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  1. The only film I've seen since Avatar which really offered that kind of immersive experience in the cinema was Gravity.
  2. Like all Rian Johnson movies, I couldn't abide Knives Out. That said, good for him, he seems like a perfect fit for Netflix.
  3. How so? I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, I'm just curious what specifically you're thinking of.
  4. Tarantino considers the 70's to be the absolute apex of cinema.
  5. It’s true. That’s why real aficionado’s use dedicated classical music streamers like Idagio or Primephonic (whom Apple just acquired). It’s not about the selection, all streamers have basically the same catalogue, it’s about the tagging.
  6. Yes, I saw that, but I'm hoping it's just depicting past events from Neo's other itinerations and not the actual film. Obviously its hard to say not knowing the context of what we saw. That said, I can easily see them thinking doing something so stupid and self-reverential is a clever idea.
  7. I really hope they don't go too far down the "meta" road. I mean, if they're just referencing things from the other films, that's one thing and to be expected. But if it's something like Neo invented a VR video game based on The Matrix (i.e. people are playing The Matrix within the matrix), or the Matrix movies themselves somehow exist within the matrix itself, well that will be too clever by half and let's just say I'll be very disappointed if they go that route.
  8. I saw Reloaded and Revolutions on the same day. I thought "well, that sucked". Then a couple years later I gave them both another chance and came way thinking I was a little harsh in my initial assessment. Finally, shortly after they announced Resurrections I went back and checked them out again and realized I was right the first time. The sequels just suck. I don't like the entire approach they took to the story after the first one. And it's amazing to me how utterly unsatisfying Revolutions is as an ending. Just leaves me completely cold.
  9. Yeah, this kind of defeats the purpose of being user-friendly, since on most screens you'd see something like "John Williams:The Emp" before it started to scroll off. Though I suppose you could take it to another level, "John Williams:StarWars_Episode IV_A New Hope - Main Title [Alternate] [Take 19] [London Symphony Orchestra]" Actually, I've seen some classical collections tagged that way.
  10. This is exactly what I do. I do the same for the end credits.
  11. Prediction: The first time someone calls Thomas Anderson "Neo", he says something like "No one calls me that anymore" or "That's a name I've not heard in a long time."
  12. I don't hate Westworld, I rather enjoy it. I am, however, too stupid to understand what they were doing after the first season.
  13. Battlestar Galactica (remake) and probably The Matrix did it best in my opinion. Not to mention Blade Runner. I hear it was big hit with Alexa and Siri as well.
  14. Other than aliens invading earth, isn't "sentient machines rise up against their creators" more or less the oldest and most used trope in science fiction?
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