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  1. Haven't they found that T-Rexes actually had feathers? Regardless, I'm glad they're keeping the design of the previous movies. Would be bizarre if it suddenly popped up with feathers.
  2. Wow, moving along quickly now. Great! Just one more year to go after this. My favourite score of 2019 is A HIDDEN LIFE (James Newton Howard). Of the poll options, it's an easy pick: I LOST MY BODY. I even reviewed it here. Oh, and as usual -- my episode about 2019 here.
  3. I think I'm of a certain opposite position. Last year's A HIDDEN LIFE was one of the best scores of his career, and certainly the best since THE VILLAGE. So I'd like him to do more non-blockbuster things; I think that's where his inspiration's at. And less genre fare. Despite the occasional track or two that are great.
  4. Surprised to see the elegy on there. It's a gorgeous piece, one of my top 3 favourite JW concert pieces, so that's a bonus for whoever gets a ticket.
  5. My favourite score of 2018 is VIDEOMANNEN [VIDEOMAN] (Waveshaper & Robert Parker). My favourite of the poll options is MARY - QUEEN OF SCOTS. My podcast about the best scores of 2018 (nobody is actually listening to these, but I'm linking to them anyway).
  6. Best videogame score ever, and the only videogame score to feature on my top 50 soundtracks.
  7. My favourite film score of 2017 is SKYGGENES DAL [VALLEY OF SHADOWS] (Zbigniew Preisner). Alas, I'm not a big fan of any of the poll options, but I suppose if someone put a gun to my head, I'd say PHANTOM THREAD. And yes...my podcast about the best film scores of 2017 is here.
  8. As previously mentioned, NERVE by Rob Simonsen.
  9. I see that others have sampled this too, a few posts up. I'm afraid I don't get the Daniel Hart love. His revered A GHOST STORY didn't do much for me either. He's kinda plodding along, Desplat-style. It's not bad, it's not good, it's just...."meh". At least for me.
  10. Best score on that list is WILD MOUNTAIN THYME, although several of my own favourites of 2020 are missing. But that could also have something to do with the evaluation period, I don't know; haven't checked. Alas, I'm rarely in line with my good colleagues in the IFMCA.
  11. You could be obsessed with worse things. Fantastic score -- my second favourite that year.
  12. My favourite score of 2016 is NERVE (Rob Simonsen). My favourite of the poll options is THE RED TURTLE (which came in 4th on my list that year). As usual, here's my podcast episode about the best scores of 2016.
  13. Wow. Between this and your comment that ALIEN 'cannot be overrated' in the other thread, we've agreed TWICE in one day. That's a pretty good track record right there.
  14. I have no stakes in the matter. Personally, I define it rather freely and would include space opera/fantasy-oriented things like STAR WARS in the science fiction genre too (there's plenty of "science" in it, if that's a criterion). But I know that many don't, as some comments here already attest to. Is ALIEN sci fi or horror? The discussion can be applied to many films. In most cases, it's a combination of several genres.
  15. "Liberty Fanfare" is a good piece that is surprisingly adaptable. I say that because there's a version by our own radio orchestra that is slower, but also more elegant somehow (not released, but it was broadcast on radio a few years back).
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