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  1. Conrad Pope also routinely vouches for Desplat as a big exception whenever he grouches about the state of things.
  2. A little thing happened in Europe earlier that year too. And it's not like either of those were things that just came up out of the blue in 2016, even though a lot of people pretended like they did. I think the bigger thing, though, is the people who left after the rule changed were guys who were largely if not thoroughly unimpressed with John Williams's music this decade, and even more so the movies. But they kept coming here because they liked the forum and maybe were holding out some hope to get at least one really bangin Star Wars score, why not. But once the rules shut down their favorite threads and they got temporary bans for basically no reason to them, SW ended up being a big who cares and the current regular posters were no fun, and all they really had to come back to was an Indiana Jones not directed by Spielberg and a "boring Spielberg drama," they were just like fuck, bye. Anyway I still like looking forward to new JW soundtracks and going off my time here divided by my post count I average like a couple posts a day which is enough for me.
  3. They won't be able to resist complaining about Indiana Jones
  4. Maybe it was something they decided last minute and they didn't have time and/or Bricusse or whoever was unavailable at short notice. JW did a nice job, his HP lyrics are cute! "Cast a Christmas Spell" feels like the kind of thing Bricusse would have written for him.
  5. Is HP the only time JW wrote lyrics himself? Anybody know why he did in that particular case? RIP Leslie Bricusse, many great memories with his songwriting
  6. I remember Richard Harris being on a talk show and saying he felt like a Beatle at the premiere.
  7. He possibly won't get a nod for Indy 5, anyway. They passed on Crystal Skull and also BFG, his most recent two summer releases and the only scores he had those years.
  8. The BFG was pretty wide open too And West Side Story didn't affect anything else JW was doing
  9. "I think what he did in that movie theater - because it was a dirty movie theater - I think it was kinda like, just applause, you know what I mean?" - Norm Macdonald
  10. That they're making an Indiana Jones movie at their age? How is that not funny? It's somehow even funnier knowing the odds are it'll probably be pretty good too.
  11. Even though it's often joked about how old Ford is, it's kinda hard for me to wrap my head around that he's only 10 years younger than JW. He's gonna be 81 when this thing's released, JW will be 91. It's impressive but also undoubtedly kind of hilarious.
  12. Although HBP was delayed on particularly short notice, like 3 months before its original release, so they were pretty deep in post anyway. I sort of don't mind waiting for this as long as we're still gonna get Fabelmans next year, on the bright side it is nice to think we'd have new John Williams music waiting for us that far in the future. And like everyone I just hope they're not gonna dawdle around with JW's time.
  13. Well second teaser for Joel Coen's Macbeth just dropped, Academy 4:3
  14. These are pretty much the exact two kinds of opinions I keep seeing on it lol, def one of the most split-right-down-the-middle movies I've seen in awhile, at least in a couple years. Literally 50% on the ol tomato site. The one thing I can always say about Shyamalan, for better or worse, is that his movies are incredibly memorable. I can always remember a lot of moments, sequences, images long after seeing them. Even when they're bad, they're idiosyncratic.
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