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  1. ...an opinion you for whatever reason feel obligated to shout every time by voluntarily going into the threads that you know are focused on the opinions that anger you?
  2. That would be very little consolation if I just quit my job(/passionate hobby) because an asshole who happens to be (one of) the biggest composer in the world exploded onto me for no reason. I dunno, you're the one to always force yourself into threads about expansion announcements and questions and polls and go "OST OST OST" (unless when some joker tags you just because). The forum does not exist for the sole purpose of pleasing you and exactly only you, nobody's forcing you to even go in and read them.
  3. I dunno, he's still misplacing the "blame" on the guy who just responded "Exactly" to something kinda harmless that someone else said instead of fully admitting he was the aggressor and bully here on little to no fair ground.
  4. No, danger is the object of that sentence, so the motof gives danger to the plastic monster. Makes a sometimes kinda weak prop scary. It's comprehensible even if not perfect.
  5. Just wanna say that Zimmer' a massive asshole here, but also that I massively appreciate Jay's attempts to get a full picture before piling on and judging. Refreshing in these times.
  6. Google Translate+grammar=disaster. I think that's more like "no score I've written has been rejected yet".
  7. Try right click - view image, then ctrl+scroll. I can remember just enough German to tell that yes, these are not the most new and original questions, but little enough that I'd miss words that change the meaning of a sentence from agreement to denial or something, so I'll leave it to others.
  8. The better scan is included right there. You just have to zoom in.
  9. Hmm, the fantasy elements enter a bit too late and out of nowhere for it to really be considered sci-fi/fantasy.
  10. I love the more upbeat material around the opening, Gabrielle, the finale, all those versions of Castles of Scotland! I find the middle's the rockier part and the whole score in general overplays the religioso motif a bit.
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