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  1. The Cello Concerto remains being my favourite Williams piece, concert work or otherwise. The Violin Concerto No. 2 being a close second. I always loved the whole album and the new revision was a wonderful gift that made me even more enchanted with the whole piece. The remaining works on the CD are just beautiful and Heartwood inspired me in a series of paintings back in the early 00's. I actually love the three solo pieces, even in the studio recording, though there is some kind of natural energy always present in live performances. Unfortunately, can't recall Ma performing the whole set, just Pickin', in live broadcast.
  2. Yes, that's the only one I can think of. The only other occasion that comes to mind was Michael Gore's music to "Defending your Life" that was re-recorded by John Mauceri and the Hollywood Bowl ahead of the soundtrack release.
  3. Williams probably had a say on the repertoire performed and I do enjoy the fact that so much focus on his concert output. For each concert like this one, you have a gazillion of others with just film music. I actually enjoyed the little tributes, and both Mutter's and Nelsons' I found quite touching. Ken-David Masur is the son of the late, great Kurt Masur, who premiered the Williams' Bassoon Concerto with the New York philharmonic. Ken is also a former BSO assistant conductor and has often conducted Williams music whit his own orchestra (that right now I can't remember which is).
  4. I don't think he did. He did play on Carousel and South Pacific, also orchestrating on the former.
  5. James Taylor is a very close friend of Williams. That's why he performed in the concert. Same thing happened ten years ago.
  6. I think the best ones aren't commercially available, so I would suggest this one.
  7. I think it's called Tributes because it also acknowledges his "pets" (Williams words) in the orchestra.
  8. I believe big galas like tonight's tend to sell out too. But for this evening, I'm sure Taylor's presence did help.
  9. The sound is a bit low on the vinyl. Depending in the set-up, one might pick more static when pumping up the volume. But again, hardly the worst vinyl release I've heard. But if you experience really that bad a sound, maybe it was some pressing issue that affected your copy.
  10. My Blu-ray and 10 inch LP should arrive on Monday. As for the Violin Concerto LP, I really didn't found the sound that bad. I plan on listening to it this afternoon so I'll be giving some extra attention to tge sound quality.
  11. https://www.classicalwcrb.org/show/the-boston-symphony-orchestra/2022-06-13/a-tanglewood-celebration-of-john-williams
  12. I believe we are getting a broadcast, just as we did ten years ago. Across the Stars had to do with the timing of the release of the album, the concert was later broadcast in 2020.
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