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  1. Liberty Fanfare has become a very popular piece for the 4th of July concerts, as well as with wind bands. Actually, the very first recordings wasn't the orchestral one, but the arrangement for band by James Curnow, performed by the Marine Band.
  2. From the Boston Globe: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/07/25/arts/tanglewood-super-salute-john-williams-man-scores/
  3. Williams recorded Quiet City with the Boston Pops, released on the album "Music for Stage and Screen", that includes the suite from Born on the Fourth of July and The Reivers. As for The Firebird, I've always felt that the Lullaby and Finale are a sort of musical grandparent to Close Encounter's Appearance of the Visitors and Finale.
  4. Couldn't agree more. And yes, I also noticed the "Moonlight" kind of quote...
  5. Really loved the Concerto. Prologue is certainly the hardest of the movements, at least to my ears. The rest just flowed so naturally... Really lovely and just amazing how it quietly ended. Across the Stars is indeed a revised version.
  6. It will be live on video on BSONow. Though you have to be a subscriber. Tomorrow evening DG Premium will have it on demand for a couple of days.
  7. That's actually my favorite comercial release. As pointed out above, Douglas Yeo was brilliant on the bass trombone version. I don't find this filmic, whatever that means... Surely is tuneful and the woodwind writting is very close to Williams' score to The River.
  8. Nulty with the DSO is not one of my favorites. Much more a fan of the Pokorny performance. And if I may, here's a performance very dear to my heart, if for nothing else, because I was actually there and could feel the eletricity and excitement in the air. This and the performance given a couple of days later, where the last concerts I attended before the pandemic shutdown, which in a way, makes those performances even more dear to me.
  9. You can check the full concert program notes here: https://a5974837ba.site.internapcdn.net/images/program-notes/2021-full-notes/20210724.pdf
  10. Amazing find. Where did you get that info? Discogs, for example, only lists Marty Paich as pianist.
  11. The Saturday concert might not be available on demand, as it is being made available on DG Premium (on video format) on Sunday evening. BSO Now is live webcasting the video of the concert, but this will be the only one in the season that won't be available on demand.
  12. That one was prepared for the Barcelona Games broadcast. While I can see that the broadcast company wanted something new (not really new, but you get what I mean) I can't understand why Williams would stick with that version. Also, the recent abridged version was done to fit some visuals done for a concert in Boston or Tanglewood (same thing with Hymn to the Fallen), and again, it seems people are sticking with that one, even if it robs something from the quite perfect original.
  13. The missing second half of that show was with Maureen McGovern.
  14. I think it was Daniels. I kind of recall reading or listening to somewhere that he couldn't actually see the orchestra but was trained how to kind of conduct.
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