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  1. 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, by John Scott The book is an all time favorite since my childhood, so I was always curious about how Scott would approach the material. The movie it was written for is absolutely abysmal, but Scott somehow seems to be scoring the book instead of the movie, with a great album assembly that really conjures up the episodic nature of the novel. The fact that the cd cover art has an illustration from the original edition of novel instead of the movie poster further enhances this feeling. Good themes, good assembly, good setpieces (Monster from t
  2. I'm also very fond of his score dor Dracula: Dead and Loving It, which plays it completely straight and is therefore a pretty great Dracula score.
  3. Vader meeting Obi-Wan between ROTS and ANH is a lousy, money grabbing idea. And it robs the impact of their meeting in ANH. "I sense something, a presence I have not felt since two weeks ago"
  4. This is great, but what that opening reminded the most was actually Notturno from Tiomkin's Fall of the Roman Empire
  5. It was the best possible canvas for Burton's rather limited aesthetic sensibilities. It's easily one of his best, although, like in most of his movies, the third act clearly the worst part
  6. Thank you for this recommendation, I managed to snag it for 3 pounds. I'm particularly interested in the Waterloo suite, it's not so common to find music from that score
  7. I adore that album. And the summation of the Petronius related material in Petronius Banquet, Meditation And Death is an absolute highlight that I always miss when listening to the Tadlow re-recording.
  8. I think this is the JW passage that gives me the biggest jolt of joy:
  9. How could a character named Cruella de Vil not be a villain from the start?
  10. If they had taken from the book On Stranger Tides more than just the title and choice of antagonist, it could've been a much better movie. That book is tremendous fun. Big influence on Monkey Island too
  11. I absolutely love this passage: It's just so evocative of the jungle adventure they're about to embark on. I think it accompanies the reveal of the map of Panama in the film
  12. And the Harrer theme is one of the best musical depictions of remorse I have ever heard
  13. It's one of the greatest opening tracks of any John Williams album assembly. Any version of AI should always open with this track
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