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  1. Jaws and Star Wars belong in this list
  2. I must say I prefer the cuts at the beginning and the end, since the longer version draws both out a bit much. But the cut in the middle is a bit jarring.
  3. I disagree, the audio was excellent and conveyed a realistic aural picture of the event. The sound was smooth, warm and full, like it was in the room. But one has to turn up the volume to get the effect. In fact I was worried that Deutsche Grammophone would produce a thin, lifeless sound like on the Dudamel CD, but fortunately they got it right. I am very much looking forward to the BLu-ray with probably even better sound in uncompressed high resolution multichannel.
  4. I Love the alternate main title, a very modernist, atonal piece similar to something in images or close encounters. But it does not fit the pictures. JW might have wanted to create an atmosphere of imminent doom, but I think the new title fits better.
  5. Phantom Menace is the best of the 6, but I prefer the sequel score to Ep 2 and 3. So Sequels win for me.
  6. That makes sense since all those Mutter tracks are available on the other album from last year, although different performances.
  7. I am especially happy that this also offers a multichannel audio only version on Blu-ray! August is still a long time away... About the 6 additional tracks: Probably they crammed on one CD the main portion of the concert minus one (about 85 min or what the max capacity is today). And the Blu-ray offers the full concert with all encores. It is a pity, they could have done a 2CD set which is not much more expensive to produce. Perhaps with a later, super duper deluxe edition?
  8. It has some nice parts, but I remember clearly my disappointment when I listened to it the first time in 1984. I had just discovered JW with Star Wars, Empire, ET and Indiana Jones and was fully expecting something in a similar vein. I was shocked to hear muzak-like guitar and drum kit noodling; first I thought, no this can't be right, probably it is from this other guitarist John Willams. MY John Williams would never produce such pop music! (I come from a background of classical music). Meanwhile I can appreciate his very different styles, but still I probably will not buy this, except they unearthed some really brilliant never heard compositions. Otherwise 38 minutes is more than enough for me, while waiting patiently for the complete expansions of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
  9. The problem is, that it sounds electronic and cheap, but might still be a real instruments recorded with a lot of processing like artificial reverb that makes it difficult to determine. You know the kind of background music they play in wellness/spa places? I am very reminded of that here. The worst example of this butchering of music of course is that horrible Enya thing at the end (I know, not by JW), where I assume that there might be a human voice somewhere buried, but it is not recognizable any more.
  10. Regarding the topic of this thread, I never quite warmed to this score and have not listend to it a long time, except the Mutter piece. So I just finished listening to the excellent Podcast „The Baton“ episode on Far an Away to see if I see it now differently. The problem for me is as in many of WIlliams scores of those years an excessive unnecessary use of electronics which for me cheapen the experience. I mean it is good to experient with electronics, and sometimes the result are great, as in the Witches of eastwick, but in Far and Away i find them simply wrong. Moreso, they could have very simply be replaced by real instrument, they do not add anything that could not have been achieved by the orchestra. Sometime I am even not sure if I am hearing a pan flute or an electronic imitation of it. Unfortunately this spoils a good part of the score for me. A pity since there are some really great tracks in it like blowing of steam, or the Land race. Ah yes, and the dear Chieftains... How should I put it politely. They surely add some flavor to the music, but I find their crude intonation so jarring that my ears start hurting after some time. So this is another detriment to this score. Regarding this I have a honest question to all those that could already listen to the score: Does the expanded version offer substantial additional tracks in the „classic John Willams, not-electronic and not-Chieftainy“ vain? Than I might be tempted to buy it. Thanks for all input!
  11. Just finished with Far and Away, excellent as usual. Little sidemark in the context of the remark on Tom Cruise not dying in his movies:
  12. Saw yesterday the First episode and liked it. Kind of oldfashioned, when not everything had to be drab and dark and depressive. As i understand it, the child is NOT the travelers, but she named it after him, remembering. The scene in 2034 shows, that she started a successful life in the present time, with a career as a singer, and a family (I suppose, a father is somewhere, just not in the scene). I was reminded of the science fiction novel „Time and again“ by Jack Finney, which I like very much
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