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  1. Somehow I fail to connect the thread title with the first post. Perhaps somebody can spell it out for me?
  2. I would include the songs from the main program, if I were fiddling with disc 3: We don't want to grow up, Pick them up and When you're alone. And if I would attempt a "Songs and other non-orchestral Material" album, what your inclusion of Concertina Medley suggests, I would also include Banning back home here. Saying that, perhaps I will do that now; could be a neat idea.
  3. Yes, with it me it was similar; I was giddy with joy when I discovered this box. It was expensive for a student like me, but for this I treated myself. It was during some free weeks between my diploma and the beginning of my doctorate, so I had plenty of time to listen to it. I also discovered some of the flaws like the suddenly reversed channels in the Boba Fett sequence in Empire, but did not mind much.
  4. After listening to it a few times I start to like even the first 1944 part which contains lots of great action music. I am especially happy that it splits the New York 1969 track, so I can order the end credit tracks in reverse order which I prefer musically and narratively (Nazis->Helena->Indy is back!)
  5. There is hope that he will record the piano concerto Williams is currently writing for him. 😀
  6. If you don't own them, I strongly recommend to buy this set. It is very uncertain, if something better will surface in the future.
  7. I agree that there is too much dynamic compression going on, at least in HP 1. The recordings session sound much better. But I mostly listen to soundtracks on the bike or in the car, so there dynamic compression is a good thing. Not at home for critical listening, though.
  8. I have both Heidi and Jane Eyre on the former official releases, so I think I will abstain from this, although it is a nice set. I still hope that some day the tapes of the actual film score will resurface, prompting another more expanded release.
  9. I must say, when the citations of older works are done like in Tuktuk chase, I don't mind them, because they are significantly adapted and integrated into the new composition. And by the way, if one has the option to listen to to the TrueHD format in Surround sound, do it! It sounds so much more involving. No matter if 5.1, 7.1 or Atmos, it is a big difference to simple stereo.
  10. After listening to Pulse of the City, I am wondering why Williams hasn't written something like that himself. I mean with all the citations of older scores, he could just have taking something similar out of, let's say, The Eiger Sanction and adapted for this movie. Probably it would have been more interesting musically nonetheless.
  11. About the Star Wars scores I was aware of the length, but I didnt realize that Dial of Destiny has more than 160 minutes of music recorded. I hope one day all this becomes available.
  12. I am very happy and intend to buy, but I will wait first for reviews. I want this to be the last (the 4th!) version I buy, this time everything must be perfect.
  13. I am only digitizing those soundtracks, I want to listen to while not at home. So when I want to listen to say Home alone during commuting and it is not already in the Music app, I digitize the CD in order to be able to transfer it to my Apple Watch (my music player of choice while on the road, no matter if bike, car or train) At home it is not more complicated to insert a disc than to start a music app. But of course, my digital collection is always growing since I am adding soundtracks from time to time in the way I described.
  14. I had them all, once. Temple of Doom as a German pressing was a present from my first girlfriend, must have been in 1988 or 89. Last Crusade I bought as my first soundtrack purchase on the newfangled CD format in 1989. Raiders I had as a cassette copy from the LP and bought on CD when it was released, sometime in the 90s. And then I bought the DCC when it came out. And when the Concord set was announced I sold them all on amazon, mostly for a really good price. I only then realized that my TOD CD must be quite the collectors item. Funnily enough a few years later I regretted selling the DCC, looked for used copies and bought one on amazon for small fraction of the price I was paid a few years ago. So no regrets in financial regard :-)
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