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  1. I would think it’s a commercial decision. They obviously don’t feel there much more to be milked from the films that have been released but they are also probably unwilling to hand over the jewel (and let’s face it Middle-earth is probably the strongest franchise they have left) to a specialty label just in case. Maybe Doug’s book in 2024 for the 10 anniversary of the end of the trilogy?
  2. I think when they decided to make it a trilogy was the problem. If it has been conceived as a trilogy from the get go it would have been fine. There’s enough material there for three films. It’s just not as strongly thought out. The mess that was pre-production was the biggest issue.
  3. I’ve definitely heard him say they were going to make it as a game with a third party studio but the negotiations broke down. I can’t remember where I read it but it was in the last week.
  4. What Joel did was Feb wrong thing to do. I’d have done the same in his situation. I went in all guns blazing and killed everyone. Including the two nurses. FWIW, I always go for high honour in Red Dead Redemption 2. But TLOU sucked me in and I wanted to save Ellie at all costs and make sure nobody could stop me 🤷‍♂️
  5. A story about the forging of the rings of power would be great to see on screen. I think the North is the most likely though.
  6. I feel the three episodes as a whole would have been stronger if the Coruscant scenes were spread throughout the episodes rather than one big block in episode 3.
  7. Well it can’t be worse than Rings of Power anyway. Hopefully WB look at what specifically people disliked about that and make sure they avoid those obvious mistakes. There’a good stories they can tell. There’s the whole War in the North and Angmar and all that good stuff. It’ll have to be fleshed out but the only non-Tolkien version of M-e I can enjoy is Jackson’s version so hopefully it’ll align with that. and film the damn thing in New Zealand.
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