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  1. HOME ALONE > DENNIS THE MENACE (yes, I know they are a few years apart).
  2. Completely unrelated -- do we have a "Now Playing" thread for rock and pop music (and related genres)?
  3. I've always thought it sounded kinda similar to DRACULA.
  4. I have a long and complex relationship to The Stone Roses, alas not of the positive kind. But too long story.
  5. Loved this Swedish series from about 10 years ago, including the score by Söderström & Berthling. It runs through all the obligatory oriental flavours while using western melodies. East meets west, pretty classic set-up. Partly serious and dramatic, partly light and comic (including whistling!).
  6. For MY FAIR LADY, I was primarily talking about Shelly Manne's album, which was recorded in 1964 (not to be confused with his 1956 MFL album). But yeah - that was conducting and arranging. I'm not sure if he played piano on it. The other names you mention are all before, or in, 1963, so they would fall within your cut-off point. It would certainly make sense that he cut down on piano gigs after 1963. But if he never played on those Mancini efforts (CHARADE, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, THE PINK PANTHER, THE GREAT RACE), I wonder where the credits come from? Just because they
  7. Hmm. If that's the case, it would cast doubt on other later Williams-credited piano gigs too, like THE PINK PANTHER and THE GREAT RACE. And what about the non-film albums like MY FAIR LADY, ANDRE PREVIN IN HOLLYWOOD, THAT'S GERSWHIN? Were these only arrangements then? There should be an archive to search for this stuff.
  8. John Singleton, with whom he worked on ROSEWOOD, and Kobe Bryant (not a filmmaker, but a film came out of his JW passion) would be other examples. Williams has worked with several black people over his life - like all the wonderful Mahalia Jackson albums. Jessye Norman. You name it. Terence Blanchard has expressed his admiration for Williams too. He's surprisingly well versed in genres usually associated with black performers, like blues, jazz and Americana. His spirituals from ROSEWOOD are stunning. Nobody believes it's Williams' original pieces when I play them for them. Part of
  9. Now we're talking! Love that one, and can't wait for the next season.
  10. Indeed. Melancholic in a restrained way, not on-the-nose.
  11. I tried it. Didn't care for it, and found it unfunny. But then again, I'm probably not in the demographic.
  12. Last one for today. I absolutely adore this type of Horner (again, as I've said before, his 2000s stuff is really underrated). Slowmoving, explorative and simply gorgeous.
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