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  1. And then, wait, did the tower exploding explode the main ship? Did it explode the rest? If yes, why? If no, why did the rest explode? Even above those other planets, was that "people rising up all over the Galaxy"? Wait a minute, how did they even get to Endor and Bespin and Jakku when the rest of the kajingamazillions of the SDs were still in the cloud, why didn't those go out? Is this army just so ludicrously big that they sent out one for each planet then still kept that many over Exegol? But then they wouldn't need the beacons if they weren't planning to go out... I have a headache. I've put more thought into it in these 2x10 minutes today than they did in the whole year plus of production. Every planet celebrating and rioting to Victory Celebration immediately after the Empire loses a big battle is the most self-explanatory thing in the world in comparison.
  2. I really tried paying attention to what goes on in that final battle on rewatch. Good guys arrive We gotta take out the ground tower, they can't navigate then They're going for the ground tower, shut off the ground tower Ground tower shut off just when good guy fighters get to it Now they're using a tower on an SD Gotta use a lander and land on the SD and take it out from the surface (why don't they just shoot it like they were going to shoot the ground tower, I have no idea by now) Finn goes with the lander Landet lands on the opposite side to make it harder They ride out on horses for two trailer shots because they landed on the wrong end, literally no other reason but to do a trailer shot with useless horses Whew, first stretch over, a lot happened, how long was that? 2 MINUTES, ARE YOU INSANE? You have virtually zero time to process anything, nothing has any weight whatsoever when strategies fly by and change and characters teleport places in 3 shots. Then we cut back a few times to the ground team shooting troopers, grenading something for some reason, then Lando arrives and we have about 5 shots of visual mess with random ships. Then Palps lightnings them, everyone falls, but Palps stops because he's stupid so I guess they're not falling anymore? Then at a random point Finn rigs some gun and shoots the tower...again, why didn't they fly in and shoot it with a fighter, the landers could land just fine. Oh and at some point the fighters just start shooting the dick guns because they can just be shot with fighters and explode. But not the tower. It's a spectacular mess.
  3. Problem's not reusing sets, but reusing the wrong set for the wrong reason without adapting it well. I think more than anything I just feel that it's absurd that he of all people was given the key to the kingdom, the exclusivity to the golden goose, when his main contribution was sucking the fun, personality and magic out of this fun, personality-filled and magical universe.
  4. Maybe he only worked on premastering on these sets like the booklets state and we should stop bringing him up and propagating the myth that he did it all or was very important, AHEM, shark
  5. Demasters because 5 of them have small to major problems, only RotJ is pretty much perfect. Including but not limited to: the brass not popping enough (TIE Attack is much better on the SE than the demaster, it actually has life and joy), too long take crossfades causing phasing, mix too bright, mix not even bothered with (Augie), etc.
  6. Yada yada the latter films are better when viewed as their own thing (paraphrased essence) Well that's the thing, and what I'm saying in that quote: even when divorced from the book, form barely follows function a lot of times, like with this upliftig awesome happy place, their one escape, being a cold blue hall where you put people on the spot, they fall on hard floor while others stare and mirrorlike walls reflect it. (TV director sensibilities: let's just reuse the already built trophy room set, we'll save a lot, it'll work just fine) Another example for that I just thought of: Wesley Wizard Wheezes. The set is built to follow the book description of a bright orange spot of fun in the dreary dying Alley, the one island in depression, the music follows that well, too, but the lighting, blocking, staging, editing, and especially grading make it just as bland, murky, flat and dreary as everything else in this... thing.
  7. If the alternative is cheaping out on "artists" who do covers like this one, then I'll take the shit move, choosing the Internet artists who'd do 20 covers for a release for free anyway. And he did mention giving the winner a free copy of the CD so there would be payment. Or they could use up the insane shipping costs and price hikes they skin off of non-US customers and pay real artists!
  8. Now that I'm not using the bus and listening to music while walking, I transitioned to a score per night before Youtube subscriptions/reading. Just finished my new condensed or extended reordered reimagined Bram Stoker's Dracula edit and I'm pretty damn satisfied. Yesterday I searched up an old download link in a PM convo and listened to Black Sunday on a complete inexplicable whim for the first time. Ordered.
  9. As long as they're using elements which can easily be cleared for licensing, of course!
  10. Eh, I hated HBP, DH1 and DH2 the one time I will ever see them. (DH1 may have been more boredom and disappointment and frustration that it's too dark to make anything out.) I was so bored of FB1 that I shut it off halfway when McBland was unconvincingly playing with his bland CG animals for 10 or so minutes. But OK, HBP, Ron is in the hospital wing recovering from the poisoning, and the teachers are just there staring at the Lavender shit like mannequins instead of reating the room and fucking off... only for Dumbs to say a shit line at the end. Things like these really add up to feeling like the guy is completely inept at portraying life or humans.
  11. I've never seen it, but based on the cover of the soundtrack which I've never listened to, yes, it does!
  12. No, bolle, dull and lifeless describes Yates' "vision" perfectly. He's perfect in completely sucking the life out of every character and scene. The RoR is one of the best examples: in the book after Dobby tells him about the perfect hiding place, they go to explore, it's a lovely room, Hermione immediately rushes the bookshelves lining the walls and sees useful DADA tomes, there are cushions to sit on or fall onto, it's a pleasant place. Then they practice by forming pairs, then Harry walks around seeing how everyone's doing. In the film, they go in, it's a cold, empty hall with mirrored walls and a grated floor and nothing helpful inside, in the reveal "reaction" shot, they all just stand like prearranged, speak with no emotions, Hermione blurts out textbook style exposition about a Hogwarts room not even the Marauders found, then they practice by lining up, wasting time and putting immense pressure on people like Nevill, put on the spot and having to perform alone in front of everyone, or lined up and pitting two like Ron and Hermione against each other, everyone staring, then after Hermione "wins", Ron gets stared at some more while emotionlessly delivering some stupid line, while the girls are already clumped together giggling because girls all giggle, and laughing at how Ron "lost". It all completely misses the point and tone and feel of the book scene, it's a cold and sadistic replacement, yet it's still presented as "Hogwarts wants us to fight back" and scored with a cutesy building montage cue.
  13. Holko


    Except it's too soon to know if the recovered develop lasting immunity to it. But we do know it can do lasting damage even if you recover from a serious infection so a second round could be even worse.
  14. Holko


    We§ re implementing a limited curfew starting tomorrow. Restaurants can only do takeout, 1.5 meters between everyone not living together, can only go out with good reason (work, solitary walking/sport, shopping), people over 65 can only visit grocery and apothecary stores between 9 and 12 AM, and only they can visit them in that timeframe.
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