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  1. The only tough JG Choice is a single track but even then The Waltons season 2 title over The Enterprise.
  2. Is it really? The Dark Knight and the sequel then Les Miserables.
  3. You choose STTMP because its head and shoulders better tha. ALIEN, Horner's ALIENS IS superior as well. STTMP IS better than almost all JW scores, almost
  4. After 25+ years Somewhere in my Memory is a Christmas traditional. My other 4 are Sleigh Ride by the Boston Pops Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin Ariund the Christmas Tree. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. (Judy Garland or Mel Torme).
  5. No. I still have my Boston and my Chihuahua. It is very difficult to travel with three dogs.
  6. Actually I spent the month of August in anticipation of my 15 year old dog Frances death. We knew it was coming and I spent every precious moment I could with her. We lost her the first week of September. I have lost pets before but she was much different and I am still missing her presence. I still take a giant step when getting out of bed so as not to step on her. On another note i have 300mbps because I choose not to pay for 1tbps. We only lose electricity when there are straight line winds or tornados. And unlike a certain northern state or European country we have had no incidents with our nuclear reactor. I chose to return today because I figure the best place to find ROS tracks is here. A Reminder evil never dies.
  7. Dave and I will spend Sunday the 22 seeing Rise of Skywalker, eating a chinese luncheon and then seeing Home Alone at the Symphony. It will be a John Williams holiday.
  8. The upcoming horror/triller film the Hunt has shut down its marketing in the wake of these shootings. Seems wise.
  9. Crazy Rich Asians. Sitting in my hotel room awaiting 6pm to arrive and we'll go eat some italian and onion rings as an app.
  10. Update I plan to talley this sometime next week. I will be out auditing the next 4 days and the weekend is for relaxing.
  11. If you knew this fucking shit was going to happen you might not have agreed to it. And you are very wrong to say its on us. The blame is on the initial idiotic decision. and the dickheads doing it.
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