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  1. I hope you listened to the expanded edition for Dracula. It totally opens up the score
  2. The spaceship that kickstarts the plot in Alfred Bester's absolutely incredible book The Stars My Destination was called Nomad. Gully Foyle, the main character, even had it tattooed on his forehead. I can only dream...
  3. I actually this sort of source cues actually detract from the listening experience. If they are included in any future expanded release, I hope they get relegated to the bonus track section on disc 2, but I would prefer if they were not included at all
  4. They'll really need to change that title in Portugal. It means roughly the same as in Spanish, but we use the expression "Chupa!" as "suck it!", like when one's proven right in a very heated argument or our football team scores a goal against a rival. Besides, it looks like a absolute E.T rip off, but with a creature that looks far less realistic, even though it was made more than 40 years later
  5. His comments on the Accidental Tourist and Cinderella Liberty are absolutely idiotic. This sort of Youtuber have been popping up like mushrooms, latelty
  6. There's one aspect in which I find KOTCS particularly lacking and where TOD particularly excels, and that is the cinematography. And that is a huge factor in enjoying these movies
  7. Theatrical it is. Thank you for input, everyone. I will watch Redux a few weeks later
  8. I will try to find a version with the highest possible resolution. Just totally unsure of what version to watch first
  9. Simple, question, everyone: which version of Apocalypse Now should I watch? I've never actually seen the movie and I mean to correct that soon enough
  10. I also think There Will be Blood is the superior work. But any of the two would be the greatest best picture winner of the century
  11. I found the score to be fairly anonymous and would work pretty much the same way in a number of other films and subjects. For this sort of approach, I found Thomas Newman score for 1917 to be far more interesting and accomplished, bearing in mind they are still different films
  12. There Will Be Blood might be a superior movie, but No Country for Old Man is still, in my view, the greatest Best Picture Winner of the 21st Century. As There Will Be Blood would be, had it won. What a pair of front runner films
  13. Just caught this pretty much by accident. This was fantastic. Incredible work by the actores, specially by Graham and Vinette Robinson
  14. Planet Earth is still my favorite Fenton. It's tremendous
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