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  1. I can predict, confidently, that someone will be alive, when they're released. If it's me, I'll let you know.
  2. Well, that was intense! David "what the fuck was he thinking...again" Luiz sent off, a spectacular goal by Martinelli, and an equally cheeky, and technically difficult goal by Belerin. Squeeky bum time, for most of the second half. We did ok.
  3. Is that a euphemism, for cock and bum fun?
  4. Have you got the EYE IN THE SKY box set? Are you going to get the AMMONIA AVENUE box set?
  5. Wrong thread, Justin. You want GWINNIE'S VAGINA CANDLE.
  6. Don't worry, none. It's nice to see you back. Happy birthday.
  7. I dunno. THE MATRIX without Weaving, is like the royal family without Harr...oh fuck!
  8. Like it for Barry's score, luscious cinematography by David Watkin, intelligent and naturalistic sound design, and solid support from Klaus Maria Brandauer, and Michael Kitchen. It's too bad that he didn't put as much effort into THE HOBBIT. Yep. If this is to be Day Lewis' last role, he couldn't have signed-off on a better film.
  9. I actually envy people, who are yet to discover POTA. Not much can prepare you for the sheer awesomeness of the score; its breathtaking virtuosic playing; its playfulness, and its humanity. Sorry! That's been corrected.
  10. Thanks for that, Thor. His work on UNDERWATER SUNLIGHT is great.
  11. SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW is a nifty score, from an underrated film. Fuck, yeah, Jay! It was amazing, in 1968, it was amazing when I first saw the film, in 1972, and it's amazing, now. It's among the finest collected pieces of music ever matched to celluloid.
  12. It was "Dregs". Judoon, eh? DO-RO-KO-FO-RO-PO-JO-MO-SO-HO-LO-BO-TO. And that's all I have to say, about that.
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