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  1. Saw yesterday the First episode and liked it. Kind of oldfashioned, when not everything had to be drab and dark and depressive. As i understand it, the child is NOT the travelers, but she named it after him, remembering. The scene in 2034 shows, that she started a successful life in the present time, with a career as a singer, and a family (I suppose, a father is somewhere, just not in the scene). I was reminded of the science fiction novel „Time and again“ by Jack Finney, which I like very much
  2. During the Star Wars Main Title, I saw me and my wife in the audience, so this is from Sunday.
  3. Nixon is the only one of this list I do not absolutely need to have in complete form.
  4. i am a bit excited, because I hope that the movie will learn from the mistakes of the last one, and will be a more satisfying conclusion to the Indy saga. And one more Indy score by Williams, of course!! I am still waiting for the Raiders march theme transformed to a Vienna waltz!
  5. Back to topic. I just saw the trailer to amazing stories for Apple TV and it brought back the original JW theme. Perhaps he will write some more music for this?
  6. perhaps this helps? https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=107162&p=378694
  7. This thread resurrection together with the recent Tintin appreciation thread shows that the Williams scores from the 2010s have often been talked down too much after release. The music is not always as immediately accessible as some earlier soundtracks, but they reveal a complexity that rewards repeated listening.
  8. I totally agree. In contrast to this, this is the soundtrack from the 2010s I return most to because it is so endlessly entertaining and full of little details. My kids love it also, so this was playing during car trips more often than I can count.
  9. same for me. The seats I got via Waiting list were 1st row, the 2 places most to the right. Not optimal, but good enough, since Williams always went directly before me to the podium and back :-)
  10. for whom? Generally I am not surprised. People get sick suddenly or miss a train or the grandma dies. Things happen. Well I was one of them. And then the waiting list came to the rescue...
  11. Those seats were empty during the first half of the Sunday concert. I briefly contemplated switching to them in the last minute, but did not want to risk a disturbance. In the break some people took them switching from worse seats. I guess there was a group that could somehow not make it to the concert; I am sure those places were sold.
  12. I agree except for the multiple setups because I would buy them for exactly one setup, mine. With the Ohm speakers I could test them at home for several weeks which was a luxury not always possible. This testing convinced me (after listening to many other speakers in other venues) that those are the best choice for me in the category below 10000 Euro. The technical data were at the beginning a helpful information to decide which series of Ohm (1000, 2000 etc) are best for me, since they mostly differ in bass extension and volume, not in sound character.
  13. No idea. I mean, the idea behind bi-amping is to have separate amplifiers for tweeter and lower frequencies, right? So how would you do that here?
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