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  1. The way JW casually opens the letter with "I knew Maurice Abravanel" is absolutely badass.
  2. Here's a hint: add more drum loops Just kidding of course, nice piece! I recently rewatched a video tour of Powell's studio/mansion...it's really motivating me to write something in his style, haha.
  3. Loert


    People could learn a useful lesson from this thread. As Wittgenstein once said:
  4. Sad to say but JW bears some responsibility for this, for writing one of the most-used temp tracks ever (KORAAAAAH RATAMAAAAH) in.....D minor EDIT: It's in E minor. I'm an idiot. So Hans is after all 100% responsible for it.
  5. Nevermind the piece, those orchestra players must be exhausted playing all through the night till the next morning.
  6. 23. Have you ever visited JWFAN? My secretary did. They strongly advised me against going on it. [JWFAN is an online forum dedicated to John Williams, J.R.R. Tolkien, and pointless C&C score releases.]
  7. "Virus Uploaded"/"The Day We Fight Back (film version)" from Independence Day (though the album version is good as well) Everything between "Attack on Alcatraz" and "Phoenix Rises" from X-Men 3: The Last Stand "Mona Lisa Overdrive" from The Matrix Reloaded
  8. This is what I love about JW's music, you're just listening along to what would seem like generic background music, then out of nowhere you get gorgeous, ethereal sections like this: 1:13 - 1:52
  9. I also don't like loops... for (int i = 1; i < num_of_tracks+1; i++) { track = Jurassic_Park_2[i]; if (has_percussion_loops(track)) has_loops = true; } if (has_loops) printf("Too loopy for me");
  10. If JW had written an arrangement like that for me I would probably feel a bit offended, lol
  11. Nope. It reminds me of film music, like something Malcolm Arnold would write. But I don't know the piece you timestamped.
  12. I've just finished a "Batman binge", where I watched a bunch of films set in Gotham so I could compare between them. I've never read the comics, all I know about Batman comes from what I see in these films. Here follow my candid, rough impressions: Started with the Nolan trilogy. I watched BB and TDK many times some 15 years ago, though that was mainly because I really liked the score. But I always found it difficult to get into Nolan's style. I was hoping that viewing the films many years later might change my perspective. But if I'm honest, it's pretty much how I remembered it. BB is still by far my favourite. TDK has Heath Ledger playing the Joker, which is of course a legendary performance, but apart from that I still find the whole thing pretty clunky. It's the film equivalent of a piece of teenage creative writing: "This happened...then this happened...suddenly, this happened..." The overall concept of the film is good, I have no problems with it. But it's the frame-by-frame action on screen and dialogue which grates on me for some reason. Everything on screen is just so "over-confident", for lack of a better term. TDKR is basically TDK v2, though I felt some of the individual action scenes were better done than in TDK. Some of the plot is just so fantastical and unrealistic, though. I wonder, is this something that derives from the comic-books? That stuff suddenly "just happens", with no explanation? Because I just find it baffling. I think perhaps it's the clash between the "realism" the film is going for vs. the fantastical plot that troubles me. It's almost like it's trying to be a children's movie, yet the story is so gritty and down-to-earth, and I just get mixed messages. Anyway, not saying that Nolan's trilogy is bad. BB especially is a great film. But I can't really explain the insanely high scores on review websites, personally. Next, I watched Joker (2019). This was...OK. My main problem was that we don't really see Joker become a criminal mastermind, more like a mass-shooter type. But that minor niggle aside, I found it to be an excellent character study. The story dragged on a bit. The acting was superb, though. Next, Batman (2022). I really loved the atmosphere of this film. I felt the story could've been a bit more interesting, and the performance of the Riddler was a little underwhelming. But the way the film was shot is phenomenal. Definitely the most visually pleasing Batman film. Finally, I returned to Batman (1989). I never saw this film in its entirety previously, only caught bits of it on television. This film has some truly classic scenes. The surgery scene is possibly my favourite scene from all the films mentioned. Jack Nicholson knocked it out of the park as he always does. And I found Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman quite endearing. And special mention goes to Elfman's score, by far my favourite score out of all these films. (In fact I'm listening to it now ). In fact, there's not much to fault in this film! So what are my overall thoughts on these films? Ultimately, Batman (1989) is my favourite, but Batman (2022) was the most beautiful to look at and most atmospheric. Joker was pretty good, though felt like it belonged in a different universe. And BB is a very solid origin story, whereas the rest of the Nolan trilogy is still something I'm trying to digest.
  13. Is this another one of those ironic JWFAN posts or are you being serious? Bizet did write a symphony...and it's pretty good. He's probably listening to this recording:
  14. Recently rewatched 2001, this is definitely my favourite shot/moment:
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