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  1. Wookies or Gungans or Taun-Tauns or Jawas or Rodians or Twi'leks.
  2. They could make a sequel to No Time to Die and Bond just apears in flashback out of outtakes from the previous movies like this Pink Panther movie after Peter Sellers past away.
  3. I hadn't watched Amazing Spiderman 2 as I didn't like the first one at all and I didn't have any problem to catch up with the stories and characters in NWH. Actually, all the Spiderman movies of the MCU, Homecoming, Far from Home and No Way Home have no impact on the overall storylines. They can be skipped easily.NWH was just nice to see Tobey Maguire in that role again. That was worth it.
  4. In Spielberg's work I find it interesting how he switched in a way in his staging from one extreme to another. While a characteristic of his old movies like CE3K or Jaws was, that it was particularly staged like a documentary, a lot going on on screen, many people talking at a time, in the 80s he was particularly over focussing, over demonstrating, over emotionalizing. I think, E.T. is somehow exactly in the middle of that development. Then in the 90s with Schindler's List and Jurassic Park he somehow found a balance on that. But that is why most of his movies, that I don't like are from the mid/late 80s, between E.T. and Jurassic Park.
  5. As recently there was some discussion about the Basic Instinct score, now listening to Hollow Man this sounded to me pretty much like more of the same. But so far I just listened to the main title. I guess, the 90s are not my favourite period of Goldsmith's work.
  6. Oh, right! Since the score was so great and part 3 was even worse, I tend to forget, how bad that movie was. Compared to that, as a sequel, KotCS is a masterpiece with some minor flaws.
  7. At some point I wasn't overly happy with Spielberg's casting decisions. I always found Tom Hanks overrated as a serious actor. So, for me He was overcasted in Spielberg's movies. And, well, Tom Cruise is probably only overrated by himself, but I don't particularly like watching him in movies, even though his roles and the acting in his two Spielberg movies were quite OK. BFG without the fart jokes would probably have been a really good kids movie. But there as well I didn't like the girl actress much. And Amistad would also have been a candidate for the worst list. Forgot about that one. I probably like The Terminal better. From his early tv work I remember having seen Duel and Something Evil. Both were not bad.
  8. Saw yesterday The Torn Curtain for the first time completely from beginning to end and was quite excited about John Addison's brillant score. I wished there would be a good re-recording. Is there one?
  9. Worst five: Hook Ready Player One Always War of the Worlds The Terminal Best five: Catch Me If You Can Raiders of the Lost Ark Schindler's List E.T. Jaws Each five in No particular order.
  10. I just know him from that Yesterday movie. There He didn't make a big Impression. But He seemed ok to me.
  11. I believe they are. But I never had a taste for that art rock or rock opera stuff. Never was a fan of air guitar playing. But Quadrophenia is a good movie.
  12. Always liked Led Zeppelin, but I never cared for The Who at all. And I always preferred The Kinks and even The Doors over the Rolling Stones.
  13. Two points on this. For such a famous tune like the theme from Schindler's List I wouldn't let count not having seen the movie. That tune plays on the radio, on tv, on YouTube, probably in the shopping mall. But it is not such an out of this world tune that it couldn't just be a coincidence. But as someone who is writing songs privately for himself since almost 40 years, having experienced such similarities more than once, I would give the advice to change the tune. Shouldn't be so hard to do. Apart from the copyright question your son should ask himself, If he wants his composition to be associated by his audience with the holocaust. Williams said once or twice, music consists of three elements: the composer (in this case your boy), the performer (here the computer) and the audience. So, the reception and experience of the audience should always be counted in, when writing or performing music. That is where such similarities might pay in more than any copyright question in my view. In general such copyright issues should be avoided. If you discover, that a tune is already taken, change it. That is another leaning from about 40 years writing tunes. Not taking the first idea, but then try to make it something really unique and individual, this is where the real fun begins when it comes to composition. John Williams also said, that these famous recognizable tunes are something He spends very much effort in. The first idea is rarely the best.
  14. It as well highly depends on which edit you get to watch. There is a pretty cut down official version available, then the theatrical uncut version of Argento, the theatrical uncut version of Romero and an extended cut with all scenes from both theatrical version and an ultimate cut consisting of the extended cut plus anything they ever found, that didn't make it into any version. I haven't seen them all. But this movie is a bloody masterpiece. And the remake is great and probably the only Snyder movie, I like. But Romero just liked the beginning and was bored by the rest. Even though it's better than all his recent zombie efforts.
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