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  1. Sigh. I do wish he wouldn't keep calling it "Devil's Dance" . Dear, oh dear.
  2. The score sounds like somebody strangling a cat, so...
  3. Do you believe in a reasonable rate of return? Has anybody heard Morricone's erm... music(?)...for SPACE:1999?
  4. That score is not bad for what it is - mid-80s T.D. - but it's not a patch on stuff like LE PARC, and UNDERWATER SUNLIGHT.
  5. I'm afraid that I can't wait that long! Any playlist with TRAINING MONTAGE on it, should be scrapped, immediately!
  6. Don't forget Rick James, Parliament, and Funkadelic. Tell me something good, and add Rufus and Chaka Khan.
  7. The end of fascism would be better news to wake up to, but I take your point
  8. I think if one could compile a collection of source cues from, say, the likes of HOW TO STEAL A MILLION, PENELOPE, CINDERELLA LIBERTY, SABRINA, THE POST, THE TOWERING INFERNO, EARTHQUAKE, and THE EIGER SANCTION, one might have a decent playlist.
  9. I like this new song, and...I'm still in love (sigh). Whenever I see Frida, I know something's going on
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