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  1. Williams might still beat him to it, in his Cleveland concert for example.
  2. Got tix for Star Wars: The Story in Music. I look forward to seeing what Lockhart decides to perform. It would be great to hear seldom-heard things like Across the Stars, Anakin's Theme, Battle of the Heroes, The Rebellion Is Reborn, Anthem of Evil, or The Rise of Skywalker (no way they won't do this one, right??) I wonder if they might even use a choir?
  3. Holy shit! Rey Training!!!! Too good to go unreleased for long! Shout out to crumbs and JohnnyD for bringing this to our ears!
  4. Looking at the link in the OP, I see this screening is being done by Fathom Events. I haven't seen any of their screenings in a long time, but the last time I did, it was a satellite feed and noticeably lower quality than a normal movie screening. I wonder if things have improved since then?
  5. Nice!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Do you know when tickets go on sale?
  6. Great observation... I feel the same way about most of his output post-Crystal Skull. The most inspired material is often introspective and has a quiet power to it.
  7. It seems like the kind of movie that, though it didn't look very good, could still inspire a fun score from him. Let's hope!
  8. I just wanna hear Daniel Pemberton's score for Birds of Prey, but the score album isn't out til THIS Friday. Wtf.
  9. I hope the disasters set goes on sale one day! Maybe Feb 8 2021.
  10. Great work putting that together! I only saw the film once, so I forget many of the images that Williams' cues are describing. It's good to be reminded. Looking forward to more!
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