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  1. For Wampa and Illustrious: I laser print my covers and use them as replacement covers for my CDs.
  2. I want to thank Wamparat and Illustrious Jerry for their HTTYD and E.T. covers. They are now ensconced in the warm arms of a CD jewel case!😍
  3. No. I'm saying his comments were insulting and a gross overreaction to a pretty innocuous statement. I answered in kind. You don't think his comments were insulting and are within the bounds of legitimate discussion. It is a subjective decision on your part. As moderator, that is your call.
  4. Dick is the common shortening of Richard. Pretty "harmless" to me. Eye of the beholder, I guess. Peace.
  5. " We've already got one Thor to handle. We don't need another reconceptualization FANATIC ( emphasis mine)...." " friendly back and forth"?
  6. If there was a link to post I would have done so. It's a listing on the public library site. It is for informational purposes, not commercial.
  7. Don't worry. Im never posting here again.
  8. Yes, it does. I didn't find it, I just got it. Like people share pictures of soundtracks they just got. I shared info you might be interested- a show you didn't even know about- and you gripe . Last time.
  9. I'm not in the habit of procuring business for AMAZON
  10. It's not buy or trade. It's a new release of a DC show. Last time I post anything fans might be interested in watching.
  11. Thanks! I just got this from my library but there was no booklet. Looks like a great COLLECTION!
  12. Was there a thread posted with info about the Sony 3 CD release? Thanks!😊
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