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  1. Why not both? I can't think of any time I've used one in place of a long reply. If I hit an emoji it's usually that or otherwise I would have said (?) nothing at all. Or just post "haha" or "thanks" I guess. Yeah me too
  2. The Stink Bitch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  3. Whomp That Sucker! is my fave Sparks. Idk why, I just think every song is hilarious and catchy as hell. For some reason that and Angst In My Pants back-to-back have a lot of my go-to Sparks jams. "Now I've got a hobby, I collect frozen pizzas, check out my pizzas!" Insane
  4. I agree with Disco Stu I think there's probably some nostalgia at play but pretty much invariably whenever Silvestri leaps out at me, it's when he's being more yearning or whimsical. Like, "Portals" is cool and all but he loses me as soon as the battle starts. The moments where he really made the difference in that movie to me were little things like Tony and his dad or Cap giving the shield to Falcon. That's when I remember thinking "Oh this one feels like a real movie for once." He still has that knack of taking a Sharpie marker and outlining the emotional curves of
  5. I was obsessed with the hoverboard chase. Also the first one only had one score track.
  6. The first soundtrack CDs I bought because I wanted to listen to the score after watching the movie were Back to the Future 2, Horner's Grinch, and HP1 LOTR a little later. Also just generally noticed a lot of Williams, Horner, and Elfman. And Wizard of Oz/Disney when I was really little.
  7. Mostly into deep-dives on topics that are just casual, funny conversations with people who generally know what they're talking about. The ones I've listened to the longest and binged the most... Blank Check - covering complete directors' filmographies chronologically, hosted by critic David Sims and actor Griffin Newman. Incredibly thorough but hilariously unpretentious, lots of movie trivia and completely unrelated tangents. Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About the Beatles - UCB comedian friends go through Beatles albums and marginalia, mostly defunct but their archive is a
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