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  1. I love both of those too, but they don’t hold a candle to Cedars. Top 3 JNH and easily in my all time top 30 in general. Pärtian bliss.
  2. The regulars are dropping like flies now. What a cliffhanger/episode finale! I've accumulated a great deal of respect and sympathy for Howard over the last couple of seasons, so I was sad to see him go. But he is that ultimate, tragic character on Shakespearean level, so it makes sense.
  3. I've had trouble getting those moving, GIF-like images (or whatever the hell they are) to play the music contained within.
  4. Love the Price score, but loved the "silent space version" too.
  5. Yes, I believe it was on FSM I first heard about the SUGARLAND veto, but from Roger Feigelson, not Mike. The STORY veto, I think I first heard from James Fitzpatrick years ago in my thread there (before the London Q&A with Mike). Other tidbits have surfaced about some of the unreleased titles over the years. I remember Lukas Kendall once said he had looked into releasing DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING, but could not find the materials or something to that effect. No veto, though, as many of the wonderful FSM JW premieres at the time seemed to slip by "unnoticed".
  6. This. Although in the last 15 years or so, I've veered more and more away from busy, brass- and percussion-heavy symphonic action scores and more into alternative, calmer, non-orchestral things. But that's more about idioms than instruments.
  7. Top 10 Vangelis, for sure. "Dawn" and "Twilight" sound like outtakes from BLADE RUNNER, but love the other tracks too.
  8. Moving through my curated Vangelis collection slowly and firmly. At FRIENDS OF MR. CAIRO now, my fav J&V. Part pop, part prog.
  9. To be honest, I've never really been sure about what this is. It's supposed to be a Rossif documentary from 1980 or 1981 dedicated to Vangelis and their many collaborations. But other sources indicate it's a French TV show. I think maybe it's both -- like a half-hour TV special directed by Rossif. Anyways, it's on YouTube, for anyone interested. It's a combination of existing Vangelis tracks from their documentary collabs, as well as some new music. It has not had an official release.
  10. I'm waiting for him to book a concert gig in Norway, or at the very least Scandinavia. I have no memory of him ever coming here, for whatever reason. But yes, I noticed the Munich thing on his Facebook feed. He even had a fun photo out, of him speaking on-stage, that was a caption contest.
  11. If so, that would be one of the longest and weirdest overtures ever.
  12. If that is the choice, then definitely the end. Otherwise, it would get too "top heavy". But I kinda like it where it is, provides some great dynamic on the album. Difficult piece, three easier pieces, difficult piece, two easier pieces. Keeps the interest up, and easier to focus/un-focus throughout.
  13. He, he...that's kinda random. Although I'm aware Parsons is huge in Germany, so perhaps not that random. In fact, back in the early 90s, that's the only place I could find FREUDIANA (picked it up at a FNAC in Hamburg).
  14. Indeed. There's very little rock about Tangerine Dream, unless you listen to the very, very early stuff (pre-70s). They very rarely used vocals too. The wonderful title song from SHY PEOPLE (incidentally my fav TD) is a rare exception. Kraftwerk is a different beast altogether. It's very much krautrock/electropop.
  15. Hoping for unreleased stuff too, like all the smaller things he did in the last couple of decades of his life. Also, a Frédéric Rossif box would be nice, that included both the released and unreleased. And a soundtrack for the 1992 Jacques Cousteau series (the "Indonesia" theme is one of the best things he's ever written). Love that album! It's right outside my top 10. Probably the most 'poppy' of his studio albums, but it works to its benefit. A bit like Faltermeyer at times, and some ethno elements that remind me of early Zimmer in GREEN CARD vein.
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