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  1. Listing to this great end title cue from the 70s. I definitely hear the three notes of the beginning of his Voyager theme.
  2. Does anyone know why A New Life from First Knight has an insane number of plays on Spotify compared to the rest of the OST?
  3. "This release will also include the coveted 'Fanfare for the Vienna Philharmonic Ball' complete with audience clapping, talking, and coughing to give the listener the real feeling of being present in the venue".
  4. I wish the Academy would stop treating the In Memoriam section as primarily a performance piece with the actual deceased people seemingly a distant second thought. It is disrespectful.
  5. I'm actually relieved JW didn't win because the online backlash from the Oppenheimer fans would have been immense.
  6. I saw on Twitter that The Thing is reading Life magazine from December 1963. This suggests the movie will probably be a period piece, or at least partly set in 1963.
  7. Over the last two decades, JWFan has made me a better JW fan!
  8. I miss the symphony hall concerts. I only traveled from Ireland twice for them but would happily do so again if there was another one.
  9. Are you given a different link to use or do you just need to log in using your BSO account? I didn't get that email. I might have turned off promo emails.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has received any replies to email queries since the new year. Over the last few weeks I sent three emails asking a specific query about an order (not related to the Bond issue above) and haven't received a reply. This is in contrast to the previous time I emailed them when I received a reply within days. Don't want to seem like I'm complaining and I'm sure they are very busy but I would like a reply. If other people have received responses, it makes me consider the possibility that my emails are going into their spam folder for some reason.
  11. A 2023 JW score shouldn't have to compare against JW's best work to earn a nomination. It should only have to compare against other 2023 scores. I love the DoD score but I think even its strongest defenders will acknowledge it cannot match his 1981 - 1989 output or even perhaps KOTCS. But that's not the point of the Oscars. It should only be nominated for its merits as a 2023 score and not as a score when benchmarked against the composer's greatest works.
  12. Yes, a person could make the same flawed argument about De Niro's nomination for Killers of the Flower Moon. He's been nominated in the past for more iconic roles which arguably produced more broadly appealing performances but that doesn't detract from the quality of his work in Killers of the Flower Moon.
  13. As the music branch is obviously comprised of composers, I think it is reasonable to say that they recognised the technical complexity and musical mastery of DoD which non-musical commentators would not be aware of. It reminds me of reviews I see on YT for cameras by professional photographers. I often see comments saying that iPhone cameras are much better but the professional photographer will have a whole different criteria for judging a camera compared to the general public.
  14. I think Spiderverse deserved a nomination but not necessarily at the expense of DoD.
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