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  1. I do love the score, but the main theme is easily my least favorite. But I find the Two Socks theme to be absolutely enchanting. And the Pawnee material is quite striking
  2. I really can't quite put my finger on it, but this shot really haunted me:
  3. A Little Night Music might still be my favorite Sondheim musical, although I admit some of his other works are essentially superior
  4. I just rewatched OHMSS two nights ago. Eeerie. She had such a luminous and classy screen presence. My all time favorite bond girl
  5. Oh yes, very Baleen Whale like. And does bring out the eye parallel The use of Pink Floyd might be a nod to Jodorowsky's Dune, where they were set to do part of the score
  6. It's a hard concept to translate visually. I do like the fact that the shield changes color when hit
  7. If the movie ends where I think it will, it's satisfying dramatically, but I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger I think the trailer might've overplayed the Young Adult Chosen One that leads a revolution trope. The story is much much more than that and with much less generic contours
  8. I'm sure he will direct both installments if the second one gets made. I think that was one of his conditions to accept the job: to be able to do it in two parts
  9. At the start it might be Zimmer, but then it segues into a cover of Pink Floyd's Eclipse
  10. Roughly the first 60 % of it
  11. Not a fan of the use of Pink Floyd there (does every trailer nowadays need to use an edgy cover of an old song?), but the visuals and the cast look absolutely spot on. I'm a bit concerned they might've changed the word Jihad from the book into Crusade, though
  12. Here's the full trailer
  13. I've seen somewhere the first alternate used with footage of the main titles and it works surprisingly well. But I agree the final version is the best, it's actually one of the best JW's main titles ever, IMHO.
  14. This seems like a silly way to tackle the problem. The awards might be a symptom or a consequence of the problem, never its cause. If you want to tackle it, start by providing equal opportunity in education and getting projects off the ground. The awards will (at least in theory), follow where the quality is. You don't do it the other way around, that solves absolutely nothing and might actually create a new form or resentment and backlash
  15. Agreed...sounded awful
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