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  1. I think you can take it that the vast majority of it is accurate. Disappointingly so. Thank the Maker we got three new JW scores out of it though!
  2. I like TLJ as a stand-alone. It’s not perfect and the bad bits are pretty bad (Holdo and Canto Bite) but it falls down as the second act of a trilogy. It basically goes in its own direction and then leaves scorched earth behind it making it difficult or even impossible to build anything off it and wrap up a nine episode saga. It all goes back to not even having a basic outline of where the story was going or what the ST was supposed to achieve. Aside from making money.
  3. You’d think the fabled story group would have sat down with JJ and Rian at some point and mapped out the trilogy in its major beats but no. We got this horrible mess of an ending because JJ had to salvage something from Johnson’s interquel.
  4. Some amazing thematic highlights and the action music is stunning. JW did a great job with this one. Especially when you consider the spoilers that this confirms. It’s really going to be an awful movie.
  5. Needs at least chicken and bacon. And wireless headphones
  6. People are still being fooled by that Social Network muck
  7. It’s not EPICZ™️ enough to be trailer house so yeah, think that it’s John. The end is a little funny though.
  8. First image got me 35/50. He said I should have moved a bit to get the cross on the left. Second image got me 50/50. Absolutely chuffed Third image got me 40/50. He said he liked the image but the theme for that competition was diversity and tbh I just didn’t have something that fit the theme properly.
  9. Yeah, well, takes one to know one!
  10. Don’t you have the MCU for that?
  11. hasn’t she scrounged enough from the state? How many more benefits does she need?!?
  12. Binged the first four episodes this weekend. Didn’t think I’d enjoy the score but it’s really really growing on me. The Baby Yoda Show is the best thing to happen to Disney Wars.
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