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  1. Only in YOUR opinion. While yes I still don't agree with the profanity that is used in the show but as I said I for one do not think the show failed and I like it as does my wife. Although I should have said that anyone who thinks the show failed is only OPINION not a statement of fact. There's a clear difference.
  2. I for one did NOT think this show failed. If someone think this show failed....well I dunno what to tell them.
  3. Wow the official cover for this is pretty bad. I don't know how they managed to fuck this one up.
  4. Also I still believe the way how the "The Parachutes" opens up via "End Credits" is originally the way how it was written/recorded. As I stated before the very first bootleg of Air Force One's score where the unreleased Goldsmith cues were in mono it had "The Parachutes" then going into the film version of "Parachute Attack". The way how "The Parachutes" on this version of the bootleg is how it plays via "End Credits". If I was able to I'd post the file here in the thread to let you all hear what i'm talking about.
  5. The film version take for "Target Air Force One" is actually on a "promo" and I actually have that.
  6. Don't be surprised if it's a straight re-issue from the recent re-re-release that Sony did....well their last one before they lost the license to them. It'll probably be the same for ESB and ROTJ too.
  7. It's weird they used a film stem for "Air Force One In Trouble" considering the boot version of said cue has no volume issues.
  8. Agreed. Deep Space Nine is my favorite of the Trek incarnations and always will be. I really liked Voyager probably my second favorite Trek incarnation and I think it gets too much flak from a lot of people. But let's be fair they were pretty gutsy to make a series about a Federation ship that gets pulled into the Delta Quadrant and for the most part is the only Federation ship (until they meet up with the Equinox for the brief time). Yes it did have some TNG elements but overall I enjoyed it and so does my wife.
  9. I hope this isn't the only time we see Riker and Deanna. Your other sentence I do agree with some of that. To be honest Picard did make quite a bit of enemies when he was in Starfleet.
  10. I think everyone here is being too harsh on Giacchino and Beltrami. Grant a lot of their music isn't that great but there's a lot of their music that is. I think an Indiana Jones score from either composer would be interesting. I also think this board is way too harsh on the Rogue One score. I for one enjoy it and think Giacchino did a good job on it.
  11. So I'm curious does "Batmobile Chase" start exactly like it starts off from the OST?
  12. I take that back I do have a machine that plays Blu-Rays. It's the old "fatty" PS3. I don't use it anymore and it's in my closet collecting dust. It's pretty old and has been showing signs of it going out. I'm surprised it had not. As I said I plan to put a Blu-Ray drive in my next PC build.
  13. I think I did that, makes more sense. Not sure why Goldsmith named it "Mumia Attack".
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