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  1. I thought about that as well, but it doesn't make sense within the show's timeline. I read on Reddit that Serac's childhood scene takes place in 2025, and the current season is set in 2058, which makes him (considering he was 10 during when Paris was blown up) about 43 years old. When Ford died, he was over 60 or 70, so he has to be older than Serac. I guess Ford was born on the late 1980s or early 1990s.
  2. I always liked William's theme. I hope, with the character returning to the show, Djawadi finds new ways to play with that theme.
  3. Posted that today on the DC thread. They'll have to recast Flash and Credence.
  4. That was... a very intense episode, wasn't it? And I know I criticized the guy, but Djawadi's score for this one was really good. His cover for the auction fight scene worked pretty good. Here it is:
  5. Well, I believe on the upcoming months it'll be safe again to resume scoring sessions, this pandemic can't last forever. If Williams does IJ5, by then it'll probably be ok to do it with a lot of people on the same room. The main problem is that if he'll have the disposition to do another 2 hour action score, and if Mangold, or whoever directs it, will want him as the composer.
  6. That depends, the impact can be negative. For example, on my first post, Still Alice is not one of my favorite movies (although I think it's a good drama movie with a great performance by Julianne Moore), but still had left a huge mark on me due to its themes about a sane person with an academic mind losing it through a silent, deadly disease.
  7. You know when sometimes a movie seems tailor-made to affect you personally? A movie that plays into your deepest fears, desires or needs, and leave you profoundly shaken after the experience? TV episodes can also apply. For me, these movies were: Loving The story about a white man and a black woman that fell in love in the America of the 1950s/60s, but then are persecuted due to the racism of the time. What made the movie so powerful is that the Loving couple were portrayed as decent, humble people who just wanted to leave their lifes in peace with whoever made them happy - but society insisted on chasing them and making them miserable just because. Take Shelter and The Conversation I'm also haunted by movies involving paranoia, and [SPOILERS] by the end of Take Shelter (also from Loving's director Jeff Nichols) the main protagonist's paranoia is revealed to be truth, while on The Conversation the main character will never know. Two depressing, haunting endings. Still Alice A successful professor and academic finds out on her 50th birthday that she has Alzheimer. The portrayal of this disease made the movie more horrifying to me than pratically almost every horror movie I've watched. A Beautiful Mind Another portrayal of mental illness that is extremely sad, utterly terrifying, leaving you afraid that something like that can happen to you, all of that helped by James Horner's powerful score. On the plus side... The Fellowship of the Ring I was 8 or 9 when I first watched on my dad's DVD, alongside my granpa. For three hours I was teleported to a magical world filled with great characters, terrible dangers, brave warriors and a growing darkness. Sure, it's a PG-13 movie, but Jackson still made so that a child could understand it. Also, back then I didn't know that was based on a trilogy of books (don't criticize me, I was just a kid, and we didn't had internet back then), and the concept of a movie ending with a cliffhanger was completly knew. I thought that, after the death of Boromir, there were still going to be the climax of the movie, on which Frodo and Sam would throw the ring into Mount Doom while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli would battle the Uruk Hai and Saruman to save Pippin and Merry. So, when the screen faded to black and appeared "Directed by Peter Jackson" I was like Still, I loved the experience, and tried to recreate the movie with my toys. And what about you guys, what movies/episodes made the bigger personal impact on you, for good or bad?
  8. Yeah, a Malick movie scored by JW would be a dream come true. Even if not all of the music would make to the cut, we still would have the OST to appreciate. And yeah, Malick could push Williams to unexpected directions on his late career. The question is would Williams be interested on going through this challenge? It's a director famed for having complicated relationships with his composers (JNH was smart enough and I'd say lucky enough on his turn).
  9. A Malick movie scored by JW would be a dream come true. But since Williams is not exactly known for religious scores, maybe Malick would turn to Ennio Morricone to score it? I mean, considering Morricone is willing to take a job like this.
  10. A Hidden Life Malick is one of my favorite directors ever, and he doesn't disappoint here, with this beautiful, melancholic and spiritual study about faith, suffering and love (for another person and for/by God). Non-Malick fans can be turned off by the Christian themes and the way he frames his movies like they're meditations and a chain of thoughts instead of trying to reproduce the real life. Everyone speak in monologues, like they're just avatars for Malick to reproduce his own internal musings inside his mind. Cinematography is not exactly iconic like Lubezski's contributions for the director, but newcomer Joerg Wiedmann still makes the movie wonderful to watch. Every frame of it could be on the favorite shots thread. JNH score works great in the movie alongside the classical selections, and absolutely should've been nominated last year. In terms of impact on the movie, it's indeed his best work in years.
  11. I know both are named James, but James Horner and JNH are different people That said, I'd love to hear a Legends of the Fall from JNH and a Waterworld from Horner.
  12. I understand, but I guess the numbers we know are of people who were tested. There was probably some people who got the virus, but for them it was normal flu, so they didn't need to see the doctor as the symptoms died away a few days later. On the future, that's what I believe what will happen, most people will get corona, but not everyone will have a serious health condition. Oh, well, a neighbour of a friend from work was a confirmed case for corona... But he got better over the days and now he's in a good condition.
  13. I voted Yes because hey, look at my avatar. I have to champion old James here at JWFan But yeah, Waterworld would be on my top 10 scores from him, maybe top 5. He has always done good job for Kevin Costner, Wyatt Earp and The Postman are classics of his filmography. I love listening to the bootleg Postman score (which is long overdue for an expansion).
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