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  1. No, don't even joke about it. It has some of the most beautiful themes I've heard in about a week. But seriously now, it was really beautiful, both film and score. I love art which contains a sense of nostalgia.
  2. Cinema Paradiso by Ennio/Andrea Morricone (1988)
  3. Again keeping with 'Torn Apart': 3:26 - 3:40: I love this short moment of tension, especially the rustling strings, which give the impression of the music floating upwards.
  4. 2:33 - 2:41 Gotta love those juicy brass hits in the low register.
  5. 1:20 - 1:27 - that moment when you forget you aren't writing the score for A.I. today
  6. Looks like Jaws was temp-tracked by "Bergsma: Gold and the SeƱor Commandante - Ballet Suite - 4. Furious Dance of the Bearded Russians":
  7. If John Williams were ever to write a "Star Wars opera", then this short track would make a great opening to the 2nd or 3rd act: You can almost hear the tenor coming in at the end: "Yooooodaaaaa haaaas faaaaaaaaaaaallen!!!"
  8. 0:58 - 1:06 - notice how the strings start out a little rough, before coming together in perfect synchronization by about 1:03. There's nothing in the score to suggest the strings "come together" in this way. So, if this wasn't planned, then it's a "happy accident", because to me it almost perfectly represents the last few seconds before the attack of an army, as they enter final position.
  9. If I could take only one album with me into self-isolation it would probably be this one. Unbelievable playing!
  10. Romeo + Juliet (1996) This film made a huge impression on me when I saw it on TV as a young boy, but I didn't revisit it - until a few days ago, when the prologue came up in my Youtube recommendations, so I decided to give the film another watch. Something about Luhrmann's sense of drama really resonates with me. I think a major factor is the music used in the film - every track seems perfectly tailored to the action on screen (and vice versa). And there are so many shots which just stick with you and which aren't easy to get out of your mind. I'm going to have to watch The Great Gatsby now...
  11. Thank you all for your comments! @karelm Yes...I know pacing is something I need to improve on. Once I get a musical idea, I find it quite hard to alter it meaningfully, without just placing it in a different key or extending it. So do you think that the buildup starting from 4:40, say, would be more effective if it were longer? I am very flattered that you compared my piece to Myaskovsky's...his 6th Symphony (and 24th to some extent) is one of my favourite classical pieces!!! @Fabulin I do have a score but it's not very clean...
  12. Here's my latest composition: The first few seconds have been floating around inside my head for the best part of a year, so I finally decided to make something out of it!
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