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  1. Are you implying that they're not the same person?
  2. RIP signore, maestro e grazie
  3. Ascetic, maybe? Googling a bit looks like there is a term in spiritual study and philosophy called esotericism referring to acquired hidden knowledge and meaning (?) I guess that definition is similar to the word as we generally use it. What an esoteric reference
  4. Not for nothing but he did name drop him at the Hollywood Bowl 2017...funnily the only time I recall him subbing Rian in for Kennedy in the classic "I don't want anyone else writing music for Daisy" story, and also in this version he says yes right away instead of hemming and hawing oh John
  5. If anything the likelier reversal is people voting Hook to vote against Harry Potter. Which I don’t think is a lot in either case. People generally enjoy both or neither. The poll’s obviously a draw. It just confirms that these scores split the difference on this forum because they basically have similar strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Haha I use it half-ironically but it’s definitely legit slang at this point.
  7. I’d pick HP easily over the sequel trilogy. Prequels would be closer, might give them the edge. Star Wars OT is the easy answer and I’m one of the bigger HP stans here
  8. It’s sort of like Bond in that it’s the franchise as a whole and tropes and quotes and moments that are remembered more than the movies themselves. Films like Goldfinger and Prisoner of Azkaban stand out but they’re not quite considered classic movies outside their realm. They’re great James Bond and Harry Potter films first. The lazy comparison is Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back which are getting harder to separate these days but do have their own legacies, which none of the others can say starting with ROTJ. Or more recently Mad Max: Fury Road which is talked about much more frequently as an action stunner in its own right over the more limited context as a great sequel or reboot.
  9. Born in 90, I think I was aware of Williams and was a fan before HP1 but that score definitely made me a fan. I still love it to bits so no point considering anything else but Hook rules obviously.
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