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  1. You’ve never listened to The Joshua Tree?!?!?
  2. Don’t Stop is the only weak point for me. It basically being Waterfall backwards right after Waterfall is just... poor sequencing. But “I Wanna Be Adored”, “She Bangs the Drums”, and “Waterfall” is up there with Joshua Tree for best ever opening to an album.
  3. I’ve been obsessing over The Stone Roses debut album again.
  4. I really don't get the internet's love for this woman. Hasn't her music caused enough damage to society?
  5. I love TR13. I love that mix of ancient civilisations but with ruins of ships and planes from different time periods littered throughout the island. It felt very natural and the story was very good. Rise just kicked everything up a notch. It looked better (it did jump a generation to be fair) and the story was very interesting. Again you had the mix of ancient and modern with the soviet stuff. Where Rise felt like two steps forward, Shadow felt like a step back. The graphics weren't as good as it's predecessor and they share the same basic story. The Trinity story lin
  6. That’s the opposite of the common consensus.
  7. An unfortunate side effect of Jay creating this thread by splitting it from the main Mando thread and making the OP of this thread the OP of this thread.
  8. Rome was a show way ahead of its time. It would have been massive in a post GoT world. But GoT probably wouldn’t have existed without Rome.
  9. Yeah, there were 5! PS1 era TR I TR II TR III Tomb Raider the Last Revelation Tomb Raider Chronicles PS2 era Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Tomb Raider Legend (First reboot) Tomb Raider Anniversary (this is a remake of the original game that fits in with the new timeline created for Legend) PS3 era Tomb Raider Underworld Tomb Raider (second reboot) PS4 era Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  10. Square Enix own Tomb Raider and its its 25th anniversary this year. Several remakes could be remakes of the original 5 PS1 games?
  11. Anthropoid is a decent film about the assassination of Heydrich. I'm reading a book about the the history of the SS at the moment. The book is interesting but feels like an extended Wiki article. Interesting that there was an Indian unit and a Muslim unit in the SS. The Nazis were a bundle of contradiction.
  12. Aces One Five This is a nice little Battle of Britain film focusing on a fictional squadron and it's exploits. The dogfights are limited by the technology of the time and the model work is obvious but what actual aerial photography that is there is cool. Also focuses on Hurricanes rather than Spitfires but I'll allow it. Aside from the opening credits I honestly can't recall any music in it. Operation Finale Second time seeing this and I really enjoy it. Issac and Kingsley are excellent. It looks nice, Desplat's score is good. Nice little thriller. No Spitf
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