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  1. The second shot of the candle flame, the out of focus figure of Lalo behind an unaware Howard, and the subsequent shock and dread displayed by Jimmy and Kim is one of the best directed moments I've seen on TV in a long long time. It was genuine horror.
  2. What do you guys think will be the ultimate fate of Gene / Jimmy: Dead / Killed In prison Alive and free but unhappy and unfulfilled Alive and free and reunited with Kim
  3. The previous few episodes had so many little details to support the theory that Howard will have a medical emergency caused by the caffeine in the vet's drug. I wouldn't be surprised if that idea was bounced around the writers room at one point but they instead decided to have Jimmy & Kim's law world overlap with the cartel again, but the writers still added in a few hints about the caffeine as red herrings. There were just too many to be a coincidence.
  4. I really loved the shots of the candle. Loads of fan theories expected Howard to die on this episode but I can't think I've ever seen a theory that he'd be shot by Lalo. Great misdirection. The D-Day plan actually worked perfectly which was also unexpected. For a second, I thought Howard was secretly recording Kim and Jimmy to prove they were behind the day's events, but that would be too similar to a Chuck storyline a few seasons ago.
  5. I think it is the difference between the Spanish and Italian pronunciations. He is using the Italian one.
  6. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about temptrack music and Vince's opinion that the scene should be able to work at some basic level without music, and temptrack music shouldn't be used to hide any deficiencies in the storytelling. I also liked how they acknowledge that asking a composer to basically copy the temptrack can be very frustrating for the composer. They went up in my estimation after hearing that discussion.
  7. For the second half of the season, I'm very curious to see how much of it is spent in the pre-Breaking Bad timeline, how much is spent during the BB timeline, and how much is spent in the post-BB (Gene) timeline. I'm even more curious to know if Kim is still part of Saul / Jimmy's life during the BB timeline.
  8. There is an interesting discussion about temp music in this week's episode of the Insider podcast. Basically, they are all strongly against it but it is interesting to hear why they are against it.
  9. One of the biggest questions about BCS is whether Kim will be killed. At this point, I don't think so. She would only be killed by the cartel and it doesn't seem likely that her story and Lalo will overlap anymore. I also can't see Jimmy continuing to work with that drug world if it caused Kim to be killed. More likely is that she will be disbarred and possibly some prison time as a fallout of whatever she is planning to do to Howard. If that happens, it would mean she would have to take full responsibility for it to leave Jimmy protected to continue practicing as Saul. Or maybe she gets disappeared by the vacuum guy to avoid prison and she remains a fugitive. I know the actor who played the vacuum guy has passed but the vet could be used as an intermediary so we don't actually have to see the vacuum guy. I think it is inevitable that something will go horribly wrong on D-Day. My guess is that Howard will have a severe medical reaction to the vet's drug. The vet said that the drug depends on the person's tolerance to caffeine. Perhaps Howard has a very low tolerance and it triggers a heart attack, perhaps even a fatal one. Just a theory though, but he did make coffee only for his wife and not himself so maybe there is something to it. He might be under doctor's orders to avoid caffeine.
  10. I've been listening to the new theme a lot. It sounds exactly like 4′33'' by John Cage.
  11. That is from their website. I think it means the tickets are not yet available to subscribers but will become available whenever the 2023 subscriptions open for purchase.
  12. I presume that untitled Spielberg film is The Fabelmans. Is JW mistaken that it is untitled or is The Fabelmans just a working title?
  13. I'm a little surprised that JW has visited Vienna a second time but hasn't yet rescheduled a visit to London with the LSO given that he couldn't do the concert a few years ago due to last minute illness. Maybe the LSO's schedule doesn't match his.
  14. At the start of the Star Wars section, he announced the three pieces: Resistance Theme, Leia's Theme, and Throne Room. I'm pretty sure he forgot about the Throne Room because after Leia's Theme he gestured to the orchestra to stand up to accept the applause like at the end of the concert, but then the orchestra leader said something to JW and he put his hand to his head in a kinda d'oh gesture. The orchestra then sat down and played The Throne Room. I wonder did any one else here notice that.
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