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  1. So I'm hoping I won't have to watch the film again...but does anyone have a list of the cues that run into each other via film? Basically I am wanting to do a gapless playback for my iPhone (and iPod). I'd appreciate the help.
  2. To those who are bitching about the OST being included...it's possible they HAD to include it as part of the contract for this release. I'm sure if they had it their way, they MAY NOT have included the OST. If you don't like the OST, then hey don't rip it to your computer. Just rip the rest of the score. Be thankful we even have this. I know I certainly am and I honestly can NOT wait until I get my copy. I'm really eager to dive into this and hear film version cues outside of the film for once. IE: Parade Attack via samples. Here's hoping that at some point Spidey 2 and 3 follows suit with the same treatment.
  3. I thought the theatrical cuts for the OT or at least for Star Wars was preserved at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.? I could be wrong but I swore that is what I read. I would love to get this Trek set but $$$ is the problem. So has anyone ripped the isolated scores for the DC and Theatrical versions?
  4. Great job. Hey have you done a bit better mockup for the film version segment for "Moribund Mifune" from The Matrix Revolutions?
  5. I for one really liked this new version of the film. I really loved how they updated the background of the officers lounge when Spock, Kirk and McCoy are talking shortly after the warp drive is fixed. I am glad it was the proper back drop now. It was also interesting hearing some of the alternate dialogue that I never heard before. For example in dry dock where in the theatrical cut the computer said "Engineering to all decks, auxiliary power test in three minutes". It was replaced by Chekov giving orders to see the status of the photon torpedos. I also noticed the mix of the music as well. Things were A LOT crisper and clearer even more so than from the theatrical edit. Of course the biggest change that was noticeable was the longer version of "Ilia's Theme" that was used at the beginning of the film before the start of the Main Titles.
  6. WHOA! That’s bad ass dude. Can you PM me with a link for that so I don’t have to record it from youtube? I really want to update my edit with this so I don’t have to have a rear channel rip. I too am surprised the Don Davis material for the film version wasn’t released with the LLL set.
  7. Here's a new one for everyone. We knew the cue titles just not the slates until now. I can't name the source, sorry. The Matrix Revolutions - Don Davis 1m1 Logos / Main Title 1m2 Nothing Blue Blue Pills 1m3 Ak, Cold and Mauser 1m4 Our Lit Ovens 1m5 Oracle Debacle 1m6-1m6a Rama-Kandra / The Trainman Cometh 1m7 The Trainman Goeth 2m1 Tetsujin 2m3 The Road To Hell 2m4 Time's Up 2m5 The Road To Sourceville 2m7 He Is You 2m8 The First Goodbye 3m1 The All-Knowing Oracle 3m2 The Logos Location 3m3 It's Crazy Zee 3m4 Das Banegold 3m5 The Bane Revelation 4m1 The Smith Within Us 4m2 Men In Metal 4m3 Niobe's Run 4m4 The Breach 4m5 Boom Hilda 4m6 Die Brünett Walküre 4m7 Mjolnir Mastication 5m1 Charra Broiled 5m2 Woman Can Drive 5m3 Moribund Mifune 5m4 Kidfried 5m5 To Our Snivel 5m6 Neovision 6m1 Saw Bitch Workhorse 6m2 Trinity Definitely 6m3 Deus Ex Machina 6m4 Neodämmerung 7m1 Why, Mr. Anderson? 7m2 Spirit Of The Universe 7m3 Bridge Of Immortality 7m4 For Neo 7m5 Navras (Credits) Oh sorry. I don't have that one right now sorry.
