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  1. I wish that there was an emoticon for "abject fear", because this statement is terrifying.
  2. Oh, yeah, that's how it always starts. First there's "ooh"ing, and "ahh"ing, then later, there's "boo"ing, shouting. Remember... CRYSTAL SKULL started out in just the same way. You have been warned...
  3. You get no argument from me, @Counterparts, although I'm rather partial to Madrigal.
  4. I've liked DEPECHE MODE ever since I heard New Life.
  5. Like the THE OMEN trilogy, the Rambo scores get more operatic, as the films get more ambitious. I like all three Rambo scores, but FIRST BLOOD is, definitely, the best.
  6. I've just read about this. Depeche Mode is among the greatest bands that this country has ever produced. I'm shocked and saddened.
  7. Well, he's no Larry Fast. I mean, it's no Soundcheck Delta 3, is it? To be terribly honest, it sounds like the background music whenever The Book in The Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy is read out. It's not bad, but then again...
  8. Forget caffeine. All you need is 1941, Adventures On Earth, and The Asteroid Field
  9. To Hollywood, and glory!!!! "Top-10?" Piffle! It currently resides at #4 in my all-time top-5 JW scores. Now, let me hear ya guns? My what?! Ya guns!
  10. I've not seen the film, but it seems to be a rare thing: a film where Lee, and Cushing are not at odds with each other.
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