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  1. The Best TV Series of 2020 according to IndieWire: https://www.indiewire.com/feature/best-series-2020-so-far-watch-1202218599/ Of the nominees, I only watched BCS.
  2. I'll create a fake John Williams account and post that I'm already working on Star Wars Episode X
  3. But why someone would create a fake account of Henry Jackman?
  4. Yeah, but I believe that an Arnold spy score is not what they're looking for. They hired Balfe because they wanted a Remote Control-like spy score, similar to The Winter Soldier and Fallout. Heck, they probably temped the whole movie with Fallout, and when they saw that Desplat wouldn't be able to provide that sound, they went after the Fallout composer instead. But if the rumour is true, I don't know why they didn't stick with Balfe and hired Jackman.
  5. I like Arnold's scores for spy thrillers, which this movie seems to be.
  6. They should fire Balfe, Jackman, Djawadi, etc., and replace it with David Arnold.
  7. Even though we have the expanded release, my favorite track remains the already released on OST Corellia Chase. I just love the energy, the performances of Han's theme, the vibrant recording, everything about that cue is great.
  8. Raiders March Parade of the Slave Children
  9. Evolution by John's Power. It's not quite as well written as his later score, but there still some fun parts and great moments of Powell wholesomeness during the score.
  10. I watched this movie when I was a child, and even then I thought it was pretty dumb. Very sad, but still dumb. Need to re-watch it again as an adult.
  11. The Ultimate War is 17 minutes of pure swashbuckling fun, and one of the highlights of the Hook soundtrack. Do you think it's one of Williams' best action tracks? Would you put it in your top ten? If not, why?
  12. Chewie's theme is a like a distant cousin of the friendship theme from How to Train Your Dragon. Maybe friendships between humans and fantastic beasts inspire Powell in the same way.
  13. Yeah, the track sounds to me like a big salad: Cartoon Network trombones, Elliot Goldenthal French Horns dissonance and The Matrix-like string runs. I wonder what they used as temp track for that scene.
  14. I was listening today, and something that I already had thought when the score was released came up. The Into the Maw part of Kessel Run is very... cartoon-y, isn't it? In particular, the descending trombones reminded me of something you can hear in an old Cartoon Network commercial.
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