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    58 years have I been a John Williams fan. My own council will I keep on what are his masterpieces.

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  1. We're one month in plus a few days. If you haven't posted a list please do I'm going to Wait another month thank you everyone who participated up to now
  2. I did not respond because I did not see a need. We're just doing simple statistics not rocket science. I am confident in my choices but I am taking this opportunity to revisit some long overdue friends
  3. You can here familiar bests in CE3K that john also uses in Jaws 2. His own version of Hornerisms
  4. Jay I have had several people in the past submit Heidi and or Jane Eyre. If John scored a movie whether tv or theatrical I Accepted it in the past. The Mission was not quite a movie but so close. It was very cinematic. My only rule was one movie per vote so no one includes all SW or all Indy in one vote.
  5. We were watching gv when a Universal film came on with its bombastic theme and it hit me watch E.t. the Extraterrestrial. Neithrr of us had watched it since the pandemic so I put on the BR. I paid close attention to the music. Every beat ever note is ingrained in my being. We watched all through the credits. David and I did not try to hide any tears. Its still my favorite movie and score. David said shat's next and I said E.T. part 1 aka Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Shockingly my husband had never seen it. Again every note every beat is a part of me. .
  6. Lists please. I have6 noticed it on here but I feel like John's The Mission from Amazing Stories is just as worthy a candidate as any of his older films. It has nearly 30 minutes of score and some"Amazing" music. Very reminiscent of INDY music. .
  7. Sadly there are no JW cds in my car these days. And AI hasn't been played in 20 years Don't even know where the cd is.
  8. Okay please stop. I am using one list per person. Excluding Star Wars and Indy Music should only be done if you genuinely believe there is better JW music.
  9. I can say my list is changed by one score. Home alone bumped the towering inferno which would be number 11 if I went that one step further But I decided home alone deserve to place because I do love that score and then having been in New York City at Christmas time and that score became an earworm but a good kind
  10. Don't think of it as forced. Think of it as something you cherish.
  11. We're halfway through the month of August of 2023. It's been a month and a half since John Williams latest score was revealed. Now it's time to see what John Williams fans, old and new, think are his best film scores. Before we begin there are some ground rules. Each film counts as its own. Don't count all the Star wars films is one because they're different films with different measures and beats and qualities. The same goes for the Harry Potter scores. I would like each individual to provide a list of their 10 favorite best however you look at it is 10 scores that work best for you. I propose we take two full months to compile these lists. It will be interesting to see how much our tastes have changed since the original list in 2003. My. Top ten. 1. E.T. the Extraterrestrial 2. Jaws 3. Superman 4. Star Wars 5. Raiders of the Lost Ark. 6 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 7. Jurassic Park 8. Home Alone 9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  12. The August film I want to see is The Last Voyage of the Demeter. My sister and I plan to see it. Neither of our husbands are willing to go especially since there are no survivors. Unless they stray from the source material
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