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  1. As much as I like the Spidey scores, but my priority from Sony is The Patriot, so I hope it is one of those two titles announced... lol
  2. What music do you consider "truly evil" then? Something like Goldsmith's The Omen?
  3. Yeah, I forgot about SM3 being post-2005, which is unfortunate. Sure, several bootlegs exist, but Young doesn't get paid on bootlegs. On the other hand, Spider-Man is Sony's biggest franchise. I don't think they'd let a specialty label tackle anything from their biggest cash cow. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
  4. The Sanskrit choir for ToD is terrifying. Palpatine's theme is very menacing. And the music for the Dementors in PoA is dark and creepy. Williams can go (very) dark when he wants to.
  5. What are the odds for a Elfman (and Young) Spider-Man box set, with the complete scores from the three movies, including the alternates (which I'm sure there's too many of them?). Actually, is it Intrada territory?
  6. Funny you mentioned Superman. I always thought the March of the Villains was one of the LEAST menacing evil themes I've ever heard.
  7. Thanos' theme from Infinity War is pretty evil, I think. It's less flashy and overtly big, but it is more understated and sinister.
  8. It is. The videos appear as unavailable to me.
  9. I got Assassin's Creed: Origins (the one set on Ancient Egypt) for a very reasonable price on PSN a few days ago. I like the game so far, it has great visuals that look amazing on my TV, a fun RPG-inspired system, a lot of missions and sidequests... The only thing I didn't like was the combat system, which is worse than in previous AC games. I haven't played all the games in the franchise, but I was a big fan of Black Flag back in 2013/14.
  10. Not a single vote for Godzilla vs Kong? It's a decent movie! And is certainly funnier and more enjoyable than any of the other movies, Civil War included.
  11. I think most Horner OSTs from his post-Titanic, pre-Avatar years included all the major highlights of their scores. I'd love to be proven wrong with expansions though.
  12. Dave Filoni said this about the upcoming season 3: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/tv/star_wars/the_mandalorian/the-mandalorian-dave-filoni-says-the-force-will-be-strong-with-season-3-of-the-disney-series-a184537 Fans are speculating that S3 will have more Jedi due to Filoni mentioning the Force.
  13. Actually, he did composed at least one score that I know: https://moviemusicuk.us/2014/08/19/the-liberator-gustavo-dudamel/ It's an outstanding score, actually, I recommend it.
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