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  1. You've obviously never sat through a double bill of THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY, and TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS
  2. It's interesting that this thread skipped over EPISODE III, the ST, ROGUE ONE, and SOLO.
  3. It's against the law to dislike the pan pipes, in UNDER FIRE
  4. Great stuff! Piano Concerto No. 1 is absolutely brilliant, and totally belies its rock music origin. A very accomplished piece of work.
  5. Er, yeah, Andy, except... one was released in 1979, and one was released in 1991
  6. Controversial, but... I'm looking forward to THE RECKONING, with Steve Coogan as Jimmy Saville.
  7. Start with LITTLE CREATURES. It's not their best (that would be REMAIN IN LIGHT) but it is their most commercial.
  8. Naughty (softly, almost silently) "fuck!" ... and 3-2-1: you're back in the room. It's against the law to be indifferent to UNDER FIRE.
  9. Don't I know it! I walked by someone practicing the bagpipes, last week. I was very glad to get out of the room. Brilliant sound, though.
  10. I don't like electric grands. Period. THE BOUNTY, however, is an electronic score, so I tolerate it.
  11. Imo, TSFS is a superior score, from a superior sequel. At the very least, it dispels the notion that "the third one is the worst one". For me, TSFS is the calm after the storm. It even shows in its colour palette - predominantly blue - as opposed to TWOK's red colour scheme.
  12. The only MCU film that I have seen more than once, is CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, because a) it's a genuinely good film, and b) Robert Redford.
  13. As long as it's done good-natured, and respectfully, I'm fine with that. I'm sure that we agree far more than we disagree. 😭
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