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  1. DEXTER NEW BLOOD Boy, that first episode SUCKED! It almost played like a parody of virtue signalling , forced diversity modern tv. PLUS, all the characters were one dimensional and over the top. Fortunately, it seemed to get back on the DEXTER track by episode three which finally felt like TOS!
  2. Most film buffs love this flick. It's totally original hokum! You have to avoid taking it too seriously
  3. This is the most satisfying Richter release I have heard. Love the orchestral versions of " Nature of Sunlight" and other pieces#
  4. You shoulda/coulda bought the GNP version. which pairs it with OUTLAND. BTW BOTH scores play better on ost than expanded😄
  5. A bunch copies of LEGEND by Tangerine Dream are appearing on EBAY. Could this mean a possible VS reissue? Is there alot of unreleased stuff? I like this score. I had it but sold it because it paid $$ on the collectors market. I'd gladly repurchase a DE!😁
  6. Winning Wimbledon is tight! Winning an Olympic gold medal in tennis is lame!
  7. Do they really all wear kilts, play bagpipes and suck at tennis ( oh, right, one of the won Wimbledon)
  8. I don't rate him above Spielberg- truly the greatest visual storyteller in the medium. Kubrick made two flat- out masterpieces; STRANGELOVE and 2001. PLUS two very good films ; PATHS and CLOCKWORK. Four films. Take his name off of his other films and nobody would be " reappraising" them.
  9. Written on the Gates of Hell: Musique de " OUI" , Avec la participation de Ricarde Wakeman
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