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  1. Yes, forgot to mention the later single... Just out of curiosity, Damone recorded Williams' Make Me Rainbows on this album: https://www.discogs.com/master/627872-Vic-Damone-The-Damone-Type-Of-Thing
  2. Williams also arranged and conducted 6 songs for Vic Damone for release on single, and not included on their album together. Of those, 4 songs were released back in 1961 in two singles. The two other ended up being released as part of Damone compilations. I know, not as interesting as if it included Williams own compositions... I'll check the details tomorrow in case you don't have those listed on your page.
  3. Not only highly prestigious, but many (if not all) performances of the festival are recorded and broadcast 😉
  4. Yes, a new arrangement for her small ensemble of young musicians.
  5. Most contemporary composers have to wait way more time to have their new works recorded and released than Williams, unless they take it to themselves to have them out (like Michael Torke does with his own label).
  6. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” To make things clear, he never said he would retire from music making, just would stop writing for film, focusing on concert music.
  7. He said he will be writing a full piano concerto for Emanuel Ax. At the Albany premiere, Alan David Miller clear stated they were recording during that week the Prelude and Scherzo for a upcoming CD.
  8. Three editions for Film Music (96, 97, 98), two for musicals (97, 98). They also had a wonderful one for Classical music, of which I have one edition.
  9. There were three editions of those Good CD Guides that I have all marked with notes of what to get next. They also releases a couple of editions of the Musicals Good CD Guide. Unfortunately still waiting for my copy to arrive (along with their special anniversary edition on Ralph Vaughn Williams).
  10. According to Lukas Kendall, as a youngster, his only other interest besides music were girls: https://www.lukaskendall.com/post/john-williams-90th-birthday I think there was some interview with his younger brother Donald, where he said basically the same thing. So I would assume that while he plays a little golf, he doesn't spend much time watching sports, probably uses his non-composing time reading scores by Beethoven and Brahms.
  11. Both live performances have been recorded and made available online (though the Albany one, just for subscribers). Additionally, a recording was made with the Albany Symphony for an upcoming CD release. To my knowledge, not final release date has been announced.
  12. The Musikverein's newsletter confirms that a new Williams fanfare for the ball will premiere this January.
  13. The program for the 12th is up for both stations, and there's no entry for the concert. I wonder if the information in the article is accurate...
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