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    58 years have I been a John Williams fan. My own council will I keep on what are his masterpieces.

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  1. It was that guy A.I. he wanted to trouble you with an earworm.
  2. There are 1, Jaws, 2, Star Wars, 3, Superman, 4, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 5. E.T.the Extraterrestrial, John Williams scores that are better in the 74 to 84 period. It is not the pinnacle. It will always be second to Star Wars, which is simply unmatched by any other Star Wars followup. And yet its a great great score
  3. Yesterday we watched the Last of Us, specifically the gay episode. It was not as good as everyone said, but it was nice. My friends father-in-law had a much nastier opinion. The world still revolves the same.
  4. I was ready to dislike shotgun wedding but I found it funny as hell. Although I do think we've seen enough Jennifer Coolidge of late. Today we went and saw knock at the cabin and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the best airplanes falling out of the sky movie I've ever seen.
  5. John sucks Goldsmith's ponytail morning noon, and night, and his bitch slapping of Horner back in the day still sustain him.
  6. Marketing... My theatre does all it can to advertise
  7. I want to see it. Looks like it might be good. I sure hope the ship doesn't sink. I hope they seat us in the theatre by class...
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