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  1. It's the latter. He has said in another interview (can't remember which) that he doesn't have perfect pitch, but he does have a good relative pitch (as anybody with his musical experience would surely obtain).
  2. Very unusual piece, especially for something written almost 200 years ago!
  3. I primarily use notation software to sketch ideas. But if I'm not near a computer and I get an idea, I will resort to pen and paper. If I'm not near pen and paper...then I'm f***ed.
  4. I think it's lovely! The 4th track is my favourite. My one small piece of criticism: sometimes I felt you could've utilized the unique capabilities of the ondes martenot a little more. Yes, the "bending" sound is a bit cliche, but I would've loved to hear a bit more of it in the 1st and 2nd track (as in, maybe just one recurring phrase that has it). I think it would've given more character.
  5. They are both good enough yet different enough that it's pretty much impossible to answer this question. But I e.g. prefer HTTYD to TROS, just to give one example... Well, that's certainly part of it, but he's developed it into his own thing... JW has inherited from a lot of people too, you know...
  6. I adore Trevor Horn's music, but that is pretty inexcusable...
  7. "Throbbing Gristle" and anything that sounds like it. Also whenever I hear "oh oh oh oh oh oooohhhh" in a pop song I turn the radio off IMMEDIATELY.
  8. The Lives of Others (2006) - few other films have made me feel so tense.
  9. I pretty much agree with @Falstaft. If the bass were taken away, I guarantee you would be able to hear the B in the brass much better. Actually, it's strange...every time I listen to the excerpt you posted, the B seems to be getting louder!
  10. One of my favourite composers, Nikolai Kapustin, sadly passed away on Thursday at the age of 82. Here's a selection of his works which I particularly love: R. I. P.
  11. Slave Children's Crusade/Short Round Helps for me, though I actually prefer Mine Car Chase and Broken Bridge.
  12. Hook and HP are more or less equal in quality, but I think that the best parts of HP outshine the best parts of Hook.
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