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  1. I'm far from being a true classical music connoisseur, but the main theme seems to take some inspiration from Rachmaninoff's Isle of the Dead. Is it just me, probably being too taken by those undulating strings?
  2. As expected, Dune Messiah is in development https://variety.com/2024/film/news/dune-3-denis-villeneuve-legendary-nuclear-war-1235960990/
  3. Well, I'm biting the bullet, even if the shipping is a bit steep. I really want this to happen
  4. Cavill is a really limited actor, a plank of wood, I really don't think he could pull this off
  5. The OST really is a poor representation of the score. Even the Main Title is a synth mock up. Listen to the expanded score if you can. It makes its operatic qualities much more apparent. I hope a new expanded and remastered edition is in the works
  6. I suppose that role was more of a contractual obligation than any sort of real input in the film's script. To its benefit, I'm sure
  7. I adore all Frank Herbert's 6 Dune books. God Emperor of Dune, the fourth one, might actually be my favorite. Now, the stuff "written" by his son and Kevin J. Anderson, is absolutely god awful
  8. Yes, much more so, although still totally in line with bits and strands of foreshadowing you can detect in the first book
  9. Same thing as the two books, really (Dune and Dune Messiah). Regardless of how Frank Herbert has said that Messiah was always intended as an epilogue for the first book, they still very much feel like separate, distinct (albeit continuous), works. I'm sure the movies will feel the same. It's actually to the stories benefit, I think, if we feel a somewhat pronounced stylistic and tonal change in the 3rd movie
  10. Their only point of comparasion is being landmark works in their respective genres and being quite thorough in their world building (Tolkien even more so, obviously). It ends there, I think
  11. This is one of my all time favorite Goldsmith action tracks:
  12. Thank you so much, that's really great work by @WampaRat
  13. Someone here had posted a thematic breakdown of the first score. Any chance it might be reposted in this thread, so I can get my bearings on the thematic material?
  14. I haven't watched any Marvel show (and the last MCU movie I watched was the first Ant-Man), but I found the score for Moon Knight so cool and interesting, I might actually watch the show one of these days
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