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  1. I always liked Sail Barge Assault, it's on my top 10 (maybe top 5) Star Wars action cues ever.
  2. The pilot also aired on broadcast TV in Brazil as well during primetime, in november of 2020, when D+ first arrived in the country.
  3. Great! Newman's Pixar scores are usually pretty good. Judging by the trailer I think his score will be very "quirky".
  4. Why Williams is so resistant with the idea of releasing Story of a Woman? Does he feel embarrassed by his work on the movie? I never heard this score nor seen the movie so I can't judge, but I don't think he has any reason to feel ashamed of it... does he?
  5. My opinion as well. The thing about The Patriot is not only the quantity of unreleased music but also the quality of it. There's simply too many great cues left off the OST. And that's not even counting alternates or unused stuff. Also, I do think this is a score that would really benefit of a chronological presentation. But Nixon wouldn't be a bad choice either. I haven't seen the movie though, only say that based on the huge amount of unreleased music.
  6. Maybe someone is trying to bribe or coerce Jay into allowing political and religious discussion on the forum?
  7. I was hoping Williams' first MCU score would be for an Avengers movie, not an Ant-Man sequel
  8. I would like to know that as well. Was Zimmer again too busy with a Dune movie? Or did Nolan just enjoyed working with Göransson enough to hire him again? Honestly, I think it's a little sad to see all those long partnerships (Zimmer and Nolan, Bates and Gunn, JNH and Shyamalan) just... ending. It's kinda like that Banshees of Inisherin movie: "I don't like you anymore, we're no longer friends, bye bye".
  9. It is true that Newman has a lot of Oscar nominations, but to me two of his very best scores (The Horse Whisperer and The Green Mile) weren't nominated at all.
  10. Captain Marvel is near the bottom of my ranking of MCU movies. But I do like Pinar Toprak's score.
  11. Both are two of my least liked JNH scores ever. Actually, I like parts of Defiance, even though it doesn't reach the same heights as The Village. But Michael Clayton was pretty bad. The kind of score the Academy loves because it's so unintrusive, quiet and electronic. 2007 had much more deserving scores that should've been nominated (Pirates 3, The Golden Compass, etc), even though I like the one that actually won that year (Atonement).
  12. Tell me you didn't read the article without telling me you didn't read the article. It doesn't mention when exactly Rudd watched the movie, but it heavily implies that it was in the mid-1990s, after the success of Clueless.
  13. Paul Rudd Says He Decided to Study Acting After Watching Scorsese’s ‘After Hours’ 20 years later, he employed what he learned for a movie franchise that Scorsese hates with a passion. Fun, right?
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