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  1. I'd like to see The Phantom Menace re-recorded using the recording equipment that was used for The Empire Strikes Back.
  2. I've recently been listening to Albert Roussel's 4 symphonies. 1 and 2 are my current favourites. I really like this buildup in the 1st movement of 2 (from 5:39): That high D in the cello at 6:00 is positively terrifying! Fantastic!
  3. I've always wondered how much this applies to somebody like John Williams, who obviously has a lot of experience hearing his music played by orchestra. Does he know exactly how his music will sound in the recording hall, or does he still get "surprised"? I realise that if he were to borrow something virtually verbatim from one of his previous scores, then he will know what it sounds like already...but I wonder how "surprised" he gets when he hears the orchestra play something he isn't used to writing. (An example might be the Conveyor music from Star Wars II, which is relatively novel for Will
  4. Rebel without a Cause by Leonard Rosenman (conducted by John Adams) The love theme is so pretty. I've been humming it all day long!
  5. I had no idea that the percussion section of Test Drive contained..... GARBAGE cans???
  6. This has been looping in my head for the past couple of days, and I don't know how to make it stop!
  7. 1:43 - 1:46 always stuck out to me as ill judged; JW is usually good with counterpoint, but here it sounds like he just couldn't be bothered!: Also - and I realise this is quite subjective - I think the Schindler's List soundtrack is too sentimental. It is lovely music on its own, but I don't see the connection between it and my understanding of the events upon which the film is based. The only track which I feel comes close to capturing the tone is: As for the other 150 hours of JW music...can't really fault it!
  8. I keep coming back to this one. Balakirev's Islamey is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece:
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