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  1. The Dark Crystal and Angel Heart used to be my favourites of his. By the way, I always thought The Last of the Mohicans was from Elliot Goldenthal.
  2. My main problem with the fantastic beasts movies apart from a number of terribly uninteresting characters in the center of the story, that it brings more and more inconsistency to the original story.
  3. The fantastic beasts movies proved that this is not necessarily a good idea. I always thought, the Harry Potter books would be better filmed as a series. Probably animated, maybe in an animé style. Animation might be cheaper and you don't have the issue with the aging actors.
  4. As I already mentioned, I would have voted for Batman 66 at least in the movie category.
  5. I think in about 15 to 20 years the 60s stuff will become public domain and you can do what you like.
  6. Ah sorry. I misunderstood you. With publishing you were talking of music sheets and I just thought of recordings. Got it.
  7. To me it seems, the guy just pushes just some Williams tunes to advertise his online classes. Or did I miss something?
  8. Not publicly out? The slave children's Parade is in the Spielberg Boston Pops album and from the Tintin main titles I am quite sure there exists a recording as well. I am currently not fully sure if it was Boston Pops or Prague or something else. But I habe it somewhere.
  9. Right. Even in "Born on the 4th of July" the song has more emotional impact.
  10. Or the clarinet concerto. At least they mentioned a clarinet soloist. But probably it is just again The Terminal.
  11. Yes, that's in the Herrmann sampler from Gerhardt. That one is really great.
  12. I must confess I would chosen actually that one. I love this movie and the humor.
  13. The Happening - James Newton Howard I would say, this score is quite underrated, since it is not so spectacular like The Village or Signs and I think, the movie is pretty bad. Haven't seen it, but the score is really a joyful musical experience. I think, I like it better than Lady in the Water.
  14. I guess, your argument could go on like this forever.
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