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  1. I've been listening to "I Want you To Rest Now" on repeat non-stop over the last few days. Petal Negotiations is pretty good too.
  2. Today was the day to remember some great scores released exactly 20 years ago: Pearl Harbor (recording sessions) - Hans Zimmer One of Zimmer's most well known scores from his "epic" era, this one is a blend between John Barry, Morricone and RC/MV. The romantic/dramatic material is more delicate than his usual action scores - which doesn't mean there aren't any action. On the contrary, there's some pretty great music for the battle scenes, which unfortunately weren't released on the official OST. Maybe it's because Zimmer didn't wrote them? It's possible. The
  3. *opens JWFan* -Well, let's see what are the upcoming albums coming from LLL *sees that there's no The Patriot* -Yep, another disappointing month.
  4. Maybe a 24 CD box? 2 discs for each movie of the OT and the PT and 3 discs for each film in the ST, being 2 for the complete score and the third for the alternates?
  5. The year is 2077. Humanity lives in a techno-dystopia where robots replaced humans for most of the activities. The world is controlled by large corporations that exert their domain over the remaining goverments. The biggest corporation is Disney/Apple/Amazon/Google, who controls every aspect of human life. In amidst all the poverty and despair, one prophecy makes humanity hopeful for a better future: that when the next eclipse occurs, Disney/Apple/Amazon/Google will release the complete John Williams scores for Star Wars Episodes I-IX in a 20 CD box produced by the robo
  6. The best overall cue and the most amazing marriage of music and visuals of 2019 is hands down this one.
  7. Just finished listening the album. It's certainly a zany score, with a lot of things going on. Unfortunately, this makes the listening experience less cohesive than JNH's classic Disney scores from the early 2000s. That said, I don't want to be overtly harsh, because firstly there's a lot of great moments in the music. Also, this is precisely the kind of score that I want JNH to do: orchestral, old-fashioned, romantic, big choir, etc. It's cool that over the last few years he seems to have found a balance between big orchestral scores (FB 1 and 2, Nutcracker, Raya, Jung
  8. Apparently there's a dong in Gunn's Squad: If I'm not mistaken, this will be the first dick to appear in a superhero movie since Dr. Manhattan's blue wang in Watchmen.
  9. Bear just posted a new essay on his blog detailing his Masters of the Universe score: https://bearmccreary.com/masters-of-the-universe-revelation/
  10. For me it's a tie between The Call of the Wild and WW84.
  11. Sure! Here's some of my favorites: There's the suite, of course, which offers a pretty good summary of the score: Then there's the cue that opens the movie. It's one of my favorite "openings" in a movie thanks to JW's beautiful score: It's a pretty diverse score, with some romantic music for Ann and Gabriel: And more emotional material for the family (Morricone fans will love this cue): But there's also tragedy: And also a lot of action:
  12. M: I - Fallout is a masterpiece of a score when compared with The Tomorrow War or even Black Widow.
  13. HTTYD 3 is hands down the best score of 2019. It's a masterpiece.
  14. Yeah, IIRC these were pretty much his only super-hero scores so far.
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