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  1. Added! It's Solti I'm familiar with, but would like to try something different.
  2. If DC went down the road of snarky Marvel-style humour, it would just come across as a pale, less funny imitator, which is what it would be. Anyway, they've tried that, and it's mostly been embarrassing. Not that there's anything wrong with the humour in Marvel flicks. At this point the films and shows are action-comedies, and the "comedy" element has been steadily increasing. And Marvel has done very well with that formula. There's clearly a place for it, but I do think there's something to be said for DC taking a different road, not the least of which is b/c their most iconic characters just aren't funny.
  3. Setting aside calling it a “theme song” by someone who should know better, I don't think he's being politically correct here, he's just sticking up for the music for his version of Superman. Which is appropriate and understandable, but IMO he wasn't as careful with his comments as I'm sure he thought he was, and took it a step too far. Saying how much he loves Zimmer's theme is fine, even thinking it should be the one used in DCEU films is a reasonable take. But saying it's "equal to" William's music is both misguided and unnecessary, if for no other reason than it invites comparison that won't be favourable to Zimmer. But that's all just opinion, fair enough. However, saying Zimmer's theme is just as "iconic" as JW's is flat out objectively wrong.
  4. Probably been asked & answered here before, but which recording of Der Ring des Nibelungen does everyone like, and why? Looking for recommendations! @Chen G.? Aren't you a Wagner nut?
  5. The issue isn't the movies themselves. There's a place for all kinds of cinema (or there should be), including superhero movies. The issue is all the films, particularly ambitious genre films, that aren't getting made because superhero movies are sucking up all the resources & talent. There's only so many dollars to go around, so many slots for big, tent pole releases. It's going on over a decade now of massive lost opportunities...films we'll never see because it was just easier to make Ant Man and the Wasp.
  6. WB will probably figure out the DCEU about the time all the superhero phases in the superhero phase in cinema history has about phased itself out (which can't come a moment too soon).
  7. Either Mattris is the architect of the most long-game, sustained & diabolical troll job in JWFan history, or he's one hydrospanner short of a full toolbox, and in serious need of a restraining bolt. It's really sort of a beautiful thing. If it is a troll job, you have to admire his persistence & dedication to his craft. Maybe he really is the most intelligent member of this forum?
  8. I've heard this before, but it feels almost apocryphal to me. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" appears literally in the first 30 seconds of the movie, which would seem to be a pretty strong indication that you were watching an Indiana Jones movie. I mean, the title card shows up before the musical number even starts.
  9. "Incontestable greatness"? Hmmmm. I don't think there are many cinema aficionados that have regarded any such list has having "incontestable greatness". In fact any such ranking of films I've ever seen has caused a great deal of controversy from film fans. I mean, that's what movie buffs do, argue about movie rankings.
  10. Sadly, I've gotten to the point where I wouldn't mind seeing some franchises fail, because I think they're doing more harm than good in their current form. But I want this film to succeed. I don't have anything invested in Avatar, and am not a particularly big fan, but Cameron has clearly poured his heart and soul into this, not to mention a good chunk of his life, and I respect his passion. At least it's not an assembly line movie, ala Marvel, and for that reason, and its ambition alone, I wish Avatar well.
  11. Well actually, he can. And did. My contacts tell me Zimmer. In the library. With a dulcimer.
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