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  1. The Isolated Score+FX track has a wider range than the surces used for the CD releases. Much better sound indeed.
  2. The tracks on the Varese are the exact same ones present on the Quartet. I don't think there was any additional work done on those when Quartet Records expanded the release. Unfortunatelly, while there are a lot of goodies not present in the film, there are still missing some bits that were indeed used, and some of the edits and medleys presented in the disc truncate some of the cues.
  3. Do I really have to choose? Love them both. As far as the score to Midway goes, I actually prefer the Men of Yorktown March to the Midway March.
  4. If anyone is interested, the Quartet website has the CD listed as available and with a 30% discount: https://www.quartetrecords.com/product/the-long-goodbye/
  5. Williams and the producer were friends, if memory serves.
  6. For CD lovers like myself, should be pointed out that this label usually releases this physically some time after the digital release.
  7. Unless you count the excerpt performed at the Oscars...
  8. Cancelling of Tanglewood on Parade was probably due to the ongoing session recordings of The Rise of Skywalker. Williams isn't listed on the Pops 2020 brochure which leads me to believe he won't be around for some guest conducting.
  9. Williams was set to score Altman's California Split (1974), but his wife, who had a small part on the film, died during principal photography and Williams understandably withdraw from the project. A few years later, he was attached to Altman's Quintet (1979), but that collaboration never really came to be. My understanding is that they remained friends, even though they never worked together again. Also, Altman never settled on one single composer, picking whoever he felt right for the projects.
  10. Just finished up listening to this one. I have to say that, being a fan of rerecordings, this is a major let down. The orchestra just doesn't sounds tight, as someone pointed out before, they don't really seem to have a clue to what they should be doing. A pity, as I've heard this same orchestra playing live Williams music, and they were much better back then. Also some transitions are just awkwardly done... sometimes they feel rushed, other just poorly executed. And the sequencing is silly... I know they wanted to go chronologically, but that just doesn't work. Battle of Crait just seems to be a fade in the end and I keep awaiting for a radio host to say "our time is up for this week... Join us again next week for the rest of this recording". Throne Room and End Title should have been moved to the end -- and going for the shortened version was probably because they really filled the 80 minutes of the CD and couldn't have the concert version there. All in all, I much more prefer the Japanese Philharmonic release from a couple of years ago, even though it only uses the concert versions, and the inclusion of the two Last Jedi tracks here were quite fun. As for Han Solo and the Princess, I'll keep going back to the live performance from November 2018 in London with Brossé and the LSO. By the way, someone mentioned Brossé recording Williams, he did included some Williams on one of his recent film music recordings but just nothing that hasn't been recorded a million times before.
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