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  1. Why? Because in English we pronounce it Row- zha or Row-sha. There are no English language words ( dipthong) with " zsa" What about that guy from Varese....Byron...Bryon . Very understandable why folks get confused.
  2. It's obviously a way of selling it to commercial tv stations as a min-iseries after its run on HBO.
  3. Why is " Relase the kraken" a meme? I believe it's from the REMAKE of CLASH OF THE TITANS which wasn't exactly a cultural event. Also, never got the " Kneel before Zod" meme from SUPEII. What's so funny? " The Dude Abides" is a great meme!😊
  4. Y'all forgot the Bond films ! Next topic: Expanded Expansions DANCES WITH WOLVES GBU ROBIN HOOD DIE HARD..
  5. When I went to interview him, he kicked me out of his office! Can.you believe that! The nerve of that guy😠😡
  6. Did Tolkien credit Wagner for borrowing from WAGNER' s RING CYCLE. It's pretty obvious. 😎 😉 Well I didn't buy any Steiner scores with that bounty. In fact, I've never owned anything by Max. Granted, I'm not a Golden Ager , but I've enjoyed music by Newman, Waxman, Tiomkin, Rosza. Not Max. Nothing he has done appeals to me.
  7. It's going to a test of will to stop myself from violating the rules. I'll probably fail, but will go down fighting to the end# Have you ever listened closely to the dialog in the film he's watching?
  8. I wish he did more of those . The swashbucklers he is known for never thrilled me. I HAVE a cdr!
  9. I appreciate that. But, if you indicate, publicly, which posts YOU find objectionable that gives us a guide to acceptable commentary.
  10. I've never seen you publicly admonish him. Rightly or wrongly, it implies you don't object to his statements. This leads me think its okay for me.to comment. If you have warned/ banned him at least you're treating everyone equally. That is all I ask. Equal treatment.
  11. I bought my copy from a trading post seller: $ 30 including shipping. No sales tax#!😁
  12. You can't go wrong with any of these JB recordings ( starts with the bottom two CDs on the left stack)
  13. I had a cdr made that added THE THING to the TIOMKIN CD.
  14. You should have stopped while you were ahead!☺ I'm still waiting for an answer to my question " Why can Bespin comment on Canadian politics?".
  15. I don't even know what the number means. But " excellent" means excellent. Btw Bes, How come YOU get to criticize your country and your President , but that isn't counted as " political " speech.?
  16. I'm all for following the board rules, Jay. But, the rules are sometimes open to interpretation You banned me for making, what you called, " political" posts. I thought they were pretty innocuous. You yourself admitted, recently, that the line between political and non- political can be blurry. Especially concerning the topic of COVID Is discussing WWII historical or political speech.? You unilatetrally banned me for statements that, objectively, were less political than other, near identical statements. It was a subjective interpretation. I had no recourse, no
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