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  1. Oh, I don't know. He looks like the stern a**hole headmaster at an all-boys boarding school?
  2. Indeed. And rest assured, I have the same amount of faith in Rings of Power as I do the new Star Wars shows.
  3. Dunno. A TV writer's imagination? Someplace south I'd guess, given the name. Númenór? Wherever they put it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. This isn’t adaptation. It’s fan fiction. Baby Yoda would like a word!
  5. I'm beginning to suspect I'm not among the audience Amazon is creating this for. Or at least, marketing it to. I dunno...just a hunch.
  6. What's ironic about this is, they all claim to be "Superfans", and call Tolkien's work "progressive", yet lament that lack of representation and diversity in his work. Which makes you wonder how they became "Superfans" in the first place if they found so little to relate to. It's interesting, because Peter Jackson specifically said that they very intentionally avoided projecting any of their own beliefs into the films, and that they wanted to stay true to Tolkien's vision (which they largely did). I don't know, in my judgment it's an insult to say Tolkien needs "updating" to appeal to a wider audience. Isn't the phenomenal success of the films, and the popularity of all things Tolkien, evidence enough of Lord of the Ring's universal appeal?
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