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  1. Apparently he represents 바카라싸이트순천⌠杰[ KTY999。TK ]杰⌡바카라싸이트서울 now. Sad!
  2. In our time of need, when the bots are bringing more and more subforums to their heels... Where are our leaders? Why aren't they helping us? Who will rise up to meet the challenge, shake the moderator body up and fight the enemy? Or we can just nuke Korea and we won't get this again.
  3. Another alright episode - I guess Tatooine and all the quick references were always inevitable.
  4. Today's OST is alright. Jawa Theme returns! I love Warm or Cold, Bright Eyes (is that the Baby Yoda theme Ludwig mentioned in that interview we haven't heard before?) and Speederbikes. The Hangar is pretty cool. Farewell is great, very nice touches. Yes, I did get up at 6 just to listen to it as soon as it appeared on Spotify.
  5. Yeah it's another example of JW taking a well-constructed structure and order with one thing building on another, and completely shitting on it by staggering it with unrelated material and everything.
  6. That's certainly a thing. Now imagine for example Dumbledore, where the actor died and got recast, his whole image was revamped, but still dubbed by the same actor in the same way!
  7. From the prequels I really mostly would want TPM only, so a box would be suboptimal. Gimme TRoS.
  8. It's just Pedro and the puppet Baby Yoda that have appeared in every ep so far, right?
  9. I never heard any of it outside of a youtube video of the Inferno main titles. My jaw dropped at the first note of that sample.
  10. Ah, the Superman source cues. I did skip into all of them once and I'm almost glad they're on the II/III release so I don't have to own them!
  11. Let's see... Swing, Swing, Swing (kinda) Eleventh Commandment Lava Flow The Kiss The Leaky Cauldron Cast a Christmas Spell The Courtyard Double Trouble Home Alone carols Jaws Marching Band No. 2 Stalling Around Cantina Band 1&2 Anything Goes (kinda) Dinner Source Are all really damn good! Off the top of my head.
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