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  1. I'm not sure if a post exists for this, and if it does, please feel free to combine. Jerry has absent from our lives for twenty years, exactly. I thought that I would create a thread to celebrate his work, and his contribution - his immeasurable contribution - to film music. Feel free to share thoughts, and memories that you may have, about this most singular and most versatile of composers. Share with us, and gain strength from the sharing.
  2. I wonder if they had identical twins running it? Did you ever shop at That's Entertainment when it was in Drury Lane, or Covent Garden?
  3. Why don't they go all the way and call it JURASSIC WORLD REBOOT?
  4. I can see how not breaking would be a teeny weeny bit of a problem. In the UK, there is something called Olbas, which some people put in the water, and then sprinkle the water over the hot stones. It pongs like how's your father, but it and the heat clear the sinuses.
  5. That's a very nice piece of kit, but... $250? Too rich for my blood. No, no laptops in my backpack, just the usual (pens, pencils, cell phone, wallet, work papers, coins, mini-torch, etc.).
  6. Good answer. Boring, but it got the job done. Why not?
  7. Is that in THE 'JAWS' LOG, by Carl Gottleib? I must read that again.
  8. Does anyone else enjoy a sauna? I've just been for an early morning swim, followed by a sauna, at my local leisure centre. It's quite warm, isn't it? I was sitting in it... and I decided to put some water on the stones - "hissing stone on sweat lodge fire", indeed - and in about ten seconds, the temperature went from manageable, to "fucking hell, it's hot!!!!". Now I know what to expect, I'll go back, next week.
  9. "This is my brother Darryl. This is my other brother Darryl". Never gets old
  10. @A24 OOI, Alex, what disc is stuck inside? Mine was DOCTOR WHO series 1/27/Whatever*, disc 1. I got it out, eventually. * delete where inapplicable
  11. I had a Sony Blu player that wouldn't open. There is online advice on how to open Sony Blus. How old is it? Is it still under guarantee, Alex?
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