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  1. I don't dispute that it's an impressive landmark feature, but that's just racist. It can be both.
  2. He definitely is, but one cue only? Was it only found in some worse source or how come?
  3. They could have commissioned one in secret for Artemis for all we know...
  4. Huh, hard disagree on Krull. Strangely, trying to listen to the OST, I felt that Willow is the one where the cues don't really go anywhere, from the partial listen it felt like a way overspotted score trying to somehow fill everything in, I didn't feel it progressing or achieving emotional beats, all the old fashioned theme's renditions seemed the same etc.
  5. I only found them because I couldn't find certain things anywhere else! Oh and of course both Quobuz and 7digital are inaccessible here.
  6. I wrote something like that here but remembered he continues by immediately slipping that he was "employed" by the rebels.
  7. Oh, also, a Horner example in the similar area: Land Before Time has a few pretty bad performance edits, hard cuts between pretty different takes mid-held note or something like that. This was the first time in 30 years anyone could touch the score, it will remain the only time for decades, they had the unedited multitracks but decided to use the premixed pre-edited (sometimes badly) source anyway because it's less work.
  8. A CD-length OST with the single, a lot of Holt and some Ross music is coming. You can scroll back for a tracklist.
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