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  1. Now...er...what was I saying? Yeah, that's right; today, while talking with some friends...
  2. I called myself "fuck you", that's what.
  3. Today, while talking with some friends, I used the word "senile". I've used that word many rimes before, but today was the first time that I'd used it to refer to myself. I'm turning into part of my collection. I really am growing old.
  4. I've read that Betamax got pushed out of the video market because of the porno industry. Not sure if that's true, or not.
  5. I suppose the question is: "Who the chuffin' 'eck is this Lashana Lynch woman, and why should I be listening to a single word that she says?" For the last I-don't-know-how-many years, we've been told how Bond women are "strong, and not "stereotypical" If they're so strong, then how come these young women always end-up allowing themselves to get well and truly porked by a much older man, at the end of the film? Best not to try to talk intelligent, deary. Just turn up on time, say your lines, and collect you pay cheque. Now, run along, before I give you a well-deserved slap on the backside.
  6. Sometimes a black-and-white world is more interesting than a coloured one.
  7. It's never too late, my friend. SIGN O' THE TIMES is an absolutely stunning record.
  8. It's been all over UK cinemas, for the last few weeks. Have fun. Give me regular reports, please.
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