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  1. "Hymn to the Fallen," maybe, this concert will be a couple weeks before Saving Private Ryan's 25th anniversary
  2. This is funny considering it's the non-Baumbach screenplay in between the two he cowrote with Anderson.
  3. Yeah totally, that was another thing where the first couple reboot seasons, it was all guests and it got a little tiring because there were only so many games you could do. Except for somebody like Robin Williams or Whoopi Goldberg on the old show who could do anything as a fourth seater. I can't remember how many people were quite similar on CW, even though some could surprisingly hold their own. I guess Keegan-Michael Key is a good example of somebody they could have had as a big celebrity guest with range but instead made a worthy fourth seater. But that's what was annoying is they would also have celebrity guests with him! And obviously when they brought Chip Esten back as a celeb guest and then he did some fourth seat eps later, we all know he has the goods. But the reboot def found itself when they could start cutting those tapings more frequently into "regular" Whose Line eps. That said I think Kathie Lee Gifford was the hardest I've laughed with the new Whose Line.
  4. She just said she was working on score prep for an upcoming Indy 5 session
  5. I think they did Helping Hands a little too often when they first rebooted. That was the only time I really felt that.
  6. I'm glad they did a Three Headed Broadway Star, that was always one of my favorites but they rarely do it on the CW from what I've seen Kinda bullshit that Drew hasn't come back! Whether they haven't invited him or (more likely) he's declined. But that would be forgiven if they managed to get Clive Anderson lol
  7. He wasn't nominated for Hook! I'm just talking purely in terms of the nuts-and-bolts awards race, Memoirs he won every award going and lost the Oscar. Obviously he would have been deserving plenty of times. I think Gump's score is a much more essential player in its film than Fabelmans and its thematic ideas more fleshed out, even if they do repeat themselves.
  8. I agree, he's obviously not the frontrunner, but it wouldn't be unsurprising. It's probably his best shot since at least Lincoln when he won the Critics Choice, Life of Pi won the Globe, and Skyfall won the BAFTA, so you had a split race between critically acclaimed films with two BP nominees. Danna had the edge bc Life of Pi had the most musical novelty, maybe the most emotional use of music, and the movie checked a lot of boxes as a technical achievement. And it turned out Ang Lee had the edge over Spielberg in Director, so the movie was probably #2 in the Best Picture race after Argo (which was also score-nominated and could have won, but the score was an afterthought.) I think John Williams' score is also understandably an afterthought with Fabelmans, but I think there is a lurking sentimental factor with him. But Oscar sentiment is very fickle, sometimes it's the whole reason for winning and sometimes it's not even enough to get nominated. It's just that there's not really a smash movie-score combo so there is wiggle room. Babylon is the most attention-grabbing score but a divisive movie. Son Lux could easily ride EEAAO's coattails but I don't know that people are necessarily talking about the score. Whereas there are emotional ties with John Williams and Fabelmans. Obviously Memoirs was as close as he could ever have possibly gotten without winning.
  9. Along with looking and sounding very much like Ford, Lynch is such perfect casting because he is maybe #1 on the list of directors that a 20-year-old self-serious, aspiring filmmaker would be the most scared shitless to meet today.
  10. I think the distinction with Walker was that it was an orchestral score.
  11. Anne Dudley and Rachel Portman are two very talented and Oscar-winning composers who are still working and it really doesn't make much sense that they don't get more high-profile jobs. At this point they are kind of industry legends, or should be. Portman's Cider House main title is one of the most famous pieces of film music of the 90s! I feel like Desplat kind of became the new Rachel Portman. And I'm not ragging on him because he is a legitimate composer who is a valuable asset to Hollywood but there is probably a world where she's still in-demand for top dramas and gets three more Oscar nominations for The King's Speech, The Imitation Game, and Little Women, right?
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