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  1. Need a palette cleanser every now and again. I’ve read The Road (man that was bleak. The film actually managed to be more so...). I am Legend. Really enjoyed this one. A much more enjoyable reading experience than bloody Dracula.
  2. I definitely enjoyed HZD enough to get the sequel next year. Aloy is a great character
  3. I dunno, I think the main game has one of the best pay offs ever and I’m certainly not alone in thinking that but Left Behind feels like it’s an essential part of the game too. It gives context to Ellie’s “I’ve lost people too” like in the abandoned Ranch in Jackson after she runs away and it’s cool to see her survive and look after Joel when he gets injured. I think it sets up the second game nicely! but yeah, it definitely sounds like you need to wait a bit before playing Part II. Cost reasons aside it’s even more bleak than the first!! It took me a loooooong time to get into HZD. Too long, and the dialogue is hilariously bad. Like it’s almost as if it was written in a different language and then just translated into English but the gameplay is great and once the storyline kicks off it’s very interesting. I don’t think it deserves some of the high praise it’s gotten but it’s definitely worth the €20 I paid.
  4. I’d like some new 20th anniversary documentaries to go with this. I’m pretty happy with the current Blu-ray sets (not that I won’t buy these anyway).
  5. Whatever it is it’s great.
  6. 🤤 jealous. I play on 32” 1080p tv 😂 The game looks gorgeous even at that though.
  7. https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/sweden-s-grim-covid-19-result-more-death-and-nearly-equal-economic-damage-1.4300102?mode=amp A lot of people were championing Sweden and how they were dealing with it. It doesn’t look too good.
  8. The actors were mo-capped on set but the facial animations were still key frame. ND didn’t start capturing facial data until Uncharted 4. I think considering it’s a 7 year old game it still looks fantastic.
  9. There was only a few of them but the ones in the hospital fill in Marlene’s story and acceptance of having to kill Ellie. You can find transcripts online. Can you not read them in the game though? Maybe you can’t I’ve never tried it.
  10. Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical cartridge for the Nintendo Switch. Region free. This is an open pre-order for a limited time. Includes full-color interior art and a booklet. PREORDERS CLOSE ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 9TH AT 11:59PM EASTERN TIME PLEASE NOTE: There is no purchase limit on this item.
  11. Do you know if they charge when you pre-order or when they ship?
  12. For a 13-year old game, Drake's Fortune holds up incredibly well, in my opinion. Bluepoint did a fantastic job on the remaster, bringing it up to par visually with the other installments. It's not a long game by today's standards; how far are you into it, Bilbo? I think I got to chapter 15 or 16 or something. I think there’s 25 in total. I stopped to play HZD. If I finish that before Ghost of Tsushima comes out I’ll try and finish Uncharted 1.
  13. I can’t get through the first Uncharted game. It has the worst controls and camera of any game I think of. It’s PS2 quality. I know it’s an early PS3 game but still. Could have been fixed in the remaster. The series picks up with the second one apparently. Playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Cliches with some very clunky dialogue but the landscapes are breathtaking.
  14. In Ireland both cases and deaths are reported at a national press conference every evening. I have three news apps which all send push notifications with this info. Also released daily if you want to find it is the number of recoveries as well as those currently in hospital and the numbers in ICU. The new Covid tracker app also gives a full breakdown of the history of the virus.
  15. Yer man in Brazil has tested positive
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