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  1. No. If he isn't a prop man then he isn't. Why do they need real guns anymore. The phasers and ray guns are not real. This is a terrible accident I have seen at least three or four times before.
  2. I too find images.... unlistenable. Perhaps that is too harsh. I should say what I hear makes me want to listen to something else.
  3. They say its the new Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I hear the score reminds folks of Howard Shore's work
  4. If you people think any of M Night Shamalan's films are among the worst movies ever made then clearly your film going experience is very very limited.
  5. I romanticized all those old films as a child. Land of the Pharaohs fascinated me. My first experience with Egypt that didn't involve a vengeful mummy. I was about 4 or 5 when we say it at the drive in. My favorite Egyptian was Edward G Robinson sshheee
  6. Love is a strong word. While there are a lot of 5 star audience reviews there are a lot of single star and half star reviews. Going to grab the Green Knight and probably Escape Room Tournament or Night House.
  7. For those afraid to be in public I Suppose
  8. But that doesn't change the fact that Giacchino is barely mediocre as a composer. his range is...limited is inadequate a word to describe his ability
  9. Im sorry but no ones home theatre is anywhere close to the theatre. Not possible.
  10. Immersive being the key word. Would you like a dinner mint?
  11. Imagine this scenario. Disney tells Cameron his Avatar sequels, and. The original can only be seen at Disney plus. Discuss amongst yourelves.
  12. That sounds like a recipe for projectile vomiting. Alex keep an open mind that there are cinemas with perfect projection. Keep hoping it will get better.
  13. I put the diamond in the coat, i put the coat on her.
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