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  1. "Mom I have 2 powerbanks, remember? Bye now, see ya soon."
  2. He had his chances and sucked. Good riddance.
  3. Home Alone in 2020: Takes out smartphone, "Hey Mom, where are you?" "Been waiting for the check-in for 4 hours, we just noticed you weren't here. We'll figure something out." Roll credits.
  4. And Obi-Wan! Only Rey or Kylo from the new cast. There's Chewie, R2, Yoda, Leia, one scene each!
  5. I'm actually just finishing it again right now! The lack of a collectible item tracker arrow is frustrating. If The Skywalker Saga is a bit more like it than Lego TFA, I'll be over the moon. There's certainly a similar Galadriel shot midway through Two Towers.
  6. The Lego game uses the actual isolated film dialogue. There were tie-in games for the xbox I think, back in the day.
  7. Oh, you mean the lines? That wasn't clearly indicated. PJ did 10-25 takes of every shot, there's bound to be differences and it often took a while to decide on the one to use. What is this from, some early trailer/preview? Oh yeah, if it's from the videogame, it was probably done at one of the many ADR sessions.
  8. Oh wait, yeah, choir enters earlier for the Wolves of Isengard bit than the CR. Huh.
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