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  1. At first I thought this was an April Fools' joke but the "JJ Baby" bit convinced me otherwise.
  2. This track alone is the reason we haven't had a Matrix Reloaded LtP concert yet:
  3. Love the sequence from 59:42 to 1:05:36! I've listened to it at least 5 times today...
  4. I mean...it depends on the film. I could imagine going to something like this for a film like Temple of Doom, or How To Train Your Dragon. But even then, I would probably still prefer to see the actual film with subtitles. My ideal LtP concert would probably be one where the orchestra plays while the film is silent, but you got given a radio which you could listen to if you wish and which included the dialogue/sound effects with the live orchestra mixed in.
  5. The first scores I got into were video game scores. The first VG score I listened to outside of the game was Troel Brun Folmann's score to Tomb Raider Anniversary. My love for film music was "kicked off" slightly later, when I stumbled upon a Youtube video of Up is Down by Hans Zimmer.
  6. How interesting! I was flying over that region in Microsoft Flight Simulator and was actually taken aback at how pretty it looked.
  7. So I just found out that Dan Brown, who authored the Robert Langdon book series, composes music too! And it's actually not that bad...(keep in mind this was written for children):
  8. This has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Well, maybe "stuck" is the wrong word - I enjoy its company!
  9. 0:00 - 6:00 The best 6 minutes Shostakovich ever wrote:
  10. I bet that JW knows Prokofiev's film music better than Shostakovich's film music (particularly Alexander Nevsky, particularly The Battle on the Ice ).
  11. The final 10 minutes from "Eine Alpensinfonie" by Richard Strauss:
  12. Each have their highs and lows, but I have a soft spot for ROTS.
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