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  1. JW should record the Original Star Wars trilogy with the sound mixing/engineering used for the Prequel trilogy the Prequel trilogy with the sound mixing/engineering used for the Original trilogy (Ep IV more specifically) the Sequel trilogy with the sound mixing/engineering used for the Prequel and Original trilogy (but not the other way round).
  2. My favourite part is the bit from 4:00, where you've managed to create the effect of a much larger soundspace than you would expect from just 5 instruments! Overall I enjoyed the middle parts of your piece the most. If I were going to say one "criticism", it would be that towards the beginning the music shifts around quite rapidly in tone...perhaps settling on some ideas a little longer would have made the piece flow better. But I also realise that as a film composer you are perpetually inside a chicken-and-egg scenario with timing and sometimes sacrifices have to be made...! By the way, did you intend the piano to sound "old"? (no offense) Overall, job very well done KK! (at least in terms of pure musicianship - I haven't watched the film)
  3. The Temple of Doom (the track). Preferably by LSO + LSO Chorus + whatever other players needed, in the Royal Albert Hall with the lights dimmed red.
  4. WOW!!! (37:45 - end): I love the way in which Kalinnikov took the theme from the extremely soft adagio (14:27) and transformed it into such a blazing, dramatic finale.
  5. So DOTF is the "wrong kind" of music? I wonder where I've heard that kind of language used before...
  6. ...so I was writing the B section of your theme when this kid started playing Star Wars outside my front door...
  7. ...and I told Steven Spielberg: "I think you will need a better composer than me for this film"...
  8. HTTYD3 - it made a far greater initial impression on me than TROS did.
  9. 1. ROTJ 2. TPM 3. SW 4. TESB 5. ROTS 6. AOTC 7. TFA 8. TLJ 9. TROS I'm fairly surprised by how low AOTC is. The Love theme is pretty, but the action music is unlike any of the action music in the other films. "Zam the Assassin", "On the Conveyor Belt" and "Entrance of the Monsters" are all just great.
  10. Sorry LexsCTJill I was just trying to be funny (LSO stands for London Symphony Orchestra who played 1-6). I don't actually know why they skip the "second bridge" in 7-9, it might just be for the simple reason of giving a greater proportion of the end credits to new themes. I can't see any artistic reason for doing so, though...I always preferred it with the "second bridge" in there. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Yes! The second bridge has been reserved for the LSO - for legal reasons, only they are allowed to play it.
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