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  1. Same here. That's actually a return to the original opening from the premiere.
  2. I don't give a s*** about the series. So, yes, as soon as the theme is available, I'll listen to it.
  3. Yes, I've known about this since forever. I wish the chamber recital that was given at the time was recorded.
  4. The on-demand audio might be hold back up until the recording of the Concerto is out.
  5. From https://www.jazzwax.com/2009/10/interview-david-allyn-part-2.html
  6. Realizing he wasn't on the same level as John Browning or Van Cliburn, fellow Julliard students doesn't means he was lazy in his practicing habits. Actually, Donald Williams recently remembered how his older brother would be always late for the meals as he wouldn't leave the piano mid way his exercises. He was good enough to be a student of the most sought after piano pedagoge in the US, Rhosina Levine. His interest in arranging and composing started in his teens, even though he still had an eye on a concert pianist carreer. That's what changed while at Julliard. Yet, when we returned to LA he become one of the two top studio pianists in town, the other being Jimmy Rowells. There is this story of Johnny Mandel working on a recording with a singer I can't recall the name right now, and for the final session, Rowells wasn't available, so they called for young Williams, who Mandel described to the singer, as a more classical oriented pianist. Marty Paich also praised Williams for his hability to play exclently both classical and jazz music. I recall a story, though I have no real details, that he got fed up with that work, during the West Side Story sessions, and from then on he concentrated more as a studio conductor and in composing.
  7. Back in 2020 they did send it for a year. Right now, haven't received any issue yet.
  8. Williams didn't play on the Sabrina track, but rather on The Days Between from Stepmom.
  9. I think the 1993 tour was his final visit to Japan.
  10. The piece was written in honor of the wedding, but not performed at it, but just at the concerts.
  11. Yo-Yo Ma was in an hotel, not Williams. But in old interviews he stated that he requested a piano on his room, so he could keep working in whatever he was writting. And the place he stays at Tanglewood also provides him with a piano, I think.
  12. I think that concert only featured the scherzo "To Thornfield".
  13. Both days, Parterre Links both times as well.
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