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  1. Check the Star Wars Custom Covers thread on this forum, my dude, you'll find some good stuff.
  2. To fully understand what JW was trying to do with some of his alternates, you'd probably need to see the cut of the film he actually scored the first time around. It's a shame there's no way we can do that. I guess it does free you up to use your imagination a bit more, though, kind of like reading a book.
  3. It's hard to picture Disney releasing every single bit of score for all three sequel films. Even if they get Mike, I still have to question if Disney will see value in releasing an expensive, lavish set when they could release, for example, two discs per film and probably sell more units. I mean, you really have to get in the weeds like we - the few, the proud - do here, to worry about all the different cuts of the movie, the multiple versions of cues for scenes that were never used or even released, etc. A complete set for TROS would be mightily confusing to normal people. In fact... how do you even define what the TROS score should be? Is it the first version of every cue that JW wrote? Is it the final version of every cue he wrote? What if the alternates are completely different in some cases, and are meant to flow together in different ways due to shifting cuts? There's no way to go for "what Williams intended" because he intended different things at different points in the process. That seems to be moreso the case here (and with TFA) than most of his other scores. If you had the sessions for TROS right now, and had to decide how to create your edit... what the hell would you do??? Would you order the cues based on slate number? A rough order of the final cut of the film? An earlier cut of the film, which then makes your edit useless as a "soundtrack" in the first place? It's enough to make you CRAZYYYY!!
  4. Falstaft MVP!!!!!!!!! I'd love to get sessions so we could cut down the end credits to just the new material! Since it's recorded in so many different parts.
  5. Wow, what was the last time he wrote a score for a film that took place in the present day? War of the Worlds?
  6. @Falstaft (hiatus til TROS), I enjoyed the article very much! My uncle actually cut this out of the print edition and mailed it to my family, knowing we'd like it.
  7. I do feel like the revised version does a better job of selling the scene. And you NEED music to sell this scene... how did they film this with a straight face?? Nice work crumbs, thanks for sharing.
  8. Wow!!! Well first of all may God bless you, Brundlefly, for going to the trouble. And second of all... WEIRD!!! I forget if this was actually stated by anyone involved, but it sounds like Morricone may have recorded a bunch of variations on the same material for Tarantino to use where he saw fit? Maybe some, like Lincoln Letter, were written for the picture and others were done "wild". Perhaps some recorded elements were even meant to be modular, and could be overlayed to create a different feel as desired. So then when it came time to create the album, they came up with some of the tracks in a similar way... fitting the recordings and layers/"stripes" together in different permutations that seemed pleasing to the album producer? Almost reminds me of the situation with Desplat's Deathly Hallows album vs. film versions.
  9. I took just the Morricone tracks in OST order, and have been listening in that configuration since the score was first released. Hated the movie, but loved the score, so no temptation here to keep the dialogue tracks. However it's pretty repetitive so it might be nice to pare it down. I wonder if any of the material is straight up duplicated, and therefore could easily be removed? I'm not great at spotting those kinds of things.
  10. Yeah I would actually buy the LP if they released one with everything on it. I'm enjoying the Deluxe Edition CD very much. I guess they're trying to create a Star Wars collectible, to bait anyone who buys things that say "Star Wars" on them. Although... they oddly didn't print "Star Wars" on the cover and probably should have. Then again, Star Wars fans are also used to buying things that say "Special Edition" on them...
  11. So........... this is a vinyl with JUST the Star Wars tunes?? Waaaaaaaat. All this "collectible" JW/ASM vinyl, each of it incomplete in its own special way, is a colossal shitshow!!!! Thanks douche grammophon!!!!
  12. The songs in GoF are... unfortunate. I always have to cut off the credits at that point when I watch the movie. If I saw this live to projection and they attempted that song, my day would be ruined!! It might be nice if they reprised some other music to fill the time though.
  13. Nice to see the rehearsal pics, and the venue is suitably classy for JW. Anybody going to this?
  14. At the airport in Boston, the baggage claim area has a big display advertising the BSO, which blares a few recordings including the Star Wars theme. So you can head there if you want a simulated JW concert in the airport, at least
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