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  1. Why would The Devil want to go down to Georgia, anyway. What's is Georgia?
  2. and , at the same time. THE THING Man, but this is fucking brilliant! It's always been my favourite Morricone, and it always will.
  3. I hate to say this, but...as fas as "the titans" are concerned, there's only one left. It would be nice to hear how other composers are reacting to this news
  4. It's good to be here! How've ya been? Check my bags, boy, where's my room? I sit on the 'phone, and that's my game. Keep up the pressure all the way.
  5. I like the bottom still. There's one of those, right outside my bedroom window.
  6. Hey, guys, what's the difference between a piano, and a fish?
  7. "Huh?" "Get a job" "What for?" "I'm tryn' to think" In case you're wondering, it's
  8. Why didn't somebody tell me he had one of those...things?!
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