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  1. Here's the *calculates* 251515th trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine:
  2. That will be the spin-off focused on the jurassic shark that lived at the park. The beginning of the Jurassic Cinematic Universe, which will also include "T-Rex: The Movie" and "Velociraptors: A Jurassic World Story". That sixth movie (Dominion) is probably the worst movie of 2022. It was so bad that I wanted to cry in despair. Until the first World movie, the Jurassic flicks were at least passable. But Fallen Kingdom and Dominion were just atrocious.
  3. My top two are The Motion Picture and Total Recall (one of the very best action scores ever).
  4. I ADORE his score for The Motion Picture, and I'm as far from a trekkie as it gets. But the experience of listening to the score back a decade ago, right when I was starting to get serious about film scores, is one of my favorite film music experiences of all time.
  5. The movie's name is apparently Jurassic World Rebirth. https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/2024/7/20/jurassic-world-rebirth-set-to-be-title-of-jurassic-park-7
  6. Some scores I've listened over the past few days: John Williams - The Sugarland Express While this is a historic release and it's great that one of Williams' most unknown scores is getting such a great release... I don't think the music is all that interesting? It has an amazingly wistful main theme for harmonica, but aside from it it's your typical 70s thriller scoring with sparse suspense music for drums and strings. Kinda like an Ennio Morricone score for a police thriller or something from the time. Still, the main theme is wonderful (it quickly rose to the ranking of JW's most underrated themes) and the climatic track Final Ride is great, with an emotional and epic crescendo. It's not exactly a classic on the same level as Jaws or Close Encounters, but it's nice to have the beginning from where all these classics came from. Hans Zimmer - Backdraft While it has hints of the Zimmer from The Lion King, Crimson Tide and The Rock, this is pretty much its own thing. A great uplifting score with some nice textures for synth and orchestra. Hans Zimmer - The Thin Red Line (2019 Expansion) This could be very well Zimmer's masterpiece. Not my favorite score from him (that would be The Last Samurai) but in terms of what he achieved, the power of his music alongside Terrence Malick's poetic masterpiece, this is perhaps his greatest work. Malick might be my favorite arthouse filmmaker. I love his style, especially when it is combined with the music of a great composer like Morricone, Horner, JNH, Desplat or, in this case, Zimmer. The german's music is atmospheric, reflective, like it was inspired by the sounds of nature. A masterpiece, and the 2019 edition, while it doesn't include every second from the hours and hours of music HZ wrote for this, has great listening experience, much better than the numerous bootlegs out there.
  7. Kevin Feige turned down names such as Greg Berlanti (showrunner to many Arrowverse shows) and Noah Hawley to direct Avengers 5 and 6. https://www.cbr.com/report-kevin-feige-avengers-5-rejections/
  8. Hamish Linklater is a fine actor, but his voice on this, I dunno... his Batman sounds tired and sleepy, like he just woke up at 6 am on a Monday.
  9. The first Deadpool is really overrated, an uninspired typical superhero origin story with American Pie jokes (only a few of them being actually fun). But I did like the second. It has better action, more interesting characters, better conflicts and character arcs, etc. It's no masterpiece but it's pretty decent. Still, I'm not exactly hyped for the third one unlike 90% of the internet. But then again I don't think Deadpool is an exactly amazing character. A foul mouthed guy who breaks the fourth wall and makes jokes about sex, drugs, etc? Not my favorite kind of superhero by any means. Seems like something 13-year-olds would find "cool" and "awesome" (they're the same who say that the best Supermen are Snyder's and the one from Injustice).
  10. The best M: I score, tied with Elfman's original from 1996. Both of them are leagues ahead the others.
  11. That moment when you're watching a video on a Batman comic book story arc from the 90s and suddenly the Raiders March appears (in synth version):
  12. I love the Disney cartoon from 1999. One of the classics from my childhood. Saw it in theaters then numerous times again in VHS. And yeah, the cartoon has amazing music by Phil Collins (with a great translation to Portuguese) and Mark Mancina.
  13. A character from an old X-Men movie is set to return, beware spoilers:
  14. Which movie would be better? David Lean's Dune or David Lynch's Lawrence of Arabia?
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