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  1. Had some fun putting this together...though took a lot longer than I was expecting.
  2. I'm not sure He knows what the Internet is, let alone Netflix/Amazon etc... Of course, I know that JW does other human being things besides write music. The monk example was just to illustrate my point about his dedication to music.
  3. John Williams is proof that there are some people crazy enough to devote their entire lives to a single discipline (i.e. music). Sort of like the monks who denounce all personal belongings and just devote themselves to meditating all day. I am not sure if I want to follow that route - my current feeling is that I would rather experience and learn about a bit of everything than try to become the greatest at one thing (to the extent that I even am able to). I am not willing to take that sacrifice, and I sometimes wonder what (unsaid) sacrifices someone like JW needs to make to get to the position they are at now. Still, JW is one of the greatest living composers, and I can't help but look up to their skill - who doesn't? I admit that I hold a secret "hierarchy" of composers based on their technical abilities, and JW is at its peak (or, at least, standing on the summit). It's been scientifically proven that wearing black turtlenecks increases your chances of adding 7th degrees to your harmony
  4. I suppose we can say that JW (or whoever) were perfectly in their right to do this. Similar to how there are pieces of music which you must obtain permission to perform - it's perfectly "legal". But I do wonder why now. It's not like musicnotes is a new site (was founded in 1998). Who gains from this exactly? That's the interesting question for me.
  5. In other words, John Williams discovers Youtube for the first time... Seems like the nuclear option to just blanket ban third party transcriptions/arrangements like this. Of course it can't be about the money. Perhaps he's preparing some new sheet music project himself? Odd
  6. This one never fails to give me the chills: I've never heard that Strauss performance before. What I find interesting is how "detaché" the trumpets play the CGC motif. Somehow sounds more mechanical than the more legato interpretation in modern recordings. Like a message from another world!
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