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  1. TITANIC is perfection just the way it is. I'm glad Williams never got involved, if he was indeed ever in the running (which I doubt).
  2. Yes, that controversy is fairly well known. POWDER is still a great film, however.
  3. It's a fine list. I had expected more Morricone, given his previous comments about his music. I've actually witnessed Zimmer's enthusiasm for composers like Goldenthal and Moroder "live", during the back stage intermission of his Ghent apparances. The Moroder one was especially fun, as Zimmer bowed reverently for Moroder while greeting him for the first time.
  4. Speaking of Neverland, there's also the abandoned PETER PAN musical project.
  5. Yeah, well, I can do jokes twice a week or so. After that, my brain explodes.
  6. No, no....I'm totally with you. I think you perhaps over-analyzed in this case (I think it's simply a matter of him growing older and wanting to work with his trusted colleagues), but please keep such topics coming. It's a refreshing change of pace from the millions of tired STAR WARS threads, joke posts and whatnot in this forum.
  7. Yes, that's an interesting transition. I would love to see what happened to Crimson Dawn (or whatever his crime gang was called) and Maul between SOLO and his final hours in REBELS.
  8. There is, yes. But I can't fault Edmilson's dedication. I kinda love his "genre" of queries, although I think it was a little bit overblown in this case.
  9. Sorry to hear it's been put on hold. Crossing fingers that it will get back up. Was really looking forward to this. If it's Obi-Wan "action across galaxies" you're looking for, you get plenty of that in the CLONE WARS series.
  10. It's my "go-to" derogatory description of this type of sci fi. STAR TREK is silly that way. But I've enjoyed the recent two series -- DISCOVERY and now PICARD.
  11. Haven't read a single post in this thread, but I saw the premiere. Pretty neat. I love how they're trying to combine more contemporary, realistic styles with the campy 'pointy ear' sci fi of previous STAR TREK incarnations.
  12. Most, perhaps, but Arnold seems refreshingly honest in such circumstances. But the point is moot anyway, as Emmerich chose to go on with Kloser and Wander instead.
  13. He, he. Someone should make a picture of Williams' head on Gollum's body, with the STORY manuscript in his hands, saying "My Precious!".
  14. Actually, Arnold has no sour grapes with Emmerich (in a 2001 interview with Soundtrack! magazine, he said he'd gladly work with him again), so the decision no doubt comes from higher up in the system.
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