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  1. This is the kinda crappy one, mainly 0:48-49. It's whatever but I definitely remember going euhhh the very first time I heard it. Just....choppy and unmusical.
  2. Wizard of Oz and Snow White were my first favorite movies. There's home movie footage of me trying to recite all the dialogue and act them out and things at 2 or 3 yrs old. I feel like I've been interested in movies as long as I've been able to be interested in anything. The Back to the Future movies, especially the hoverboard chase from Part II, really sparked my interest in filmmaking and just wanting to be a creative person. I was the right age to see Harry Potter and LOTR in theaters too. Whoaaaaaa how'd they do that. Watching the Up! series of docs and a particular summer binging silent/experimental short films on YouTube was very eye-opening for me and had some effect on my cultural, aesthetic, historical worldview. It kept occurring to me that I wished movies had been invented hundreds of years earlier and grateful we have them at all. And some that have just kinda fucked me up for the night have included Man Bites Dog, In the Bedroom, and the endings to The Deer Hunter, Fat Girl, Toy Story 3, and All That Jazz. Not all of those are favorites unlike Thor suggests. I also have a vivid memory of pulling an especially brutal all-nighter in college watching The Passion of Joan of Arc on Netflix streaming, at probably like 4 am, alone in one of the student lounges, and just feeling like life was sad and hopeless very cliche.
  3. Now is not a good time to photocopy your butt and staple it to your boss’s face, oh no.
  4. Better run for your life if you can, little girl
  5. No one I know but someone at work tested positive a couple weeks ago, first of I think four known cases now in my city....
  6. 1:11-1:19 Also those five flute/xylo (?) hits at 0:18 as the X-Wings are cruising into Starkiller have always been a big fave
  7. And trying to time the commercial breaks just right. There was always a slightly longer blackout after the last commercial before the movie returned. That was the tell.
  8. Well we hadn’t seen the Nixon and Catch Me If You Can props, I don’t think. Nobody’s reported any kind of full spread in the Art of Rise of Skywalker book have they? That would be cool....
  9. Buckbeak’s Flight/A Window to the Past/The Whomping Willow & The Snowball Fight is probably my favorite three track run there. Reunion/Remembering Emilie & Finale/The Homecoming is definitely another one of his memorable soundtrack endings.
  10. Yeah it would probably be E.T.'s finale for me. I would say these are the best 3 track chunks from the Star Wars Anthology releases. Star Wars Princess Leia's Theme The Last Battle The Throne Room/End Title The Empire Strikes Back The Duel Hyperspace Finale/End Credits Return of the Jedi The Forest Battle The Final Duel/Into the Death Star The Emperor's Death Wouldn't argue THE greatest but all personal fondness for: Hook (OST) The Never Feast Remembering Childhood You are the Pan Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (LLL) Leaving Hogwarts Harry's Wondrous World Hedwig's Theme
  11. The biggest effect was that I was supposed to go to NYC last weekend. Nope. Also had been planning a Europe trip in September but we’ll see about that. Probably not. Otherwise still working, still hanging out at home, still not getting dates life has not changed much personally for me. I feel lucky to still have income for now. Sometimes it’s hard to find basic things at the grocery, obviously can’t meet friends to get drinks or dinner or see a movie. May have to skip Easter with the fam.
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