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  1. The Egyptian for score. It is in fact one of my all time favourite scores and the rerecording performance and assembly is terrific. Cleopatra for movie. For all its flaws, it's the only one that has some layers to it. And the score is also terrific
  2. Well, not to go off topic, but I will be watching this tomorrow in IMAX
  3. Cilian Murphy cast as Oppenheimer https://variety.com/2021/film/news/christopher-nolan-oppenheimer-cast-cillian-murphy-release-date-1235084507/ Ludwig Göransson will score. Is there any truth to the rumors that Zimmer and Nolan had a falling out after Dunkirk?
  4. It felt forced to me too. Like they're relying on the memory of a superior score and movie to do the heavy emotional lifting instead of doing on its own merits. That's always a problem for me with the nostalgic callbacks in long running movie franchises
  5. Watched it, and it's just another Bond movie. Nothing embarassingly bad about it, but tonally it was all over the place and there's absolutely no justification for that running time. All in all, a pretty standard, not really memorable affair
  6. Got a link for that video? I looked for it on their channel, but didn't seem to find it
  7. Indeed. I hope it sees a release soon. The movies made me laugh a lot, too "MIna...you are in the closet"
  8. You must listen to this edition: The difference in the Main Title alone makes it worthwhile, not to mention all the extra music
  9. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I would imagine the more ecology-centric sections would be in part 2, no?
  10. Walker and Goldenthal did pretty well in writing a great theme after Elfman's
  11. That's when Batman's music stopped being interesting. This is just another step in that tendency
  12. We go from Eflman, Walker, Goldenthal, to this? I know these are just snipets, but that theme is as vulgar as they come Batman used to be the superhero with the most consistently great music
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