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  1. That was actually in the mid 90's and it was a rumor based, most likely, in the fact that he stepped down from the Boston Pops in 1993 and there was no film commitment in 1994. I believe it will available through Amazon Prime too.
  2. And of course, count me in for those promos... with the exception of The Rise of Skywalker, which I was able to find for slightly more than the commercial release
  3. The Sinfonietta LP can still be found, probably easier and cheaper than the Japanese CD release from a few years ago. The Live in Vienna BD was released on August 14 all over Europe, but it's currently out of stock. I do have the old LP.
  4. The Japanese CD of the 1984 Olympics. Still trying to find it for a decent affordable price.
  5. Not only the Symphony but also Essay for Strings, that he also premiered. By the way, other big name in the conducting world and a former LA Phil music director, Esa-Pekka Salonen has conducted Williams music, both film (excerpts from Star Wars) and concert hall music (violin concerto). Not sure if you would count Lawrence Foster as big name conductor, but he has conducted Williams music and even conducted the European premiere of his Cello Concerto. Carl St. Clair (of the Pacific Symphony) and Stefan Asbury (director of the TMC Orchestra) have also conducted both film and concert music by Williams. Again, not sure if you count them as big name conductors. Our own Joana Carneiro (former assistant to Salonen at the L.A. Philharmonic, music director of the Berkeley Symphony and one of Portugal's finest conductors) have conducted his film music on several ocasions.
  6. 307/1000 also arrived today. The method used to print the LP seems much better than the one used for the Star Wars golden LPs from a few years ago. Those sounded terrible.
  7. Christoph von Dohnányi and Kurt Masur also conducted Williams pieces, premiering, respectively, the trumpet and bassoon concertos.
  8. I would rather call it a private recording. The three concerts were broadcast on WCRB and I recorded all of them. Now, if I was trying to make a single euro out of it, then Thor would be right. As it is, I wouldn't call it a bootleg.
  9. Levine did not record the Harp Concerto for commercial release. He only conducted the premiere and was replaced in the following performances by Daniele Gatti at the Carnegie Hall opening season concert of that year and by former BSO assistant conductor Shi-Yeon Sung. The later was the one released, digitally only, on BSO's own label (https://open.spotify.com/album/2SI8usquY1KZwBKnm4TzTc).
  10. My mother's work... staying over at my parents until Saturday. Where, unfortunately, I can only read the notes and not hear the discs.
  11. I don't expect my orders from Presto and DG Store (for the golden LPs) to arrive before later next week.
  12. Got a text that my copy of the regular vinyl release is ready for pick up at the local store I ordered it from. Should get it tomorrow, one day ahead of the actual release! I think it will be a first to me Still no dispatch notice on the on-line orders though.
  13. Having a degree in fine arts I can fully endorse your line of thought.
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