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  1. I don't know about whole movies but this scene has gotta be the best version of this trope
  2. Danny Trejo is 76 doing action movies, I haven't seen them so don't know how believable he is lately. This was him at close to 70. Obviously this stretches the definition of "believable" but he is one hard motherfucker for sure.
  3. Does the title pass the Cremers test? "The Fabelmans is my favorite film." Hmm.
  4. Hope we can avoid having a house composer at all. Makes it a lot easier to be open to new takes, even if they're horrible. I'd love another Powell Star Wars score but I definitely don't want to see anybody just making themselves at home right away...I feel like only a hack would want to be the next "official" Star Wars guy, anyway.
  5. Can't remember if there were any particularly good bits in the underscore but 3:07-3:49 in the concert piece is good
  6. My buddy got into them around Verhoeven/Bigelow and kept hyping them up. I finally started binging them around the time they were doing Nancy Meyers.
  7. That is actually a real mindfuck I know you are a Blank Check listener, it's like how Griffin always mentions Paul Giamatti and Vin Diesel are the same age.
  8. He's already older than Williams was when he scored Crystal Skull.
  9. No way, if there is any novelty to it at all, it's in watching the people be goofy. No way would I just sit and listen to that, ew.
  10. I think part of the problem is that when it has been allowed it's loosely defined, just a few threads which is hard to contain when discussions get crazy plus any random, more innocent news thread can always veer off too. Maybe never enough of a hard line in the sand between Other Topics and Controversial Topics whenever the latter has been allowed. Nobody has been able to make it work here for some reason, mods or users, but I've been on forums that had a designated news/political subforum and the rule was to keep everything in there if you wanted to talk about it, free reign, unl
  11. Stefan called me one of the boring ones once. It hurt my feelings, I cried.
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