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  1. So, the first 3 episodes did not manage to hook me, but now that it was all out and I've heard good stuff, I picked it back up. And I loved it! Even though the recent batch of SW material doesn't make it too hard for something at least okay-good to stand out, this very much feels like a possible hopeful bar-raiser in writing, characterisation, cinematography, world-realness, staging/direction. I also loved the scores in-episode!
  2. Try "we have no idea when exactly it arrives" at MBR or shipping on the 16th at IntermezzoMedia.
  3. Lol no, you need the LLL to have a proper base of the full score and songs to build from without stupidly pre-joined stuff etc. Also it's a great score as is, better than 2.
  4. https://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12114/.f?fbclid=IwAR2xJIVM79mT1sS4JFyeRzUibMV6mQjsQ5Jp2_6CEO26W4hjqWGrWp-2ALU Main title sample... yeesh, that performance. Nice that this recording is finally properly released I guess but if I liked the score enough to get it, I'd just stick with the rerecording like I do with Barbarian.
  5. TFA teaser and later unused trailer cues. Azkaban teaser, partially. And TV commercial music for PS and CoS.
  6. It probably won't restore all the unused music like my iso score...
  7. Or doesn't want it. And if they do, they can widely access it on any streaming platform.
  8. Not to undermine the probably very thoughtfully well-crafted main program before we've even heard it... but you have a spreadsheet with a complete cue breakdown ready to be posted, right?
  9. Only seen the movie once and never studied unusedness and unreleasedness... but from the past days it seems to me like it might deserve a restored iso score, no?
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