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  1. Yes. JWFAN member thx99 had a whole website dedicated to JW title grabs a few years ago, but it went under. I don't know if he's ever planned to put it back up. I'll let him answer that!
  2. Perhaps, but 'catchiness' isn't necessarily a requirement.
  3. He, he. Crumbs beat me to it. The score is a solid '4'. Somewhat underrated, I think. The film is pretty good too.
  4. SOMEWHERE IN TIME and DANCES WITH WOLVES are my favourites. The other two are good too, but not quite on that level.
  5. As promised, I watched this whole thing yesterday - while seriously hung over after a video meeting with Maintitles and FSM on Friday - and it's fairly OK for what it is. As Luke says, it's more interesting for the world building than the actual storyline. Funny with those intersections with the JURASSIC WORLD movie along the way, as seen from a distance etc. The score was also pretty much like I had expected - plenty of references to the Williams (and sadly Giacchino) themes, some original music. But all of it performed by synth samples, I think. Maybe doubled with a few acoustic instruments. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'll reserve further judgement untill I've heard it on album.
  6. Too busy, perhaps? Or perhaps because the existing arrangements were good enough as they were?
  7. He, he. Not on this topic, especially, but I have planned an article on the general C&C issue (or rather an "ode" to the lost artform of album creation), which I can then use as a reference every time the topic pops up.
  8. It quickly veered into general expansion talk, though, which was not my intention in this particular instance. My initial query (of which I'm still curious, btw) disappeared at some point. Still, quite a few voted in the poll, which garnered some interesting responses.
  9. He's a bit hit and miss. His older scores tend to have good album presentations (FACE/OFF and ENDURANCE and that kind of stuff). In the last 15 years or so, however, they have usually been too long - including the HTTY scores, which wear out their welcome around the 40-minute mark or so, IMO.
  10. When's this documentary coming out, then? Incidentally, Williams was a whiz on trombone in his youth, so making a sound out of a brass instrument shouldn't be too difficult for him.
  11. https://open.spotify.com/album/4lnqQYTDdgeZjJcmGBmbWF?si=MA4N1gbtQKyMGV1jrjo8kw
  12. Inevitably? It's perfectly possible to have a meaningful conversation about a score and album without talking about what's 'missing'. And on that note, what are people's highlight tracks from the SIGNS album?
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