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    58 years have I been a John Williams fan. My own council will I keep on what are his masterpieces.

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  1. Hacks season 2. Flight Attendant season 2 Flight Attendant pissed us off with the false ending of season one but still when the lesbian does what she do in the penultimate episode we are ready for the finale tonight.
  2. 43 years ago this then 18 year old took my bf and my sister to see Alien. Alien is a film closer to the quality of the film Star Wars than Attack of the Clones will ever be.
  3. I am more excited about Love Death and Robots
  4. The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Well acted, Didn't realize Tammy Faye was so kind.
  5. You need to put more shoulder into your post. V/Vic is one of the great films of 82. Alex Karras showed gay men didn't have to look like sickly thin or feminine men
  6. Last Friday was the 110th Anniversary of the sinking of Titanic. David and I were flipping channels and saw Titanic was coming on. He looked at me and I looked at him. "To the Hat" I said, and he nodded. No one has ever gotten me the way he does. May each of you find such a person.
  7. Apparently I saw a different movie version of the Batman. Long, dark, and tedious. The score is as wonderful or bad as Dune. Its a wonder this guy gets hired. The acting is all over the place. Pattinson is a terrible Batman. Did I mention it was dark. Not the story, the cinematography. The story is a mess. The Riddler is not even laughably bad. He is just bad. Thank goodness I refused to see this at the picture show.
  8. His dinosaur music is a bastardization of a great piece. He makes it unlistenable.
  9. They are more interesting than Opie's girl and Anna Farris' gain. (She gained by losing the prick I mean pratt).
  10. We watched Night House. Not sure if its 20 or 21. Either way its another slow burning horror film. Well acted and in a few scenes its intense. Its a decent film. But nothing happens 😂
  11. Sorry Karelm it was absolutely not intelligent. It was single cell organism 10000+ miles long. The Corbomite Maneuver is an episode of first contact.
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