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  1. Very good point, though I don't think the fanfares and ever sounded so heraldic or majestic as in TPM. The canvas was much larger this time Indeed. TPM is filled with unique and coherent soundscapes. And as much as I love all the subsequent Star Wars scores, I think you can kinda tell this was the one where his enthusiasm is most clearly felt.
  2. The merits and flaws of the prequels have been debated endlessly, but if there's one thing they had going for them was opportunities for musical expression. The Phantom Menace is particularly noteworthy in that sense, with its great variety of locales and set pieces, regardless of how well they actually work dramatically. Those aspects, combined with a plethora of vast establishing shots, dramatic scene transitions and numerous shots of ships taking off and landing, gave John Williams the chance to write what I think is his greatest collection of fanfares in any single score. I would even go
  3. And the actor and the look were perfect for that kind of character. Too bad they didn't go anywhere with it. A waste of a good concept
  4. That's a great connection. But Williams really developed a sound for Naboo. Even in Jar Jar Binks material this is apparent. Probably the most thorough musical portrait of a place he has ever written
  5. One of my Goldsmith's top 5 as well. Absolutely essential expansion and score
  6. I love this passage: Relistening to Attack of the Clones, it strikes as probably the mostidiosyncratic of all Star Wars scores, to a point where it sometimes doesn't even quite feel like a Star Wars score and I think that has somewhat unjustly hurt its reputation. It's got a feel all of its own, with particularly terrific action scoring. The Chase Through Coruscant is an obvious highlight, but the track I posted, although less balletic, does have a terrific propulsive energy. The setpieces in the prequels, good or bad as they may be, were at least self conta
  7. Indeed, the book was fascinating. And with Rylance playing the Pope and Oscar Isaac playing the adult Edgardo...it could've been something really interesting and potential new avenues for JW
  8. I never made that Schindler's List connection before. You might be on to something.
  9. I'm quite curious with the track assembly. I'm familiar with the score, but for some reason, I never tried a chronological assembly of the two albums I own. It will be interesting to better track the thematic development with this one
  10. I own these two albums: Looking at the track list, I'm only missing the tracks Bondage and Black Prince, which total less that 4 minutes. Unless the sound has been significantlly improved, I'm not sure if the this warrants the purchase. Anyone else in this situation?
  11. I was already fond of this moment, but it really grew in my appreciation when I realized it's actually Across the Stars in fanfare mode:
  12. The Phantom Menace OST It has been while since I last listened to the OST presentation, always resorting to fan edits of the complete thing whenever I want my fix of this music. I find TPM to be an absolutely terrific score in its complete presentation, with a huge variety of colors, moods and dynamics, a great narrative flow (conveying a much, much better execution of the story than we were given in the film), at least a dozen highlights. It is simply one of the greatest fantasy/adventure scores ever written and probably the single score with the biggest d
  13. This post made listen to it, and sometimes we do tend to take JW for granted. It had been a while since I had listened to the album, and it is indeed fantastic
  14. That's lovely. Sayuri's theme might be more obvious in the score, but Chiyo's theme is the true heart and soul of this score. Gorgeous theme
  15. I'm only guessing, but unrelased music, early demos, unused songs and the material written for the German stage adaptation may help explain the runtime
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