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  1. What does that mean though? I would argue that most active composers in hollywood can duplicate each other even if we are talking about an orchestral score. You don't think Elfman can do Ready Player One? You don't think Giacchino can do Mulan or Aquaman? There are very few scores in history that I think achieve technical brilliance to a point that another composer cannot duplicate.
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most acclaimed action films of the last decade. You know what the plot of that movie is? A woman stole a truck with a couple of other women and they are being chase by crazy people. That is literally the plot. I could have come up with that. But I bet I wouldn’t be able to execute that vision the way George Miller did. Art is not about complexity. It is about execution. If you think R&R didn’t execute correctly, that is fine. But this isn’t a complexity contest. If they claimed to be symphonic concert experts, then you have a point. As of now, they are film
  3. What you said about LORT and Sixth Sense is fine. But I think Soul is more abstract than those movies. Those movies are far more straight forward telling their emotional journeys. The whole point of Batiste not composing the whole score is to contrast the different realms. They wanted two different soundscapes for two different worlds. I don’t understand how using electronic ambience is any more obvious than using Wagner techniques, especially since Disney hasn’t really gone this route before with their Pixar films. Again, I am not sure their way of scoring is the only way that can
  4. I think it is the opposite. I think if anything, they are the ones that actually watched the film and listened to the music there. Ross and Reznor were writing for a million dollar movie, not for a disc. That is someone a lot of film music fans still don't understand. I disagree with this. The strength of the movie is that it doesn’t have a conventional narrative. If this movie is about a princess going on an adventure slaying a dragon, then a more traditional, melodic score would make sense. You want the music to guide to you through the action and triumph/heartache
  5. I think WW84 mostly resembles 2000 Zimmer (not 2010 Zimmer). The Zimmer that did Gladiator, King Arthur, Pirates, and Pearl Harbor. This is actually my favorite period of Zimmer, so WW84 resonates with me. In order for me to call it a 90s Zimmer score, I need to hear more action scoring sounding like Drop Zone, The Rock, etc. and I don't hear that in this score.
  6. I think what gets me about this score is that one: we don't have that many gospel scores out there these days, so the personality is unique, and two: you don't see drama movies in Hollywood score this way anymore. Listen to this. The music is not epic, but the ending is euphoric nonetheless.
  7. Agreed my favorite since Interstellar as well. Although I think Hidden Figures is highly underrated (understandably that is not really a Zimmer score with Williams and Wallfisch on the cover too) and The Lion King remake is great if you can look past the fact that the score is a basically a remake too.
  8. Maybe because I immigrated to the US in the 90s and Star Wars was never part of my childhood, but I always felt like Star Wars movies are just above average popcorn flicks and not artistic masterpieces. They are basically just Marvel films by another name. Any decent director can do Star Wars.
  9. Space Jam 2 would actually be a very interesting project for Zimmer.
  10. I think the endless edits of today's filmmaking world has something to do with that. Why score to picture when you will make 1000 edits afterwards to the scene?
  11. Glad that Disney is exploring new composers.
  12. I hate how they make you pay for the whole album to get "In Love" from the sketches if you are buying digitally.
  13. Cue of the year material. But nothing else in the album comes close to this and overall I am not really impressed by the score.
  14. RCP orchestrations are definitely simplistic. But I disagree with themes. If anything, RCP composers are one of the few out there that still write themes.
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