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  1. I think Tobey Maguire can play him in a biopic. Should I listen to the album?
  2. I bet the musicians loved being conducted by an actor who couldn't see and had been trained to "kind of" conduct lol.
  3. NNNNOOOOOOOOO The thing you posted SHOULD NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!
  4. I love when he does that! Well sometimes they are, like in Troy for sure.
  5. I'm thinking of the synth cues in Troy and Apollo 13. I'm less familiar with Titanic but I think there are some there too?
  6. I kinda wish I hadn't heard that lol. I'm going to have to work hard to erase it from my brain.
  7. It seems like there are quite a few Horner scores with an unusual amount of synths in place of recorded instruments. I know some of them do come with that story, that the music budget was low or time was short etc. But it still seems like Horner took that approach much more often than other A-list composers, doesn't it? I wonder if there was some other reason why he tended to do that.
  8. I'm happy they exist, but I don't want to talk about them.
  9. Love the opening percussion, and the transitions to/from the love theme.
  10. So the Don Davis cue was written to overlap Clubbed to Death? Has it ever been released that way?
  11. Fun! Focusing on March of the Resistance was a smart move for this ensemble. And it's great to see these musicians have such enthusiasm for their work with John
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