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  1. Thanks. I admit I don't listen to much Elfman, but I can see what you mean with Williams of course! The real starting points for this piece were Dukas and Lyadov - not that I sought out to emulate them or any other composer specifically, but I wanted to write something which fits within "that" subgenre, whatever it is! Pretty much all samples are Orchestral Tools Berlin Series - which is pricey of course, but ultimately worth it.
  2. An orchestral piece of music I wrote in the "spooky" style of Dukas, Lyadov, Berlioz et al. Enjoy!
  3. Pretty cool! I love how Edgar Winter walks around the stage just playing all the instruments.
  4. HTTYD 1 is a perfect score from a story telling perspective IMO (as far as "perfection" can exist in film scores to animated films), and for that alone I wouldn't hesitate to call it great. HTTYD 2 and 3 are also really good - "Third Date" in particular seems almost a culmination point of all JP had to offer for the trilogy. But as complete scores, they don't quite cut it for me in the same way that 1 does. In fact, I would say HTTYD 1 is the greatest score to an animated movie so far which doesn't contain songs.
  5. As much as I love Solo and John Powell, I wouldn't call it "one of the great film scores". As usual with Powell it is very accomplished technically, but "great" usually signifies something deeper... But who cares if I find it great or not? If you like the score, listen to it, if you don't, then find something else.
  6. Hog Chase on the new VS release. What a ride!
  7. I just love the opening of the middle movement from Roussel's Symphony No.2: It sounds like the music you hear at the beginning of those "city-suburb" American family films, but in a good way...
  8. Kapustin's 5th Piano Concerto https://youtu.be/zciqOTziDs4?t=644 10:44 onwards is quite interesting...
  9. I assume crumbs is asking for film album tracks only (not concert suites), if so, here goes: The March from '1941' The Map Room Indy's Very First Adventure Sail Barge Assault (film version) Escape - Chase - Saying Goodbye
  10. 13:54 - 14:11 Now I know where John Powell got the idea from for his "vuvuzela effect" in Into the Maw!
  11. Here's my list as of half past eight British Standard Time, May 17th 2021... Silvestri - Contact Arnold - Independence Day Gold - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Zimmer - The Lion King Goldsmith - Total Recall Debney - Cutthroat Island Powell/Gregson-Williams - Chicken Run Powell - How To Train Your Dragon Williams - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Rozsa - Ben Hur (no particular order)
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