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  1. "Bonnie Bedevil"? I closed it, there and then. It knows nothing, it says nothing.
  2. Ok. The cost is one C&C LLL Williams score "Is Scotland full?" The population of Scotland is 5,000,000. The population of London, alone, is 7,000,000. Go figure. Yeah, there's room, alright.
  3. Pointless hysteria? Pointless hysteria??!! Don't panic! Don't panic!! Don't panic, Mr. Mainwaring!!! It's less than five weeks, till Ep. IX opens!!!! Don't panic!!!!!!!!
  4. Geez, ain't that the truth?! I ever wonder if JW thinks that he's being asked to score more scenes than he would choose to? Has he ever said to a director "Hold on, man, this is way too much music"?
  5. ...and QUID PRO STATUS QUO VARDIS, the fantastic conclusion to the Quid trilogy
  6. The car chases are good, but everything that surrounds them is great, too.
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