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  1. Look at that list. It was easy for a kid to become a film score aficionado back then. My favorite from that List is Dracula, but Basic Instinct is probably the best film score, indeed
  2. I'm completely done with Star Wars and Marvel movies and TV shows. I have no interest in Rings of Power. The only TV show I've watched from beginning to end in the last few years was Better Call Saul
  3. If a considerable amount of the classical pieces heard in the movie are used as diegetic music (as being played by the mother), do they still count towards the overall percentage of original Vs pree existing music?
  4. I honestly I much preferred when Indiana Jones movies were pretty much stand alone, with very few, if any, carry over elements, meaning you could watch them almost in any order
  5. Me neither. Seems to me to be a lot of technical flair for its own sake
  6. Please speak only for yourself. The Accidental Tourist, for example, is absolutely lovely. As is Sabrina.
  7. Michael Collins, Final Fantasy and Cobb are fantastic and really easy to get into, I think
  8. This has been getting some really great reviews. And because this is movie about a conductor, I guess we already have our Oscar Winner for Best Original score, again to Hildur Guðnadóttir
  9. Can't recommend this enough. But if I had to choose just one volume, I would say Volume 2 is the best overall
  10. At this point, I really do not care if this is good or not and that is honestly besides the point. Tolkien would've hated this sort of "expansion", to put it mildly, of his writings. It's ethically and artistically wrong. He was obsessed with the inner consistency of his life's work. No detail was superfluous. Nothing was added to just create a false sense of depth and fake historicity. It never was lazy world building. The whole thing just becomes absolutely believable. Amazon might have the rights, but they have no right to do this.
  11. It is precisely because I love the books and admire Tolkien's life work that I refuse to watch this
  12. For all its flaws, it is for me easily the best thing to come out of Disney's Star Wars. And next to the first 40 minutes of TFA, it's the only new Stars Wars content worth watching
  13. I'm not a GOT fan, at all, but I'm genuinely surprised to read some many people labeling the GOT theme as brilliant and all time great. On a JW fan forum, of all places. I find it a really uninteresting piece of music
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