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  1. To be fair they did mess with the arrangement I didn't think it was from the score when I first heard it because it sounded so lousy but my biggest skepticism was people saying it had to be Rey's Theme. I didn't think it had the right feel for a big character theme.
  2. This is basically how I feel when Giacchino gets brought up too, or even more obviously Haab. It feels like statistically something new John Williams writes is going to sound a little like something they wrote eventually. He would have to stop sounding so much like John Williams to avoid that.
  3. I guess we'll see as the show goes but it's gonna be pretty odd if this show keeps going without any thematic references, considering its characters and place in the continuity.
  4. Ok this theme rocks in adventure mode, end credits is so fun, very "Saturday morning" energy to it. Gonna assume that's William Ross' handiwork, good on him if so.
  5. Melody didn't instantly hook me either from that clip of the opening solo but by the end of the full piece, it's in my head. Reminds me a little of Anthem of Evil, actually, would put this a notch above that.
  6. Those clips make me feel like this is Force Theme, Jedi Steps, and The Spark rolled together JW definitely has a take on aging Jedi!
  7. There's never been any particular reason given why he's vetoed certain scores, right? It's odd that he doesn't want Sugarland Express out there.
  8. Fair list, never got around to Far and Away, Stepmom, or The Book Thief though. Hook and Home Alone 2, I saw them young enough to still be able to grade them on a curve. Spielberg's worst movies as a group, I can't totally dismiss outright. I don't really go less than 5/10 with him. Angela's Ashes would be near the bottom of this era for me tbh. I watched Rosewood in the last year and actually was somewhat impressed. Not a great movie but has stuff going for it.
  9. It's wild to think that 10 years ago I was just happy he was doing Lincoln. If you told me in May 2012 that in a few months Disney would buy Lucasfilm and John Williams would be writing Star Wars and Indiana Jones music into his 90s I would have told you to get out of my face.
  10. Ewan McGregor said the session was closed off for Covid purposes so maybe Holt wasn't permitted to sit in.
  11. Rise of Skywalker has a closeup of a creature's head dropped on a table.
  12. I still like TFA overall but definitely the first 40 minutes are the exact - and as has become clear, the only - reason you hire JJ Abrams. I always say that if you just took that on its own with "Chewie we're home" as the cliffhanger, it's basically a masterclass TV pilot. Five new main characters (Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe, Finn, BB-8) very easily defined, with a variety of relationships to each other established within like 10 minutes and a plot set in motion. I still think it's impressive, it was really electric to watch that. Last Jedi for me mainly drops the ball on Finn and Poe, I think they're both kinda lame in 8 and 9 especially when they were so memorable in 7. I felt like they were set up so well to become a classic duo and I just lost any enthusiasm for them as characters. I really like all the Rey, Kylo Ren, and Luke stuff, agree with Yavar that I wouldn't say those three actors were wasted in that movie. But I am very much over the litigation of that flick. 9 is just all over the place, part of me thinks it would have obviously been improved if Johnson had done a treatment like he was originally going to do. Duel of the Fates might have been better but I read that and eh. George's ideas about the midichlorians driving us like cars, I mean lmfao. I have no idea. Why not! Of course if they could have found some compelling reason to make this trilogy from the beginning, that would have been ideal but I feel like that was just never an option because they could barely crack TFA on its own and meet Disney's imperative to get that thing out in 2015. It was pretty much a miracle of commercial moviemaking that they managed to turn out a popular Episode VII. Ultimately I don't really care, it's a fun mess and I'm just glad they knocked them out and John Williams scored them. I'm just a simple JWFan and that was my only real investment. It was so cool and unexpected that he did it, someone pinch me.
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