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  1. What a weird situation. Could Sony really have made their money back over such a short window?
  2. I just listened to this score for the first time last night and LOVED IT!!!! The off-the-wall spooky, mischievous cartoon sound combined with Horner's usual sensibilities worked wonderfully. What a FUN score to listen to. And I was very happy with the listening experience of the first disc. Putting the Casper theme material together at the end, followed by the teaser, turned out to be a good approach. Shame that disc 1 couldn't close out with Casper's Lullaby. But I'm looking forward to giving this some more listens. It's perfect for Halloween, but also has a bit of a Christmas feel as well, p
  3. We'll just have to disagree my friend. I certainly do enjoy my deluxe CD and the lavish presentation DG gave to that version, and in terms of the project as a whole, it's great that it's possible to have such a splashy new Williams release that also delivers the goods musically. Plus the live support given to it... it was exciting to get to hear so many of the pieces live at Tanglewood, and that some were featured in the landmark Vienna concert.
  4. I'm glad they're doing vinyls, but it's disrespectful to the fans that they try and gouge us with tracks spread over all these different products when they could have put out a single vinyl set, like the deluxe CD, with all the tracks in one place. In fact, I probably would have bought the vinyl AND the CD if they'd done it right.
  5. Not everyone is born a JWFan. We're special all right. The rare breed!
  6. Maybe it would make sense to use the OST track in the main program of my edit, then. I guess we have to assume that the album intro was written with the intention that it would be used the way it ended up on the OST, seguing into that edited material, instead of seguing into the opening of "Driving Away from Trouble"? Anyone else figured out a good way to add "Before the Escape" back in?
  7. How else are you supposed to educate the masses?
  8. Reminds me of two conversations I had, both last weekend, with two different friends I met this year (thus they are still not fully educated on the subject of JW). The first one, the LotR scores came up and the guy said, "Oh, those are by Hans Zimmer, right?" and the other one, I was talking about JW and someone said "Didn't he do Lord of the Rings"? We, on this forum, may be the only ones who know the true composer of Lord of the Rings, and which films exactly where composed by Hans Zimmer or John Williams. Another common one is, somebody really likes a soundtrack but
  9. In "Escape from the City", I do hear the material from "Before the Escape", but it segues into a passage that's different from the material in the opening of "Driving Away from Trouble." Is that segment tracked in from somewhere else on the OST?
  10. With all these quotes, this is actually the most I've EVER enjoyed reading the liner notes for an expanded soundtrack. There's amazing lessons in there about the fundamentals of the art of film scoring. And a great demonstration of how filmmakers can COLLABORATE with a composer - not just hand the film over to them. I loved the line about building "houses" for music in a film. I never heard this score before, it's a ton of fun, I'm excited to have it! When I opened the shrinkwrap, the case had a little piece missing on the side, and fingerprints all over it (despite bei
  11. @Jay Do you plan on updating your spreadsheet soon? Just so I can decide whether or not to hold off on making my personal edit for now.
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