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  1. Could this thread be compacted with spoilers? It takes forever to load on mobile.
  2. I don't think the tracklists contain lengths anywhere, so an extra 2 minutes could be ninja'd in sneakily without reprinting necessary.
  3. I emailed Botnick again, this time about these other issues too. We'll see.
  4. Netflix buys dead people? Micro, macro and necroeconomy?
  5. Nope, they were digging all over the place, sooner or later they'd have looked in that building too.
  6. Seems pretty redundant right after Hedwig, unfortunately. "And now... the same thing you just heard. On different instruments."
  7. I got a reply from a Disney Emporium guy saying they're just a storefront, he could forward it to his team but wouldn't put much hope in it going up the chain to where I want it to go. Told him it's worth a try at least, he said okay. Nothing from Botnick so far. Or Menken on Twitter.
  8. Hunchback for both. When revisiting P, I got kinda bored of the underscore (this was a couple years ago though), and definitely felt a lot of the vocal performances aren't strong/tense/powerful enough to fulfill their narrative part, like P in Savages. I guess overall I very much prefer H's gothic/medieval brand of histocising over P's american historicising/native ethnicising and the way the songs are integrated.
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