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  1. I adore ALTERED STATES, but always had trouble getting into DRAGONSLAYER, for some reason. Given my experience with various forms of dissonant/atonal/challenging music, I've come to the realization that there are some variants I love, and some that I can't connect to.
  2. A great compilation album, really, although too long at almost 90 minutes. Noe has great taste in music. While the film is a wild, hallucinogenic ride, the music lives its own life on album -- perfect for weekend drinking, and a DJ set (so in that respect, not too long). Favourite tracks include Cerrone's "Supernature" and the always thrilling "Utopia Me Giorgio" by Moroder.
  3. This is actually a homemade CD-R compilation from many years ago (perhaps some 15-20 years ago?). Jim Titus made the artwork before he hit it big.
  4. Yes, sounds like trademark Richter -- which is a good thing. Shades of AD ASTRA in that second track. Looking forward to both show and music!
  5. Yes, I have it. It's pretty good. Quite a bit of the "delicious darkness" I enjoy with Young.
  6. I've always considered this 1993 Conti affair a flipside to Goldsmith's UNDER FIRE, in a way. Latin-flavoured score heavy on guitars, synths, growling brass and throbbing percussion alongside the orchestral elements. If I'm not mistaken, the OST was withdrawn from markets, and it's still not reissued. Deserves a proper remaster and reissue.
  7. Amar has since become a favourite of mine, but this 2011 score was really my first proper discovery of him. Few can do these haunting, minormoded landscapes as well as him these days.
  8. Hypnotic score from 2017 that uses the full force of Lisa Gerrard's voice in several tracks. I remember being enthralled by this when I saw the movie, and it works surprisingly well on album too (even though fans of more traditional scores will no doubt dislike the more ambient style here). Gets almost religious towards the end, "nature religion", like in Preisner's VALLEY OF SHADOWS.
  9. I was not in Vienna, and haven't yet acquired the Blu-ray, so I can't compare. But I rank my Williams concerts thusly: 1. Boston, 2014 2. Berlin, 2021 3. Hollywood Bowl, 2012 Obviously not counting Williams concerts conducted by others here.
  10. Hopkins (also my alltime second-favourite actor) is a pretty decent composer himself, although rarely anything complex. He loves his waltzes. This charming chamber piece score from 1996 might still be his best work, IMO.
  11. Gorgeous piece. Either my favourite or second favourite JW concert piece, depending on mood and day. Funny you should hit that one now, what with the Berlin performance.
  12. Why don't I post more? Well, it's a matter of time management. Need to find available slots in my day to browse and post. And these slots are also shared by Maintitles, FSM and social media. There are also some dominating interest fields here that don't interest me much, or that I don't connect to (primarily three such fields), so I leave a lot of threads unopened. But I love it when we get into a groove about some obscure Williams, non-Hollywood film or aesthetic discussions, for example.
  13. I can appreciate that too, but sometimes it becomes so stagey, it's alienating. The disastrous THE SILVER CHALICE comes to mind, even though it features a spectacular Waxman score. You're hereby warned in terms of watching that! As to the topic, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS wins for me too. Great album, but one thing I've always found weird in the movie itself -- when Moses leads the people out of the city, Bernstein scores it as an Elgar-type processional. The Britishness of it all always takes me out of it a bit. Never been able to get into the CLEOPATRA score, I'm afraid, and I think I've only seen parts of the film. I actually once owned the EGYPTIAN CD back when it was released on FSM. Don't know what happened to it, I probably didn't like it enough to keep it. Would be willing to try again. Never seen the movie. As for LAND OF THE PHARAOS, I've never seen the film and I don't think I've ever heard the score. Maybe a suite on some compilation, I don't know, but I have no memory of it.
  14. I actually have that. On CD, even. But probably not listened to it since the early 2000s.
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