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  1. JW should do a video where he describes the various things in his office, like Elliot showing ET his toys.
  2. Wow, looks like next season will be Kim breaking bad and Lalo vs Gus, with Jimmy caught up in the two.
  3. Cool fact: In 1954, John Williams had a supporting role in Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder. 24 years later, he scored Hitchcock's Family Plot.
  4. Zimmer has the talent to write a good score but his attitude towards blockbuster scoring over the 10/15 years has been terrible. He even isn't in my top 20 score composers of the 21st century. I am deeply passionate about Bond music. I was introduced to film music by watching those movies. I knew of John Barry before I knew of John Williams. So this is what it felt like to read today's news:
  5. Unlike TFA and even TLJ, I thought TROS felt very tired and jaded. While watching it, I never got the sense that it was an important event movie concluding both the Skywalker saga and Rey's journey. I disliked some of TLJ but at least it felt like a major tent pole movie. I didn't feel that way about TROS. Actually, TROS felt like the unnecessary fourth installment of a series which had previously ended with a trilogy. This is probably because very little of the plot set up from TLJ survived into TROS so JJ is stuck with doing a lot of setup again. It is one of the few trilogies w
  6. I saw the movie for the second time and now with the benefit of a second viewing I really got the impression that the movie was hacked to pieces in the editing process.
  7. The lead role in 'Oma Tres: A Star Wars Story'
  8. Really! I went looking for it after I saw the movie but couldn't find it. I'll have to give it another listen. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Definitely Parents and Coming Together. They are so important for Kylo and his theme. They really should have been on the OST.
  9. A few random thoughts... There is a long quite sustained version of the Emperor's theme near the beginning when the good guys are discussing the Emperor's return. Is that the fantastic version of the theme you mentioned @Jay During Rey's training, I think the cut to the imperial match is almost certainly a result of a late film edit. I'd love to hear the original cue as recorded. There is a nice little propulsive rhythm at the beginning of the film as Kylo is travelling to the Emperor's planet. I think it starts on strings and is then picked up on horns for
  10. I agree and yet it feels like a lot of that usage and development isn't on the OST. Thankfully some of it is on the FYC. I'm now glad we got the FYC so early because some of my most memorable cues from the film are on the FYC but not the OST. They both needed a lot more of Rey's theme though.
  11. It is an incredible cue. What is it with Williams omitting Rey's training cues from the OSTs.
  12. I'm literally just out of the movie. No spoilers here obviously. I tried to keep focus on the music especially unreleased cues. My unreleased holy grails from the score are: - An adventurous almost swashbuckling version of Rey's theme near the beginning - An action version of Rey's theme followed by an action version of Kylo's theme near the end. - A fantastic new optimistic action arrangement of Luke's theme. This sounded AMAZING. - A few quiter moments with Rey's theme. Individually these are fairly short moments but de
  13. John Williams will win a sixth Oscar alright but it'll be for Best Actor.
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