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  1. This is supposedly from a draft script but I remember something like this from the movie too: "The information we need is embedded in the grain of wood. And since each piece is unique, the shape and grain is impossible to duplicate." So it's like a defense against possible forgery?
  2. Except if the prices are too high to pay and so they aren't paid, they don't get a dime.
  3. Lately I've only had Windows Security for a while - a key trick is to install a blocker extension like ublock origin, catch the problems on the other end.
  4. Now I finished redoing these too.
  5. Bizalom (Confidence), 1979. It's about a woman near the end of WWII whose husband (unbeknownst to her) has ties to the underground movement against the ruling nazi allies, and when there's a chance he's been found out, she's suddenly given a new identity and moved into a rented room in an old couple's house with a stranger (also married) who is "her" husband according to the cover story. Relationship dynamics change, they grow closer while pretending, become lovers, but they both have their baggage and trust issues to carry too. It even made it into the final 5 nominees for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. I'm going through a selection of this director's films for the first time and I think more's to come in this thread. When his signature quote on the box is "there is a single thing no other art is capable of, only film, and that is showing on the living human face emotion as it is born or changes", you know you're in for a treat.
  6. Well, we don't know yet, maybe this will have an in-depth digital booklet? Has anyone asked Powell about it yet?
  7. This metaphorical scene toward the end of Apa (Father), 1966. All throughout the movie, the main character thinks about his father who died near the end of WWII and he only has few memories of; he fantasises, idolises, makes up stories for other people until he himself can't quite recall what was real and what wasn't. Only when grown up can he admit this to himself and face it, then in this scene he goes on a whim to swim across the Danube so he can finally struggle and achieve something himself, for himself instead of living and making himself live in the shadow (real or made up) of his father. Then as he mulls this over, the camera pans up and we see 100 other people also swimming the same way, showing he's not alone, the movie's representing that entire fatherless generation.
  8. Nope. Couldn't Anakin have turned into Vader, hunted down the Jedi, *then* had kids sometime? Even Palpatine fucks. Then he could have become more machine than man in those 19 years. It's not exactly the best dramatic storytelling but it was only meant to be some throwaway backstory at first.
  9. Controversial? I don't know why anyone wouldn't want for anyone anywhere to be able to access them easily and properly. I'd love to have physical nice looking sets too of course.
  10. Oh yes they are. The SEs have been out for 11 years by then and were successful, why the hell would they follow the stupid Anthology model? And can't even get basic things like speed right...
  11. As far as I remember I don't think any of the cues in Jaws were intended to overlap/be joined, so that's a different matter. I'm so happy I wasn't that into... um... following and buying these official things around then. Not that I would have known where to look or buy stuff like the big expensive Indy Box. Thankfully I "grew up on" Fal's leak/rip collections edited properly.
  12. Sometimes some are not joined because parts were released separately on the OST already and stuff like that, it definitely happens. Sometimes like with CE3K I don't mind at all because all tracks in the finale end and begin in a musically satisfying way, but when it's an obvious buildup to a transition point, then stop, silence for 5 seconds, then BAM action out of nowhere, that sucks. One concrete example I can think of off the top of my head is Meeting Aragog/The Spiders Attack in HP2. Or some of TLW.
  13. I deleted these videos from my Drive not long ago, but the were still viewable because they weren't emptied from the trashbin. Weird. I felt they weren't up to scrutiny by now - now I know how to render so it won't look that crap, I'm willing to put more effort into syncing up microedited stuff, the original print of the movie is available officially, etc. I set to redoing it this morning and was surprised to find Jay separated it into its own thread and linked it in the score information collection. Huh. Neat I guess, now it's extra good that I decided to redo them better. Usually I loathe everything I ever wrote more than 40 hours ago, but I was surprised to find I didn't want to die while reading all this, so all I did was update some of the technical explanations to reflect the newer videos. Anyway, it's done, enjoy! For the fist time or again. The Cowboys was separated into its own thread too, after I properly deleted those videos long ago and even removed the dead links from the original posts, so that's kinda strange. Oh well, guess I'll redo that too
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