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  1. Sorry for coming late in the discussion. Glad you could find some of the info you needed. The tracks on the Don Fagerquist compilations are taken from "The Johnny Ever Greens".
  2. If you have Japanese releases, they are sure to have different artwork Also, should be pointed out that there were 5 different releases of Peter & the Wolf back then, all with different artwork. Later on, there was one additional narration in German recorded for a Philips compilation. http://www.jw-collection.de/compilations/peter_dt_rueger.htm
  3. As Jay said, well addressed on the wonderful Maurizio's Williams/Goldsmith video discussion. Anyway, long story short, the orchestra wasn't happy with the way things were going for a long while, already during the late Fidler years. I think they tolerated the old man, and behaved a bit better under him, but with a new guy, coming from what was perceived as a more commercial world, some musicians had a more rude attitude during rehearsal, don't taking him seriously. Things deteriorated to the point of Williams filling personally poorly treated during rehearsal of his own music. Event
  4. I believe that all the late 80's pressings of Philips albums came with the gold strip. Those become less usual during the 90's.
  5. I want to congratulate all involved for the wonderful work done here. There are no words to describe the joy of listening to this stories. Thank you @TownerFan, @Yavar Moradi and @mahler3 for two of the best spent hours of lately.
  6. Happy birthday, Maestro! This is just awesome! Thank you @Falstaft!
  7. Out of curiosity, Williams said during an interview (sometime in the 70's if memory serves) that he was considering adapting some of this music into some sort of essay for percussion (probably a kind of suite from the score, I guess). Sadly that never came to be.
  8. The Concerto. By the way, both were premiered at Tanglewood.
  9. According to the feature in this month's BBC Music Magazine:
  10. To have Williams conduct the Berliner Philharmoniker is a lifetime dream of mine. Crossing fingers this comes to happen and that I'm able to attend.
  11. Awesome work as always @TownerFan Also, great to see that the music selections include a concert I attended
  12. Will try to check the DVD, but the first youtube video would hardly be any better, being a 480p video. The later one is in full HD, maybe a new transfer -- or just an upscalling from the DVD.
  13. Those are likely to be the ones included on the DVD I mentioned earlier on this thread.
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