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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't say that too loud. Last time a bunch of Wagnerians tried to take over it didn't work out so well.
  2. We can't blow the world to bits. Even if we wanted to. The world will still be here no matter what. The humans living on it, however...
  3. Nice catch! He is reading ancient Middle-Earth history after all.
  4. Fair enough. As for me...
  5. Hard disagree. This isn’t George Lucas retconning Star Wars, or even Amazon’s clunky demystification of Middle-Earth. This is Tolkien’s life’s work. The Silmarillion was more important to him than Lord of the Rings. It’s not a question of “need to know”. Anyone who doesn’t wish to delve into the HOMA is free to stop with the narrative fiction (which is admittedly the vast majority of people, including Tolkien fans).
  6. True, I was just thinking I remembered a lot of ambient guitar from Brian May throughout..but it’s been a while, maybe I’m mistaken.
  7. Well said. I'll just add, along with the fact that his points just weren't that well argued, it really wasn't fair putting Norman Lebrecht up against Stephen Fry to begin with. Fry, in addition to being a conspicuous Wagnerian, is one of the UK's most beloved entertainers, is famously well-spoken, very funny and charismatic, and he was right at home in this milieu. My guess is, had Fry taken Verdi's part, he would have had that audience eating out of his hand and still would have won the day (and I say this as more of a Wagnerian myself).
  8. Funny, I found that reading the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper. Much cheaper (and tastier) than the theatre as well.
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