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  1. I think that's it, yeah. It was always my favorite too, beautiful and as a kid I always thought kinda badass too. It really sells the drama of that Harry vs Draco confrontation and the victory as he descends to the crowd with the Remembrall. I wonder if Williams composed it for that scene first and then saw fit to incorporate it into Hedwig's Theme later on, or if it was the reverse where he thought of it musically first in relation to Hedwig's Theme and then he found a place for it dramatically. Might be the former since I think his concert arrangements usually come la
  2. It kinda just looks too similar to the original but I still think Spielberg is bound to have a few inspired moments (that one overhead shot of the gangs from the other trailer was a good one) and I will just be shocked if a writer like Tony Kushner brings no original insight to his adaptation. I'm not expecting this to be all that amazing but I feel like there'll be something to it.
  3. This is an interesting statement because a few dozen would seem like a small number but it is kind of a lot when it excludes John Williams entirely. I agree with croc that I always have trouble with the masterpiece thing because it feels like a very academic exercise. I also think that masterpieces can be flawed, which feels like it should be an oxymoron but I don't think anything is beyond intelligent criticism and it's usually when something seems to transcend its perceived weaknesses that it becomes an acknowledged masterpiece. I believe there is an element of consensus to the
  4. "James Newton Howard, the man, the myth, the absolute legend" Lars Ulrich knows what's up Reminds me when Slash was on the WTF podcast and mentioned that he'd just gone to see Williams at the Hollywood Bowl
  5. Reminds me of something I heard a comedian say once: for everything on the planet, there's someone who hates that. What the Internet has done is to say "Meet these people! Step right up! You ever wonder who could be mad at a baby eating applesauce?! This fucking guy!"
  6. I wouldn't doubt Spielberg himself was holding out for a theatrical release too though.
  7. Location in Glasgow is being dressed to look like 1969 America upon Apollo 11's return to Earth
  8. Mine was that I would think "Haaar-ry Pot-terrr AND theee Sorcererrr's Stooone" at the end of the movie We had a thread awhile back where everybody was making up parody lyrics to the Schindler's List theme for some reason and I was remembering mine this morning: Steven Spielberg called me up He said "I've made a film" In the dark I sat there, crying Watching all those people dying At the end I turned to him and said "Steve... Someone better needs to score instead" And... Steven said "I know but they're all dead"
  9. "blue-ray player" Richard "Dreyfus"
  10. I guess it depends on the definition of mediocre but the overwhelmingly popular consensus on Jurassic Park is definitely that it's one of the all-time memorable Spielberg/Williams collabs and not just great music in some forgettable movie.
  11. I think it came from Katzenberg who was trying to do it back when he was at Disney.
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