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  1. Exactly. I don't have enough free time to keep up with all of those shows. Most of the little free time that I have I spend with videogames
  2. The same has happened to me. When I was a teenager, I used to watch religiously Prison Break, Lost, Dexter, GoT, TWD... I eventually binged all of Breaking Bad back in 2012-3. But now that I'm older, there are very few shows that appeal to me. These days, I'm currently only watching Rings of Power (which is decent) and House of the Dragon (which is pretty good). But I don't have the time or interest to see: Most Disney Star Wars and Marvel shows; The Witcher (I saw season 1 and didn't liked it, so I skipped S2); Pretty much every superhero show airing today; Walking Dead and its numerous spin-offs; Cobra Kai (apparently in order to understand it I need to have watched every 80s/90s Karate Kid movie that exists, and I only saw the first one) Squid Game (whenever something becomes too much talked about on Twitter, I simply lose interest); All of those crappy Netflix adaptations: Resident Evil, Cowboy BeBop, etc., (The Sandman was an exception, as it is a great show and I'm a Neil Gaiman fan) I think part of my disinterest with all of those hyped and trendy TV shows is that in my youth I spent so much time watching both good and bad shows (I even saw three seasons of CW's awful The Flash!) that now I realized life is too short and precious to waste with them. So now I'm choosing more carefully what to watch. Like Severance, which was a nice surprise. But I do plan on watching Succession and Barry on HBO.
  3. He didn't had his own theme, no. If Britell wanted to reference something from that score, I think Gia's Hope theme is a decent choice, maybe for Cassian "becoming" a Rebel...
  4. There's a paywall on the review and I don't have any money to give to Rolling Stone (and even if I had it, I'd probably spent with something more interesting and valuable than with the entertainment press). If someone can post a print, I'll be thankful.
  5. I thought it was a known fact that John Williams lurks around in the forum, searching for opinions about his work, what scores should be expanded next and which cues shall remain unreleased from the official OST.
  6. The reviews I've read have been more mixed so far. THR basically said the first episodes are slow and boring, although that may work in its benefit. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-reviews/andor-diego-luna-rogue-one-origin-story-disney-plus-1235223748/ And I really liked this part on Forbes' review: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/09/20/review-andor-is-by-default-best-disney-plus-star-wars-show-yet/?sh=5e4b30585bc2
  7. These newer directors Lucasfilm keeps hiring don't care at all for Williams and his music, they don't think it's "edgy" enough for their take on the Star Wars universe. They prefer something more modern, more sound design and less melodies and notes, more... Zimmer. I don't even know how the hell Junkie XL or Balfe haven't been offered a Star Wars production yet, although this will happen eventually, just wait and see.
  8. Sounds like something from a Mass Effect game
  9. I liked how the wedding began, but not the way it ended. I was sure it would climax with Alicent revealing to the guests that Rhanyera wasn't a virgin anymore, and instead it ended with a silly fight between that gay knight and Ser Criston.
  10. Any fans of the movie here who would like to see a sequel? New ‘Shining’ Movie Dead Due to ‘Doctor Sleep’ Bomb, Mike Flanagan Confirms "I’ll always regret this didn’t happen," said Flanagan, whose "Doctor Sleep" grossed just over $31 million domestic against a $45-million budget.
  11. If JNH said that (and proved) for most of his previous scores, I'd be the happiest person on this forum Anyway, I'm really digging McCreary's music, it's clearly the best part of the show. It feels really nice and fresh to have a big budget fantasy whose score isn't just synth drones, but actual orchestral music with melodies, themes, etc.
  12. And I get all of mine on JWFan! The best site to get all film music-related news.
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