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  1. I'm very curious about the premise and genre. Action sci-fi, drama sci-fi? Good UFO, bad UFO? And David Koepp with Spielberg is a question mark. Jurassic Park, Lost World, War of the Worlds, and Indy 4 isn't exactly an upward trajectory for their collaboration. The most interesting thing is that it's Spielberg's own idea. So it'll be their first time going entirely off the cuff together, even though their adaptations were pretty loose.
  2. The BFG and Ready Player One are the only two since Indy 4 where I felt a little embarrassed for him while watching. I don't hate them or anything but even Tintin which I don't totally love either had a lot more of his chutzpah. The only thing in RPO where I kinda felt him in there was the backwards driving thing. I think he's been way more on his game in the dramas. The opening of Bridge of Spies is fantastic, I wouldn't call the movie a grand slam but it's really good. War Horse has some amazing stuff but it is his most cornball movie. West Side Story and Fabelmans are the ones I've liked most, I was so anti-WSS but I felt Spielberg all over that thing in a way I hadn't really since Munich, and Fabelmans is kinda just a good high school movie. I understand the "snoozefest" thing a little with BoS, Lincoln, and The Post, the latter I have seen twice and remember almost nothing about it. I still think Lincoln is extremely impressive but I like it more as a DDL/Tony Kushner movie than a Spielberg movie. But I will say this last decade, even though I like most of the movies because he's still got his bag of tricks and he's kinda better than ever with actors, it does feel like he overall lost his edge.
  3. I'm not this cynical. I still appreciate Lucasfilm endlessly reiterating that he's the GOAT. The alternative is worse. As for the overall purpose, the video does leave out a detail that's on the website which is that it's her grandfather's violin so I guess this had some extra meaning for her. If you're a fan making your Star Wars debut as an actor, it's pretty novel to be allowed to play Star Wars music on the actual stage. Studios indulge their young stars all the time, maybe they let her do it before or after an Acolyte scoring session. If Murphy and Belgardt were already there (are they involved in the Acolyte?), they might as well supervise the recording even if it's only for the video. Why they would even bother asking John Williams to get involved, I can only assume it was just to show off for dear Amandla. Maybe he autographed the sketches for her.
  4. I have nothing to say about the arrangement, if it can even be called that (surely there's a Hal Leonard transcription for Easy Violin that's the same or better) but it is cool to hear her refer to the John Williams Music Building. Or before. This is maybe the first thing by Williams he might have done quite literally in his sleep.
  5. I never got to know him but certainly came to recognize him as one of the OGs, great personality and a true JW believer. This post made an impression on me, it's the one I thought of when I saw this news. All the best to his family and friends, RIP
  6. Well he did get married right after Red Tails....Nick may be reading between the lines.
  7. I will say, 1992 being his only eligible year in the 90s where he didn't get any nomination, they could be worth considering from that angle....nominees were: Aladdin - Alan Menken (winner) Basic Instinct - Jerry Goldsmith Chaplin - John Barry Howards End - Richard Robbins A River Runs Through It - Mark Isham
  8. 1990s you forgot Home Alone 2 and Far and Away. Not that they would necessarily affect the poll results. JP has always felt like the strangest exclusion of his career. Ep III, he should have gotten a prequel nod. 1941's the one I probably listen to more out of the 70s options, and I went with Spacecamp and BFG because lacking a real preference, those were years he didn't get any nods.
  9. It's not even a particularly good photo...
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