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  1. I did enjoy Lincoln the first time around, but the movie is more rewarding on subsequent viewings.
  2. I don't think writing an effective score is particularly hard for any decently skilled composer. The shortcuts and the templates are all there
  3. I seem to remember reading he was also set to score The Bridges of Madison County
  4. It's a cool thing that's he's attending the West Side Story recording sessions
  5. He did indeed. We watched some of it on the hall TV screens
  6. I agree. Apart from Joker, I enjoyed all the other 4
  7. It is one of the best score line ups in recent years
  8. That's not a set photo, that's just Jason Mamoa doing some turism in the area (the film was shot in Jordan) and posting some photos. No set photos have leaked so far. Petra will no be featured in the film
  9. Nothing really new there, Alex. And that is not even a teaser poster, just something that was used in a trade show
  10. The lack of sense of massive scale is the last thing I expected from a Nolan film about Dunkirk. And yet the film does feel quite small and not in a good way
  11. It could be a theme for the rumored Matt Smith character that was eventually cut. Since I would assume JW begins is writing process by definining the main themes, he was probably a much more relevant character at the start of production
  12. Well, his concert work has been terrific. But it has been a long time since a new Elfman score has grabbed me
  13. Of more recent releases, Dracula really was elevated and revealed by the expansion
  14. The Oscar line up will be almost the same, but I reckon Randy Newman will take Gia's spot
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