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  1. It’s a pub featured in the series. It changed its name in real life I believe. the titular character is an Arsenal fan
  2. Yeah, it’s just twitter outrage. I don’t think it’ll actually impact anything. New Strike book is selling well apparently.
  3. I’m worried that Hogwarts Legacy is an MMO. Hopefully it isn’t.
  4. If you enjoyed the Potters then you should enjoy these. Potter is basically a whodunnit at its core. The characters in Strike are great too. I’d say give the first one a go anyway. It’s an easy read.
  5. It’s all a load of bollocks apparently: https://t.co/UHUG2WHPkS
  6. As quickly and safely as possible without cutting corners. Basically, no more setbacks please.
  7. If you’re not canceling someone you’re living life wrong. The Gina Corana think obviously isn’t big enough for twitter.
  8. The Strike series has been a great success. Not Potter level obviously but you’d be an idiot to think it was possible to recreate that. New Strike book is out today. Looking forward to diving in this evening.
  9. Newcastle. We were second until Leicester’s win! I hadn’t spotted that when I posted!
  10. I see the vaccine trials in the U.K. were able to start back up again. Good news! Hopefully it can progress quickly.
  11. And we’re second. Blow it up ref!
  12. It must be really bad if the film scores seem leagues ahead.
  13. Sorry for your loss. That's terrible man.
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