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  1. True. I've heard it, though. Great album, but the anthology version beats it.
  2. I don't think it's accurate to call it 'underrated'. The film is, perhaps, but not the score. Personally, it's not only my favourite SW score, but my second-favourite score of all time.
  3. ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA is a masterpiece, and rightfully lauded as such. I've always felt that the first part of the (criminally underrated) SLEEPERS is heavily inspired by the childhood scenes in that movie.
  4. Ha, ha, yes. Must be a faulty translation somehow.
  5. It's no big deal or anything, but a minor nuissance. Isn't this why the LOTR sub forum was created in the first place? So why not the same for STAR WARS, which has an equally monumental presence?
  6. The AN ENNIO MORRICONE ANTHOLOGY 2CD set which you link to is, simply put, the most important Morricone soundtrack of my life. I bought it relatively cheap in 1996, and it was a major door opener to all the other sides of him I wasn't aware of the time (back then, it was mostly spaghetti westerns and THE MISSION and those kinds of big hits that were on my radar). But through that, I started exploring some of the lesser known titles represented on the album, and even a little beyond that -- before the exploration eventually came to a halt (but was then re-ignited again now, after his death). That's why, when we did that "144 albums" thread awhile back, that was my representative for Morricone. No individual OST, just that one.
  7. That's the understatement of the year. A lot of the more obscure ones range from abysmal to mediocre. But once in a while, you get lucky.
  8. Cool, Biodome! I'll take a look when I get the time (and if it's still up at that point).
  9. If there's any truth to it, I'm certainly game ("wicked game", even). But I believe it when I see it.
  10. I would argue that it's fairly well-known as far as Morricone (and Morricone fans) are concerned. It's certainly among my own favourites.
  11. That's easy. THE ROAD was my favourite film of 2010 (2009 internationally, 2010 in Norway). Score-wise, I'd say REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. It's all very classic Newman, but one of the more confident ones of that decade. A reference point, even. Next after that is Nico Muhly's THE READER; I still remember seeing him play selections from that live at the World Soundtrack Awards back in 2010, and quite liking it.
  12. Plenty of rock acts and artists who have been inspired by Morricone. There's also Metallica, Muse, Radiohead, Goldfrapp and Portishead, for example.
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