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  1. I'm very much looking forward for the JNH score for the show, I'm sure it'll be wonderful. But it would be also great if they released the expanded edition of Horner's score alongside the new series.
  2. Man, seeing (on the internet) 90-year-old John Williams completely healthy and making a surprise appearance to conduct a new piece, was the highlight of my week, specially after years of Covid. He surely spent very well the pandemic by writing new music. John Williams is my hero!
  3. Interesting! I'm curious about his schedule in the year of 1995. In that year, he had both Braveheart and Casper opening on the same Memorial Day weekend: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/1995W21/occasion/us_memorialday_weekend/?ref_=bo_rl_table_2 Apollo 13 opened a month later, followed by Jade in October. Then, in December, two family films: Jumanji on Dec 15 and Balto a week later. It's fascinating how, despite being movies for children scored by the same man, both Jumanji and Balto had completely different scores.
  4. Do you have a Horner timeline? With the recording dates for his scores? That's great! Could you share it? He had some pretty intense years during the mid-90s.
  5. I remember laughing out loud when I First heard Giacchino's Spider-Man theme with EPIC CHOIR. It was ludicrous. It would've been much more interesting If he somehow mixed his own theme with Elfman's and Horner's
  6. I listened to Snow Falling on Cedars the other day and I thought it was a bit too depressing. However, the "Snow Angels/Can I Hold you Now?" combo is one of my favorite emotional moments by JNH, alongside "Malcolm is Dead" and "Central Park".
  7. Two of the most atmospheric, oppressive and dramatic scores by composers named James. Choose your favorite!
  8. Any Speed Racer fans on the forum? Get ready for Abrams to ruin that property too. Live-Action Speed Racer Series From J.J. Abrams in Development at Apple
  9. Is that Joaquin Phoenix's dong on the right picture?
  10. Today is the 45th anniversary of A New Hope. Another year has come and gone and yet no sign of the expansions
  11. Just listened to the album in chronological order. It works great! I really prefer "Multiverse of Madness" and "Stranger Things Will Happen" at the end, acting like an end titles suite. Also, it helped a lot reading Jon Broxton's review while I'm listening to it. Now that I know the context of the music, I can better appreciate it.
  12. To be fair with Giacchino, some of his scores have normal cue names alongside the puny ones. Doctor Strange's OST album has "boring" tracks like "Inside the Mirror Dimension" or "Ancient Sorcerer's Secret", but it also has a lot of puns with the word "strange".
  13. Funnily enough, here in Brazil (and I think in some other countries too), the title of the movie was in the plural: "Os Ăšltimos Jedi". Apparently, the translators working for Disney didn't know if "The Last Jedi" meant just one Jedi or more than one, so they chose to put in plural. If I remember correctly, Johnson was pretty upset with that, as it was supposed to be just one last Jedi (at least at the beginning of the movie).
  14. Anyone else also prefers Giacchino's first Jurassic World score to Fallen Kingdom's? The first one is pretty decent, but FK, as Kasey puts it, is just a Chris Young-wannabe. It also doesn't help that the movie is horrible.
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