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  1. The 3rd day anniversary special edition of my comment.
  2. I guess, some scores in the list might be rather OVERRATED because they are rare. At least for me the only explanation why The Accidential Tourist or Images are rated so high.
  3. At least I would say Williams manages to create something original and recogizable when it comes to traditional or folk music. There are not many film composers who can do this.
  4. Before the Phantom Menace came out I really wished Williams would have written a new opening title for the prequel trilogy based on the force theme. Maybe like at the beginning of Throne Room. Why do they open the prequels with Luke's theme? Ok. They didn't dare to do so. But that really would have made sense musically from a story telling perspective I think. And then for the sequels an opening title based on Rey's theme. That would have been something.
  5. Sure I exagerated. I am just listening to it and I remember the relatively short theme was for my impression repeated a little bit too often. And, yes the roof fight was the piece that reminded me especially to The Simpsons. At least I am sure, if Williams would have done the score it would have been less repetitive. We might have got a rich at least 3 parts main theme and a beautiful secondary theme plus a recongizable action theme and a dedicated love theme apart from Prince's Scandalous. I agree, there is more to explore in Elfman's score as I am listening to it right now. After I had the Batman Returns score I never listened to the first one again. I even rather listened to Goldenthal's "Batman Forever" score than the first Batman score. Simply, the theme does not give me much. But it works in the film.
  6. As I remember the Batman score it is the five notes batman motif (three fast notes up, two down slow) in an endless loop with the instrumentation of the Simpsons' main theme.
  7. Usually I discover a composer by watching a film and listening to the score. When the composer managed to grap my attention I listen to more samples on YouTube or Amazon starting with work the composer did for the same director which he worked with in the film that caught my attention. For example M. Night Shymalan and James Newton Howard or Howard Shores scores for David Cronenberg or Patrick Doyles works for Kenneth Branagh or Bernard Herrmann for Hitchcock or Dario Marianelli for Joe Wright. Next step is usually rather look for work of the composers outside the movies.
  8. My trouble is, I am just familiar with about 5 Horner scores and I would not consider all of them top scores, and all the other Horner scores I recongized sounded like one of these five. My favorite Horner score is probably "Aliens", even though I was happy that Cameron cut a lot of it out of the movie, but the way it was used in the film work georgeously. And at the time it came out I was a big fan of "Krull", my first James Horner score, because it sounded so different than any other score I had heard before. I didn't know Jerry Goldsmith at that time.
  9. Ok. That means you counted the popularity of the movie out of the rating of the score and the list above is the result then but it is still the rating based on the opinions of the forum members. Now I got it. So the degree of underrating could be mesured by counting how many positions the films moved upwards compared to the original list. Correct?
  10. I am sure it would have been a more interesting score. Danny Elfman at that time was concerning soundtrack composition a solid craftsman, but Williams already an artist. When I listen to the batman soundtrack album I usually switch it off after about 15 minutes because I am bored. Different for the Batman Returns score which is much better. But Elfman became for me much more interesting from the time on when he scored spiderman. And I mentioned it before, when it comes to comparing Williams and Elfman, I really regret that Elfman never scored one of the Harry Potter sequels. His sound and theme writing would have been a perfect fit. Double Trouble from the prisoner of Askaban sounds like a lost track from "Nightmare before Christmas" anyway. He should have taken over from HP4 to my mind.
  11. Hi Oomoog, sorry, but I don't get it. In which way is E.T., this academy award winning score of one of the most successful film of all times, underrated? Or are the last ones in the list the most underrated?
  12. What impressed me about the Indy 4 score was that it was really a score that could stand perfectly in line with the old Indy scores. TFA is great and I like the sequels scores for what they are, but every Star Wars trilogy had its own tone in a way. Indy 4 managed to hit the tone of the old scores. At least that was my feeling about it.
  13. Yeah. A boxset called "The Lost Worlds" with a black yellow red Jurassic Park like image of bones as notes on a music sheet.
  14. Probably I should have put this confession to the "unpopular Oppinions thread.
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