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  1. To have Williams conduct the Berliner Philharmoniker is a lifetime dream of mine. Crossing fingers this comes to happen and that I'm able to attend.
  2. Awesome work as always @TownerFan Also, great to see that the music selections include a concert I attended
  3. Will try to check the DVD, but the first youtube video would hardly be any better, being a 480p video. The later one is in full HD, maybe a new transfer -- or just an upscalling from the DVD.
  4. Those are likely to be the ones included on the DVD I mentioned earlier on this thread.
  5. 60s: The Reivers 70s: The Long Goodbye 80s: The Accidental Tourist 90s: Angela's Ashes 00s: Memoirs of a Geisha Because they were my favorite in the lists... though, mainly in the 70's, it was hard to pick just one. From the 80's on, this have been my favorite scores anyway.
  6. Of course I did. With my better half, she was already aware of my "addiction" long before we started dating. But then again, most people I know are aware of my love for John Williams' music so the topic comes up naturally.
  7. Just ripped the two discs on my laptop and all seems to have gone right. I checked the final tracks on disc one and played fine. Will listen to this properly on my stereo system later this evening, but it seems all is fine with my copy.
  8. I think this might be available for renting. Try contacting either JoAnn Kane Music Service or Hal Leonard. I recall chating with someone about the Cello Concerto, and the person was able to rent the score as far he provided a date for the performance.
  9. He did many more arranging for the Pops, but they were never recorded on disc. Some of them made their way into TV broadcasts though, like a couple of John Philip Sousa and Stephen Foster medleys.
  10. That was actually in the mid 90's and it was a rumor based, most likely, in the fact that he stepped down from the Boston Pops in 1993 and there was no film commitment in 1994. I believe it will available through Amazon Prime too.
  11. And of course, count me in for those promos... with the exception of The Rise of Skywalker, which I was able to find for slightly more than the commercial release
  12. The Sinfonietta LP can still be found, probably easier and cheaper than the Japanese CD release from a few years ago. The Live in Vienna BD was released on August 14 all over Europe, but it's currently out of stock. I do have the old LP.
  13. The Japanese CD of the 1984 Olympics. Still trying to find it for a decent affordable price.
  14. Not only the Symphony but also Essay for Strings, that he also premiered. By the way, other big name in the conducting world and a former LA Phil music director, Esa-Pekka Salonen has conducted Williams music, both film (excerpts from Star Wars) and concert hall music (violin concerto). Not sure if you would count Lawrence Foster as big name conductor, but he has conducted Williams music and even conducted the European premiere of his Cello Concerto. Carl St. Clair (of the Pacific Symphony) and Stefan Asbury (director of the TMC Orchestra) have also conducted both film an
  15. 307/1000 also arrived today. The method used to print the LP seems much better than the one used for the Star Wars golden LPs from a few years ago. Those sounded terrible.
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