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  1. That is why Jay doesn't remember him. What isn't in the archives, doesn't exist.
  2. By the way, any Throwing Muses / Kristin Hersh fans around here? Like the new Muses album quite a lot. Not as good as Limbo or The Real Ramona but still good.
  3. I am still waiting for my Eiger Sanction delivery. So, even if there would be another release this year, I wouldn't expect to get it before 2022.
  4. Maybe a hint to those who regret that the subject of the discussions here is either not to their liking or under their intellectual level. Anybody here is free to trigger a discussion or conversation in any depth on any subject that doesn't violate the forum rules. So feel free. Otherwise it is a little bit like complaining that you never win the lottery even though you're never playing.
  5. For me it is simple as well. I have hardly any knowledge on the topics, just a few oppinions, and that is what I am sharing. More than enough, I would say. And of course I will participate in Sharky's composition competition.
  6. I must say, I own none of these albums, so it might be really a good catch to purchase this box. But I will not be able to compare it to the original edition.
  7. Even worse then. By the way, I found it nice, when John Williams said at the Berlin concert, that he was told that the Harry Potter books were in Germany as popular as everywhere else and that they are probably the most successful British export since the Beatles. I thought, he might be right.
  8. This was actually the best scene in the "Yesterday" movie, where this guy wakes up from coma and is the only one on earth remembering all the Beatles songs. Whoever tried to play a self written song at a family occasion knows what he is going through.
  9. It makes me suspicious, that they publish so many pictures of Ford from the set, as if they want to disguise the fact that Ford will mostly be deepfaked in that movie, like they showed not much from the set of The Force Awakens but at least some pictures of Peter Mayhew in a Chewbacca costume even though they probably used him just in one or two aliby shots.
  10. A Far and Away suite exists on one of the Prague samplers, but I didn't compare it yet.
  11. It gets time for a good new Marvel movie. So far I am really dissapointed by phase IV. I think, the only thing, that I really enjoyed particularly since "Endgame" was "The Falcon and the Winder Soldier".
  12. Max Steiner's King Kong? But that is probably rather Fantasy.
  13. About 40 years ago our neighbor played in the Berlin Philharmonic and he told us, what an issue it was for many players when the first woman joined the orchestra, because they found that totally inappropriate. If you think about the classic purists in those classic forums, who claim, there might not have existed any relevant composer since Stravinsky, you might find those in such orchestras as well. Surely not the majority, but still it exists. Maybe that's one of the reasons for the low attendance of soloists.
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