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  1. The sets were (besides Goldsmith's score) the best about it. And I agree about Ladyhawk. But I would also say, that before the 90s Fantasy was in general a film genre that needed to be saved by its scores. And that was fortunate for movie score fans.
  2. Speaking of demystification, 80% of all prequels are crap and just illustrating that the few snippets given about the background story and the past in the main story were completely sufficient and it brings mostly no value filming that.
  3. As you can read above it is even at the bottom of Spielberg's personal list.
  4. I saw Dragonslayer somewhen in the 80s and don't remember much of it except that at the time I was really impressed by the Dragon scenes because this wasn't the usual Harryhausen stop motion that you were used to at the time. It looked really brillant in my memory.
  5. Sure it is science fiction. In the sense of the word it is about fictional science. Who would deny that. Isn't Alien a science fiction and a survivor horror movie at a time as well?
  6. Wait. Are some here really claiming that a sequel to Last Crusade makes no sense because at the end they ride into the sunset? Lucky Luke rides into the sunset at the end of each damn episode. Indiana Jones would have left room for a hundred sequels. Unlike Star Wars in Indy there never was one story ark told over several movies. Each movie is a stand alone story with maybe a handfull of references between each other. Usually even with a new love interest in each story. New adventure. New McGuffin. They could have went on like that forever. But they didn't.
  7. It is probably a little bit like the discussions we frequently have about film music. If I like today's scores of Ludwig Görransson or Christophe Beck, why deal with scores from the silver or the golden age or even with the romantic and classical music from which that derived? By the way, I watched the time tunnel as Well in TV in the early 80s. I am Not sure, If I would today.
  8. The third act is a real mess, the worst of all Indy movies. But The rest is quite good. And I was impressed and happy how Spielberg managed to Bring back the spirit and the mood of the previous movies. I didn't take that for granted.
  9. I am afraid, you are both right. No character to identify with. The fascination of Vertigo is very analytical and not emotional. I think, the only director of which I would have been looking forward to a remake of Vertigo would have been David Cronenberg.
  10. Or they do it like Scorcese did for Cape Fear, where Elmer Bernstein just adapted Herrmann's OP original score.
  11. Right. That was rather an insider from a previous discussion I had with Thor, who likes Avatar so much but doesn't care for Vertigo (forgive me @Thor ). But I know, what he meant by that and it is different if I look at a movie from a historical relevance or value of art of entertainment factor. It was just a stupid joke, that noone could understand. Sorry.
  12. I think, Vertigo is just the best depiction of the old story of a man falling in love with an image of a person and not the actual person, but a person that just exists in his head but projecting it on an actual person with all the terrible consequences, basically the story of Hitchcock himself and Grace Kelly and blondes then in general. In that regard it's a very personal movie, probably his most personal. And beside other stylistic devices it was the first movie in history using that lens zoom effect at the beginning when James Stewart looks into the abyss. But of course it is not Avatar.
  13. Please not. Better let Marion, Willie and Elsa's Zombie team up for a dynamic trio to revieal ancient secrets and mysteries. Short Round could have a cameo in each of their movies.
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