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  1. Translation... we thought it would be cute to make this in black and white, but not enough people watched it, so now we're trying it in color?
  2. I love it!! Thank you! Now I have no excuse not to make a new edit of this score, which I think would mean I'd listen to it more often.
  3. Fascinating! Would you consider sharing this with timestamps? Why oh why couldn't there be a bunch of completely new tracks, and a bunch of completely rehashed tracks, so we could make a perfect edit of just the new material?? Almost every track is contaminated!
  4. Dude, yeah that would be really cool! Now that they've put this whole presentation together and are playing it several times. And maybe more orchestras will pick it up in years to come, as it's going to be a good moneymaker for them. I would love if the BSO would release an album. Hopefully with no narration though!
  5. I think this may be a question for @rpvee! But unfortunately, there may not be much logic to it, so you might have to keep checking back to have the best chance.
  6. @Bespin Glad to see the 1-month rule is back. It was sad to see you debase yourself on whatever recent release that was.
  7. This is one of those times that reminds us we're different. Normal people were semi interested in the movie; most never gave a thought to the score itself; if they did, they would be ok to check it out on streaming. This is the only place I can go where people give a shit that there's a CD and are excited to get it. Never change JWFan!
  8. I'm more hoping we DON'T get emails! No news is good news. Also, we "preordered" this, so god knows when they'll actually have it in stock, let alone think about shipping it!
  9. I hope nobody here spends their life savings on this. But at the same time, I hope more of the face value tickets drop so everybody can go.
  10. Well, the music is composed with the dialogue in mind, so it seems possible.
  11. I think they printed 50 more, and 49 JWFans ordered it (2 for @Brando)
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