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  1. The sexual assault case is still relevant as far as evaluating his status as a public figure/role model etc. but as far as today goes, this was a guy taking his daughter to basketball camp and they were killed en route along with multiple others. It's pretty much a nightmare.
  2. Wow If more kids from the basketball camp were on there...unfathomable
  3. Moon River won the arrangement category
  4. He wasn't the pilot I did think of Horner, though. What a terrifying way to go, jesus.
  5. Player from the camp, probably, not NBA. Plus their parent. Honestly was sorta curious what he was gonna do with his media/film company. I mean, if he could get Glen Keane and John Williams on the first short and then with an Oscar giving him some extra cred, seemed like he was serious about producing. I did wonder if that was going anywhere, especially if he wanted JW on another gig.
  6. I haven't kept up with his Twitter but I agree he's pandering there.
  7. And not to forget four other people are dead. This whole thing is tragic. ABC News reported one or more (or all) of his daughters may have been on the helicopter which I am really hoping is not true. It seems to have been retracted. Not sure what to make of the Rick Fox rumors. This is always a scary period in any high-profile accident. Edit: Apparently Fox is alive.
  8. Would be surprised if he doesn't do it again at Hollywood Bowl at least.
  9. He was completely fair from all the interviews I ever saw him give at the time. It turned into a lot of "Mark Hamill HATES Last Jedi" clickbait but you look at the quotes and the clips and it's all pretty innocuous. He disagreed with it, respected that Rian Johnson had a pretty fully-formed take on it, committed to it, the end! Seemed to me that he sort of came around on it, still had a lot of misgivings but took it all in stride. He seemed primarily concerned with how other people were going to react to it -- that anecdote where he took Rian Johnson aside on set and said "We really have to think about what the fans want" and Johnson disagreed is telling -- and he was obviously 100% right that it was about to cause conniptions. But the obsession people have with complaining about Last Jedi wouldn't be nearly as annoying if they were as good-humored about it as Mark Hamill.
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