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  1. She saw into Kylo. She's also a substitute for the audience who grew up on Star Wars - if she knows of Luke and Han, she could have heard "fairy tales" of the Force and powers. Also she just tries it like "well what else is there to do, why not?".
  2. Also Kylo never had any intention of killing or even really hurting her.
  3. It's better for sure. And based on that leak it'll remain on top.
  4. I can't start Falcon Flight with a straight face now - I always picture a shouting Sheev shooting after the Falcon in space like Superman!
  5. The Farewell theme has such an emotional, poignant but somewhat light finality to it, that I didn't hear in SW before. Battle of the Heroes does have a finality but it's dark and heavy and preoccupied with being an epic battle cue - and RotJ mostly skips it except for maybe the new Victory Celebration which doesn't do it that well, even if I like it more than many here.
  6. Approaching the Throne's probably my favourite track so far. That new theme, the MotR rendition, the choir, everything! If I wanted to send a great but not really spoilery track to a friend, which would you guys recommend? Falcon Flight?
  7. On Body and Soul (2017) Boy and girl meet at work, they're awkward but connect over a weird thing, relationship foms. OK, there's more to it. "meets" happens at the abatoire where they work, "boy" is the aging fiscal manager with a lame arm who's been hurt before and by now is afraid to act on attractions, "girl" is the new quality inspector who seems detached and cold and has problems with emotions, connection, even physical touch. (Later the signs start adding up and pointing to her being on the autism spectrum but it's never explicitly addressed.) Both vegetate in their miserable but safe shells until a kinda meh B plot reveals "weird thing" - they share a dream at night of being a male and female deer by a pool in a snowy winter forest. That starts their connection and things proceed. The actors do a great job (the leads especially, the male one is not even an actor by profession and this is his first and last foray into the field), cinematography and editing are great, the presentation is mostly very matter-of-fact, interactions are awkward in a way that was more relatable than overly cutesy to me. No big sweeping sentimentality, maybe the most classic Hollywoodsy love story moment was the meet-cute: him looking out the office window during a meeting and seeing her standing apart from other people, wind blowing her hair and skirt. And the final "twist" beat, but only in plain script form - it wasn't presented as that big of a deal, you just know and feel it is. Favourite part was Also had a good couple of unexpected laughs! And usually from honest and genuine sources, not "look how stupid she made herself look, how embarassing" or forced one liners or something. I couldn't point out exactly why - but I completely adored this film and got heavily invested. I am || <= this close to watching it again tonight just to catch everything with knowing the full picture this time - I already skipped a little into it and noticed shots like the one below that I missed early on. Also, fuck you, publishers for not bringing out a bluray at home. Son of Saul had like 5 editions, I have a deluxe digipak one with a limited numbered 35mm frame, booklet, extras on both bluray and DVD - I guess this one was only nominated for an Oscar and got as far as the 5-long shortlist and only won a Golden Bear, it only deserves a probably shittily downconverted barebones DVD, right?
  8. Sorry for the necro but just thought about doing a thread like this. Quint Meets His End has to be up there, but most of Arrival in New York is what sparked my idea!
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