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  1. Yes, I definitely noticed that connection too.
  2. Due to his limited schedule, he'll agree to compose one cue per episode, but we'll have to guess which one it is, and there's no guarantee it'll be included on the soundtrack.
  3. Maybe it was an early run-through and he was singing the tune to encourage certain musicians, or to help his own conducting?
  4. 6:40-7:01 in the first video... is Williams singing along with Luke & Leia??
  5. A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records... River Deep, Mountain High... legendary.
  6. Wow, the headline and the fact it's the Guardian were very misleading. You must be the first one who actually clicked the link!
  7. So first I have to wait for it to come back in stock, THEN I have to wait for it to go on sale. Waiting for this one won't kill me, however
  8. It's just as well that I don't have to try to care about the score to this movie (I also hope to avoid having to care about the movie itself). I love Matrix but the series has been the definition of diminishing returns. I enjoy Davis' music, he wrote a ton of Matrix music already, so I'm happy to let sleeping dogs lie.
  9. Maybe he recorded it as a possibility for the OST, rather than the film. I can think of two possible reasons. 1. He could join the main title to the end title to create a concert track like he did for the original Star Wars 77 OST. Why would he do that? Well, maybe for whatever reason he rerecorded Raiders March for the KotCS OST. 2. He could have used the end credits to close out the OST, since he already put DotF and Anakin's Theme early on, although that kind of thing doesn't usually seem to be a problem for him Seems like the best theory we have.
  10. Haha well I'm happy for you! Is the same composition on the OST, or is it unique here?
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