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  1. Maybe he was very relaxed and talkative because he smoked a huge amount of weed before the concerts!!
  2. Berlin was my 7th time attending a JW concert. All others were in America. He was always somewhat informal but he did appear especially talkative and generally happy in Berlin. I got the impression he was simply really enjoying his time in Berlin and with that orchestra. I have that Far and Away suite on the "1969 - 1999" two disc compilation. Not sure if that recording appears on other compilation albums.
  3. JW mentioned on Thursday that the movie will be out by next Summer so either he wasn't aware of this date change or the decision was only made in the last few days.
  4. Leia's Theme as the first encore on Thursday was the first piece he played after that autograph hunter ran after him as he was leaving the stage and was removed by security. The very first thing Williams said when he returned to the podium was "Here's the problem..." For a second, I thought he was going to talk about the problem with autograph hunters, but he actually started talking about the problem of writing a "love theme" for Luke and Leia in A New Hope who subsequently turned out to be siblings.
  5. Thursday was my 7th time seeing JW in concert (my first time seeing him in Europe) and there was something extra special about it. Probably a combination of John's talkative and relaxed demeanor, the musicians occasionally smiling at each other while performing, and the audience obviously being utterly delighted that JW was in their city.
  6. That was an unbelievable amount of respect and admiration for JW.
  7. I don't think this audience is going to allow him to leave Berlin
  8. I'm watching the live stream and the snares at the end of the Raiders march is the same as I mentioned for the Thursday concert. It sounds amazing again. It only is a few seconds but it is a great little variation on an old classic.
  9. When I saw Giacchino and David Arnold's joint concert at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago, I bought a meet and greet ticket. About an hour before the concert, we were brought to a function room with the composers sitting at a desk and a queue of people to get photos and an autograph. I spent a few minutes talking to them. I loved being able to tell David Arnold that Tomorrow Never Dies was the first score I ever bought and he seemed quite touched by that and added an extra little note to the album cover. I'd pay a rediculous amount of money for a similar meet and greet with JW.
  10. Good to hear I wasn't the only one who noticed that. I was sitting in the third row of the stalls so it wasn't just due to your location. I hope the eventual audio release captures it well because I'm looking forward to hearing it again.
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