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  1. I know that, but the question is, WHY did he want to include it. :-)
  2. This is one of the cases I would have preferred a cheaper 1 CD version without the CD2 program, which offers not much of additional value. I suspect its inclusion is rather due to the wish to increase the price of the set and offering something in return.
  3. I am so happy, that my favorite hardware store in Germany finally gets a theme by John Williams: https://www.obi.de
  4. Technology has advanced in the last 13 years; perhaps it would be possible to do the rendering in shorter time now.
  5. This would be perfect of course. My personal dream would be that to be a second Tintin movie, assuming that Jackson has no interested in it any more. It would allow Williams IMO best qualities to shine once more and the production would allow for a lot of time for composing and revising. Start filming Mocap in Autumn, composing during rendering/postproduction in 2023 and releasing Spring 2024. one can dream...
  6. Watched the concert on Blu-ray in 5.1 surround. Nice companion to the Vienna concert. Highlights for me are Far and Away, Scherzo for Motorcycle and Elegy. Playing is very good, as is expected from the Berliner. I especially like the woodwinds in Nimbus 2000. Video quality is surprisingly bad: massive detail loss in wider shots, probably due to aggressive data reduction. I can only speculate that they took the same low Bitrate encoding as for streaming. It is a pity, since Blu-ray offeres so much higher bitrate and potential quality. Video in the Vienna concert is much better, but unfortunately there they only offered 1080i (interlaced) video which leads to combing artefacts. So no video recording is perfect. Surround sound is good, clear and serviceable, but nothing special. In terms of immersive audio quality it does not hold a candle to the spectacular Vienna surround mix which really replicates the live atmosphere.
  7. Wouldn't that be Ready Player Two?? If I could wish for one more score from Williams after those 2, I would like to order Tintin 2, please. But I fear, that project will not be continued, since nothing is being heard about it.
  8. I remember the Willow vinyl, I bought it at the time, and the sound was quite horrible, lots of distortion in the inner part. For dynamic orchestra recordings more than 20-25 min per side is a no go. On the other hand, I have a vinyl of the Paganini caprices by Frank Peter Zimmermann which sound quite good, although more than 1 hour total length. But violin solo is not as loud or dynamic as orchestra, so it worked in that case.
  9. You are correct, I did not look low enough. A shame, that a lot of this is probably not included in the Potter Box. Or perhaps even not recorded, who knows. Perhaps one day there will be a follow up with all the rejected music on a further CD or two....
  10. meaningless?? In it you find the answer to the ultimate question about everything!
  11. Well, he has been to Berlin and Leipzig, so only Hamburg is missing. And the article probably mixes up several sources like this Tanglwood citation and perhaps some Instagram stuff by Mutter.
  12. I can't believe that he wrote that much more music than for all the other movies that can be seen. Perhaps for some reason he has 2 additional copies??
  13. Princess Bride: Great movie, lousy electronic score. The guitar pieces are ok, but that's it.
  14. I love Bruckner 9th since I heard it the first time with 14 or so years. I have several recordings of it, each with each its own strengths. I love both Guilinis. Most recently i bought the Honeck which is also superb, and has excellent sound quality in multichannel. I was raised on the traditional 3 movement form and was first skeptical about the reconstruction, but when I bought the Harnoncourt recording in which he played all (at the time) sketches and explained them, I realizes, that this movement was almost finished except for the coda. Since then I heard several recordings with the 4th movement, e.g. the Rattle/Berliner recording and am now a fan of the complete 4 movement version. The finale in its most recent completions is a great, almost visionary work since it expands on the more modern elements that Bruckner introduced in the first 3 movements compared to his earlier works. Sometimes it sounds almost expressionist. I still think that it is not his best finale, but that is due to the combination of his failing strength and the fact that it is not finished and only an approximation to his original vision, but a quite close one, I think. So in short: 4 movements, please. Funny enough it is not one of his longest finales compared to 8th and 5th symphony. It is shorter than the 1st and 3rd movement, if played in adaequate speed, around 20 min.
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