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  1. I would probably buy VATD just for the great song! I don't think I've heard the LP version, only the Warwick one?
  2. He definitely has something going for him. Before he was famous he bedded one of the hottest Playboy Playmates of all- time: Marina Baker!
  3. Currently listening to this. Very enjoyable! I don't claim any expertise on the librettos or stagecraft of 19th Century opera.😊
  4. For me, the music conveys the drama and emotion. Like an oratorio. I can't imagine sitting thru four hours of a theatrical ppresentation, especially with all that sing-spiel ( ugh!IπŸ˜‰ But, then again, I've never attended one in person. Tbh almost every 18th and 19th century opera fails as drama, in my opinion. The formula for tragedies gets tiresome. Like, their Shakespearean models. Well, I do enjoy some pieces with the vocal accompaniment as well!😊
  5. My memory only lasts two hours; What did I ' wow'* about? * I consider that a " shocked/surprised emoji. 😲
  6. I wonder if they employed a lip reader for the subtitles?
  7. Chen is that rare Wagner fan who actually likes the dramas. It's all about the orchestral pieces for me. Maybe, if they sang in Italian I would like them more.
  8. I know nothing about TOY SOLDIERS. But, the presentation looks listener friendly so I will check it out.
  9. The two best tracks from OUTIW exist only in mono- apparently lost when used for the forty five single. Be nice if that was found!
  10. Australian is the worst. It's " pee-pull" not PAY- pull, people! 😝
  11. Fyi The common way to prounounce foreign language names, for Americans at least, is to Anglicize them. San Francisco is not pronounced SAHN - FRAHN- SEESE- KO. Los Angeles is Loss An- jell- is, not Lowz- ahn- galese Mexico is not pronounced Me- he- ko etc. Hugo Wolff is not pronounced. Ooh- GO VULF. Even Italiani- American names like John CoriGliano enunciate the "g". So Alex- ander Des- plot is perfectly fine. Either way.
  12. Last chance for me. Maybe FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE as the three CD?πŸ˜—
  13. Ka-meal*say- san Or kamee* It's a guide to pronounciation
  14. THE LAST VALLEY- Quartet This is miles ahead of the more popular a critically acclaimed LION IN WINTER imho
  15. Why do the French bother to use consonants when they are NEVER pronounced? Right Mr. Dayplah? 😎
  16. Hunchback of Notre Dame( animated) Well made but totally by-the-numbers Disney product. If, you never watched any of its predecessors, you might have found some originality in the story. I knew how it would end after the first scene
  17. Am I the only person here who has watched this wonderful show? 😞
  18. BABYLON BERLIN is terrific. Otherwise, I am completely unfamiliar with every film and score mentioned in this post!πŸ˜³πŸ˜—
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