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  1. Someone previously posted an instance of this theme appearing in this score, but I can't remember if it was in the same spot, and I can't find where it was posted either. Where's Jay??
  2. I had to include it in my TPM edit, propriety be damned.
  3. I'm SO glad he did, I love it by itself!
  4. I guess Horner does this a lot. Aren't the chorus and verse melodies from Land Before Time both present in the score as well?
  5. They couldn't get them in the same room to take a picture? lol. Did they decide they liked this picture, then went back and did a special photo shoot with Leo holding his arms out in front of him in a circle?
  6. Here's hoping Mangold inspires Williams to come up with something unexpected! I'm glad he's getting another chance to collaborate with someone besides Spielberg.
  7. Smeltington


    I love the whole score, but the OST does contain most of my favorite tracks.
  8. Smeltington


    As the only JWFan who's pretty content with my own Hook edit, I think I'll recover from this.
  9. It sounds like he did waver a little bit on the 4th one. That's an interesting story though, that he conducted the recording despite the score material being 100% William Ross-ified.
  10. Smeltington


    What was it??? I have to know!!
  11. I guess we were all disappointed to learn we weren't getting more Williams music with this release, but after hearing it, I think it works great as a 24-minute Williams score. There's just enough time to spend with the ideas presented, without belaboring the point. And it's kinda nice to have a succinct recent Williams score that you can listen to all in one sitting.
  12. https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31904-far-and-away-1992-2020-2-cd-expansion-from-la-la-land-records/&do=findComment&comment=1748355
  13. Kinda like Inside Out meets Zootopia. Another Pixar movie personifying abstract concepts, then mining them for gags. But it could be good.
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