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  1. I enjoy the Crystal Skull score, but it was unusually uninspired for Williams, including the new themes. I think the odds are he could come up with better ones this time around, especially if the film gives him more to work with. He's written a lot of themes since KotCS that were better than the ones in that film. Although somehow I doubt he'll write as good a McGuffin theme as he did for the ark or the grail.
  2. I enjoyed reading over the blog too, @Datameister. And it just so happens I use Blender as well
  3. I'm convinced the film will be a wash in any case, but I just hope we get a nice album out of it. The most exciting thing about this is the idea of Williams working with a new director.
  4. In a normal year, he certainly would, so there's probably a very good chance. They don't announce Boston and Tanglewood at the same time though. I also saw today that the Hollywood Bowl is reopening, and announcing their season on May 11, so maybe we'll get some good news there.
  5. I didn't remember to try to remember about my clothes. I only remembered to try to remember about the shampoo.
  6. One advantage of Tidal that I've noticed is it seems to have more thorough credits for many tracks.
  7. Keep an eye out for any discarded hard drives that might contain recording sessions. Remember there's no shame in dumpster diving. Congrats dude! I hope you enjoy your new gig!
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