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  1. Unfortunately I've come to the same conclusion after all the issues with so many recent releases.
  2. I love it!!!!!!!! Thank you for this! Such great emotional writing toward the end of the scene. One of Williams' biggest challenges must have been to sustain the tension in the music during the "your mom" jokes.
  3. But you don't like the JW VPO recording? Any opinions on OSTs vs expansions for these scores?
  4. Well thanks guys, sounds like I'm buying Pagemaster! And looking back through the mists of time, I see that BloodBoal liked it, which kinda gives it a special shine. @Jurassic Shark, I see that you're a serious man after all. Thanks for breaking down all your recommendations. Where, eBay? I was thrown off because the cover of the LLL says "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" but I see now that they did expand it, and with Mike's magic touch. What, is it a classic I never knew about? I don't have any Barry scores at all, so I probably should be careful which one I start with until I find out if I'm a fan. What does it have that wasn't on the last Superman 1 expansion?
  5. Your post is not off to a strong start. Thank you for these recommendations. But how serious are they? Especially considering how you chose to start out your post? I don't want Superman II & III, sorry to say. And I don't want Always because it sounded like I would have to rearrange some of the tracks, and I don't feel like buying too many more CDs that I won't actually play, so I'm kinda hoping one day I can buy something like that digitally instead. What are Pagemaster and Somewhere in Time? I like the names. Edit: Okay so I can't find Somewhere in Time by searching their site. I think it's gone. I did find Pagemaster, which it turns out is Horner, but it didn't come up when I searched for "Horner". Is that a good Horner, really? And it's the OST... does it need an expansion?
  6. I couldn't think of anything I wanted from that sale. They excluded Glory, and Wrath of Khan is out of stock. Does Intrada ever do sales like this? I need about 4 things from them...
  7. Well shit, maybe we'll get the Wonka movie we didn't even know we wanted.
  8. Well if it's good, it's good. I'm looking this up... Timothee Chalamet is playing Wonka??? LOL! Well it just may turn out to be watchable. But that's apparently Warners and not Netflix? Meanwhile Netflix is throwing Taika Waititi at their own Wonka, which I can do without.
  9. I can't wait to not see what they come up with!
  10. He doesn't ask for cookies, but he can't say no. ASM is not that kind of woman.
  11. Around the 1 minute mark, I hear it. I think you might be right.
  12. "This special evening will be held at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus, under the musical direction of composers and conductors John Williams and William Ross, and cellist/conductor Samuel Cristler." This concert is impossible, because John Williams and William Ross can never be in the same place at the same time!
  13. I'm not sure if it's possible for a movie called Licorice Pizza to be good, but I love PTA so I hope he beats the odds.
  14. You have a good ear for those Ludlows! I never made that connection with TROS. Now you point that out, I feel like I've heard it everywhere.
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