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  1. There is nothing out there, dear! Who do you imagine wants to attack children such as yourself?
  2. I mean, logistically harder to show than the peen! You gotta get right up there.
  3. Sharon Stone, Kate Winslet, Margot Robbie, Eva Green, Michelle Williams, Katharine Waterston have all done it The Master, Blue is the Warmest Color, Lars von Trier movies... Not that uncommon
  4. Sausage in the morning and a party every night, there’s a nurse on duty if you don’t feel right
  5. I'll shut up my mug if you fill up my jug with some good ol mountain dew
  7. I thought they smelled bad...from the outside!
  8. I think more than being a badass, what people really wanted out of Luke on that island was to just discover that he was doing something active. They wanted him to be looking for something related to the history of the Jedi or the secrets of the Force, whatever, could be anything but just to invent some bigger thing that would keep him away. Even if he was just like a crazy delusional Force zealot meditating all the time and it turned out he was chasing nothing and had to be turned back to the fight that way, I think people may have been happier with that. The biggest problem people had was that he was just knowingly, intentionally wasting away for years while the First Order grew. I still liked what Johnson did and Hamill’s performance was unexpectedly wonderful but I get that. It’s the only real criticism that I can basically understand, whereas other things like Luke’s temptation to kill Ben to me are really overblown. I don’t understand why people think Luke is above being so shocked by prophetic evil that it would fill him with an overwhelming temptation that he STILL refuses to act on and immediately makes him ashamed within seconds. Like...how is that not exactly what he would do in that situation? Just because he presses the lightsaber button? Get outta here.
  9. I saw this again. The quote that kept coming into my head was Hitchcock’s thing about surprise vs suspense. Where surprise is a bomb you don’t see under the table goes off, while suspense is a bomb you do see under the table doesn’t go off. The first two acts of this movie especially are like a bunch of random bombs going off. Snoke, Palps, Lando, Rey heals things, Chewie etc. Once Kylo turns, it’s not like it really makes any more sense but at least it’s less erratic.
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