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  1. Oh, here he comes. "His fooking Noelness". BE HERE NOW sucks!
  2. It's easy to open. Take a small knife (that's the thing you use to cut your food) with a pionty end. A pairing knife (that's what you peel apples - red, sometimes green fruit) will do. Take the pointy end (that's the metal bit at the opposite end of the handle), and slide it inbetween the folds of the plastic wrapping (that's the stuff around the CD case), and slide the knife so that the knife (remember what that's for?) splits the wrapping. Once it's split, take the knife away, and give it to mummy to look after. Take the rest of the wrapping off, open the case, and take the CD (tha
  3. Too late! You've told Bilbo. We'll never hear the end of it.
  4. Dude, don't even go there Did it rock you? Didn't he die? I am occasionally childish. I am constantly childlike.
  5. Some people buy and listen to soundtracks, some play sports, some collect adults
  6. John Williams is not be all and end all, of film music... WHAT AM I SAYING?????!!!!!
  7. FIRST BLOOD is a great, tight film about a man out of time, trying, desperately, to survive in an alien world, that's left him betrayed, and broken. RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II is Reaganism in full flight.
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