
  3. Watching Superman on the big screen right now would be like reading a love letter the first time.
  4. I will get War of the Worlds on blu when it comes out. I wont be purchasing War of the Worlds the SS version There is nothing boring about either film and the 1953 version is a classic.
  5. David wanted to rewatch the Joker because he felt he didn't give it a fair shake. He foumd he has. Joker remains a terrible film. I had limited expectations for Jojo Rabbit. Fortunately they were met and exceeded.
  6. You know most superhero films are far better than the shit film you use as your avatar. If you want to fall asleep listen to Giacchino or Zimmer. As far as Covid-2019 goes I just travel to two worksites. I go in an hour early and I stay as late as needed. I wear a mask amongst the public but not necessarily in public. No need fo wear one in the car. All the shorgages are mostly over. I miss going to the movie theatre. I will likely go there before going out to eat.
  7. We're already have temps in the 80's and 90's. It will be interestingly to see how many die with their masks on.
  8. I will double dip for Jaws. I will dd for Titanic and Avatar. I have died and decayed waiting on The Abyss and True Lies.
  9. Whats the point of hiding the title. Is it because of this pathetic need to not succumb to "spoilers".
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