  8. Sad news indeed. Rest In Peace Ken you'll be missed. I saw the news from John Debney via Facebook.
  9. If you mean for "The First Killings" then it's these cues here. Well Track 2 of Disc 1 it's these cues. 1M3 Colonel Stuart 1M4-1M5 The First Killings 1M6-2M0 Guy In Phone Booth 2M1 John Becomes Suspicious
  10. Once again here's a new one. Like before I'm not allowed to name the source. BTW as an FYI the alternate for "The First Killings" are actually two alternates of that cue combined as one. I know this list may seem like it's a bit confusing but it's how it is. Michael Kamen - Die Hard 2 Die Harder 1M1 Nude Thai Chi 1M2 Marching Through The Hotel Corridor 1M3 Colonel Stuart 1M4-1M5 The First Killings 1M6-2M0 Guy In Phone Booth 2M1 John Becomes Suspicious 2M2 Could We Have A Few Words Please? 2M3 Into The Baggage Area 2M4 Baggage Fight 3M1R Snowfall On Blueprints 3M2 Meeting Esperanza 4M1 Dead For Two Years 4M3 Powering Up 4M3 Pt. 2 4M3 Pt. 3 5M1-5M2 Kicked Out Of The Tower 5M5-6m0 Marching To The Annex 6M1AR Skywalk Shootout 6M1 Pt. 2 6M1 Pt. 3 6M1 Pt. 4 6M2-6M3 Skywalk Aftermath 6M4 Looking For A New Miracle 6M5 Attention Dulles Tower (Part 1) 6M5 Pt. 2 7M1 Crashing The Jet (Part 1) 7M2 Pt. 2 7M2 Pt. 3 7m3-8M1 John Picks Up Doll 8M2 The Army's Arrival 8M3 The Idea 9M1 Colonel Stuart's Speech 9M2 Landing Esperanza's Plane (Part 1) 9M2 Pt. 1B (Cont) 9M2 Meeting Esperanza (Part 2) 9M2 Pt. 3 9M3-10M0 John Punches Esperanza 10M4 Little Problems 10M5R Fight With The Sentry 11M1 Fight At The Church Continues 11M2 Shootout and Snowmobile Chase 11M2 Pt. 2 11M2 Pt. 3 12M2 Dick-Head 12M5 John and Marvin To The Rescue 12M6 Panic 12M7 Move 'Em Out 13M1 Chasing The Jet (Part 1) 13M1 Pt. 2 13M1 Pt. 3 13M2 Fight On The Wing (Part 1) 13M2 Pt. 2 13M2 Pt. 3 13M3 Fight On The Wing Continues (Part 2) 13M4 (Coda) 14M1 Finlandia (Finale)
  11. Here's a new one for you all. I know supposed to name the source but in this case I can't. Alan Silvestri - Volcano 1M1 Main Title 1M2A St. Vincents 1M2B Steady Line 1M2C Construction Site 1M2D O.E.M. 1M3 Dragon Emerges 2M1 Steam Did That? 2M2 Tunnel Search 3M1 Doctor Jaye 3M4 Lava In LA 3M5 Bubble Bubble 3M7 Morning Commute 4M1 Fissure Queen 4M2 Miracle Mile 4M3 Amy Emerges 5M1 Toaster Train 5M2 Ash Wednesday 5M3-6M1 Tarnation 6M2 Hot Dog 6M3 I Know You're Special 6M4 Teamwork 7M2 Subway Dragon 7M1 Crane Rescue 7M3 Rachel's Dead 7M4 Find The Driver 7M5 Basketball 8M1 Hero Stan 8M2 Build A Wall 9M1A Lava In The Red Line 9M3 March Of The Lava 9M3A Tunnel Fever 9M4 Norm's Medical Advice 10M1 Sacrificial VCR 10M2 Roark's Big Plan 10M3 Tommy's Gone 11M1 Evacuating Cedars 11M2 Roark Saves Kelly 11M3 Roark's Missing 12M1 Cleansing Rain
  12. Only in YOUR opinion. While yes I still don't agree with the profanity that is used in the show but as I said I for one do not think the show failed and I like it as does my wife. Although I should have said that anyone who thinks the show failed is only OPINION not a statement of fact. There's a clear difference.
  13. I for one did NOT think this show failed. If someone think this show failed....well I dunno what to tell them.
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