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  1. I dunno, it looks very clean and straight and simple to me. Lots of straight empty corridors, the paintings and ghosts just act nice if they're present at all. The stairs are just pivoting 90 degrees and that's it. Very little of the book Hogwarts' kookiness and personality, tapestries, suits of armor, secret passages, stairs that lead somewhere else on a Thursday, portraits going over to visit another portrait for a party, Peeves causing trouble... Cuarón's Hogwarts has a lot more life like that to it.
  2. Not nearly as miserably as 4, 6 and 8. And they certainly made a lot more of an effort to make it into a movie than 1 and 2, basically just collections of book scenes without much flow - by now I think Azkaban is the only HP movie I really really like. It still kept to the core themes and emotional core very well. The Shrieking Shack scene already dumps a lot of info to grasp for a movie, them having been the ones who made the map and that stuff is kind of irrelevant. Maybe except for James' stag/Harry's patronus.
  3. The context of JW's massive body of work only makes this score more interesting. This is a JW already after his first Oscar but still 3 years from being a general population household name and 5 years from ruling over the universe for all time. A highly experimental and out there exercise, especially when compared to the vastly melodic, sweeping and fun The Cowboys, composed and recorded only months before. In certain tracks, it sounds almost unrecogniseable, but parts of other tracks, despite their experimentalness, are very much recogniseable JW - he rarely went back to full-blown Images ter
  4. Yeah, Cuarón is great! The extended scene in the middle with bland Newt blandly feeding these bland CG things in this bland world with a bland friend is where I gave up.
  5. Maybe, but he sure is an insanely, actively bland one who brings the magical material down to his mundane "vision". At least for HP5-8 (though 5 can be fun enough) and the first half of FB1, haven't seen more.
  6. Blood Moon! Reflections with its dementory and CE3Key strings! Track 3 where the dark almost lullaby just plays and plays and the mad strings slowly overpower it!
  7. The set also looks very nice, the design is simplistic but fittingly and tastefully vintage feeling. The font already helps a lot in placing it in time. The border and text on the front cover looks like The Post!
  8. It's a very positive wow! A highly varied and interesting score.
  9. Right. These people are going out of their way to NOT allow me to pay for their product. Using a VPN wouldn't be more legal than just pirating things in the first place, and it involves ME going out of my way to be able to pay for the product that THEY aren't allowing me to pay for.
  10. Or it's not at all on the sites that are available in Hungary. Amazon would have been the only option, but paying for mp3s... Or Spotify, but then I don't own it.
  11. As happy as I am for these concerts, 16th online is the most likely one.
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