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  1. I would not count such small afterwards additions as worthy of an entry. The amount of new music is smaller than that composed for most TV episodes.
  2. I understand and partially agree with your assessment, but why do you order it then??
  3. Yes, I heard it too by chance, was very surprised, since it is not a big blockbuster movie/soundtrack. And a positive review, too, without the usual snark of highbrow culture radio concerning film music.
  4. In this Spielbergs calls it their 31st collaboration. So he counts Amazing Stories and American Journey as well?
  5. In 1984, I was 16, I made an extended biking tour in the summer holidays. One day one of the co-bikers which I had not known before the trip, dragged the 3 others into the cinema one day, to watch this movie we others had not seen: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I had neither seen Raiders nor Star Wars at this point and had no idea what to expect. On the road to the cinema, he sang (horribly) the main Indy theme and raved about the composer, John Williams, a name, I also had not heard before. I just wasn't much of a movie and cinema guy up to this time. I was very impressed by the movie (I had mostly seen only much older movies on TV before) and also liked the music during the credits (I was too occupied with the movie up to that point to pay attention to the music). Back at home, the guy offered to lend the soundtrack LP to me, which I copied to cassette tape and listened for hours and hours during the next weeks. During the next months I saw the original Star Wars trilogy films and borrowed those soundtrack LPs from him, too. And Raiders. And this was the beginning of close to 40 years of John Williams fandom and my soundtrack collection as well. So I owe a debt of gratitude to this person.
  6. In terms of short JW soundtracks, Pete n Tillie comes to mind, too. I had also hoped for more Williams music with this, but it is what it is. Nevertheless I am looking forward for the movie. And then for Indy 5.
  7. I saw Wandavision, Loki and She-Hulk. I like all 3 for different reasons, but found She-Hulk the most entertaining to watch. I like it, when they don't take it too seriously.
  8. I prefer the original theatrical cut, since I saw the movie in this form several times in the cinema. I also like, that it has a bit more humor in it, e.g. the "train wreck" scene in the introduction of the Nearys, and the scene where Neary throws plants and garden stuff through the window into the house. I thinks those are missing or shortened in later versions.
  9. Alternate Binary sunset from A New Hope. Alternate Follow Me from Always
  10. I don´t think that word (irony) means what you think it means :-) That fact is no different from every other soundtrack recording in movie history.
  11. I can really recommend eclassical.com for classical music. They charge very reasonable and per second, not per disc, and they offer a lot of high rez, even often in 5.1 Multichannel. Each day they have one recording on half price which allowed me to discover a lot of music I would never have considered buying full price.
  12. I know that, but the question is, WHY did he want to include it. :-)
  13. This is one of the cases I would have preferred a cheaper 1 CD version without the CD2 program, which offers not much of additional value. I suspect its inclusion is rather due to the wish to increase the price of the set and offering something in return.
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