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  1. Never had any problem myself whatsover. As far as I know, only a very few products qualify for custom charges within the EU (like cars, I reckon)
  2. That butchery of the Force Theme, for one, it's pretty much unforgivable
  3. I would imagine the vast majority of Europeans here who buy from Quartet are from EU countries...can't help you there
  4. I would also add Hummie Mann's score for Dracula: Dead and Loving It. It's a surprising serious and earnest score for a comedy. Hope it gets released one day
  5. Around 10 people from my home town, all from the same family
  6. I'm pretty sure Dune will be released at a later date. Warner Brothers will have to fit Tenet and Wonder Woman somewhere in the calendar
  7. Another one I would add, from one of my all time favorite scores. What an opening for an album: Sleepers Sleepers at Wilkinson Hell's Kitchen The Football Game
  8. My bad, then. One of my absolutely favorite sequences would be: Qui-Gon And Obi-Wan Rescue The Queen Fighting The Guards Escape From Naboo
  9. Prologue Journey to Exegol Falcon Flight work really great in sequence
  10. it is very silly, but the cinematography and the score are absolutely top notch. And believe or not, Val Kilmer is my favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne. I'd love seeing tackling better material with the character back then
  11. The amount of travelling she did in the last few weeks, I'd reckon
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