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  1. American Hustle was again a movie that proved at least to me that Christian Bale is kind of overrated as an actor. Why should that guy play in comedies? He is not funny at all. Even though they spent (probably because of that) some effort in this film to make him look ridiculous. The last time before I felt that way was watching The Dark Knight where really everybody was steeling him the show. Even Val Kilmer had more charisma as Bruce Wayne. Bale was good as a kid in Empire of the Sun and everyone says that in The Machinist he was great. Might be. But I heaven't
  2. I have to confess, I am not a Giacchino fan and Up did not impress me that much. Same with Shape of Water, Soul and Slumdog Millioraire. Lala Land sounded permanently like autumn leaves.The only remarkable part in the score of The Artist was the Bernard Herrmann part. But all these scores worked well in the film, what I cannot really say about The Joker, where I permanently hoped to hear some jazz-like Taxi Driver sound, but I didn't and score sounded to me permanently out of place. Music in Joker only works, when songs are played and not the score. Hateful Eight was
  3. Pretty woman, walking down the street Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet Pretty woman, I don't believe you You're not the truth No one could look as good as you
  4. 5th episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was great. That was exactly the kind of episode that I always wanted to see in The Mandalorian. An episode not focussed on fighting action but letting the protagonists take some time off and think about their motivations and let them reflect on what happened and get aware of their own development.
  5. JFK and Nixon I always put into that category US American movie for US Americans. But if you give a recommendation I might give them a try.
  6. I do not deny that there is no place in the internet where there is more praised than here. But I think, the opposite is true as well. Yeah, I am sure that's it. And basically that is not a bad thing. And yes, it can be tiring intrducing every critical comment with a phrase like "You know, I love John Williams and his work. but..." And I think, admiration paired with a critical view is worth more than a dogmatic positive attitude paired with an inquisitoric passion for building funeral piles for heretics. But it just caught my attention how often his name appears in those "W
  7. My interest in film scores doesn't wane if there are less special relases. It rather annoys me, when I get the impression that fandom seems to be mostly about buying stuff. The interest in forum discussions on releases are often also not very exciting. Of course this goes to my address as well like to everyone else. It is also about the state of a fan's life cycle. I am relatively new in the forum. If I start a topic sometimes it turns out, that it has been already discussed a hundred times. Or that nobody is interested in evaluating a certain topic because it is not about a new re
  8. My top 5 list: 1. Monster Inc. 2. Insight Out 3. The Incredibles 4. Wall-E 5. Coco Monster Inc. is really my all time favourite. But I remember from another thread here in the forum on this subject, that nobody else seems to share my admiration for this movie.
  9. One thing that is exceptional for Pixar that they are usually quite good with sequels. Apart from Toy Story the sequels of Monster Inc. Finding Nemo and Incredibles are brillant. Interesting. Apart from WALL-E none of those is in my personal top 5.
  10. I tried, but I don't enjoy listening to Williams trumpet concerto at all. But in general I am not the trumpet guy. But I thought, if John Williams does something like that, I might enjoy it. I don't.
  11. I also didn't like the first episode too much. But the show got better and better.
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