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  1. I fully understand words can be hurtful. And using words with the intent of hurting someone, particularly a vulnerable person, is wrong. At least, I don't like it. But the potential for hurting someone, emotionally, is not enough of a reason to censor. And it's incredibly subjective. What if I'm hurt by joke someone makes about John Williams? That's a slippery slope no one should want to go down. In most places, at least most liberal democracies, no, being locked up isn't the issue. We're back to "should". Lots of things are should. Should comedians make tasteless jokes? Maybe yes, maybe no. But when you're talking about deplatforming someone because their words might hurt someone's feelings, that's another matter entirely. That's a form of censorship. And with that, I shall self-censor and away from this conversation, because this thread has been derailed enough already.
  2. This is a strawman. I don't think anyone is saying people don't have a "right" to be offended. I personally couldn't care less if something offends someone or not. The problem comes when the people who are "offended" try to censor, cancel, or otherwise silence those who they're offended by. And that I do have a problem with. In a liberal democracy, one that values the freedom of expression, the right to say (almost) anything is, in fact, greater than the right of someone not to be hurt. Historically, there is no "right" to not be hurt by someone else's words, but there is a human right of freedom of expression, that goes back to antiquity. The greatest "right" we all have to not be hurt by someone else's words is our own agency...to ignore them. Or at least, not let the words of someone we neither know or respect impact us. If you let someone else's words...particularly a f*cking comedian's...ruin your day, well, that's on you. Even children know about sticks & stones.
  3. Yeah, I don't sense any mean-spiritedness, or spite in his comedy. As soon as I think something is coming from a bad, or spiteful place, I stop thinking it's funny.
  4. That was about my take. Visually, it's actually a beautiful film...if lacking any real depth or understanding of its subject. I think there's potential for some good stuff there, in the hands of a capable screenwriter. Shadowlands (despite a grating performance by Debra Winger) was superb.
  5. I agree that Season 5, while good, is the weakest of the final four seasons, the force lighting fight being a low point. That said, I think the Season 5 finale, Call to Arms, is one of the best episodes of the series.
  6. I agree DS9 doesn't really hit its stride until Season 4...though there are some incredible moments before that. But from Season 4 through the finale? Simply some of the best science fiction ever on TV. And eminently rewatchable. The first two seasons of BSG were mostly damn near perfect...as you point out, through the Pegasus storyline. After that, the show took something of an unfortunate downturn. And things were never really the same after New Caprica, which they never fully recovered from. I still think there was a lot more story potential based on the original premise that remained unexplored. But the showrunners really painted themselves into corner between New Caprica and the fact that the thole thing started to become weighed down by its own mythology. There were still some great moments in Seasons 2 & 3, but they never quite hit the highs of the first two. On the whole, I prefer both DS9 and BSG to BB5, but I also wouldn't argue with anyone who preferred the latter, it's a defensible and respectable take. They're all great shows.
  7. Is neo-puritanism the only reason for the pushback? No. The primary reason? Probably. Especially given the "pushback" comes from a relative minority (albeit a very vocal one) of social media scolds. The kind of supposedly moralistic and high-minded people, to quote Dr. Zhivago, "who the world pretends to admire but in fact despises". They used to wear religious cloaks, today they're mostly secular. The sides change, but the censorious mindset remains the same.
  8. Tolkien (2019) was not as good as I'd hoped but better than I feared. All but ignoring Tolkien's faith, however, was inexcusable. Baffling yet unsurprising at the same time.
  9. I don't know anything about this studio, but this potentially looks more interesting to me than anything New Line or Amazon is doing.
  10. Babylon 5 was great. Better than DS9? I don't think so. Better than BSG? Nah. Better than Firefly? Hmmmm. Maybe. Maybe not. Star Wars? I wouldn't compare. But still a fantastic show. I need to watch it again sometime.
  11. To say nothing of Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Mel Brooks, etc. You've said this before, and I was going to mention that, but I didn't want to drag you into it.
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