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  1. George Lucas rules! It's nice he's still around. How is he so much younger than JW!
  2. haha this may be the best example. It's not enough to ruin his performance in RotJ or anything, but it definitely felt like he was hamming it up more in 1983 and 1984.
  3. haha, it's true.... come be a Jedi, it'll be great, you'll never see your mom again and she'll be a slave forever!
  4. Interesting points. I still think Anakin in the OT contradicts this idea. Plus why would Obi-wan tell Luke that Leia's his sister, and strengthen his attachment to her? And these examples don't necessarily tell us the official stance of the Jedi order, although they do kind of plant the seeds. But how would the Jedi expect Anakin not to give a shit about his own mother, 5 minutes after leaving her? Don't the council members have mothers too? Do children disavow their families when they get accepted to Jedi school? It's convenient for the films that they don't ever go into any of this in detail. Their own internal logic isn't developed thoroughly enough for that.
  5. The line as written is fine, but the goofy delivery and the funny faces are too much EVEN FOR THIS MOVIE!!! Which is saying a lot. It reminds me of Han in RotJ vs Han previously... in RotJ he starts adding over-the-top facial expressions to his performance for some reason, and it can get cartoony.
  6. Lol, yeah it was really poorly thought through. Just to create a manufactured obstacle for the love story, he had to decide that ALL Jedi were celibate. Given that being strong in the force is passed down from parent to child, and given that the training has to start at such a young age, they really should just breed their own younglings instead of going out in the world and taking random children back to Coruscant.
  7. Ok, but in the actual movie, Luke's father is a Jedi. And that wouldn't be possible if his father was celibate.
  8. The idea that Jedi can't have romantic relationships was obviously invented specifically for this movie to allow a FORBIDDEN LOVE story just to make everything spicy. A la Titanic, or Romeo and Juliet. And I guess it also conveniently puts Anakin more at odds with the Jedi order. The only thing that keeps the concept from being even more ridiculous is that the Jedi order is already monk-like. But this idea is certainly not there to tell us anything about relationships and attachment, it's just for dramatic purposes. And the movie isn't asking us to agree with the rules of the Jedi order, it's asking us to delight in the fact that the love story happened against the odds.
  9. I would think a Williams scoring session for a jazz-style piece would be different from a typical jazz recording session, in that all the solos would be written by Williams, rather than improvised by the soloists, and therefore there shouldn't be too much variation in the length of different takes. Maybe some small variation due to the cantina pieces possibly being recorded "wild" without having to sync to the picture. But Williams probably had a tempo in mind that would keep most takes to roughly the same length. Someone with more specific knowledge of the cantina band sheet music and recording process could probably address these speculations better, and hopefully will!
  10. I also wonder how affordable a lossless digital download would be for a set like that. Would they charge nearly the same price as they would for a physical set?
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