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  1. I've listened to Williams' Cello Concerto and Bassoon Concerto. Since we're probably only getting concertos from him from now on, then I need to listen to and study his classical works. Any recommendations?
  2. I love them all, but I chose HP because it was part of my childhood, and also because most people will choose SW and Indy anyway.
  3. Yeah, the game isn't perfect and has some problems, and the story isn't very great either. And the game does show that it was written by people in the West, with a passing knowledge of eastern culture and way of living. But I'd be lying if I told you I'm not having a lot of fun with that.
  4. I've been playing one of my favorite open world videogames from the previous generation: Sleeping Dogs. I love the Hong Kong atmosphere the game has, and it's a pretty funny game. Just like a Grand Theft Auto with martial arts and set on the Far East.
  5. I like the use of classic rock songs on Scorsese's crime thrillers, they always work amazing in context.
  6. Avoid Resurgence like the plague. It competes with Suicide Squad for the title of "worst movie of 2016".
  7. Unlike Return of the Jedi, Attack of the Clones is a really underrated score. Sure, there's not that much action music, but the quieter material is great!
  8. The graphics in TLoU 2 are unbelieavable. Every minor facial expression, every small detail in the actor's performances, and it makes all the more real because of that. It's a good reason to find a great TV to play this (or to get one just to play the game, lol).
  9. Alan Moore explained on the post above. Suddenly after the release of Watchmen and TDKR, super-hero comics became more violent, angry, adult, etc. But, despite all that edginess, most of them failed to have the depth and the quality of these two comics. They were violent just for the sake of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchmen#Legacy
  10. And I agree with him. As good as they are individually, but The Killing Joke, Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns did more harm than good to the comic industry.
  11. Speaking of which... An Extended ‘Batman Forever’ Cut Exists with More Jim Carrey and a Human-Sized Bat Writer Akiva Goldsman told IndieWire that test audiences "were not interested" in the darker tone. #ReleasetheSchumachercut?
  12. He probably has a Blu Ray player. When he needs to watch the movie he is scoring, he asks his grandchildren to turn it on for him.
  13. Don't worry, considering that we won't have new Star Wars movies for a while, interest on the franchise will eventually wane with time.
  14. Jon Broxton of MMUK has been reviewing some obscure Morricone scores from the 60s, not only for westerns but also for dramas, comedies, coming-of-age movies, etc. It's a good starting point if you want to dig deeper on his extensive filmography: https://moviemusicuk.us/2020/07/09/ennio-morricone-reviews-1961-1967-supplemental/ https://moviemusicuk.us/2017/08/13/ennio-morricone-reviews-1961-1965/
  15. All right, I just beat The Last of Us - Part 2 yesterday. And geez, what a ballsy game that one is! Naughty Dog took a huge chance by... And while I don't think the game is always successful on the many things it tries to do, I believe this is a worthy companion to the classic first game. And holy shit, the perfomance capture really evolved over the last decade! It's wonderful how here the mocap captured every smallest hint on an actor's performance, making everything feel all the more believable. I recommend this video essay detailing the game's plot and structure:
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