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  1. Except Ratatouile looks great, its visual direction is not "cheap 90s TV show CG"
  2. Damn, I was about to post the picure of him climbing down on the drainpipe nude!
  3. A clump of cells that regularly get naturally miscarried on their own too without anyone noticing are not babies yet. And what if the baby will be born with a disability or disease that makes their short lives hell, boy they're really gonna appreciate being forced to go through it and die instead of going away before ever starting.
  4. So the unborn fetus with no concept of anything should get more of a say than the woman who has to carry them and birth them and support them afterward, ergo does all the work. Gotcha, we're now anti-woman too.
  5. A unique mix of swashbuckling action, gentle lullabies, ethnic sounds and synths that somehow still stands together as a kickass score instead of falling apart. Pretty good art direction, above average for Goldwasser I'd say, lovely liner notes with JHN going deeper in a new interview than I'm used to with the fragments of comments we usually get, the inclusion of the session wrap speech is such a nice touch... get this one, folks, before it sails away!
  6. I don't know most of these too well or at all! I have a bright future, pretty much any new expansion we'll get will be an opportunity to hear brand new JW.
  7. On some level, no. On another level, I feel somebody has to at least try not to let his idiocy go unchallenged if we keep him around.
  8. Oh, so now you've grown empathy... for unborn fetuses. Fuck'em after they pop out, right?
  9. How do you so disingenuously misrepresent and dumb down a complex issue?
  10. Thank you for actually knowing what you're talking about! It's refreshing in these threads.
  11. My first time ordering directly from LLL. I have to say I'm completely satisfied!
  12. This is still all the reference to it I can find.
  13. Interesting! I don't suppose we have similar fitting leak excerpts for Black Sunday, Dracula, KoCS? It must be a real one in Schindler, it's prominent enough.
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