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  1. I MEAN , YOU GREW UP WITH THE INTERNET! I , on the other hand, being from an older generation, came to it much later. SO, even though you are much younger than me, you have much more knowledge and experience. " Generation gap"
  2. I started online in 2003. Jay has been here for " decades"! talk about a "generation gap!". LOL
  3. I think its fair to say we live in a time of many good composers but few , If any, great ones. But< you can probably say that of most eras in the arts!
  4. Quintus has managed to take every side of this issue. Good for him, I guess.
  5. so, Quintus, why did you criticize and insult ME? You seem to be on both sides of the issue unless I'm misreading you. "@bruce marshall I can only assume that you are actively trying to be perma banned here. Reading your regular content, any member can reasonably deduce that your end is nigh at JWFan. If not, if you're oblivious to all this, then you're even more stupid than you appear."
  6. You can always listen to the "old" stuff if you hate anything modern
  7. well, that version of PG is from the lp not the program. But, yeah, it has a similar bass line and arrangement.
  8. Emile Mosseri is a very promising talent. Keep your ears open for him. Dwjadi is doing great work, on tv at least. Music must change. Sometimes its for the better, sometimes not. Keep hope alive (just don't hope for a return to our "golden age") MOog, did you watch GOT? Did you listen to the music?
  9. JW wrote a theme for CHECKMATE that was obviously intended to sound like Mancini"S PETER GUNN. Im sure the producers told him " Johnny baby< that tune went to NUmba one! You can do even better" Not quite, but its a cool theme in any case:)
  10. Jerry wrote a wonderful score for a terrible movie; actually more boring than terrible. TD score might be more effective in that it"s electronic throbbing is More effective in keeping the audience from falling asleep.
  11. THE QUEENS GAMBIT I Knew very little about this show before watching, Only that bit was about a female chess champ with substance abuse problems. The originality of the concept held my interest even when the plot slowed down. Extremely well made with an excellent cast of mostly unknowns, The lead actress was absolutely magnetic; I can't think of any current actress who would have held my interest about a chess player like she did. amazing! I liked how the story was obviously inspired by Bobby Fischer but transposed into a fictional cha
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