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  1. Huh. Mixed on this. The sound mix sucks, hopefully the game itself will be better. I didn't like the cover and shooting system at all in TFA. A lot of the humor or attempts are a miss. The abilities and such somehow feel really convoluted, LEGO games were always simple. But it looks cool!
  2. Now we demand a "great action pieces not previously released from Mando and TBOBF because fuck you" album with these chases!
  3. Not in the final tracklist, either. Excuse me, what the fuck you clueless baboons?
  4. I felt that ep3 managed to give zero indication that he spent 5 years with the Tuskens. Another reason killing them so early was wrong.
  5. And somehow it's a rare case where it's still fantastic!
  6. Inaudible, technically lower quality album sources used in a few tracks. Absolutely not worth taking a HP set away from someone over, as opposed to Schindler where the worse quality sources are very much audible.
  7. But that was in 2011, when the kids who whined to their parents to buy that book with Luke on the cover then forgot it for 20 years weren't kids anymore.
  8. Same here. Maybe the first clue was seeing the JP set on the Shrine and thinking how professional and thorough these fan edit covers were getting.
  9. Yeah, a long time when it was out of stock. Or they might have learned about it later.
  10. My latest project, one I'm very happy with! From the description: Music was an important part from the first conception of the idea - writer József Nepp wanted to make an animated music video/film for the Manhattan Transfer's cover of Four Brothers, this eventually became "The 4 Gangsters", part of the 4 rats' marketing tape. Composer Tamás Deák already worked on projects written by Nepp (The Mézga Family and Next, Please!, fondly remembered animated series with music iconic for generations) and took well to scoring the genre mash (as well as playing parts of it himself, leading his Deák Big Band): his underscore has elements of orchestral march, ethnic jungle music, synthesiser mood piece, noir introduction, jazzy chase and contemporary popish action, often scoring scenes more seriously than explicitly parodistically.
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