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  1. I’m not a lover of Celtic but Rangers are one of if not the scummiest clubs in the UK
  2. It’s so weird seeing posts by young Steph where he’s actually just participating and stuff.
  3. You shouldn’t be looking for logic in Star Wars.
  4. Bilbo


    I think this had something to do with eating bats actually
  5. Maul looks cool so therefore he must be the most badass. also, Ahsoka is a girl so that probably rankles with his fragile masculinity.
  6. Bilbo


    I’ve been telling people these lads were a virus for years. Glad to see it’s finally being accepted.
  7. Rebels was bad and Resistance is awful. It’s so good to have The Clone Wars back! Trailer has me excited!
  8. I’m not too worried about another OT release. What we have there is fine. I do want the other two trilogies complete though.
  9. Bilbo


    If they're anything like their amps I certainly wouldn't be using them for orchestral music!
  10. 1. ROTS 2. SW 3. TPM 4. TESB 5. AOTC 6. TFA 7. TROS 8. ROTJ 9. TLJ
  11. Your Father Would Have Been Proud Hope from Rogue One
  12. Johnny Marr is as talented a guitar player as there is out there.
  13. Fall of Gondolin is the 1st Age so we won’t see that. The Appendices give the tale of years so they’ve broadly sketched out what happens in the second age. That’s what they’ll be basing this on. The broad strokes will be what’s in the Appendices but I imagine a lot of the minutiae will have to be created.
  14. Second Age is confirmed. The rest is speculation on my behalf (based on their teasers and stuff) but what else would they do in the second age?
  15. It’s been confirmed to be second Age. we’ll see the Fall of Númenor, forging of the rings, and Las Alliance.
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