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  1. I think there's a quite a bit of unreleased music in it, though. Off the top of my head, I remember a sweeping renditon of the Tibet/Dalai Lama theme when Harrer first reaches Tibet. And being such a soloist centered score, there might be significant alternates
  2. I would be over the moon with a expansion of Seven Years in Tibet
  3. It's wonderful score. I'm particularly fond of the first two tracks and the last seven, or so
  4. Character development has been this show's biggest flaw, I think. Characters pretty much just speak to provide exposition. Nice to get a bit of a glimpse into the Child's past. And I did like the look of the planet
  5. I'm probably misremembering the version I saw in the theatres, but this one looks like exactly like the same crap I watched that day
  6. But you say then that because his scores play better in shorter form they are therefore bad scores?
  7. I don't think I could disagree more with this statement. Take Herrmann, for example. A lot of his scores benefit greatly from shorter album presentations and combining tracks. And his scores are as brilliant as they come. But the brilliance is often enhanced by having less of it.
  8. I think our very own @Laserschwert had something to with this product
  9. I'm also struggling with the price, but I think I might regret not getting this. It's probably my favorite franchise
  10. Oh yes. Nobility and tragedy and sense of loss. It is stunning
  11. The Walsung motif still is one of my all time favorite melodies. Spine tingling stuff
  12. It's just my random guess. Because it is long overdue and because it could be timely with the release of the new Dune movie (dealyed in the meanwhile)
  13. I kinda miss the opening narration as well, but the music behind it is really quite nice. An ideal expanded edition would probably include both versions. I also remembered, the expanded edition also doesn't include Final Dream from the OST. Have a listen to the expanded version, if you can, Marian. I'd be quite curious to read your thoughts
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