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  1. I actually quite like Wakanda Forever. Yes the orchestra is diminished, but it is one of the few scores I listened to this year that does something really interesting with vocals across two cultures and as well as having very unique instrumentation. This isn't the typical epic choir like Balfe's Black Adam.
  2. I don't even think that is the issue. I genuinely blame the studios a lot more. Very few studios put their money in blockbusters like T2, Titanic, LOTR anymore. Everyone is doing cape films over and over again. And all those films stuck to a formula. Dune got nominated but films like that are few and far between. Top Gun: Maverick is genuinely a great blockbuster with a human heart and no capes.
  3. This may be the year blockbuster films get nominated. I think Top Gun will get a nomination. Maybe Wakanda and Avatar if those turned out to be great.
  4. I wonder who will score the TV series and will Zimmer's music set the style or will this be completely separate thing.
  5. Did you attend the previous concerts (Yared, Zimmer, Desplat, Elfman)? Were they the same quality?
  6. I agree with this. I think Dune is an impressive movie, but maybe not a great one like Lord of the Rings. I think Villenueve clearly has a lot of passion for the stories that he wants to tell, but for some reason, he has trouble directing a complete narrative from beginning to end. Prisoners is probably his best work top to bottom where there is a satisfying, definitive ending. All his other movies like Blade Runner and Arrival ended like there is a void left to be filled, and Dune obviously did so deliberately. And like you, I agree that I support the existence of Dune regardless because there needs to be a market for ambitious serious epic films beyond the stuff Marvel is churning out year after year. And yes, The Northman falls into that category, but I have less pleasant things to say about that film than you do. That film was just too occult, too weird for its own good. I had a hard time finishing the film. Nolan is where I completely disagrees. Nolan is a bit more conventional to me. His movies tend to follow a very traditional storytelling arcs, usually with a high-concept that elevated his films beyond your typical fare. But a lot of traditional movie elements that hook you are there: propulsive action, straight forward heroes and villains, world traveling intrigue, etc. I think Nolan is closer to Cameron and Villenueve is closer to someone like Alex Garland or maybe Malick.
  7. Ugh! The zoom in sound effect, the overly long and "oh I forgot to tell you" dumb speech, the star wars background, the "please confuse me with princess Leia" hair style... Everything reminds me of why this movie flopped.
  8. Truth. Try watching the first 5 mins of Lynch's version today...
  9. If we are going with a black actor, I vote Regé-Jean Page. I am not sure what people's obsession with Elba is. He is way too old for the role.
  10. "During her speech at the end of the concert, producer Sandra Tomek mentioned that the future is unclear and they don't yet know if there will be another Hollywood in Vienna. I don't know if that is because of lack of funding or for artistic reasons, but we (the traditional group of friends who usually meet up at this (and other film music) concerts) speculated before the concert what they might come up with next, and couldn't think of anything, because after Zimmer and Menken, it seems like they've almost exhausted the big crowd pleasers that can work in this extravagant format." They got to at least do Williams right? Williams music is crowd pleasing and can work with a more spectacular light show. In general, I love their concerts and hope they don't go away. I haven't seen Yared's concert, and Desplat's one was the only one I couldn't finished, but the good frequently outweighed the bad.
  11. Spectre made less than Skyfall as well. And NTTD made more more money than Casino Royale. In fact, I would argued the Craig films are more "woke" according to traditionalist than any of the other Bond films and yet they made more money than any of the other Bond films.
  12. Severance on Apple TV. Great series. Creative and conceptually amazing.
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