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  1. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time, a long time.
  2. Carrie is about the extremes of bullying.
  3. We use Regal and Cinemark almost exclusively. Cinemark has the best theatres. All elect. Reclining leather seats. The best prices on concessions and modern screens. My understanding is they are gearing up for a upgrade because they expect 2022 to feature a glass-less 3D presentation of Avatar. Regal is closer to my house but it hasn't been upgraded in 6 years. Were getting new drive-in theatres too.
  4. Whats your preferred pronouns is the new question when dating.
  5. The reason is the film SUCKS ASS. The theatres will survive. Its still the ABSOLUTE best way to see a film.
  6. God forbid someone throw a peanut butter sandwich out by the school.
  7. Its excellent. The first novel had a twist I didn't see coming.
  8. Got this as a birthday gift. USS Buran. This was Captain Lorca's vessel in Star Trek Discovery. I didn't expect it to be so large.
  9. Tenet is the biggest pile of shit I have seen in a long time. It fails in storytelling, it fails whenever the main character is on screen. What a miscast role. He has zero charisma. Oh my god was this movie loud. Its visually ugly. And the gimmick was laughably bad. After 6 months away from the theatre what a major disappointment. Christopher Nolan your bloated 300+ million w/marketing film makes your terrible Intersteller and equally terrible Inception seem less awful.
  10. My coworker Mary died Thursday from Covid. She was the glue in my 4 person office. She tested negative initially but it was false. I knew once they put her on a ventilator she was in bad bad shape. She is my 3rd coworker to die from the disease. I knew Mary for 19 years. Be safe out there.
  11. I like mine standing vertically so I can read the spine. In order of film release.
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