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  1. Binged War of the Worlds. Its a European construct. Still have 2 episodes to go but it is dismal and bleak. I wish I could tell the writer how stupid he is. Really Aliens in doggie automatons filled with alien flesh similar to bacon
  2. Coughing isnt neccessarily are indication of COVID-2019
  3. Binged the Outsider on free HBO weekend. Damn fine stuff
  4. U can't. He's Invisible
  5. The Airbus series of airliners are damn ugly especially that a380. It has none of the beauty of its competitor the lovely 747.
  6. There is nothing to get. It isn't among his best. John isn't above criticism but no one has a body of work to match. Shame on you for acting as if you are superior in your musical tastes. Shame of you for failing to accept that John does not always create masterpieces.
  7. Since its still a spoiler lets just say the mid murder scene in the Invisible Man. Stunning and shocking
  8. I didn't criticize you just pointed out the obvious. Most of us don't get to pick or choose what we're exposed to in life.
  9. You really do not get around. Its a story people have been perpetuating for years. Its not true but like sin it never dies
  10. I promise to stop eating when I die.
  11. Reason also tells you that at any given point and time we have 20+ pounds of undigested meat in our intestines (at least if your over 40).
  12. Teach them all the beauty they possess inside.
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