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  1. As I've no doubt done previously in the thread, I refer to this article of mine. I've already run it through Google Translate for your convenience: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://montages.no/2017/05/hybrid-og-hybris-i-ridley-scotts-alien-covenant/
  2. I grew up with THE MUPPET SHOW on TV, like most other people my age around the world. I've seen about a handful of movies, but I've far from seen it all. I actually saw the space movie a few weeks ago, and found that lacklustre. But I'm eager to check out their earlier movies in more detail. This particular, absurdist sketch is one of the best things ever:
  3. Not sure it needs to be a "competition". I love both duos. But yeah, Cave & Ellis has done some great stuff. THE ROAD is marvelous, even if it's not something I like to listen to on its own.
  4. I've been cyber friends with David G. Russell for decades. I believe he also wrote some additional music for this, just as he did for CLONE WARS. At least he's written as much on Facebook.
  5. Yeah, sorry, you're right. I've seen her a couple of times since (is her name Doris-something?). I believe she also organized the Elfman "red carpet" interview for me a few years later. I think she's part of the "inner circle".
  6. What's a rope bracelet? Something to honour his daughters, perhaps?
  7. That's Sandra Tomek - the woman behind the Hollywood in Vienna events. Thanks, Marian. Can anyone make out what the tattoo actually is?
  8. I KNEW you would say that. It's so "you" (and I obviously disagree -- not that they were getting more poppy, I agree with that - but the value inherent therein; I love that stuff too). Thanks for the interview, though. Hadn't seen that before. Pretty nice, despite the goofy interviewer. And while we're at it, you inspired me to play this: Basically a Woolfson solo album from 1990; he had departed the band at that point. But still with Parsons involvement. Drop-dead gorgeous from beginning to end. The title song is one of my favourite song
  9. Great selection, Marian. You should upload the handshake one where we get to see Horner's wrist tatoo.
  10. Alas, no. My dad recently threw away all his National Geographics, as my parents are moving to a smaller place, so can't really check. It was one of my earliest introductions to his appearance too -- or at least right around the time I saw his face on the internet for the first time. The magazine issue itself, however, was from the 70s or 80s.
  11. Well, the first episode makes some interesting points about Order 66. I found it intriguing to think that - at this time, somewhere else in the universe, Anakin is butchering padawans etc. Extends the universe.
  12. Sure, I get that it's supposed to be a continuation and in the same basic style; I had just expected the animation itself to be a bit smoother. It's still very computer gamey and choppey.
  13. Yes, I saw it yesterday. Pretty good episode -- although I had expected the animation to be considerably better than CLONE WARS, given the development of CGI. It wasn't. But story-wise, it was good. Stil hoping for something STAR WARS-related that isn't so full-on action, though. THE MANDALORIAN was good that way -- proper time to absorb the settings and just "be" within the SW universe.
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