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  1. Yeah the era they're focusing on in books and comics now is the High Republic a couple hundred years before the prequels, they might pursue new movies tying into those instead of continuing/fleshing out the ST.
  2. What, do you mean this one?
  3. I guess the Chamber of Secrets "thematic and originality analysis" thing is the closest. This just seemed fun, a small score with surprising thematic richness. Also could help when I get to assembling some preferred program. It certainly helped a bit with being able to tell some cues apart. I also can see interesting connections now, like the "groovy" motif only being on the OST and the revised Leaving Home, I love that motif and he probably only though of it after the main film sessions it seems.
  4. Actually his was one of the first film scores I really took to and wanted to have (I was maybe 5 or 6), I remember recording one variation of the main theme on my flipphone for a ringtone. And I still love it.
  5. He conducted the local philharmonic multiple times when I was around 10, even took them on tour. Now I'm regretting not attending those even more
  6. Assembled this quick comparison/theme breakdown doc yesterday morning. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HlQHpJ9HxlGORQ_Kk614GH0dLcaFoyKrj0P_81v6VsY/edit?usp=sharing Corrections or suggestions are naturally appreciated if anyone has any!
  7. After that I assume he was banned from being near presidents.
  8. I only know The Braying Mule from Django Unchained. I'll catch up on the movie to see if it's all that good.
  9. Started this after loving the movie, 4 episodes in. The "ohmygod it was a so epic event with everyone coming together and so darkness coming and world so much bigger, there are 4 cliche storylines converging now instead of just one with some special elements" feeling that makes the original feel like a footnote (AKA later made prequel-itis) was kinda expected, the puppetwork and production design is great, voicework's pretty good, but the pacing feels very offputting to me. Something always has to happen, or faked to look like things are really happening with that insufferable ADD camera always flying and running and rushing and zooming all over the place and cutting too much. I guess it's targeted at the expected Netflix user's attention span. And still it feels like half of it was superfluous and it all could have been told more efficiently. Maybe by the end things will clock into place more. Oh, half the score sounds like they just tracked in Witcher 3 and Gareth Coker's Ori and the Blind Forest! Just without any noticeable motifs or coherence or anything after teasing me with the Trevor Jones theme on the first title card.
  10. He was friends with James and Lily, the Weasleys (Charlie, Fred, George, Lee Jordan)... he's "only" the keeper of the grounds and has a scary exterior that'd make less enterprising students not even really want to approach him to find out how sensitive and caring he is inside. And of course once he's promoted to teacher and engages with students more, something always comes up to mess him up.
  11. Hagrid is really somewhat of a mentor/father character to Harry early on (before the immature Sirius takes over for better or worse, then Dumbledore in 6) ,of course he'd introduce his friends. And Hermione doesn't have to be dragged, just read book 3, she often spends time at Hagrid's alone crying, and she helps with the court case.
  12. There is something to be said for not supporting actual bad people financially (not buying a song or CD or book or movie after they've been outed, preferably proven), but yeah, I agree too.
  13. Despite complete travel bans for US citizens, we're allowing Dune's crew to proceed with reshoots in August. You're welcome, world! (also thanks for the fat fat bucks, US)
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