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  1. Are videogames art? And what about comic books, are they?
  2. Maybe because of the use of JW's Han's theme on the track? Although the track was Powell's composition, maybe the performance of Han's theme there is enough to give Williams a co-composing credit by the Grammy's rules.
  3. At least some good news on this tragic, shitty day.
  4. I always imagined that theme was meant to accompany Old Rose's scenes on the present, so I associated it with her. I don't know if I'm right though, since her scenes on the actual movie are scored mostly with tracked stuff. And you're right, that's the Titanic theme, my bad, lol.
  5. The main title of Zhivago is wonderful. I wished that theme appeared more on that score, as the repetitions of Lara's theme got very repetitive after a while. About Titanic, anyone else here is a fan of Old Rose's theme, and wished Cameron used it more on the movie? I love how, on this track, Old Rose's theme, on 1:04, transitions into the Adventure/Lovett theme, at 1:33: The performance of the theme here, starting on 1:32, is extremely touching, and reminded me of the music Horner would write for Deep Impact, Bicentennial Man and A Beautiful Mind a few years later: Like the main title theme of Zhivago, it could've been used more often on the final cut of the movie.
  6. I think Hildur should do a Broadway musical next. Then she'll win a Tony, and become one of the rare EGOT people in the world, and probably the youngest.
  7. Lost my two pets during the timespan of a month. The cat and the dog. Alex, my daschund, was with me since I was 14. He was 12 when he died. He was already an elderly dog, then he got an hernia. He was put into surgery, but a few days later he got weaker and weaker... Until he was gone, last month on Dec 16. Then, this month, AJ, our black cat, disappeared for almost two weeks. We found out that he ate a poisoned rat. He was going to complete 2 years this May. I don't know, I must've done something terrible for God to punish me this way. But, despite causing an unbearable pain when they go, I still think more people should have pets. Yeah, they live less than us, but at least we can provide them with a comfortable life, food, shelter, love, etc., that they otherwise wouldn't get if we don't adopt them.
  8. I've watched all of the Chernobyl episodes, and tbh I don't even remember that they had music. It was so discrete and low that it was barely noticeable. Some critics love scores that are this way (as opposed to the showy and intrusive scores by John Williams - "how dare this Williams guy telling me how to feel!"), but come on, this is the opposite of what good scores should do. I don't hate Hildur, as I liked her Joker score, and I think she has potential to write even better scores for future movies. But Chernobyl is only getting all of this attention because everyone is so infatuated with this trend of minimal sound design scores. Next year's winner for Best Original Score will be a score that doesn't even have music, just a collection of background sounds. But then everyone will be like iT wOrKs WoNdErFulLy In ThE mOvIe.
  9. And Hildur has won again. She's on fire! What is she going to win next, the Nobel Peace Prize? Also, A Star is Born has won as well for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written for Visual Media (for "I'll Never Love Again" (Film Version))
  10. Christ... It's already tragic that he died, but also his daughter? This is just terrible!
  11. I dunno, I think he got more and more bitter with Luke's role on the new trilogy as the years passed. Just look at this recent tweet from him.
  12. NBA legend Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash this sunday. In addition to his brilliant basketball career, he and JW collaborated on the Dear Basketball animated short film. Rest in peace. https://www.thewrap.com/kobe-bryant-killed-in-calabasas-helicopter-crash/
  13. If the Apocalypse had happened a few decades ago, Williams could've scored it. But these days, they'll call Zimmer and Balfe to do the score for the end of the world. Plague theme composed by Hans Zimmer, Score composed by Lorne Balfe, Benjamin Wallfisch and about 3737563646348375 uncredited RC minions.
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