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  1. Lol I think what Josh is saying is both are released this Christmas but you only get to choose one to buy/download/listen for the rest of time? In which case it’s easily ROS because it’s music I’ve never heard and never will get to hear in this situation and meanwhile I already have the I-III films, OSTs, bootlegs so?? Unless we’re taking those away too lmao. It’s not like I give much thought to the unreleased prequel music, anyway, much as it would be neat to have. If my choice doesn’t alter the universe and it’s basically choosing what to listen to first or that I only get to buy one to own, then I’d still go with ROS because that’s like $10 vs probably like $100 so I can have all the SW OSTs and it looks all nice and then I’ll just steal the prequels.
  2. It’s bizarre, really. I know they’re essentially bought and paid for but you’d think somebody would have sponsored him by now. Wtf Spielberg?
  3. Walk of Fame star would be cool Pulitzer Prize for Musical Composition Nobel Peace Prize of course Rise of Skywalker end credits most viewed on YouTube beating, idk, Baby Shark Dance? Is it still Despacito?
  4. These are all non-American composers btw (though David Byrne has lived most of his life in the US)
  5. I do feel like “Duel of the Fates” is more iconic than it’s sometimes really acknowledged.
  6. Don McLean said the Weird Al lyrics come into his head when he performs it now.
  7. Yo, Ding Dong, man. Ding Dong. Ding Dong, yo. The polkas are my faves. Somehow making the music wacky while keeping the original lyrics is even funnier to me. Weird Al cheerfully singing things like “I wanna feel you from the inside!” and “When I think about you I touch myself!” with high-speed accordion and bells and whistles. He did a “My Heart Will Go On” parody in concert. I wish he recorded it. I wonder if Horner ever knew.
  8. He was dating his now-wife, they got engaged/married in 2013.
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