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  1. Last summers Unhinged. Its the most fun you can have in a rather deplorable film. Last Summers 2067, one review said 2012 was fun and watchable but 2067 while somewhat clever is dull and morose. Hits the nail on the head.
  2. No it does NOT. It is absolutely stealing. Ethics begin with each of us.
  3. Watching current tv with current events is very disturbing. While it is the reality i refuse to be photographed wearing a mask.
  4. So yesterday I did purchase a new Samsung tv. I haven't had time to open the box. Too many Thanksgiving obligations. Can't tonight either. A lot of prep work. I may get another 4K player
  5. Well thanks for muddying the water. I was so focused on JW. I did not consider other composers . Yes T2 is better than Terminator.
  6. Ive yet heard a sequel score that equals or exceeds the original. TOD comes damn close and to a lesser extent so does ESB.
  7. I listend to TOD and LC back to back. Temple never ceases to amaze me. In many ways it is an equal to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Its very light and yet extremely dark. It has the very best endtitles of the four film series. LC is a Very exhausting score. I no longer try to compare it to the first two films and let it rise in ifs own merits. One thing you can say its a John Williams score. I loved listening to TOD.
  8. Not at all. Food is what brings people together.
  9. Its Thanksgiving week. My hubby got a $25.00 gift card to Krogers and I used it with my other purchases. I literally got the smallest turkey in the store, 14lbs. Lukily its fresh so now thawing mess. I will cook mu cornbread for my dressing tonight. Need it to be stale for Thursday I got the most perfect Georgia pecans to make a pecan oatmeal pie. One product that is hard to find this year is turkey stock. But meat plants have been hit hard with THE COVID. Its overpriced online. I can work around it. Of all the different meat gravy I think turkey is fhe best.
  10. That is a little police substation about 5 minutes from our house. Its a very cool building almost 100 years old.
  11. We drive a 2019 Hyundai Kona in Lime Twist and a 2019 Chevy Cruze in Pacific Blue. I get 34 mph Dave gets close to 40 mpg. It also saves gas when you work a 4 day week
  12. I have driven in Checy Chase but it was a rental. Dc and Boston are the two most difficult cities to drive in while NYC and LA are really a breeze to navigate other than traffic.
  13. Btw 2020's latest horror is that Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Ruck are the same persom
  14. After going from 8.8 acres to a 1/4 acre I love my 20 minute front and 25 minute back. We have a rider but we just use the self propelled push mower.
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