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  1. Not terribly unique anymore, but one can't complain, really.
  2. Elfman fooled around with many NIGHTBREED elements in the 70s already, like the famous gamelan piece in the Mystic Knights days. It's a great score, but - as you would expect - the OST is more than enough for my use. The country version of "Skin" is delightful.
  3. Not familiar with him, but I've heard the name. I think he's either Danish or of Danish origins (and I'm too lazy to google).
  4. Not really film music, not really classical music, but event music. Didn't know where to put it. Glennie-Smith's approximations of classical tropes are perhaps a bit too on-the-nose and homophonic, but they're very entertaining.
  5. Can't wait. There were some similar sequences in FURY ROAD, and they were awesome.
  6. I remember sampling this score when it came out, and it didn't do much for me. It was Silvestri doing his best Herrmann schtick (which he's good at, I'll give him that). Still hoping for premiere releases of more pre-ROMANCING THE STONE scores. Or stuff like SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL. Or PAR OÙ T'ES RENTRÉ? ON T'A PAS VU SORTIR. Or OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE. That kind of stuff.
  7. I've seen the whole US version, but it never connected with me much. It's okay. Meanwhile, I've probably seen the original Gervais version 5 times all the way through. And thanks to this bump, I might give it another go!
  8. Americana can take many forms and shapes. It doesn't only have to be jubilant "western music". I love how Talmi deconstructs some of those wide open intervals leaps usually associated with the style.
  9. Definitely does! One of my top 50 scores even. I've tried multiple times to get into CLEOPATRA, but I can't.
  10. I hated Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, you name it, with a passion in the 90s. Grunge was the Antichrist of music when I was a teen, and I still can't appreciate it, all these years later. But I like some things that the respective members have done since. Like Eddie Vedder's "Man of the Hour", as featured on the BIG FISH soundtrack. I'm far more inclusive these days, as far as musical taste is concerned, so maybe I'll give it another shot.
  11. But it's something to think about. We don't get old in my family. My maternal grandmother was an exception. She passed away in 2022, 93 years old. But by then she was institutionalized and suffered from dementia. And now Williams is planning another Euro trip at that exact age, maybe combined with other places and dates. I find it hard to wrap my head around.
  12. Sightseeing is pretty stressful too, when you're 92 (93 then). But yeah, crossing fingers that it will be part of a "Euro tour". I've always dreamt of him coming to Oslo. The Oslo Philharmonic is quite world reknowned, last time I checked, so that should be an attraction.
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