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  1. It’s amazing how much free publicity Starbucks got from a generic coffee cup appearing in GoT! It wasn’t a Starbucks cup at all but everyone calls it one anyway!
  2. The kind of ethereal almost synth like vocal? I love that.
  3. GOT used to actually drop between episodes 1 and 2 Well you’ve got Mushroom in the book so… best avoided
  4. Alanis Morrisette has a lot to answer for I think you’ll find the lyrics are “Dinklage, Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage…”
  5. It feels like a million years since I saw this film in the cinema. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more forgettable film. It just exists. It was exciting, it wasn’t boring. It was just bang average and stank of everyone phoning it in. Maybe Covid did that. I don’t know. But I don’t really have any desire to see it again. which is mad because I actually really enjoyed the first Jurassic World film. It was a nice nostalgia trip and a fun time in the cinema. The other two that followed were just diminishing returns. I think the only thing they could do with this franchise is to adapt the book as a TV show and have it closer in tone to its source material. Aside from that, Trevorrow has caused it to go extinct.
  6. People online are calling Otto Hightower Middle Finger. And I am here for that.
  7. The way I see it with the main titles is, it’s the same as the Star Wars theme over the opening crawl. It’s possibly the most iconic and recognisable TV themes of modern times, if not all time. I’m kind of glad they kept it because it ensures a musical continuity going forward.
  8. Normally the king would decide. But as Jaehaerys had no real obvious heir and the succession was muddied he was afraid of a civil war breaking out. He called for a Great Council to sort it out. All the claims were heard and they voted on them. The precedent was set for the eldest male to take the throne. So as it stands in Hot D, Daemon should be his heir.
  9. He didn’t. It was put to a vote and the the Lords of Westeros overwhelmingly chose Viserys.
  10. I meant from a legal point rather than spoilers. I wasn’t sure if it was safe for the forum to post stuff like that, that’s all!
  11. It looks like the Targ family tree linked by blood with deceased members symbols being covered in blood.
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