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  1. Star Wars 8 and 9 Then you would not consider the violin concertos by Beethoven or Brahms as masterpieces? The last 3 string quartets by Mozart? Bruckners 7th Symphony? Bartoks concerto for orchestra? etc. etc. They are absolutely great, but I do not find very much surprise or experimentation in them, compared to earlier works. Just pure musical genius.
  2. Some compare the 2 violin concertos, often preferring the first. While this is a viable opinion, I want to point out that the 1st concerto is very much in debt to 20th century concerti from Bartok and Prokofiev. While the 2nd is pure Williams, unmistakable. This lets me rank the second higher, since I enjoy both equally.
  3. Watched the Concert on Arte yesterday and liked it very much. While his style for concert music had varied significantly in earlier years (compare flute concerto, violin concerto 1 and clarinet concerto) and seemed often a bit meandering and structurless to me, Williams seems to have found his concert voice; the piece is instantly recognizable as mature Williams concert music. While it is much less tonally centered than most of his film music, you hear the same voice in lots of small details like motivs, built-ups and instrumentation.
  4. This is the exact reply I got for my query: We looked into that but it wasn't an option for the service that manages the delivery of our digital files. The SACD is the only way to get the 5.1. Thanks for the question. Jeff
  5. I asked about the 5.1 and they replied that they looked into it, but could not make it work with the delivery system they chose. Pity. I would have payed at least 30 Euro for the multichannel tracks which would be still half of the price of the SACD (due to postage and customs) for me. Heck, I would have payed at least 40, which is double of the regular download.
  6. This is now available as digital download. But can I get it in 5.1? That is the big question here. https://intl.varesesarabande.com/products/the-matrix-the-complete-score
  7. I have 2 DVD Audios without a DVD backwards compatibility, but I agree that most have it, although only in compressed sound. DVD Audio can store 24 bit 96 kHz in lossless with MLP compression which is standard for many years. I have dozens of them.
  8. I am sorry, but every single sentence here is false. SACD and DVD Audio use a standard DVD with the same storage space, it is just used different. SACD is stored as DSD which is a 1 bit format using 2.8224 MHz sampling frequency, so it does not offer greater bit depth. And the surround encoding of DVD audio can use 24 bit at 96 kHz, so much better than CD. Lastly a DVD Audio cannot be played on a regular DVD player, except it has a DVD-Video-Portion on it, e.g. a Dolby Digital version in addition to the hirez portion. The latter is not accessible to a regular DVD player. This is a
  9. In my opinion the real sound differences between well made SACD, DVD-Audio and Blu-ray Audio are not significant, although I hear them (SACD of the same 5.1. recording sounding a bit rounder, warmer, the Blu-ray a bit clearer and brighter). The main drawing point for me is a good multichannel mix which can elevate a recording very much, see the JW Vienna Blu-ray. For the matrix release I would have also welcomed a Blu-ray audio sold separately. Doing a backwards to CD compatible SACD and selling it separately is just trying to extract more money from the audiophile customers. Sev
  10. Congratulation! So, how is the surround mix? :-) ambience only or a bit more creative/aggressive? And do you think the general sound quality is better than the CD version?
  11. I love good surround mixes, and this is the main reason that I am contemplating buying this one. But only if it is really a good mix, not just a bit ambience. About foreign Blu-ray: Amazon.de is the obvious choice because they have a lot of other European Blu-ray on offer, often by third party sellers
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