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  1. It sounds like they’ve done to Indy what so many fans hated about the ST.
  2. It wouldn’t have happened if Christopher was still alive. I think Simon is very keen on this stuff but his father or grandfather he is not.
  3. Mystery box ☑️ Style over substance ☑️ Bad writing ☑️ Talking a good game to try and fool your audience ☑️ I’d say they were grown from the leftovers of one of JJ’s tissues or something.
  4. It all makes sense https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/amazon-lord-of-the-rings-jj-abrams-game-of-thrones
  5. Gil-Galad is an awful w⚓️ The writing is the show’s biggest flaw (aside from the costumes). The show runners and writers… you would wonder how these people with limited experience or success got these jobs in the first place. I’m still not willing to rule out the whole thing being a money laundering exercise!
  6. Imagine a home video release today with 2 bonus discs of extras and a statue along with it? Unthinkable in 2023 unfortunately.
  7. That and the Evenstar are both Noble Collection pieces I bought on Amazon. The ring came with the 4K boxset of all 6 films.
  8. Yeah. I think that’s why he’s so cheap! I got the DVDs as they came out but the gift sets were too expensive for 11/12/13 years old so it’s nice to get them now. Tracked down still sealed sets too. This is how I’m displaying them
  9. It’s always the most expensive of the three for some reason. In every set of LotR items there’s one film that costs more than the others and it’s never the same one! Gift Sets is Fellowship (the book ends I suppose)* Soundtracks is TTT (extra track I guess but you’d imagine RotK’s DVD would be more sought after?) Art Books is RotK. I have no way of explaining that one. Maybe it was a smaller print run with the Art of Trilogy book coming out. *TTT is easily the cheapest. I guess the Gollum statue isn’t as desirable as the Argonath or Minas Tirith.
  10. Excellent and thorough answer Jay! Thanks very much. I’m hunting down some of the tie in material released with the films 20 odd years ago and I’ve just been trying to fill in the gaps of knowledge of what’s what I’ve gotten all 4 art books (one for each film plus a 4th one with art from the first three books + art not in the first three), the gift sets of the EE DVDs (to get the statues), and I am going to get the three Limited Edition soundtracks as well. Already have RotK and Fellowship is in the post. I know they’re not really essential but they’re just nice to have.
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