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  1. This has probably been mentioned before, but any potential concerto suite would not be featured on a FYC promo, since they are not heard in the movie proper, correct?
  2. Reminds more of the Riddler in Batman Forever
  3. Well, he has always used the choir for The Emperor, so it was pretty much a given
  4. He does consistently good work. Even in Star Wars. One of the most interesting actors of his generation
  5. These last two episodes really dragged, IMHO, not bringing anything really relevant to the story. I hope things pick up again in the next ones
  6. I love the Night Window track, is really quite beautiful. The rest left me a bit cold for the moment
  7. Reminds of Trevor Jones' Dark City score
  8. Knives Out is very good. I'll post more detailed thoughts later on
  9. That was only in Frank Miller's stuff, I think
  10. It got the spot previously alocated to Dune, which in turn took Avatar's
  11. I suppose Disney is focusing on Frozen 2 at the moment. Once that's released, I'm sure TROS will pick up
  12. It would be even worse if the movie was still being heavily tinkered with without any new recording sessions to accommodate the changes being made
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