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  1. That explains why the price in Euro is considerably lower than in GBP
  2. I would agree. It's not an edgy opinion, but Close to the Edge and Fragile are easily my favorite Yes works
  3. Indeed, Close to the Edge is as perfect as albums can get
  4. Truth be told, it is much, much easier to follow the footsteps of Giacchino than John Williams
  5. In the particular case of Presumed Innocent, at least, the price is 18.98 Euro, compared to 29.95 at Music Box Records. so the difference is considerable. When in the International Varese Sarabande website, under the price, it says "tax included", does that mean the order will be exempt form custom duties, or should I expect extra charges on top of the order cost as is?
  6. Seven Years in Tibet is a pretty awful film, which is doubly unfortunate, as the book it is based on is quite fascinating and the score, on album, is one of my all time favorites. But the film, not only is totally dramatically inert and has an horrendous lead performance, it also treats its terrific score very badly, with hardly any chances to shine
  7. For me in Portugal, when ordering more than one cd, it's only marginally more expensive to have them shipped over here than to an UK address. Is it different for Austria? And the prices are actually lower in Euro than they are in pounds, albeit with higher shipping costs
  8. Reuters is reporting it, it's true: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-vangelis-obituary/vangelis-composer-of-chariots-of-fire-score-dies-at-79-idUSKCN2N51L8
  9. Oh, he was one of my favorites and his particular brand of music, he had no equal. This remains my favorite track of his and one that always takes me to a good place after a day's work:
  10. I have always been very fond of De Meij's Lord of the Rings Symphony since I've heard in concert, but my appreciation for it grew when I listened to the full orchestral arrangement of the piece. There are many interesting passages, but the 4th movement, A Journey in the Dark, has always been my favorite and the most evocative:
  11. This is my favorite non-Williams score from the series. I'm surprised it didn't leave you much of an impression
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