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  1. It's a bit lightweight perhaps, but I enjoy the album. It has some adventurous passages and some good themes. The suite has been a welcome addition to Williams' concert repertoire... it's a generous amount of music, it cycles deftly through several moods and makes a good showcase.
  2. True, he needed a leg up, so let's not begrudge him, shall we?
  3. The first film should have been longer, so John Williams could have written even more music for it. The second film should have been shorter, since John Williams didn't write enough music for it.
  4. I dunno, disc 1 of the new set doesn't have any songs on it, so even if all else was equal, I might rather put that on than the OST.
  5. Artistically, all these Disney remakes can suck it. But the release situation with the Mulan remake is interesting in itself.
  6. Mike said on FSM that he counted 16 minutes of unreleased music on the new set.
  7. Looks like you get to "keep" the film for $30. But still, I doubt you can watch if you ever cancel your Disney+ subscription. And we can assume it'll be included with basic Disney+ membership after a while anyway.
  8. Pretty shitty deal, even if you "own" the film after paying $30 (which is not clear), presumably you can only watch it while you're still subscribed to Disney+. Blu-ray for life BRUH!
  9. Ah, so it's meant to be an original composition, but keeps very close to the temp? I do feel like My Suicide contains a theme that runs through a lot of the score.
  10. Is that true? It's not credited in the booklet, along with all the other non-Bource compositions. I'm not familiar with Scene D'Amour though.
  11. The FYC is missing the tracks from the OST that were not composed for the film, and I believe it's missing "My Suicide", which if I remember right is the original composition that goes where "Scene D'amour" was in the theatrical film. It makes sense if the Academy was supposed to be considering the theatrical version of the film ("Scene D'amour" was replaced with the original composition for the Blu-ray). Lol yeah sometimes collecting music ends up being about the thrill of the chase. Although I did listen yesterday, after all this talk about it. It holds up, it's a really good score. Favorite tracks: George Valentin Pretty Peppy Comme une Rosee de Larmes 1931 Auction Rooms Peppy and George
  12. Yeah I meant I can share the track listing of my combined chronological OST/FYC playlist. Back in the day I actually checked the film to figure it out. Also just checked and the mp3s I have are 320 kbps, which is also the best available online that I can find right now.
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