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  1. I will gladly admit I am the oldest untill someone else takes the title. Beside while I am not musically talented i have the musical memory of John's growth throught the years. I know his highs and lows. My life's history has John writing the main music with help from Goldsmith, Horner, Newton, Stiner Herrman, and others with songs by the Beatles, Madonna, and others. Life is good.
  2. The low budget Black Scorpion. Some damn fine stop motion animation but some piss poor front & back projection Inspired from the 1940's volcanic eruption.
  3. Perhaps but its about the bigger picture. Shes about to become the most powerful villain
  4. Bespin Wanda tells a bigger story. Its not spin offs its a cinematic universe
  5. Lol at you calling me an idiot. If you were a cartoon character youd be that Larry the Cable guys truck.
  6. The Big Fucking Giant was the only one unwatchable to me.
  7. I found Lincoln rivating. I never knew he had to battle rebel forces, seperatists, and vampires.
  8. Shadow in the Cloud. Not quite what I expected. But its easy to see how it was filmed in a Covid-2019 environment. I got my 2 bucks worth.
  9. Theatres will survive. It is the best place to experience cinema.
  10. No there is no perfect film. But I also know there are many films that despite some imperfections are still perfect pieces of entertainment.
  11. I am not an audiophile like nany hear and i don't always distinguish how a new recording might actually sound better but I do hear it on the most recent Superman MM expansion and I find myself going back to it time and again. Especially after the Love theme poll.
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