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  1. I honestly love this release. I am glad they were finally able to get the session tapes that had all of "Ultimate War" untouched including the versions of "To War" and "Crossed Swords" with their film inserts in the main score. This set is definitely worth the double dipping as it pretty much makes the other one obsolete.
  2. I just wish we'd get complete score releases for the Prequels already. Disney must know by now that there's pretty much a huge demand for them.
  3. I'm glad you like it. I agree it's a statement that I've found interesting and enjoyed. I too wished Williams had developed it further.
  4. Does anyone have a premium account for https://x-minus.pro/ai that I could sign into? I've exceeded my limit on uploads. Not sure if it resets after 24 hours. I would pay for it but I don't have income of my own right now. Been trying to get SSI for the past 7 years...
  5. Using the MVSEP and the one that Jay uses I was able to get the missing segment of "Palpatine's Big Pitch" more cleaned up. I'm happy with the results so here's my edit of the cue for you all. 3m4 Palpatine's Big Pitch.flac
  6. So using the AI separation I was able to get the missing bit of "Council Meeting" from ROTS more or less cleaned. I dunno if anyone would like it but I like how it came out. I incorporated it into my edit of the track so here it is for you. 3m1 Council Meeting.flac
  7. Damn....dare I say I like the alternate opening more?
  8. Has anyone tried using AI separation to get clean the remaining music from AOTC and ROTS that we need? Thanks for your suggestion Faleel. I've started using MVSEP and I think it's cool and definitely worth it.
  9. Can someone post the file that contains the ending for "Spare Canister Caper"? Or maybe can someone upload it and PM it to me please? Edit: Also can anyone properly use AI separation and make the rest of material for ROTS clean? I hope one day we do get legit complete releases for the Prequels...it would be nice.
  10. I gotta update my edit for this score. I'm not surprised about the usual "The original album is fine" repeat monologue from Thor.
  11. Hell yeah! Although I’m a little concerned with “The Ultimate War” being the film version. Well the “The End Of Hook” isn’t labeled “Film Version” so that might contain the full ending of the track and not have it a fake ending like on last release. I’m sure it’s going to be fine.
  12. Thanks for that idea. I'll do that.
  13. So I seem to recall that I think one of the Radio Drama's had I believe a near clean opening for the cue "Here They Come" the film film version for Star Wars (ANH). Does anyone know what track that's in? Or if it's not actually in Star Wars (ANH)'s Radio Drama which one is it?
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