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  1. Agreed. I will state thought that was always something that bugged me in Discovery how EVERYONE seemed to know the existence of Section 31.
  2. I hope not. I'd rather have that confined to Discovery and their own separate series.
  3. Same here. It's not meant to feel like TNG. This is meant to be about the character Picard and what happened with him 20 years from the events of Nemesis and what they're showing now. I expected the pilot to be a bit of a slow start. I'm sure the rest of the series will pick up pace and be more consistent. It might end up feeling late TNG/Nemesis era as time goes on.
  4. I loved the pilot for Star Trek Picard, looking forward to next weeks episode. Regarding the score ya I'm not sure why a lot of people like Russo's music either. When watching Picard I was paying attention to the music but outside of the main theme to me it just was like Discovery's music ....not that aspiring.
  5. I still see the isolated score on Movies Anywhere page. Weird that Disney+ would pull it.
  6. Cool to see another Utahan, especially a SLC local. Welcome aboard. A piece of advice don't let our old timers frighten you off. They can be intimidating but don't fall for it.
  7. Actually it'll say "Music by Hans Zimmer" but the booklet and or IMDB will say "Additional Music By" and the ones who did "additional music" are the ones who really did the score. Edit: I really wished they had brought David Arnold back or at the very least a better composer like Brian Tyler or someone else who would do score that won't be just noise and really no theme.
  8. Here's mine. 1st Best The Empire Strikes Back 2nd Best The Phantom Menace 3rd Best Attack Of The Clones 4th Best Revenge Of The Sith 5th Best Star Wars (1977) 6th Best Return Of The Jedi 7th Best The Last Jedi 8th Best The Rise Of Skywalker 9th Best The Force Awakens
  9. Oh ya and another thing I did NOT like that Rey just took on the "Skywalker" name at the end. She is NOT a Skywalker, she's a Palpatine. Although I can understand WHY she took on the name Skywalker because she doesn't want to be reminded she's the granddaughter of a Sith lord. Again to ME it just doesn't make sense.
  10. So I saw it and here's my take on it... There are PARTS of it I like. I get the whole redemption of Ben as I think EVERYONE should have a chance of being redeemed. However, killing him off in the end when there was chemistry between him and Rey since TFA and they kissed before he died.... that did not sit very well with me OR my wife. Also while this film was being made I had said, "I hope this isn't a rehash of ROTJ like TFA was for Star Wars (ANH)". Unfortunately I was right. I felt like Rise Of Skywalker was a rehash of Return Of The Jedi. I also read that a lot of people that hated The Last Jedi like the movie more now because of Rise Of Skywalker. They think ROS sucks but TLJ is better which I for one am glad that people have changed their minds. I for one REALLY liked The Last jedi both film and score. To me Rise Of Skywalker is a big step down from The Last Jedi. Here is that article I was talking about. https://movieweb.com/the-last-jedi-thank-you-rian-johnson-trending/ Edit: Other thoughts.... the whole Palpatine being alive when he was basically vaporized when Vader threw him down the shaft in ROTJ.... ya no that did NOT make sense. Neither did Rey being the granddaughter of Palpatine.
  11. My wife and I just got done watching Star Trek Enterprise. She really liked it but liked Season 3 the most like I did. We both liked Season 4 quite a bit but Season 3 was the winner for us.
  12. I've ALWAYS wanted the film version for the Main Titles. It's easily my favorite.
  13. Crappy installments? A bit harsh considering there are those that like installments for series if they are good in MY opinion. Something like Star Wars or Back To The Future if my wife and I are able to have kids then I will be watching all the movies for the series.
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