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  1. I have some of those! And your response is to who?😁
  2. BUSTING Billy Goldenberg The Kritzerland program has tons of filler. Here is my " LP" program: 4-7 10 12 15-17 19 5
  3. Chill, Erik!😊 I don't I agree with ALL the criticisms. The critics didn't focus on the Thugee /Indian culture depiction so much as The " white savior" aspect; which is valid. The " grossness" extended beyond the dinner scene. Remember the bugs? The beating heart? Yuk! 😆 Overall it's an entertaining adventure but it's not in the same class as the other two films - anyway you look at it! Btw I loved it when I first saw it in 70mm Later, watching it for a second time, I thought to myself " what were you thinking?!" 😎
  4. The film has alot to do with it. It's reputation was never great and has only diminished in light of modern cultural sensitivities. Personally, thought it went way overboard with the " gross out" stuff
  5. RAIDERS is my least favorite because I never cared for the main theme. The subsequent scores use less and less of it, all to the better!
  6. Can we just refer to him as MCT?😁 IF anybody knows about " academia" it's THOR!😊
  7. Out and proud. Feminist icon. Victim of an uncaring patriarchy. "RATCHED" The REAL story. Coming this fall
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