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  1. That is why I have a front projector in the living room :-). After my first cinema experiences I thought that too. But when I found that my new projector has 3D capability, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy 3D at home much more than at the cinema, I don’t know why. Now I have a collection of 80 3D movies; at least 50 of them I regard as a clear advantage over the 2D version, like the HTTYD movies and most other DreamWorks animations, but also several recent Marvel movies. Others, not so much like the last 2 Harry Potters.
  2. Congratulations, I just listend to the episode, very nice. One small thing; I think the solo at the end that you contribute to a clarinet, is in reality an oboe. Otherwise, as so often, your podcast made me rediscover this soundtrack I had only listened to once or twice.
  3. Those are movies that really benefit from 3D, so if you have the hardware, I recommend the 3D Blu-rays very much. Extremely well done!
  4. I don´t know if those would influence each other much. But perhaps this is the much needed kick in the butt for Jackson to get it rolling. I want my Tintin 2 Score by Williams!
  5. I understand completely and am grateful for your investment. One tiny suggestion: If one TV series would really be worthy of a further podcast episode it would be the Theme and two episode scores for Amazing Stories, which are readily available, and at least "The Mission" is an excellent score from his (first) Golden age. Anyway I am looking forward for the remaining episodes, since soon you will enter what I consider now the second Golden Age from 2010 on. Thanks for your work!
  6. Will you continued in some fashion? Like the TV series or the concert works? I have always hoped that JW would produce one or two more scores during your 2 years of podcasts, but Corona put an end to that so we will end with Ep.9 as No 110, right?
  7. Thanks for the tip, this way I finally managed to get a copy of Superman The Movie which had proved to be difficult to obtain (always out of stock when looking) for the same money I would have to pay directly to Lalalaland, but without the customs hassle.
  8. Watches the movie some weeks ago and found it very entertaining, especially in 3D (excellent use of 3D!). And I liked the music, so I looked around and found a download of the complete version from the FYC site. Started listening, liking the music very much, but what it is with the horrible sound quality? Harsh and distorted in the woodwinds? After a few tracks I gave up. But since I wanted to have the music, I managed to find a reasonably priced used CD of the official soundtrack and bought it. Much better, excellent sound quality! I knew only the Potter scores from Desplat and found them not
  9. I compared once the hi-rez stereo track on the BD with the CD. Sounded a bit better, clearer and less congested, but still a far cry from 5.1 with its enveloping realism. I have not listend to the 5.1. mixed down to stereo, since normally this is not the best idea.
  10. 5.1 Surround (not Atmos). One of the most impressive and realistic mixes I have ever heard. Replicated the original life experience very closely (with my system).
  11. I agree with you! :-) On both points. The CD sound quality is the one thing I disagree with the review. The sound on the CD is acceptable, but clearly inferior to the Blu-ray. And I don't think MQA would make much difference.
  12. I don't know if it has been posted before, but this review is spot on in my opinion: http://www.movie-wave.net/john-williams-in-vienna/ It mentions the exhaustingly discussed "flubs", but puts them into the correct perspective: small imperfections of a monumental experience.
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