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  1. Not everything is a art. The mona lisa is art. The Lego's Mona Lisa is not. Too many here associates craft and art as the same thing. Music is subjective but objective at the same time. Degrees of separation may be hard to discern. My limited piano ability is my craft. It will never rise to art but I am sure some here rise way above. If all music is "Art" the is all music the same. Is the music of the Beatles the same as the music of U2. Regardless of personal preference its all the same.
  2. Just get to 2019 already so I can say my Favorite is Avengers Endgame/Silvestri. 🧐
  3. John Williams is a God among men but not everything is gold. He always produces hi level I music as a craft but not everything rises to the level of art.
  4. And the Academy Award for Best Director goes to Steven Spielberg for West Side Story. And the Award for Best Picture goes to....West Side Story.
  5. And thats a real problem. When that attitude takes hold it makes masterpiece mesningless.
  6. It won't. Its all about the extras Nobody is upgrading extras to 4 6 or 8k
  7. E.T. doesn't belong. It isn't scifi. Its a family film score. Of course its John's greatest score hands down.
  8. Lala land. One of the decades worst films. I love Fantastic Beasts. It sets the mood for the series.
  9. I used to think that but I revisited all three. Fallout is a satisfying conclusion to this "trilogy". The love story is bitter sweet. i am sure Alex thinks Baldwin's butt is cuter, he will at least admit its furrier.
  10. She is beautiful but I prefer Alex's better.
  11. Joe kramer was not a popular choice. He proved people wrong. Fallout, btw, is Tom Cruise's best film, has an effective score, and its fun as hell.
  12. Ennio M. score is so undeserving. If they want to honor him give him a lifetime achievement award. I listened to Rogue Nation which was lambasted here when announced but it is a good score. Not a close second as JP says but it is pretty good. I actually listened on your recommendation.
  13. Again you keep.mentionig Stephen King and as a diehard King fan I just do not see it.
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