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  1. Cool, then you have an issue with the industry, not Zimmer. You decide:
  2. Not bad news. It will take time for people to accept a middle eastern heroine. Also, the show was a smash hit among Gen Z, which was their target audience.
  3. I really do like "As the Jurassic World Turns" and the theme in "The Park is Closed" as well as the main theme in Fallen Kingdom. But yeah, The Lost World is next level compared to the Giacchino scores.
  4. That is fine. But when Hunter said "the public doesn't know what they want," they actually do. They want something that is culturally cool, transcends movies, and live in their memory. That is why Zimmer is the "second coming of Christ" to them. Not hard to understand.
  5. The DC universe absolutely can do better with music too. Music in the superhero genre in general is probably the most underwhelming vs its potential. I was referring to cues like "A Beautiful Lie." But even outside of Wonder Woman, Zimmer's two note Batman theme or even his one note Joker theme is more recognizable than most Marvel scores. Zimmer's "Flight" and his Man of Steel theme are probably more recognizable as well. Microsoft used it for its Halo commercials. Regardless, I think people are asking for thematic consistency when there is barely anything memorable enough to demand such a consistency.
  6. Thematic consistency is least of Marvel music's problem. The bigger problem is the lack of memorability. Again, out of 25 or so films, you have 4-5 films with great music and maybe the Avengers theme is the only truly recognizable theme in the franchise still. Zimmer wrote more memorable stuff in one film (WW84 or even Batman v Superman) than all those Marvel composers. You can complain about Dune all you want, but when you hear the percussion riff and the banshee cry, you know it is Dune. That is more than I can say for majority of the Marvel film music.
  7. I agree with it as well. Not a bad score, but very bland. Horn, rhythm, horn, a bit of melody sprinkle in... I also agree there is very little narrative focus. The music felt stale and just there. The only time I was truly engaged was when the old themes came back.
  8. I have the opposite opinion. I think if you don't expand, you will turn an iconic soundscape into mundane. Williams did 9 films in that soundscape. Let his composition be unique and special to that era of Star Wars. Rareness adds intrigue, memorability. Then other composers can expand the definition and do their own soundscapes. Not only will the Star Wars universe be a lot more flavorful, but the discussions will be as well. I don't want spend the next 10 years discussing which composer emulated Williams the best. I want to talk about what they created and how their soundscapes defined the franchise.
  9. What is there to fathom? Composers want to create their own sounds and have the score judged based on their own terms. They want to put their stamp on a long running franchise. What is the point of having composers if everyone just emulate one guy? Or...just expand the definition of the Star Wars soundscape so we don't have the same style scoring for next 20 movies.
  10. Also the Spider-Man theme and Batman themes are in there as well. But I didn't mind too much. I am a James Horner fan after all.
  11. Batman Returns - Elfman Mission Impossible - Elfman War for the Planet of the Apes - Giacchino Spider-Man 2 - Elfman Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Danny Elfman (But I think Giacchino did a better job with the main theme and the intrumentation)
  12. I don't know what to think of this score. I think the composition, complex writing and the recording is top notch. I enjoy it. But I also felt disconnected with most of the cues. There is nothing that really grabbed me throughout.
  13. Not sure I understand this "lowering the standard." There are multiple styles that can work for Star Wars or any other films. If you are talking about composition and technicality, nobody is going to beat Williams. That is not lowering the standard, that just that he is on another level. That is why you score your own style and you will be fine. Powell, Haab, and Göransson already did SW in several different styles.
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