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  1. That looks camp as fuck, but also seems to be really, really entertaining
  2. The genre is a bit hard to pin down, but it would something like this (although I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of scores): Close Encounters of the Third Kind (John Williams) Artificial Intelligence (John Williams) Dune (Toto and Brian Eno) Blade Runner (Vangelis) Brainstorm (James Jorner) Alien (Jerry Goldsmith) Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Elliot Goldenthal) Signs (James Newton Howard) Starship Troopers (Basil Poledouris) Arrival (Johan Johansson)
  3. I still think Pinta, Niña and Santa Maria is Vangelis magnus opus. Still, has fantastic as this album is, I would love to see a release of the complete score. There so many great cues and themes in the movie that are completely absent from the album
  4. Lincoln, but Life of Pi really is lovely
  5. Elliot Goldenthal would've been such a perfect fit for this
  6. Well, truth be told, I think Orko's theme is the only keeper from the original series. I tried listening to La La Land's release and honestly, nostalgia aside, I think pretty much just the main theme and Orko's theme are listenable
  7. Plus a companion soundtrack to the Art and Soul of Dune Art book coming in october The article only mentions digital releases, though. No cd releases planned?
  8. Lovely post, Marian, wonderful insights
  9. Alia is born at the end of part 2. After that is when you get the two year time jump. Part 1 and 2 are pretty much consecutive
  10. Indeed, but the story itself was always divided in three parts, narratively speaking
  11. Indeed. The same thing has happened with the Dune, in the sense that it is one book, dividid in three parts. Here in Portugal, some editions have published it in three and now more recently in two volumes
  12. This was my most wanted Elfman expansion. I just hope it won't be too expensive. I absolutely love the score and as for the movie is probably the last Burton work I enjoyed. Just absolutely spot on for his sensibilities. Great cinematography, production design and a terrific supporting cast. But like most Burton movies, it really starts to drag by the third act This theme just perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the place and the setting. So evocative:
  13. I hope it costs the same. That one had a very good price for a 4-cd set
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