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  1. It's the last movement from Lutoslawski's "Concerto for Orchestra", Lutoslawski conducting. The album is this one: https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/7925308--lutos-awski-symphonic-variations-etc
  2. Possibly my favourite tonal (post-tonal?) piece by this guy:
  3. JW probably thought it's just some fan...
  4. OK, so this is not my wife nor girlfriend, but I once started playing the 1941 March on the car stereo and my very close family member switched it off simply because it annoyed her.
  5. The more I listen to this cue, the more fascinating it gets. The way JW creates a "sheen" of sound with the high strings is particularly effective (especially at the beginning). And the statement of the Ark theme at 3:27 contains possibly the creepiest bars of music in the entire score...
  6. Brian Eno did once call JW his "Anti-christ". But he also calls himself a "non-musician", so...
  7. 7:10-7:42 Only 30 seconds long but filled with such devastation, as if we were listening to the collapse of a civilisation...
  8. John Williams really loves using ♭6-♮7 in his minor chords. (For those who don't know what it sounds like, it's the penultimate chord in the attached file.) It's basically become a signature of his. On the other hand, ♭6-♭7 is more "Rachmaninoff", for example... jw_danger_motif.mp3
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